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wagg bunny brunch asda stores

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Cambridge University is one half of a duo regarded as being at the centre of intellectual pioneering and discovery, yet from only were women allowed to be a part of this excellence. Even now, just 15 per cent of professorships there are held by women. Is my gender not considered able to make an original contribution to knowledge?

Knowledge is without limits, but academic culture is placing restrictions on intellectual free reign through its lack of representation. Having research done by the same demographic is uninspiring, and sometimes futile, for the same life experiences ensue similar perspectives and areas of study. If we want innovating research, we need diversity. From my own experience, it feels like female.

Of course, there are contextual explanations as to why so few women hold senior positions in their profession. Dr McLellan, the first female. But this should not undermine female. They would arguably be more tuned in with issues such as part time contracts, providing views that would ultimately change the dynamics of research for good.

And, quite simply, more female heads of departments would set the inspiring precedent needed for anyone with academic aspirations. That means that women need to remain confident in the face of the inadequacy the inequities of the system make us feel.

And it will definitely be worth it; more female heads of department will change the culture around us for good, making us feel less self-conscious, having pride in the achievements that prove we belong in academia. But your menstrual cycle is.

Are you supposed to install ID chips on sanitary bins so that you can keep tabs on the productivity of your staff in relation to their cycle? No, obviously not, that would be discriminatory, alienating and not to mention, for a number of reasons, offensive.

Telling the world that women should get time. Deal with it. The message this concept sends out only fuels antiquated, detrimental attitudes about female psychology and physiology. The kinds of attitudes that hold girls back from participating in sport and leading a normal, healthy life.

Not only that, but it completely undermines women. Ludicrous business models such as these encourage that type of everyday sexism, while simultaneously ignoring simple logic and the progress of modern medicine. And when it comes to discussing menses, that is where the real problem actually lies. And, the same as every year, my reply is yes.

Yes, of course we do. We would rather soften and domesticate trigger words than confront the issues they conceal head-on. However, as all my friends and I have come to realise, that belief is wrong.

This experience is a sign that even in somewhere as seemingly innocuous as a Tiki-themed Triangle Club on a student night, there is a need to be on guard at all times.

Drink spiking occupies the most serious end. What worries me even more is that some women enjoy it and see it as something flattering and confidence boosting. Why should women have to cover their bodies or dress to make them look dowdy, simply in order to walk down the street unhindered?

My new philosophy of yelling right back at the offenders. It shows us that we would rather soften and domesticate trigger words than confront the issues they conceal head-on. Alfie Smith The simplest case for not limiting the ability of groups like ISIS from using the internet to spread their message is that such a limitation is not possible.

It is quick and easy to start a Facebook and twitter account. The UK government recognises this inability and has opted to try and censor people instead. How about proxies and burner phones, are they detectable? These questions raise serious doubts over.

People are afraid. They are scared to overstep the line and let history repeat itself: we have seen the horror of censorship and attribute it to World Wars, propaganda and autocratic states like North Korea. If you are stopping the brainwashing of people to commit a crime? In fact not doing so would mean that you are at least partially responsible for it happening in the first place. This can be done by preventing the spread.

Taking down these Facebook pages and closing Twitter accounts will not stop people from having these views, but it may stop them developing them into something violent. The gang mentality that allows weaker people commit horrendous crimes must be destroyed.

To me, we must protect the vunerable and not the vile people who seek to harm them. The wider argument for censorship is reasonable. There are groups aggressively recruiting online for campaigns of terror. On the other side of the negative cycle, EDL and Britain First actively spread their hateful beliefs and attack vulnerable groups online. The attack - on women, on minorities, on refugees, on the mentally ill - push these groups off social media and effectively silence them through fear.

By posting videos of despicable acts, such as the execution of journalist James Foley, online these groups glorify their actions to a global audience who may be inspired to do the same. These arguments are, for the most part, correct. Take the beheading of James Foley. The ability to post this video online, for everyone to see, probably played a role in the choice to ceremonially behead a captured journalist. However, taking down the links on Facebook or removing the groups themselves would not have stopped people accessing the video if they wanted too.

Facebook and Twitter both aggressively removed any link to it. Millions of people still saw it. The images leaked in of celebrities were not hosted on any major news site. They could still be found with a simple google search. If the news cycle had just been about James Foley, without showing the video, then people would look up the video anyway to be part of the conversation.

Censorship is an extremely serious action that should only be taken in equally extreme cases. While a case can be made for ISIS, far-right groups, specifically those that preach violence against sections of society, should not. Britain First claims around 1. The EDL has about twitter followers. Last year, in Burton-on-Trent which has a population of 65,, a Britain First rally saw an estimated 70 people turn up.

Last week in Tower Hamlets, with a population of ,, another rally saw around 30 people turn up. Realistically, the number of people actively engaged with these groups, excluding the dead, bots, former believers etc.

The BNP has seen its membership fall to 15 per cent of its level. They can still tweet them. This goes against the foundations of many of the 20th century liberation movements.

We need to move people, like the old progressive social ideals, not shut them off from public debate. People do hold vile views, like segregation or forced deportation. We need to understand why. We need to look at the underlying socio-economic factors. Picture the scene, a heavily tattooed white man with a shaven head climbs on a wall in Covent Garden, London, and starts shouting racist obscenities.

Now in my opinion this is exactly the same as somebody using Facebook or Twitter to spread their racist views. Under current law, the man on the street in London would be arrested and prosecuted for hate speech.

Allowing unrestricted access to the internet has resulted in the exploitation of vulnerable people by extremist groups such as ISIS and Britain First.

However, it is safe to say that ISIS has a targeted and sophisticated presence on social media. There is a viscous circle of hatred. Some young Muslims experience racism in this country, feeling isolated and alone, they are then malleable to those speaking emphatic calls to arms in the high production videos that terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS post online. They even have a presence on mainstream websites such as Facebook and Twitter allowing them to reach millions extremely quickly.

Mal-adjusted and angry young men are the targets of the ISIS recruitment videos. Groups like Britain First and the EDL English Defence League , incite racial hatred against non-whites and try to parade under the banner of free speech in order to get across their racist ideologies.

So where does that leave diets that aim to cut out gluten and other related produce, including the Paleo Diet, for strictly weight loss reasons, rather than to treat an existing diet issue? In some ways, following a Paleo-inspired diet may be more helpful for weight loss than merely going gluten-free. In fact, the replacements can be highly processed with high quantities of sugar and bad fats. On the other hand, Paleo cuisine can be seen to have positive effects caused by the restrictions placed on processed foods.

In , for example, 14 healthy medical students went on a Palaeolithic diet for three weeks with positive weight loss results of about 5lbs, alongside waist circumference and blood pressure reductions too. Other studies have mirrored these results with suggestions that despite no restrictions being placed on calorie consumption, participants tended to have a reduced calorie intake stemming at least in part from their eating of fewer carbohydrates and more protein.

Other scientists such as Marlene Zak, however, argue that the concept of caveman eating is flawed and could be highly dangerous. Zak in particular, emphasises that humanity is still evolving and therefore by taking a step back in time with our. That means lots of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit but no gluten, dairy or processed foods. A Swedish study conducted in found that Paleo-cuisine did have some health benefits for men with diabetes.

After three months on a diet free of grains and dairy products, the men showed a dramatic drop in blood sugar with their glucose tolerance. Moreover, celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Miley Cyrus have made gluten-free lifestyles in particular more mainstream by writing cookery books and posting about their benefits on social media. She outlines, for example, the evolution of our capacity to digest milk as a reproductive advantage, emphasising that our diets and exercise patterns have developed overtime, allowing us to live differently from our ancestors.

Higher levels have been linked with an increased chance of developing bowel cancer as well as the health problems related to high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. Nutritional deficiencies especially in relation to important minerals such as calcium as well as Vitamin D are also possible.

The Paleolithic lifestyle can also be seen as shockingly bad for the environment. Whilst arguments suggest you can be on the diet and not eat a large quantity of red meat, the issues association with factoryfarmed livestock and commercial fishing are already plentiful, without the extra demand for meat from the majority of Paleo dieters.

As long as we are still a society obsessed with body image, there will always be new diets popping up claiming to help you cut the most in the shortest amount of time. How successful they are depends solely on your commitment, because at the end of the day, cutting the junk food, booze and taking regular exercise will do more than a celebrity diet could ever hope to achieve.

Nothing can replace actual books. This is a game that is halfway between a virtual story and a blockbuster film. There are two modes to the storyline. One is an investigation where you travel to different locations in order to interview witnesses and pick up evidence that the police seem to have conveniently overlooked. The other mode is in the courtroom where you must use the evidence you have collected in order to contradict the testimony of witnesses.

This is not a game per-se, more. If you contradict too many times in court, your client will receive a guilty verdict and the game will end, making you start over. There are also more subtle choices that you make that will reveal only certain aspects of the story, such as having to present a grieving widow with evidence that their husband really did love them. The storylines are what you would play the game for and they get more complex as the game goes on. Unfortunately, she is murdered in the second case, with you on trial for her murder… which really takes the training wheels off!

There are no cut scenes with actual audio, but instead a short clip may play with subtitles which somehow adds a greater air of suspense to the proceedings. There is almost always a well-defined path. We were a shambles. Not everyone mind you, but enough for the room to take on a militant air. Instead of listening, considering and questioning the pro-vice chancellor on the long term strategy for the university, including the addition of a new campus in the city centre, we were combative and dismissive.

While some of us held up voting cards encouraging him to stop speaking, others asked what his pay. While this is certainly a discussion to be had, it had no place at the AMM. The next unhappy episode manifested itself in the attempts of the Bristol Reclaim Education group to halt the changes to the union democratic processes, with the aim of increasing student participation in SU decision making without being bogged down in union bureaucracy.

This would be done at the expense of elected executive committees, and with fewer formal votes. It is the fact that the people voting it down cited the lack of consultation as a reason.

It is the responsibility of individual students to take an active interest in the affairs of their union and hold them to account throughout the year. I dare say that if they had made their feelings known earlier in the process, or deigned to interact with the union more frequently, they would have known about it and been able to contribute to a more successful policy. Instead, they learned about it a few days before the AMM and decided that no change was better than.

A large propaganda effort was launched, and the motion defeated. They did not want to work with the union, or even compromise. I have little confidence in this happening, based on their evident lack of engagement in all past consultations.

Again, the merits of the motion, or arguments for and against the safe space policy aside, we saw the same unwillingness to compromise or discuss. All sides of the argument shied from discussion, opting instead for reductive solutions to an incredibly complex problem. It was clear that both sides had very different ideas of what a safe space policy is and should be used for.

As with the democracy review, the union is in the process of consulting students. Yet a student with a degree in medicine will have a higher starting salary. Therefore, what we need is a change in attitudes — at the highest levels of university management, in government and in society. Universities like Bristol need to offer teaching courses, promoting PGCEs, demonstrating that the profession is regarded in. The government needs to launch TV and newspaper campaigns publicising the opportunities, rewards and value of teaching.

How many of us have been inspired by a teacher who unlocked our potential? Teachers are role models for the next generation. We are fully capable of launching campaigns to advertise politicians, films, food and beauty products; we need to do the same for teaching. The value of teaching can never be understated, so we need to overstate it in every way possible.

How do we get graduates to become teachers? Money on one side. On the other, valuing the profession. Placing it as a matter of national importance. Incidentally this was something picked up on in the democracy review. Students only care about issues that directly affect them, and are happy for people to make decisions for them on the areas they do not care about. How selfish are we? All of this points to how very polarised we are becoming as a student body. We try only to ram through the changes we can and then forget about them, leaving the union to pick up the pieces.

Did you ever stop and ask the union what they were doing at any point this year? Or did you wait to be told, and then delete the mass email before even reading it? I may be guilty of all that I criticise above, and if you feel my letter is unfair, unjust, or plain wrong, then good.

Talk to me about it! Want to respond to any of our writers? Write them a letter! Get in touch via shunter. Over the weekend Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education, along with Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, expressed concerns over the impending shortage of teachers.

With a population boom about to hit secondary schools, the demand for teachers will naturally increase, but there are already shortages in staff with the necessary qualifications. Almost a third of secondary school Physics teachers fail to have a degree in the subject.

Not only do we need more teachers, but more teachers with degrees. We need graduates. What is deterring students from becoming teachers? And what can be actively done to encourage teaching as a profession? The scheme also has a strong financial incentive.

The government urgently needs to develop strategies that encourage people to remain in the profession. Good salaries offer security and are a possible incentive.

Sir Michael has stressed the importance of demonstrating that teaching is a profession where you can do well financially; if you work your way up you. Patrick Wilson, a third year historian, said his parents would prefer him to earn more money working in the city of London than to be a teacher. This time, the proposers of the union knew about the consultation, but for whatever reason, did not engage, and opted instead for an all-or-nothing referendum.

Again, the lack of willingness to discuss and compromise was disturbingly apparent. Those arguing for the referendum should have engaged with the consultation, those arguing against should have encouraged those who they knew opposed a safe space to take part and raised awareness of the consultation.

Another difficult point in the evening came shortly after arguably the most contentious motion, calling for the University to divest from all companies who benefit from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. It was clear that a large number of people in the room were present for that motion and that motion only, since as soon as it was passed, they left. The sheer disrespect this shows is staggering.

To only turn up for a single motion and leave after it in my opinion voids your right to vote on any other motion at the meeting. Why should your opinion count toward other issues if you are only prepared to consider the. Enchanted rose head suitable as a gift? Weird solitary Queen fan 8 9. Six shooter loses both ends to become something different 6 Neither initially docked in Cornwall - Vikings, maybe 6 Fireplace partly made from hydrogen and dirt 6 Warm snack for students, perhaps 6 Starts to have Asian cereal.

Vegetable, according to Americans, grows omelette constituents 8. DOWN 1. Each left perplexed by measurement? Real returns around vertical axis, resembling stratum 5 3. Wound up expressing gratitude about sorceress 7 4. Complimentary intercourse defies censorship 4,6 7. In favour of highly skilled person 3 Desperate over first elusive sweetheart - fancy that! Let after mountain downpour 7 Small gap for getting the lid off 7 Provocatively dressed woman is sharp 4 Weird rock in Irish city 4 Bird left after cry of pain 3.

A man turned off the light and went to bed. Because of this, several people died. Tweet your responses to epigrampuzzles using riddlemethis. Want to see your puzzle in print?

We accept submissions from anyone, just email it to sbrown. Decode the clues to work out what things the numbers fortunate represent. How many words can you find including the middle letter, with at least four letters per word? Your task: Come up with a different description using the same initals. You must not use any of the words from the real meaning. More information about the roles, what they entail and23the qualities Good M U Z 29 Very at good you need for a successful application can be found online www.

Applications for other positions will open in May. During the University received FoI requests. A total of 11 motions were proposed, of which only 8 were debated due to time constraints. However, Bristol SU bylaws state that there must be a minimum of people present to reach quorum and the failure to do so now means that all motions passed must be ratified by another vote at the next Student Council.

Music Epigram Music round up a wonderfully musical year with their favourite albums of Page Although the focus on teaching quality and improving the student experience has been welcomed, the suggestions have provoked strong criticism, especially for increasing marketisation of higher education in the UK.

Universities would be ranked according to the quality of teaching, student experience, graduate job prospects and drop-out rates under a. It is unclear how graduate employment earnings are a good way of measuring teaching quality.

We are making progress in attracting students from widening participation backgrounds: in we saw increases in the percentage of applications and intake in several widening participation categories. We realise however there is more to be done. The University of Bristol is introducing five fully funded scholarships for Syrian refugees. However, campaigners are putting pressure on the university to go further in their support for asylum seekers. The new initiative is part of their commitment to working with the city and Bristol SU to welcome refugees into the community.

The university has also emphasised its support for academics who are caught up in the conflict by providing space and sanctuary to those who need it. They are campaigning to change the policy of UK universities, which charges asylum seekers international student fees to enrol in university, unless they have acquired full refugee status.

This process can take many years. The campaign was launched on October 7th with an event involving the Migration Research. Group and two speakers, Mohammad, an Egyptian currently seeking asylum, and Issa, a Syrian who now has refugee status. Bristol Student Action For Refugees STAR , a refugee charity, have teamed up with Fixers to create a film featuring the stories of several young people who have been forced to flee their homes in countries such as Syria, Sudan and Pakistan, but still harbour aspirations to attend university.

With no access to financial support due to their status as asylum seekers, the cost of international student fees far exceeds the means of the incoming majority. On Monday 12th October a devastating fire broke out at 33 Colston Street, home to over University of Bristol students. The University has been supporting students impacted. For the full story and up to date details, go to our website: www. This idea of unity was fundamental to many.

A candlelit vigil and a minute silence was held around the statue before the march started, in remembrance of those who have been affected. The silence did not. Epigram investigated the prevalence and perceptions of sex-related work among students in Bristol in an anonymous survey carried out last week.

The survey of self-selecting respondents found a small number of students did engage in this type of work and were primarily financially motivated. Sex-related work included stripping, phone sex, pornography and prostitution. Predictably, the vast majority said that they had not engaged in any. However, the 6. The main motivation was overwhelmingly financial; only 29 per cent of students who said they engaged in this type of work cited pleasure as the reason.

The survey also found that 4. Most students, however, did not consider non-sexual sugar baby relationships a form of prostitution. An Epigram survey carried out in September found that less than one per cent of respondents said that their maintenance grant covered their living costs and 76 per cent said they had to work to help cover their cost of living.

However, part-time work can be hard to find, is poorly paid and can take up long hours. The university recommends working for no more than 15 hours a week in order to leave sufficient time for academic study.

Sex-related work can be very lucrative over short periods of time. However, the University of Bristol has a variety of support services available to all students; those facing financial difficulties or any other issues can access non-judgemental support easily and confidentially. The letter sent to the government on behalf of Russell Group universities, such as Bristol, argues that universities incur a considerable cost in answering FoI requests.

Following the event, Epigram found in a survey of nearly students that 77 per cent have tried drugs, the vast majority of which did so whilst at the University of Bristol. The university have since told Epigram that a further students were disciplined by hall wardens during this year. This compares to at least students who were disciplined for drug related offences at the University of Exeter during the same period.

Lee Haskins.. Louis Emanuel finds out over waffles and crepes. Finish at the gym and then usually. Moving to a new city has the potential to plunge you into an intense mixing pot of emotions, both good and bad; Vancouver-native studying in Bristol, Nicolas Pecarski, divulges his experiences fitting into a new, exciting world Moving to a new city is a lot like dating.

Sometimes this can be dark and scary, but sometimes this tangled portrait becomes more beautiful than what you saw before. Back home in Vancouver, Canada, I have trouble connecting with people. This was made harder by the fact that the city I had lived in for so long became more facetious, sick, and corporate.

Over the last few months the University of Bristol has worked to highlight this, by sharing and showcasing the best images of Bristol taken by students, on their official instagram page. What follows are a few of our favourite pics from said page here at Epigram Living. If you manage to grab a similarly gorgeous shot, sharing it is easy; just post it to Instagram with the hashtag wearebristoluni! Whenever I go to a new place or situation, I feel slightly anxious.

Some people have a real easy time processing new situations. I think too much. This new experience pushed me from my brain cage and let me experience life freely. Just consciousness and body, no particular self-referential framework authorising my movements, just sensation and reaction. Then I lost it. I started thinking about it. I know that when I was back home, I could barely ever do it without being with a close friend, or.

It was rare. When you stand at a crosswalk, Queens and Park, looking up, in the shadow of Big Willsie, turn your head, see someone looking back at you, and actually hold their gaze for a moment, sharing something with them, and then walk onwards, revitalised and fresh.

It lives. My sin, my soul. Lizard Lounge: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. It was Double L to my housemates. But in my heart it was always Lizard Lounge. Tonight I did a terrible thing. Tonight I have been disloyal to you, O reptilian one. Tonight I went to Motion. Eyes brightening, smile widening, he nodded.

You are so accommodating, so full of love. And what toilets they are. The toilet attendants that put up with rambling mouths and potential cubicle fellatio are so affectionate. Even when my friend could not hold that chunder and.

Oh, the heartfelt lamentations of a student club-goer! Who even is My Nu Leng. Where did the old Leng go. Tonight, in the heat of the pounding beats of house music, amid the swarms of youths sporting wavey garms and questionably placed bindis, I stand alone.

I stand alone and think of you. Because of this cardinal sin, my sweet, green love, I want to make this up to you. Please, allow me to list all of my favourite qualities about you and savour this moment. First, your delicious, dulcet tones.

Let us begin with that time we asked for a Redlight song from the DJ. A move of juvenile satire, if you will, because we expected — nay, we knew — that Lounge is no place for those fat house beats. Deciding on another song from an even greater genre, I whispered something into his ear. Secondly, how accepting you are. You take me for what I am. Not long ago, I tragically left my purse at home in the rush to get to you. Upon arriving at your door on that cold, dark night, the bouncer asked to see my ID.

I confessed to not having it and, in a state of panic, proffered my door key card instead. It was all I had in my pocket at the time. And why? Because everyone loves you. Every Bristol local, every straggling student when the queue was too long for Bunker, every lost soul finds sanctuary within you. There is too numerous a quantity to name. When I wake up, ravished and queasy the morning after, lying on my bed sickened with pain and shame in my heart and hair clinging together from that toffee vodka, I only have fond memories of the night before.

You are my love. You are my Lounge. When the idea was initially proposed, most of us were admittedly hesitant. Paying to be locked in a room with our mates?

A common reason for not ordering online. Internet grocery stores like ASDA request a fee for delivery. But watch out: when you order the groceries via internet, even so saves you costs. You can start saving on e. Additionally, you do not have to lift those heavy shopping bags. The delivery service brings everything to your home.

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