Wingspan portfolio advisors files bankruptcy

wingspan portfolio advisors files bankruptcy

The Executives heading this company were Executives at the failed mortgage company called Wingspan Portfolio Advisors in Carrollton, Texas. Wingspan Portfolio Advisors filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is now out of business. The company was embroiled in controversy before it's closing due to mismanagement of funds. Jul 14,  · Citing a massive gap between its assets and liabilities, Wingspan Portfolio Advisors filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Ben Lane. Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor Amount Charged $ $23, Amount Paid $ $23, Filed by Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, LLC (Morenoff, Daniel) (Entered: 07/14/) Jul 14, Meeting of Creditors (a) meeting to be held on 8/7/ at AM at Plano Centre.

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Wingspan Portfolio Advisors

For the first time in my life, I understand the importance of African Americans to become entrepreneurs in higher numbers than we are currently.

We will never be treated as complete equals working for white people in traditional corporate America. No matter our work ethics, values, education or experience we will always be pushed to the second tier. It took months of health issues from the stress from the job, dealing with the racist comments such as when one of the managers referred to the black employees as "roaches" openly and to one male employee in particular as "nigger".

When you experience that you will never get over it. It will mold your perception of white people, especially Southern Rednecks in positions of power, forever. That is why I wrote this blog.

Stand up for your dignity. At the end of the day, they may take your job, but don't let them take your dignity. All comments, descriptions, headings referencing the personal character of Blog subjects and any other subjects on this blog, are based on the personal opinions, experiences and observations of the Blog Writer and other Third Parties who contributed.

This blog is a personal, informal blog where I converse in a casual conversational tone with you, the reader, as I would a friend being informed of my experiences. Again, all statements are based on my "personal Experiences", and please be reminded that as they are personal experiences, they are factual to me, but you, the reader, are meant to be informed of my experiences and left to decide on your own accord.

Thank you for reading. Unless you're not a minority. Only a favored few can advance at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors. I witnessed this when I would see people, overwhelmingly whites, with no education or experience, advance quickly ahead of minorities who had both the education and mortgage experience. No one really would say anything out of fear of losing their jobs.

Justin Belter and Melanie Pellegrino had all power in determining who would move ahead to that next promotion. I can remember applying with many of my highly qualified minority coworkers for position openings that would become available. One day after clearly being very impressed with my qualifications, the HR Director at the time Wingspan has gone through several went specifically to Mr. Belter's office to get his "permission" to promote me.

I had never seen anything like that. Isn't HR suppose to make those decisions going off of qualifications? Why didn't the HR Director at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors see something wrong in white males, who consistently had far less qualifications than black employees for the positions they were being awarded, say something?

Because he would have been terminated. Good Ol'boys are called Good Ol'boys because they are expected to go along with the program. They benefit as well as everyone in their clique. So he simply "followed orders" and overlooked the qualifications of so many hardworking minority candidates who he knew never had even the remotest chance of moving up at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors.

Photo Removed as my dignity will not allow me to show the poor woman in such a drunken state. Senior VP.. This is where white privilege comes into play. In Corporate America, white corporate leaders look at younger white male employees as "Sons".

There is an race based "affinity" there and because of this they are quicker to excuse errors, character flaws and lapses in judgment and open doors of economic advancement that would not be opened to fellow black employees.

Black employees are simply viewed as "employees". The procedural aspect as it pertains to write ups, terminations, evaluations, etc. The white boys get "babied".

They get away with much more. Far more than black employees would ever hope to get away with simply because of their white skin. They simply want people who look them sitting beside them in positions of power at the decision table.

For wrong or right, this puts white males at an automatic advantage in corporate America. The "Affinity Advantage". Where everyone in leadership looks mostly like them. And desires them to share their positions of power with.

There are numerous studies on the internet and off which reinforce what I am saying. The power structure in this country has always been exclusively white and male.

This creates a tremendous advantage for those starting off who are white and male. They are quickly trusted to handle greater responsibility than those who classify as minorities. Simply because they "Resemble" the existing power structure. That's why you can have scenarios where black employees are told if they leave work without permission they will be terminated, whereas white employees can leave work without permission and not face termination. The rules apply to both. However, they are only enforced with black employees.

For all of the purported "racial progress" we have supposedly made in this country, all one has to do is take one look at the board rooms and corporate leadership across this nation and they will realize America still has a long way to go.

I'm tired of being offered lower pay and lesser responsibility because I am a black minority than white males with the same and often fewer qualifications than I. Like Malcolm X said they say "go to school and get a degree" and when you get the degree they say "you're over-qualified". And without the degree they say "you're under-qualified". It's like you're damned if you do and damned if you don't if you're not a white male. Justin Belter started off with no experience, had average work quality and in a few years time was made Senior VP.

From the pictures posted you can see how he spent a lot of his time. The problem with the HR Director going directly to Mr. Justin Belter, who was in his mid 20's at the time, far younger than many others he "managed" who also happened to have far more experience than he did in "everything" pretty much was that Mr.

Belter was friends with several of the white males and he was uncomfortable with blacks. Justin Belter also had a reputation for being openly hostile to black employees, even referring to one black male as a "Nigger" forcing the guy to explode and quit on the spot. This resulted in many of the individuals getting promoted, as stated above, having less qualifications than blacks. Some of these people could barely speak a coherent sentence. At Wingspan Portfolio Advisors my white coworkers were consistently moved ahead of me, and not just me, but many other minorities with relative ease.

The position I had applied for with several other highly qualified black candidates went to a white G. She was argumentative with everyone and nasty with everyone. Go Figure.. She won out for the promotion over several minority candidates who had more qualifications than her in every category one could imagine. This is what we experienced working as black employees for Wingspan Portfolio Advisors.

I take it that very small, redneckish companies work far different than the much larger established ones where one's merit, experience and education holds more weight. Wingspan Portfolio Advisors is again, a "very" small company where the management team are all related and very insulated from policies, rules and procedures other team members down the chain have to follow.

For the HR director to essentially overlook my qualifications, so that my lesser than myself qualified manager could pick and choose which "favorites" would get promoted showed that you cannot expect fairness at this company.

No matter the lies they consistently give in those meetings they have every 15 minutes which are often about nothing, where they often repeat what they said in the meeting 15 minutes prior; don't believe a word of it.

These guys can't be trusted to do what's right. It's just a bunch of classless rednecks parading around as cultured and educated individuals and this couldn't be farthest from the truth.

My Racist Company Fires Minorities. More Sharing Services Share. It's time for citizens to rise up and fight these fucking gestapo assholes. The question is: Would this pig have grabbed A an elderly white woman B a young white girl C a middle aged white man in a suit this way for walking in the road?

The ONLY people who would pretend this pig would manhandle an old white lady, a young white girl or a white businessman the way he did this black man are lying, disingenuous racists. The pig needs to lose his job and his pension. I meant 'Citizens' that a video like this is refreshing. This happens a lot. Especially to those at the bottom. Black, Marginalized and Poor.

White people steal the wages of blacks Hispanics too left and right and feel they are safe because they are white and have the power to terminate. Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Blogspot. Agility Carrollton, Texas. Well, Donna Lorraine Bridger does have some talent. Judging from her actions in this video. Maybe this behavior works in the mortgage industry. I meant Investment industry. Or whatever industry this company is involved in now. I doubt they even know. Agility Carrollton, TX.

Justin Belter. Jason Dickard. Cesar Hernandez Agility Racism, Bigotry, Discrimination, Prejudice. Evil, Greed, War. The devils are awakening. Looking to take back 'Murica'. Apparently, 'Murica' has become a little too multicultural for them. Now that they've become enriched off of our labor they are looking to kick everyone out. But they themselves are not native And took this country the fuck over. That's the irony of it all. I agree to TOS Cancel. It's inappropriate or not family friendly.

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wingspan portfolio advisors files bankruptcy

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