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Neither Goldberg nor any affiliated or related company shall be respon-. The sole remedy that any Purchaser in the auction shall have, whether such Purchase is bidding in person, by mail, by facsimile, by telephone, or through an employee or agent, for any claim or controversy arising out of the auction shall be a refund of the original purchase price and premium paid, if any. Upon payment of any disputed sum, which in no event shall be greater than the original purchase price actually paid by Purchaser plus any commission or premium actually paid by Purchaser to Goldberg, Auctioneer and its employees shall be deemed released from any and all claims of the Bidder arising out of or in connection with the sale of such property.

Purchaser agrees to execute prior to delivery of any refund, any documents reasonably requested to effect the intent of this paragraph. Should the Purchaser decline to do so, Purchaser hereby grants to Goldberg a limited power of attorney to unconditionally effect such release. Rights granted to Bidders and Purchasers under these Terms and Conditions of Sale are personal and may not be assigned or transferred to any other person or entity, whether by operation of law or otherwise.

Any attempt to assign or transfer any such rights shall be absolutely void and unenforceable. No third party may rely on any benefit or right conferred on any Bidder or Purchaser by these Terms and Conditions of Sale and terms of warranty. If Purchaser is an agent, the agency must be disclosed in writing to Goldberg prior to the time of sale, otherwise the benefits of the warranty shall be limited to the agent and not transferable to the undisclosed principal.

If the Purchaser fails to comply with one or more of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, then in addition to all other remedies which it may have at law or in equity, Goldberg may at its sole option, either a cancel the sale, retaining all payments made by Purchaser as liquidated damages, it being recognized that actual damages may be speculative or difficult to compute, or b sell some or all of.

More than one such sale may take place at the option of Goldberg. Such sale may take place without notice to Purchaser. If Goldberg gives notice, it shall be by U. Such sale will be at Goldberg standard commission rates at public or private sale, within California, or at another location outside of California to be determined by Goldberg. At the time of sale the defaulting party shall not bid nor be permitted to bid.

Purchaser shall remain liable to Goldberg if the proceeds of such sale or sales is insufficient to cover the indebtedness.

If other property of Purchaser is also sold, any excess of proceeds will be remitted to the Purchaser after first deducting the expenses set forth above.

If Purchaser fails to remit sums due to Goldberg, Purchaser grants to Goldberg a lien with respect to such sum, with interest to accrue thereon at the legal rate, until actually paid, which lien shall apply against any property of Purchaser, including any future goods of Purchaser coming into possession of Goldberg. To the extent permitted by law, Purchaser hereby waives all the requirements of notice, advertisement and disposition of proceeds required by law.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale and the auction shall be construed and enforced in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the State of California, whether or not the auction is and these Terms and Conditions of Sale are fully performed in California. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the competent courts of the State of California shall have exclusive. If any section of these Terms and Conditions of Sale or any term or provision of any section is held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining sections or terms and provisions of a section shall continue in full force and effect without being impaired or invalidated in any way.

If the Auctioneer identifies a Consignor bidding on his own property, an announcement will be made that the Consignor is now bidding. If the Consignor places a bid in the mail bid book and is successful, the Auctioneer will announce that the lot has been passed. Presidents U. Adams, John 2nd President of the United States To an unidentified correspondent, with some of the finest John Adams content extant.

Of all the variety's, a Democracy is the most natural - the most ancient - and the most fundamental and essential of all others In some writing or other of mine I happened currente caloma to drop the phrase 'the word Republic as it is used may signify - any-thing - every-thing - or nothing.

There are Monarchical Aristocratical and Democratical Republicks - the government of Great Britain - and that of Poland - are as strictly republicks - as that of Rhode-Island or Connecticut under their old charters.

If mankind have a right to the voice of experience - they ought to furnish that experience with Pen, ink and paper to write it - and an amanuensis to copy it. I should have been extremely obliged to you if you had favoured me with Mr. Jeffersons sentiments upon the subject - as I see you have an inquiring mind.

I sincerely wish you much pleasure Profit, and success in your investigations. I have had some pleasure in them - but no Profit - and very little, if any success.

In one of your Letters you say that my defence has become none - this is strange - Mr. Dilly Published an Edition of it [Adams' pamphlet A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America], was published in Boston -- another in New-York - another in Philadelphia --before the Adoption of the present Constitution of the National Government - and before one line of the Federalist was printed - since that Mr.

Cobbet, alias Porcupine printed a large Edition of the whole work in Philadelphia - and Mr. Stockdale of Picca-dilly has published another large Edition in London - it has been Translated into the French and German Languages - and what has become of all these Copies. I am Sir, with much Esteem your humble servant, John Adams.

Estimated Value Appointing commissioners for the state of Connecticut to value land, dwellings and slaves pursuant to the Act of July Countersigned by Secretary of State Timothy Pickering.

Accompanied by an equally rare blank form for the return of taxes in Connecticut based on this Act. The appointment has age toning and mat burns at the edges.

A vertical fold separation has been archivally repaired on the verso. Adams'signature is large and bold in brown ink; the Pickering signature is in black ink. The white paper Seal of the United States is completely intact with insignificant loss to a couple of tooth tips at the bottom where they extended beyond the edge of the document.

In Congress made provisions for the first direct tax on United States citizens. Commissioners were to be appointed by the President for each state, which was then divided into specific districts. The commissioners were to oversee the valuation of property and the enumeration of slaves. Other officials would then be responsible for collecting the tax. These were men who were well known and trusted in their respective districts, which was important to building confidence that the tax was fairly and equally applied.

This is a highly unusual and significant document relating to both slavery and federal taxation. Adams, John. Autograph free frank signed as Vice President and President-elect.

Addressed to Mr. It is postmarked "23 FE" and the docket has the date "". On March 4, , nine days after signing this free frank, Adams would be sworn in as the second President of the United States.

The address leaf is soiled and has numerous marks from old tape repairs; a blank 2" strip at right is separated, not affecting the signature or any of the script.

In spite of its flaws, this is a John Adams free frank and has some value, albeit nothing like it would have if it were in better condition. Partly-printed document signed "J. Countersigned by Land Commissioner George Graham. Light age yellowing; normal folds. Paper seal is intact at lower left.

Signature is a little light but very clear and legible. Letter signed "C. To Captain Merryman: "I have your note in regard to J. Randolph Gardner and it will give me pleasure to comply with your request in his behalf as soon as a favorable opportunity occurs.

The "C" in the very bold signature is affected by a vertical fold. Arthur served as collector from and was a believer in the spoils system, as evidenced by this letter. As a result of President Hayes'policy of civil reform, the New York custom house was investigated for corruption in Arthur was offered an appointment as consul in Paris to take the sting out of his dismissal as collector.

Arthur refused and was suspended on July 11, He landed on his feet, however, being elected Vice President in and becoming President in upon the assassination of James A. Interestingly enough, Arthur became a champion of civil reform as President. Buchanan, James 15th President of the United States Autograph letter signed as U. Buchanan notifies George Wolf that he has been confirmed by the Senate: "I have the pleasure of informing you that your nomination, as first Comptroller of the Treasury, has this moment been confirmed by the Senate.

From your friend James Buchanan. Very fine; normal folds. Beautifully penned and signed. Buchanan, James. Presidential appointment of Thomas Tieran as Commissioner of the Customs. Large, dark signature. Signed Presidential Oath of Office. So help me God. Very fine. Carter, Jimmy.. Paperback copy Why Not the Best? Nashville:Broadman Press, , 8vo, pp.

First published in October , this third printing by Bantam Books was made while Carter was the Democratic presidential nominee. Light toning, else fine. Housed in a custom-made two-tone blue case. Early check signed "J. Carter Jr. Written on Plains Mercantile Co. Filled out and signed by Carter in blue ink. Carter's Warehouse stamp touches top of this early Carter signature.

Carter, Jimmy. Farewell Adress, signed in black ink on the title pagN. Blue cloth covers. Some sunning to edges of custom-made case. Cleveland, Grover 22nd and 24 President of the United States , To Mr. Pruden, regarding a pardon: "I send you a memo for the pardon of There is quite a bundle of papers in the case either on my table or with the pardon clerk.

Let the papers I send be put with the rest and have a pardon prepared and sent to me in accordance with the memo I send. Boldly penned and signed. Autograph letters signed by Cleveland as President are not common.

Cleveland, Grover. Autograph letter signed as President, 1 page, on engraved "Gray Gables. A[lvey] A. Adee ,Acting Secretary of State, in part: "I do not quite understand why you desire my Secretary of State Walter Q. Gresham died on May 28, , and Richard Olney was appointed on June 8, In , he was promoted to Second Assistant Secretary, a post that was only ever held by Adee and one other person William Hunter , and one that he held until his death. Autograph letter signed as President, 1 page, 5 x 8", Sept.

Chipley of Bar Harbor, Maine, directing him to forward "Any additional papers Clinton, Bill - 42nd President of the United States The paper is watermarked with a Presidential Seal and the date March 4, to March 4, Washington: Government Printing Office, , folio, pp.

Original cloth covers show moderate wear; interior is lightly toned, else fine. Housed in a custom-made, two-tone brown case of finely woven burlap and buckram. Typed letter signed, 1 page, 10 x 7", Princeton, J. To Charles T. Scott in Litchfield, Maine, regretting that he has neither the time nor the knowledge of how to write an article for the Boston Sunday Herald "bearing upon the subject of a man's chances of winning success before or after forty.

I am extremely busy preparing to leave here for my summer vacation, and if this were not so, I should hardly know how to proceed in making a satisfactory answer to this question Accompanied by an engraving of Cleveland. Coolidge, Calvin 30th President of the United States To Charles H. Dunning, regarding a change in the settlement of an estate. If you think that fair bring me in a check for that amt.

Accompanied by an engraving of Coolidge. Coolidge, Calvin. Check signed as major of Northampton, Mass. Perforations do not affect the large, bold signature. Coolidge, Calvin and Grave. Pair of oversized photos, each 13 x 9". Samuel E. Coolidge signed and inscribes, "To Mrs. Winslow with sincere regards Grace Coolidge. An actual shoulder patch, obtained later, is also present, along with a photocopy of Eisenhower's famous Great Crusade D-Day memorandum, issued to "Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force!

Eisenhower, Dwight D.. Eisenhower and postmarked Dec. On the left side of the envelope is typed "Censored by" with Eisenhower's signature, followed by his title. A "Passed by Examiner Base Army" stamp is at lower left. Strong signature. Marked "Personal," to Albert H.

Quie, U. Representative from Minnesota , thanking him for supporting Eisenhower's "veto of the recent Federal pay legislation. I know that you share my conviction that through the failure to sustain the veto the nation has been saddled with an additional, and largely unjustified, annual explenditure of eight hundred million dollars Accompanied by an engraving.

On June 30, , Eisenhower had vetoed a bill to increase the salaries of Federal employees. The Congress passed the bill over his veto. Photograph inscribed and signed, "For Samuel T. No photographer's imprint. A fine chestlength portrait of Ike. Eisenhower, Dwight D. The black and white candid snapshot shows Eisenhower in uniform at the Lincoln Memorial. It is accompanied by a typed letter signed by President Eisenhower's personal secretary, Ann Whitman, on official White House stationery, Feb.

In part: "The President appreciated seeing the snapshot you took of him at the Lincoln Memorial in and was happy to autograph it as you requested Fillmore, Millard.

They are imprisoned in this District. Daniel Drayton and Edward Sayres were involved in the largest recorded escape attempt by slaves in the United States. Called the Pearl Incident, it took place on April 15, Drayton and Sayres pilot of the schooner "The Pearl" , were paid by unknown parties to help slaves escape from Washington, D. They took 76 slaves on board "The Pearl" and planned to sail down the Potomac and up Chesapeake Bay to freedom.

The wind, however, prevented the schooner from sailing up Chesapeake Bay, so they anchored for the night. This delay gave the slave owners time to realize their loss and, with information given them by a Judas named Judson Diggs, came after the slaves, who were taken captive, along with Drayton, Sayres, and English, the cook of the schooner.

As punishment, the slave owners sold all 76 slaves to Georgia and Louisiana slave traders. Drayton, Sayres, and English were put on trial, with Horace Mann as their lawyer.

English was released, but Drayton and Sayres were convicted and went to prison because they were unable to pay their fines. After four years in jail, Senator Charles Sumner wrote to President Fillmore, asking him to pardon the men. President Fillmore agreed to the pardon and wrote this letter to Secretary of State Daniel Webster to initiate the pardon. Marked "Private. Hodge, regarding a requested endorsement for a Mr. Curtis: " I hardly know what to say in reply to your application for a letter for Mr.

Curtis to Europe. I know a Mr. Curtis slightly for having met them at N. York and Washington. They were both pleasant genteel people But if they be the persons whom I have met I should be very happy to oblige them and I will most cheerfully endorse any letter which Mr. Brown or Mr. Palmer, bankers, may give them. I do not see how I can do more but I wish I could. To James E. Eaton, Esq. In part: "Dear Cousin: I have yours of the 1st and have added my recommendation to the petition and forwarded it to the Post.

He became President on August 9, when Richard Nixon resigned. He served in the U. House of Representatives from to , when he was appointed Vice President upon the resignation of Spiro Agnew.

Congratulating Mrs. Wlastimila M. Techel of Grand Rapids upon becoming a citizen. With a photocopy of Mrs. Techel's certificate of citizenship. Written six months after his presidential term ended, to M. Phillips of Rochester: " In reply to your letter of inquiry about Webster's Dictionary I would say that I consider its chief merit to consist in its enlarged number of words and its accuracy of definitions, but it is my standard and I seek no better for orthography and orthoepy.

Fillmore had little formal education but was an autodidact. Orthography is the art or technique of correct spelling; orthoepy is the study of correct pronunciation.

Ford, Gerald R. Thanking Mrs. Edward Brown for her "congratulations and best wishes on my confirmation as the Vice President of the United States I will do my utmost to merit the confidence that has been expressed in me Heartbreaking autograph letter signed "J. In part: "Our precious little Neddie died this morning His mother and I go to Hiram to bury him. A brief service will be held at the house here Come to us if you can Ford, Gerald R.. Printed on laid Arches paper. Some sunning to back edge of blue cloth covers, else very fine.

Former President Ford's address to the Republican convention, which designated Ronald Reagan as its presidential nominee. With a photocopy of a letter from the publisher to the late autograph dealer Doris Harris, assuring her that President Ford had individually signed each of the copies. Garfield, James A. Autograph letter signed J. In part: " I do not think the Vienna question will be seriously raised, but I am glad to have the copy of the order in readiness in case anything more is said about it.

I think our delegation will be a unit in your favor and we shall take prompt measures to bring its whole force to bear Accompanied by an engraving of Garfield. Bright orange envelope free franked "J. Addressed to Mess. Light soiling and small mounting remnants on verso. With small mourning-bordered envelope free franked "Lucretia R. As a presidential widow, Mrs. Garfield had the free franking privilege. The first defeat was blamed on his inexperience.

He deflected blame from himself for the second defeat by testifying agsinst Maj. Fitz John Porter, who was then court martialed by General Pope. In , McDowell was promoted to permanent major general in the regular army. It is interesting to note that when President Hayes pardoned Gen.

Cabinet photo signed on the lower mount by the assassin of President Garfield. Garfield lingered until September 19th before succumbing to death. Guiteau enjoyed the publicity he received and had this photo made to fulfill requests from the public. He was tried, then hanged on June 30, This is the actual oath sworn to and signed in the presence of a notary public by John K. Accompanied by a page, printed copy of "Guiteau Trial. Closing Speech to the Jury of John D. Porter," including exchanges between Porter and Guiteau.

After deliberating one hour, the jury returned a guilty verdict and Guiteau was hanged on June 30, , after singing a poem he wrote: "I Am Going to the Lordy. Autograph letter signed "U. With a presidential free frank and holograph address on an envelope engraved "Executive Mansion" and "Secretary"; Grant marked through "Secretary" and signed above.

The letter is very good, only because of several clean fold splits, easily repaired; otherwise clean and nicely penned and signed in purple ink. Some soiling to envelope. Grant introduces a summer neighbor of his from Long Branch, N. Any attention shown Mr. Hovy and his family will be duly appreciated by them and my me. Horace Greeley won the nomination on the sixth ballot over Charles Francis Adams. Gratz Brown of Missouri was the vice presidential nominee.

The Democrats came up with no nominees at their Baltimore convention in July and united behind Greeley-Brown in an effort to defeat Grant. Grant's Civil War analogy of Sheridan going after Jubal Early sounds as if Grant is almost gleefully looking forward to the upcoming election, and rightly so. He won electoral votes; Greeley won 0. Grant, Ulysses S. Carte de visite signed with rank, "U. Not since George Washington had an American general been raised to that rank.

In July , the late autograph dealer Charles Hamilton wrote in pencil on the verso a certification that the name and rank are in Grant's hand. Fine condition; minor creasing at lower edge of mount and small indentation at top. Engraved "Executive Mansion" envelope free franked "U.

Grant" as President and addressed in Grant's hand to "Hon. Fish proved to be a most able Secretary, reorganizing the department, negotiating the Treaty of Washington, which settled lingering disputes with Great Britain from the Civil War, and averting war with Spain by convincing President Grant to remain neutral in Cuba's struggle for independence.

On November 8, , the Continental Congress authorized franking privileges so that its members could keep their constituencies informed. The first U. Congress enacted a franking in , which has since gone through many changes. Grant was the last President to have franking privileges while in office.

Document signed "US. Rare, choice military appointment signed "U. Goodhue major in the 11th Regiment of Infantry. Documents signed by both Grant and Rawlins are rare as Rawlins, Grant's top aide throughout the war, died just six months after taking office.

Appointing George W. Emery Supervisor of Internal Revenue. Countersigned by William A. Richardson as Acting Secretary of the Treasury. Grant's signature has faded to the point of being almost invisible, otherwise fine except for a couple of small fold holes.

With his wife, Florence, as circulation manager, the Star became quite successful and was one of the first newspapers to offer profit sharing to its employees. Accomplished and signed by Harding. Accompanied by an engraving of Harding. Harrison, W. Cheyne from his affectionate friend W.

Original calf covers, and pages, some light dampstaining, toning and foxing throughout. A note penned by Fred C. Bird in is stapled to a front flyleaf. The two volumes are housed in a handsome, custom-made leather case with gold lettering on cover and spine; four raised double bands, gold lettering and decorations on spine; case has a few scuff marks.

He was recalled a month later when President Andrew Jackson took office but continued to function as minister until his replacement arrived in September Harrison, Benjamin 23rd President of the United States Housed in a reddish-brown case. Harrison, William Henry and Anna.

Document signed "Wm H. For the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, the Harrisons sell twenty acres of land "in the Miami Purchase in the County of Hamilton in the State of Ohio The combination of William Henry and Anna Harrison's signatures is scarce. Harrison was serving in the U. Senate when he signed this document.

He had won fame as an Indian fighter and hero of the War of His exploits would help propel him into the presidency in , where he would serve a mere 31 days before succumbing to pneumonia. Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison was the first presidential widow to receive a pension.

Two witnesses sign at lower left. The document has an attractive scallopped top. Light toning and some transfer from seals, else fine. Hayes, Rutherford B. Her husband by reason of wounds in the War has been compelled to seek a mild climate and is now the leading American in Bermuda. May I trouble you to direct a return of the letter to me? Fine condition. Hoover, Herbert. Photograph inscribed and signed, "To Samuel T.

Ink mark at four edges can easily be covered by matting. Bound in gilt, full navy morocco leather covers. Visually striking; separation of front cover with archival restoration. Hoover, Herbert 31st President of the United States A waist-length portrait of Hoover looking into the camera. No photographer's imprint; the number is penciled on the back. To Rev. Smith Owen Dexter, thanking him for his kind letter.

The stock market had crashed on October 24, and the nation was sliding into depression. No wonder Hoover needed assurances. Jackson, Andrew 7th President of the United States The Letters of the Celebrated Junius. Andrew Jackson's personal copy, London: , 2 vols.

Signed by Jackson on the front free pastedown of Vol. I, and at the top of the title page of Vol. II; additionally, a clipped signature with the date May 4th is tipped to the front pastedown of Vol. Contemporary calf, rebacked. Housed in a custom-made case, calf with gold border and lettering on cover and spine; four raised bands and decorative scrolls; covers of case with some scuff marks.

Previously: Geoffrey Hornby - Swann sale Jen. Jackson, Andrew. Document signed as President, 1 page plus integral leaf, 10 x 8", Washington, January 30, Jackson orders the Secretary of State to "affix the seal of the United States to the remission of penalty incurred by Geo.

Nixon of North Carolina Very fine; a horizontal fold traverses the top of three letters. Johnson, Andrew 17th President of the United States Headed "Executive Mansion" the document reads: "The Secretary of War will please furnish the President with copies of all orders issued or instructions given to General Sheridan, relating to the discharge of his duties since his assignment to the command of the Fifth District, created by an act entitled 'An Act to provide for the more efficient government of the Rebel States'.

Stanton wrote, "Referred to General Grant for Report. The Act to which Johnson refers, was part of the "Reconstruction Laws" passed by Congress, by which the former "rebel states" were divided into five districts which were subject to the military authority of the United States.

On March 27, , Sheridan removed from office Judge E. Monroe, Mayor of the City of New Orleans, because they had done nothing to punish the perpetrators and, in fact, were themselves perpetrators of a riot in New Orleans on July 30, , during which numerous "colored" men were beaten and murdered.

President Johnson and General Sheridan feuded for months over Sheridan's implementation of the Reconstruction Laws and in , despite the urgent pleas of General Grant to the contrary, President Johnson removed Sheridan from the Fifth District to Missouri.

This order is a prelude to Johnson's removal of Sheridan. Document "Executive Mansion" and signed as President, 1 page with integral docket leaf Washington, D.

Grant on March 4, ]. The appointment reads: "J. Hartley Esq. H McCulloch the Secretary. Andrew Johnson President of U.

Under Lincoln, he established the National Banking Act of , which established a national system of charters for banks. Very good; clean archival fold repairs on verso; one separated fold on docket leaf.

Johnson, Andrew. Envelope free franked "Free U. Andrew Johnson," as U. Gideon Welles was appointed Secretary of the Navy by Lincoln in and he served in that capacity through Johnson's administration. To Hon. Campbell, promising to see him before going to Washington City, "[I] will take great pleasure in conferring with you freely and fully upon the subject matter of your letter," and thanking him "for the kind and complimentary manner which you have been pleased to allude to one, who claims so little Johnson would take office as Vice President on March 4, and upon Lincoln's assassination on April 14, , would assume the presidency.

His clashes with Radical Republicans, who controlled Congress, resulted in his impeachment in ; he was acquitted by one vote. The Professional: Lyndon B. Johnson by William S.

White, inscribed and signed "With best wishes Lyndon B. Johnson" on the half title page. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, , 4to, pp. Book is fine. In worn dust jacket. Housed in a custom-made, blue, half leather, half marbled paper case with black label and gilt lettering. Johnson, Lyndon B.. To Basil O'Connor, President of The National Foundation regarding "our recent efforts to advance medical research and to improve health care for all our citizens" and thanking O'Connor for his kind words.

Kennedy, John F. Typed letter signed as U. To John P. Talbbot, S. In part: "There is no bill pending before the Hose of Representatives for this purpose. My understanding is that sufficient funds have been earmarked by the Department of Health, Education and Welfsre to provide the necessary medical care for merchant seamen through June 30, The Bureau of the Budget did, however, suggest that the Department of Health review this program I am opposed to any move that would endanger the health and welfare of our merchant seamen or other citizens Kennedy signed in black ink; a fold traverses the very top of the "J" and "K" in the signature, else fine.

Kennedy, John F.. Signature on a folded 5 x 3" page from a memo pad, obtained by nine-year-old Jack Perreault at Hyannisport Country Club in July With a letter from Mr. Perreault stating that he was on vacation on Cape Cod with his family in July and, because of all of the publicity surrounding Kennedy, they had driven to the Hyannisport area to try to get a glimpse of the Kennedy compound.

In the parking lot of the Hyannisport Country Club, they asked a man for directions to the Kennedy home. The man told them that they should wait in the parking lot since Kennedy was playing golf and his group was on the 18th hole. He came over to us and spoke to us briefly. I asked him if I could get his autograpah and he accommodated me. The encounter was brief, but it was the highlight of the vacation Lincoln, Abraham 16th President of the United States Autograph letter signed "A.

Lincoln" as President, 1 page, 8" x 5", Executive Mansion, Jan. To Brigadier General and Quartermaster of the U. Army Montgomery C. Meigs: "Gen. Cooper, who will present this, is anxious to have Alfred A. McGaffey appointed Q. If you have not, so write below this, and he may be appointed. Cooper wrote Lincoln that Meigs'objection stemmed from "the belief that McGaffey is a gambler Meigs served as Quartermaster General of the U.

Army during and after the American Civil War, establishing a reputation for being efficient, hard-working, and scrupulously honest. He was responsible for the largest amount of money ever disbursed by a single individual in military history up to that point: some fifteen hundred million dollars. The General Orders Jan. Senator from Pennsylvania, had been a member of the committee which drafted the Compromise of Because of his Whig antecedents and Maryland birth, Lincoln appointed him a brigadier in May to recruit "loyal Marylanders.

Dark bold writing by both Lincoln and Meigs; a few light vertical folds; some mounting traces on blank verso; two minuscule tears and a threadthin line of toning along the left margin, otherwise fine.

V, pp Lincoln, Abraham. War-date autograph document signed "A. Lincoln pens: "Allow this man to take the oath of Dec. Lincoln Feb. Autograph note signed "A. President Lincoln writes a pass for a lady to visit her brother, who is a prisoner of war: "Allow Mr. Many of the Confederate prisoners held at Fort Delaware were captured at Gettysburg. Accompanied by a carte de visite of President Lincoln with backstamp of E. Circuit Court case of Cochran and Hall v. Camp et.

Lincoln endorses the plaintiffs'notice of application for dedimus a writ to commission private persons to do some act in place of a judge, such as examine a witness. Lincoln writes: "We acknowledge service of the above on this 26 day of Feb. Lincoln's association with Herndon continued until Lincoln's death. Check signed as President, 3 x 7" Washington, D. Bank stamp does not touch the bold signature; cancellation perforations barely touch the tops of three letters.

Checks signed by McKinley while President are scarce. Monroe, James 5th President of the United States Countersigned by Land Commissioner Josiah Meigs, whose signature is very light. Age yellowing; slight fading to a few manuscript words, some edge chips and a couple of tiny holes in the vellum. Wafer seal is intact and Monroe's signature is about medium boldness. Written on blue paper, the document reads, "The replication of Mary Jane Beard to the answer of Martin Beard to her Bill for Divorce exhibited in the McLean county circuit court, and removed there by by [sic] change of venue to the circuit court of the court of Champaign.

The document has slightly shifted and needs readjustment. Madison, James 4th President of the United States Norfolk [Philadelphia is written, then marked out] Virginia. Docket notes, "From Mr. Madison -- March -- Washington. Nixon, Richard 37th President of the United States The oath is dated January 20, , and says: "I, Richard Milhous Nixon, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Nixon, Richard M. To Arthur F. Day in Hermosa Beach, California, thanking him for his help in insuring that California voted overwhelmingly for Eisenhower and assuring him that "Pat and I want you to know that our friends in California will always be first in our thoughts.

Pierce, Franklin 14th President of the United States Yellow envelope free franked "Franklin Pierce" and addressed in Pierce's hand to "D. With blue circular cancellation, "Andova MS. Nov 1 Light soiling, else fine. Nixon, Richard. White House envelope free franked in upper right corner, postmarked Oct. Boldly signed in black ink. Six Crises, First Edition, signed on the title page in blue ink. Housed in a custom-made case with beige linen covers and black leather label.

Polk, James K. Autograph letter signed as a member of the U. Laughlin, editor of the pro-Jackson newspaper, the Nashville Union, regarding a letter written by Speaker of the House John Bell, Polk's long-time rival, to the Nashville Republican, denying that he opposed President Jackson.

Jackson had made it clear that he wanted Martin Van Buren to succeed him as President, but many southern Democrats, Bell among them, sought the nomination of Hugh Lawson White. Polk writes in part: "The last Republican containing Mr. Bell's letter was received here last night. It is doubtless intended to be the precursor of a controversy, an object of which is to force Johnson to publish the correspondence and thus make him and us the assailants. This Mr. If it be published He will then be the assailant and cannot complain that he is attacked.

The allusion which he makes He ends with, "Burn this letter as soon as read. Written during Polk's battle for House leadership, a battle he had lost in to fellow Tennessean John Bell. I have seen Col Saml. Mitchell, who wishes you to impress on Mr.

Mitchell is of opinion that by acting prudently he will succeed. He is very anxious that he should do so, and Mr. I write you this I will start home this evening, and will be in Nashville on Monday evening Burn this. He served as Speaker of the House from to Very good; a few archival fold repairs, minor tipping remnant, and light soiling. To John W. Fords, Esqr. In part: "Since writing to you proposing appointments I have learned that President Tyler has recommended the day preferred for Woodbury-- Friday the 14th May as one of fasting and prayer throughout the U.

Upon learning this fact my opinion is that it would not be proper for me to address the people on that day. I have to request therefore that you will countermand the notices for I rely upon you to give the notices for Van Buren Can you meet me at V. Court House on the 12th? The finest spirit prevails in this Democratic region. Jones defeated Polk in this election and, again, two years later.

Polk went on to bigger things, winning the Democratic nomination for President in and defeating Henry Clay in the general election. Letter and address are silked from verso, else very good. President Polk writes an endorsement in the middle of the page: "Mr. Siga has furnished me with a pair of spectacles which I think superior to any I have ever used.

At Mr. Siga's request I make this statement. Rusk, who played an important role in the annexation of Texas and served as president of the commission which drew up that state's constitution, wrote a testimonial above Polk's. Dallas, future Vice President William R. King under Franklin Pierce , and other politicians, such as J.

Crittenden, Benjamin Fitzpatrick, and Charles L. Longstreet, author of Georgia's first important literary work, also signed. Paper is toned brown, silked from verso and has a couple of tiny holes from ink corrosion. A most unusual presidential document.

Reagan, Ronald 40th President of the United States Bank stamp and mark affect the "R" in Ronald, otherwise fine. In Reagan was elected as president of the Screen Actors Guild and served in that position until , then once again in Reagan, Ronald. Book plate personally signed by President Reagan with a simulated Great Seal and "An American Life," the title of his autobiography, imprinted on it, as well as one of Ronald Reagan's personal note cards engraved with his name and the Seal.

The book plates were created and signed to be attached to a copy of President Reagan's autobiography. Autograph note signed "RR" on the business card of the publisher of the National Review magazine. President Reagan wrote, "For anyone who wants it. I've seen this issue already. RR" The card, which has the typed instruction, "For President Reagan's personal use," is stapled to the cover page of the September 16, issue.

Reagan enjoyed reading the magazine and was a big admirer of William Buckley and William Rusher. She smiled slightly. Peck celebrated his th birthday last April The Rosenkrans House, on Main Street, is a modest but evocative storehouse of local history. On the wall is a florid certificate of marriage with jubilant, trumpet-wielding angels. Rosenkrans Walpack Centre NJ.

It was described as the largest dude ranch on the East Coast. Guests were picked up in a Paige automobile at the Branchville train station. It was there, so the story goes, that a talent agent for MGM Studios gave country music legend and movie actor Tex Ritter his screen audition. Today, what remains of Walpack are 20 residents and 11 homes. And a Main Street unlike any other in the state. The solitude and splendid isolation are not for everyone, but perfect for them.

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