Vivera hp inks 363 bankruptcy

vivera hp inks 363 bankruptcy

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Refill HP 363 refillable Ink Cartridge

In addition, the toner transfer efficiency should be always higher than 90 percent. Contact Jadi E-mail: info jadi. The chips are in stock, ready to ship and are sold in single and count packages larger pack quantities are available by request.

These network-ready printers have print speeds up to 62 pages per minute and our cartridges are stringently tested to perform at these speeds. Both MSE cartridge models meet OEM yields of 10, and 24, pages based upon 5 percent coverage respectively and MSE page yields are verified on all machines to ensure their performance meets the original specifications.

All our chips are intellectual property IP reviewed. MSE's manufacturing capacity exceeds , toners and , inkjet cartridges per month. The company owns and operates more than , square feet in California and Pennsylvania as well as additional distribution facilities in Canada, the Netherlands, Brazil and Israel. MSE offers full solutions for outsourcing, private labeling, private packaging, and blind-drop shipping.

The company also offers award-winning sales training, marketing materials and additional value-added services. This new family of printers comes in a 30 ppm version P and 35 ppm version P Both models have similar features, including 1, dpi resolution and the ability to print on a wide variety of paper sizes from envelopes to legal size documents.

The faster model P includes a speedier processor and the flexibility to use either the lowyield or highyield style cartridge. The P uses only the lowyield version. The standard yield CEA cartridge is. UniNet plans to release additional components to follow,which include wiper and doctor blades. Static Control announces the release of dedicated chips for use in HP 02 family XL ink jet cartridges.

These new HP 02 XL chips were designed, developed and manufactured in house which means absolute control on quality and reliability. Each chip provides full printer functionality, same as the OEM, and will work in every designated printer with solutions available for geographical variations type for Africa, type for Europe.

Keep up to date with your ink jet range to increase profitability and maintain the competitive edge. Both models have similar features, including dpi resolution and the ability to print on a wide variety of paper sizes from envelopes to legal size documents.

The faster model P includes a speedier processor and the flexibility to use either the low yield or high yield style cartridge. The P uses only the low yield version. UniNet plans to release additional components to follow, which include wiper and doctor blades.

The new toner address background and low image density issues, and adds another product feature improvement - higher levels of gloss. UniNet matching toners and drums combine. Los Angeles — UniNet is expanding its line of products for Xerox based engines by offering the industry's first replacement Smartchips for use in the Xerox Phaser monochrome printers. The Phaser is rated at 30 ppm with a first page out speed of less than 10 seconds.

Adding to that, you have dpi resolution and two sided printing as standard features. Print cartridges come in a standard-capacity version rated at 3, pages and a high-capacity version rated at 5, pages. UniNet plans to offer Smartchips for both yields to its matching line of toners, drum and roller products, with additional components to follow. The cartridge is rated at 3, prints, which is considerably small for a network printer, fax and copier with an automatic document feeder.

The cartridge also has an image density equal to the OEM throughout the life of cartridge. The Samsung ML series printers have been discontinued, but the field population is extremely high. Contact Faroudja Toner visit www. About Densigraphix. Different tooling sets can be purchased for specific cartridges.

Faroudja Toner sells a wide range of recharging tools, from splitting machines and toner vacuums to dust collectors, presses and custommade cutting implements. Contact : Faroudja Toner visit : www. Sleek, productive package: The magicolor series features the equipment every workgroup needs to captivate audiences and remain competitive. Attention-demanding, colour laser: Equipped with x dpiclass contone colour, the magicolor series produces eye-catching, bold graphics and crisp text project after project at 25 ppm for colour and black and white.

Countless options for complete customization: Options, including a 40 GB hard drive, expandable memory and an additional input tray, offer users endless possibilities for personalization. Save time and paper: The magicolor DN comes equipped with an internal, automatic duplexer. Faroudja Toner, in San Carlos, California, additionally stocks color toner for Hewlett-Packard, Okidata, Xerox Phaser and supplies a wide range of parts and recharging tools.

In December,. Indigo and Track are working in the printer consumables industry since 20 years and are well known for their equipments as well as raw material required for recycling of consumables.

The sealing caps are provided for preventing the leakage. Indigo is already very well known for the best quality of Formujet inks and it has come up with specific inks for these canon cartridges. Such features include ample paper capacity, a variety of finishing options, ease of use and sophisticated network scanning. These products were sought after from a long time and many users are complementing Indigo and Track for introducing the complete solution.

Contact details: Indigo Imaging Supplies Email : track44 gmail. The machine has been designed such that it can be kept away from the worktable benefiting the people who have space constraints. The 1. It comes with 0. Ease of operation and power saving are achieved through a foot pedal switch. Suitable for l HP- 21, 22, 27,. Very easy to maintain.

Plug in and start operation. Versatile design backed by 20 years of experience. Attractively Priced Contact Details : Email : sales trackengineers. The Director of Track Engineers, Mr. The machine is specially designed for small refillers who have space constraints and or have low volumes. The machine uses the proven vacuum fill technology for inkjet cartridge refilling. Use of this device helps in removing the air pockets from foam based cartridges.

It helps in even and uniform printing. The other features of the machine include:. The location fits the imaging supplies aftermarket industry company, which was started in In October, the.

Plans are being discussed also for the possible long-term expansion of both its 40,square-foot Valley Grove headquarters and 65,square-foot main distribution facility in Washington, Pa. From all signs, West Point Products is roaring.

Canadian resellers appreciate the improvement in quality and service that WPP has brought. It also helped us to initiate our managed print services offering.

The integration of the employees has gone remarkably smoothly, and I believe they are a part of a tremendous organization with many opportunities for them to grow. This experience has been a huge success. The founder of Print Fleet Inc. He serves as a strategic advisor for West Point Products. The opening of the California facility shored up a spot that West Point Products management felt was a weak spot.

At right, production work takes place inside. Coast-to-coast distribution is an aspect that was extremely important to our business model. West Point Products is able to maintain next-day shipping for most locations and to the rest of the U. Day came to head up West Point Products in when he and Lucot were part of a shareholder group that bought the company. In some ways, it was a very short road he traveled, having grown up about eight miles away in Pennsylvania. The pillars focus on quality, service, providing a wide selection of products, integrity and the people working at West Point Products.

In addition to a strong set of core values, West Point Products relies on its seasoned staff of approximately employees. The plus side to this is that the customer is now more willing to try remanufactured cartridges. Our warranties and sample programs have been put into place to help bring those consumers back to quality products, while still allowing them to maintain a cost savings.

In keeping up with the green trend, West Point Products recycles much of its industrial waste, including mag rollers, drums, wiper blades, doctor blades, cardboard and test pages. The company is currently working on a comprehensive plan that will expand and broaden its recycling work. With the quality management systems that have been put in place and a focus on continuous improvement initiatives, West Point Products has seen product quality improve for six consecutive years.

Consumers become more price conscious because they are desperately trying to find savings. Contact West Point Products at www. A trusted and renowned brand in Indian imaging aftermarket for its quality, service, support and reliability.

Karan Jain — Chief Executive officer A thorough technocrat having business in blood responsible for daily operations, personalized customer relations and purchasing. He exploits his IT knowledge and keeps continuous efforts to seamlessly implement new IT technologies like ERP to increase efficiency, productivity, accountability.

He has spent more than 8 year in china, travelled all across the world and understands the foreign and local trade very well. The company has its traditional business in sales and service of copiers. This fruitful stint that we have had in the Imaging Industry has prompted us to confidently launch our own brand of products under the name and style of PrintIt. We proudly say that within this short span of 12 months since the launch of PrintIt brand we have flipped the scenario of Indian Imaging Industry with our quality but affordable product range.

PrintIt Sales Service is dedicated and highly motivated to provide a personal relationship to its customers. Each customer is assigned an experienced sales associate trained to identify customer needs, to maximize the quality and efficiency of personalized care, to discuss client issues, and to provide product information and technical support. In addition to its sales service, Print It provides custom pricing and fast efficient delivery at low freight cost.

PrintIt is on right track of explosive growth through hard work, integrity and dedication towards customers. Any new product goes through this department for rigorous testing before we launch it, this way we keep our customers confident about consistency, accurate quality along with efficiency of new products. To become India's no 1 quality printer cartridge remanufacturer. Establish the best sales and service network working closely with customers and educating them about environment, legal issues and technical support.

Within short span of just 12 months Print It has established a very strong distribution channel in Maharashtra. We sell our products in other states through independent resellers.

We have target to ascertain the same network in another 8 states of India in next 6 months. We treat our distributors as our business partners and pass on all benefits we get from our suppliers.

We also cater retail customers with even small orders. Provide entire range of products to cater all type of customers. We treat our suppliers, clients and employees as our business partners. We at PRINTiT strive hard to provide high value products that unite performance with value pricing thereby establishing a thriving relationship with our customers.

To stay at the forefront of the competition by pioneering new products and services based on the needs of our customers and the continuous market demand.

Suppliers: At the outset very basic need to choose your supplier is profound technical knowledge of product with market price analysis. At the same time in an effort to give an affordable product to our customer we take all benefits from our supplier by advance cash purchasing. We don't support credit policies while purchasing which makes us cheaper than other competitors and cater all customers with quality goods. We have following suppliers under our list.

A commerce graduate with MBA in finance from University of Pune has more than 10 years of hands-on business experience. He is well acquainted with the legal department's norms and procedures. A gusty entrepreneur leading from the front as a CMD, his audacity and conscience is helping us to achieve the projected growth. All products are individually bar-coded with SKU and stored in warehouse.

In addition to our corporate office warehouse we have huge, well planned ware housing facility at Rabale, New Mumbai with floor space of sq. We have one of the best automatic bottling machine which fills toner in bottles without any manual intervention, this enables us to maintain the consistency and quality of the product at the same time it protects our employees from future drawbacks due to minute and hazardous toner particles.

This way we give comprehensive technical support to our customers. With technical details and factsheets we keep giving accurate suggestions to customers which products to be used according to their needs. Environment Consciousness:. PrintIt has made environmental and recycling awareness its business, and strives to contribute to the savings tons of plastic waste by its sales of recycling components. We foresee the vacuum is getting created for Remanufactured cartridges in Indian market.

So we are setting up a State of art manufacturing unit for remanufacturing of toner Cartridges with shop floor area of around 15, sq. Meticulously designed and equipped will advanced machineries. The work force of skilled technicians is ready and the pilot production of Laser toner cartridges will roll out in month of March We are expecting to launch all running models of toner cartridges with the commencement of next financial year.

This plant has capacity to produce more than 10, cartridges per month of mixed brands. We have been successfully selling the MICR toner powder and has already setup plans for remanufacturing MICR toner cartridge used in Banking sector for cheque and security printing. PrintIt enables individuals, charity associations to start their own empty cartridge collection agency.

This creates sustainable income for an individual and much needed support for charitable associations. It will help in generating considerable self employment opportunities for aspiring youth.

Toner Powder. We provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest cost to our esteemed customers. Our success is our customers' success, and by working together, we have been fortunate to see fabulous results.

Karan Jain - CEO. Inspite of the glooming market situation due to worldwide recession I observe that our industry is booming because we are providing a middle ground to the customers which will help them to cut the cost without compromising on quality.

But the forms go further. An entire page of questions are devoted to cartridges that have been remanufactured. The importer must certify that the cartridges that have been remanufactured were first sold in the U. Other questions pertaining to the refilling and labeling of the cartridge are also required. The U. The order that bars imports of most new and refilled cartridges after the ITC determined that there was infringement of Epson's cartridge patents by many foreign manufacturers, importers and U.

The International Imaging Technology Council Int'l ITC and its members of the imaging supplies aftermarket support the rights of legitimate patent holders to protect their intellectual property. Many such businesses are pleased that they won't have to compete against cheap, infringing product.

And to those ends, the aftermarket applauds the decisions in the ITC cases. However Epson is creating a new import process erected upon a legal house of cards. The so-called certification that Epson will now require from importers asks for more scrutiny than the legal relief Epson has obtained requires. Only remanufactured Epson cartridges originally sold by Epson in the U. This is not a result of Epson's exclusion orders, but a requirement that came from the Jazz Photo v.

Fuji Film line of cases involving single-use cameras. The Epson decision has brought cheers and jeers from the aftermarket. Inkjet remanufacturers that are tired of competing with cheap and questionably-legal Asian inkjet products are thrilled. However, some believe that Epson's patents are invalid and should be reviewed by a less big-business-oriented panel than the ITC and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. That case began in , when Fuji filed a complaint at the ITC, alleging that Jazz Photo and other camera remanufacturers were producing products that infringed 15 patents owned by Fuji.

Universally, industry members believe there are sins on both side of the equation. For decades, Epson has flexed its patent muscle against the aftermarket, and extended favorable decisions beyond what the courts might have intended. In , the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversed the Commission's judgment of patent infringement with respect to cameras for which the patent rights were exhausted by a first sale in the United States.

The Court found that the cameras were permissibly repaired by Jazz Photo, because the patents no longer applied. The focus now shifts to the damage phase, as a second ITC trial was recently conducted in Washington D. The ITC has not yet found any violations, but if it does, the penalties it can assess are substantial. The court also found the license agreement to be invalid. The terms were not binding because Fuji could not prove that upon sale of each camera, the consumer understood and agreed to the single-use terms.

In other words, the customer wasn't necessarily aware that he was bound by the single-use restrictions. In addition to the ITC litigation, Epson filed civil lawsuits for patent infringement damages against the same 24 companies and numerous additional distributors and retailers alleged to have continued infringements after the ITC Final Determination.

These cases were stayed pending the ITC Determination and Appeal, but will now proceed against those defendants that have not settled. This decision boded well for the aftermarket, because it called into question the validity of the single-use prebate restrictions.

And it reinforced the doctrine of patent exhaustion at the first sale of the product. For these reasons, the Jazz Photo decision was heralded as a great precedent for the aftermarket. Epson's success with its lawsuits are second only to Epson's success in spreading the word of its legal victories and its aggressive action against those that might, intentionally or otherwise, run afoul of the orders.

Almost as an afterthought, the court did not extend this precedent to imported cameras where the first sale of the camera occurred outside the U.

So the patent rights of the manufacturer were retained on cameras that were initially sold overseas. On the form, there are questions. This important case, decided by the same appellate court that just affirmed the Epson decision the Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit , was resolved favorably to U.

But it spawned a precedent against products that are imported for remanufacture after an initial sale outside the United States, even though the latter issue was never briefed, argued or even discussed in the course of the litigation. One was the Quanta decision. Congress struggled with patent reform law, but both houses seem truly interested in change. Even the U. Patent and Trademark Office is dramatically slowing down on the rate of patent approval.

With the new administration, this wave of change is likely to become more like a tsunami. The patent system has been abused, and every branch of government has recognized it. Watch for amazing changes in the upcoming years, all to the benefit of the U.

Ninestar Attorney Ed O'Connor recognized the dilemma created by this outcome after the ITC rendered its verdict in October , and suggested the following analogy.

Imagine going to Canada to buy a General Motors car. The car buyer drives it across the border into the United States. It is unknown whether Ninestar and the other defendants will appeal the Federal Circuit's decision to the U. Supreme Court. In this new legal environment, it may get a warmer reception. But even a favorable decision might come too late. It's ridiculous. It's absurd to think that one is infringing patents every time he drives his car. Significant damage is already done.

Many remanufacturers have given up trying to determine what they can and can't do with Epson empties. It has chilled the commerce in its products to the point that the aftermarket is all but frozen out of trade in Epson empties and refilled products. But apply the legal principle to complicated items or those with a longer life span, and the legal precedent isn't sound. To the clever broker that can prove a chain of ownership, there are rewards of higher prices for empties and protection from Epson.

O'Connor's conclusions are reinforced by the U. Supreme Court's decision in Quanta Computers v. LG Electronics in June So now the only cartridges that will pass muster — other than new OEM Epson product — are those that are refilled in the U.

Epson has no legal standing to check cartridges other than those that are being imported into the U. Local collection efforts are not subject to Epson import scrutiny and reporting requirements.

Inkjet remanufacturers lucky enough to have cartridges they collect in programs within the U. Those remanufacturers embrace this decision. Epson has created what the government could not: trade barriers that protect it from overseas competitors. These matters were not before the ITC, or on appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, both bodies that have definitely broadened patent holders rights in their of existence.

The latter body normally has the last and definitive word on patent issues. She may be reached at exec i-itc. O'Connor recognized that a year ago, and saw that he was undertaking an uphill battle against not just the court, but the Bush conservative agenda. And Epson is a big company doing business in the U.

Supreme Court exhibited -- in no less than four seminal cases -- its. Many of the aftermarket ink companies are gaining reputations for producing reliable inks, inspiring increased confidence in third-party supplies.

The truth is that a number of aftermarket companies have dramatically expanded their businesses over the last few years. The emergence of these third-party ink titans occurs at a challenging time for the aftermarket in general, as a result of the economic downturn and because OEMs are now designing sophisticated inks that are significantly more difficult to emulate, as well as ink tanks that feature sophisticated electronic encryption.

Despite this confidence, Lyra projects that sales of aftermarket ink for CAD printers will increase only slightly during the remainder of the forecast period at a compound annual growth rate CAGR of 0. Lyra expects that the installed base of CAD devices will shrink over the next five years and will be a major driver for this trend. This analysis examines several of the currently thriving third-party ink vendors and highlights those aftermarket companies that are likely to help shape the aqueous ink market for the foreseeable future.

It also explores the market niches these companies occupy and considers their relative strengths. In general, these companies have acquired more positive reputations and are becoming increasingly familiar to end users.

As a result, there is both significant demand for cartridges and a plentiful supply of Designjet series empties that potentially can be refilled. For compatible makers, the number 81 and 83 cartridges used in Designjet series printers are relatively simple to clone. Most have established well-developed distribution channels, which has proven to be assuring to prospective customers. Western companies dominate our list of aftermarket ink manufacturers, but a couple of Asian companies are also included.

The series ink formulations can be dye- or pigment - based, and they come in six colors rather than eight. These chips can be easily obtained from component suppliers or from Internet stores. Some Asian ink manufacturers have been somewhat stigmatized in the wide-format aqueous ink market, but we believe that their reputations will improve in time. Market Sizing and Forecast. The durability of Designjet printers is one more factor leading to the proliferation of third-party ink products.

Most firms continue to maintain their Designjet printers even as they shift print jobs to other wide-format printers. Some Designjets find a second life as refurbished equipment. Third-party ink for inch and inch graphics devices will make up the majority of overall aftermarket aqueous ink sales. Digital print providers have grown accustomed to using these devices for certain applications and are often wary of buying new printers that may require their employees to be retrained.

Many of these customers also do not see appreciable benefits in productivity and image quality from new printers. End users continue to use the older generation of aqueous printers, including the popular Epson Stylus Pro X and X series and the HP Designjet series, which have widely accessible aftermarket consumables.

See figure next page. Third-party cartridge makers and ink manufacturers are optimistic that customers will continue to use these older devices and have released a. Finally, other end users simply appreciate the availability of reliable thirdparty inks for HP Designjets. Digital print providers have grown accustomed to using Designjet printers for certain applications and are often wary of buying new printers that may require their employees to be retrained.

The company publishes a newsletter and arranges training seminars throughout the country. These efforts are particularly directed at photographers. Private-Label Aftermarket Distributors. Since , the company has offered to take back any used aqueous cartridges. In this section, Lyra profiles two distributors who have made a mark with private-label ink supplies.

These are companies that have found a market opportunity by giving their customers a choice for ink. Distributors are essential to aftermarket firms in terms of reaching end users, providing service and support, and instilling confidence in third-party supplies. Lyra believes that the company has collected more than , cartridges since that time.

LexJet LexJet is a major vendor of aftermarket ink and sells its products almost exclusively in the United States. The company is best known as a major North American distributor of hardware, media, and ink.

HP specifically alleged that LexJet had infringed on patents related to bleed control and cosurfactants. On Nov. Since its entry into the wide-format market, LexJet has grown at an exponential rate of about 20 percent since , based on local news coverage. The company has been selling its own brand of products for a relatively short time and only began selling aftermarket ink in It is also possible LexJet will exit the aftermarket business to maintain its relationship with OEM vendors.

LexJet has increased its staff to about employees in order to sell the new ink and a private-label line of UV-curable hardware. Most certainly, HP will likely succeed in deterring other distributors from selling patent-infringing aftermarket ink. LexJet has become a major seller of aftermarket ink for a number of reasons.

The company enjoys an excellent reputation in North America. LexJet is known for its efficient and reliable service. Graphics One Graphics One is another distributor that began selling aftermarket ink to give its clients more options.

Graphics One sells primarily to priceconscious print-for-pay customers. The company has warehouses throughout North America and can rapidly deliver supplies, an essential service for print service providers.

LexJet has also care. Similar to LexJet, the company began to sell its own brand of products as it sought strategies to expand. The company has a large customer base of small sign shops, making it necessary to stock a wide variety of aqueous and solvent inks. These customers typically use the system for the lifetime of the device and, thus, only pay for the. Lyra anticipates that aftermarket aqueous vendors will face numerous challenges over the next few years. The current generation of HP and Epson printers use inks that are more sophisticated than previous lines of devices.

Epson has gone so far as to include green and orange in its new Ultrachrome HDR ink set. The Z series has been problematic for the aftermarket, especially with new Vivera inks and the inclusion of more advanced encryption chips. Canon, which accounts for an increasing share of the aqueous market, has managed to stymie third-party manufacturers, especially with its LUCIA pigment inks.

Disappointing hardware sales are making OEMs more dependent on selling consumables and therefore more aggressive in combating aftermarket competition.

Canon, Epson, and HP have targeted aftermarket suppliers as the installed base of wide-format printers has aged and become more vulnerable to aftermarket competition.

As an aqueous platform ages, it provides third-party ink manufacturers more time to develop cheaper alternatives. Companies such as Staedtler are beginning to turn out inks for the HP Z series and a number of companies are developing Canon aftermarket pigment inks as well, including the large Chinese supplies company, Ninestar. OEMs will try to neutralize third-party competition and will likely force certain suppliers to leave the business.

This service is instrumental for vendors that are serious about succeeding in the wide-format hardware or supplies industries. Call Tom Sandock at for more information. Lyra Research collaborates with imaging industry decision makers worldwide, enabling clients to strengthen their market position and achieve profitable growth.

The result is an incomplete repair. The fix for one problem automatically creates a second problem. Three conditions exist when this problem occurs. The new part number for the ink supply station is C The replacement looks completely different from the original. But even when new inks are put in, the message persists. Time for the second call to tech support.

If techs install the new ISS according to the instructions in the service manual, the incorrect fit ends up pinching components on the new ISS. The pinched component is the cam system that is used to prime the cartridges.

See Figure 2. The Ink Supply System should fit similarly to this without the black bracket in the back frame of the printer. When HP improved its ink supply station ISS , they forgot to mention that the new part looks nothing like the original. See Figure 1. Fear not! The instructions to install the new and improved part Figure 2. This raising and lowering acts like a pump, increasing the air pressure in the ink tank or ink cartridge. The ink in the cartridge is in a bag, thus as the air pressure around it is increased, the bag of ink is squeezed which forces ink into the tubes which feeds the print heads — the crane assembly.

If the bongos are inactive, there is no pressure to force out the ink. This lack of ink flow leads to an error code that there is an ink out situation. See Figure 3. Removing the Ink Supply Station Upgrade the firmware.

Before you start working on this printer, you must have the latest version of firmware, higher than A. If not, expect some ink to leak. In order for the printer to be able to take the firmware upgrade, you need to get the plotter in the service utilities. Remove the right cover assembly by removing five T20 screws. See Figure 5. The solution is twofold.

The first is obvious. We need to remove the old spittoon, a black bracket in the back of the printer and discard it. See Figure 4. It is no longer needed on the new ISS station. The old ISS station tended to leak ink, which is why the spittoon was there. There are two ways of unlocking the carriage assembly. The first way is through the menus Option 1 below.

Option 1 Go through the set-up menu. Once inside the set-up menu, press the following key combinations to access the special service menus. Press the UP and ENTER keys together at the same time to access the complete list of service tests press for no longer than three seconds or until initializing begins the printer will keep beeping.

Once inside the service tools go through the service utilities. The new station fixes these issues. Removing the spittoon is only the first step.

Upgrading the firmware before you remove the spittoon is vital. Once this is completed, you should be able to slide the carriage assembly to the right and move it out of the way.

Now you can remove the ink supply station. Go through manually by turning the white gear right under the one white spike gear See Figure 6 , and then do four turns counterclockwise or until the gray flag stops at a degree angle. In late January, I attended a conference put on by a leading market research firm in our industry.

It was very interesting and very informative. I thought it was strange that he said that change is both good and bad, not to mention scary. The reality of it though is that he was right. Change can be good, bad and scary. It all depends on how you react to it and what you do next. This year we will see companies succeed and some fail. The OEMs are already changing the landscape. It is no secret that pretty much all of the OEMs increased their supplies pricing fairly drastically at the beginning of In some cases, this was after a price increase just a few months before.

This development could should! With people so focused on value nowadays, we must capitalize on this situation. Another example of change… Think about the landscape of Epson compatible inkjet cartridges. Just a couple of years ago, the aftermarket had its greatest level of market share and penetration with Epson products… significantly higher penetration and share than Canon, HP or Lexmark.

Then move the carriage to the right side of the service station and park it there. This approach will reduce the repair time from days to hours. Parts Now! What about now? Try to see if you can find any Epson compatible cartridges at a retailer near you. Guess what? You won't find many… if any at all. If a sizable part of your business was centered on this particular category of product, your world experienced change of seismic proportions.

If you wanted to survive, you had to adapt well and adapt quickly. Steve Geishirt is the director of training at Parts Now!. Reach him at sgeishirt partsnow. Cesar Jump works in technical support at Parts Now! Reach him at cjump partsnow. You can reach both at There are examples of companies in our industry that have lost major customers and some have failed as a result, while others have rallied, scrambled and adapted, and several of these companies are now flourishing with different customers and different modes of operation.

What makes one company emerge from change stronger and another one fail? That's right, the ability to focus and adapt can save your company when change occurs. More than just save your company… these skills can make it stronger. But, don't forget! I could not have done it that nice. I will always use The Exchange for all my ads again. I sold out in two days. Thanks again R.

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Dollar Store at N. JoeLindsey hotmail. Sire and dam on site, brindle and black available. Low grooming prices. Visit our website www. Please call anytime, One small female and teacup female.. Beautifully marked party male. Can be seen at hallslittleacre. If you have tried other products that have not worked including prescriptions from your vet, give K-9 Liquid Health Ear Solutions a try. Ear Solutions tm covers all the bases at once! Monroe, Spokane Also available by mail, call shop for details.

Stitch, 1 year female with Border Collie face and Akita body and coat, very sweet but needs a little training. To adopt, All spayed, neutered, vaccinated. View at www. Call foster dad on these two, CDA. Applicants must be reliable, honest, tidy and work well with both people and pets. Grooming skills to include brushing, bathing, drying and clipping per client instruction and or breed standards for both dogs and cats.

Work week- Monday-Friday. Hayden Ave. The dynamic color photography of Wild Hoofbeats, boosted by a minimal but poignant textual commentary, makes for a powerful environmental and political statement. A reader is inspired to appreciate the stark beauty of the wild horses in their natural state and urged to actively seek a political solution to their plight. The serious politics of their situation i. The author advocates that nature be left to regulate their numbers in wilderness areas provided by the public.

Instead, she concludes, the Bureau is managing wild horses into extinction. The equine subjects of all the pleasurable photographs are from seven of the bands that make up the Adobe Town Herd, near Rock Springs in south central Wyoming. During her over 4 year period of observation, the author. Her pictures and comments question the politics of land management: who gets what, when, where, and why. The cattle and sheep ranches, and the oil and gas drillers are thick in the business end of management decisions, and the mustangs get short shrift.

Author Carol Walker has dedicated herself to educating people with her photographs and stories about the wild horses. This book is her contribution to changing the fate of the last wild horses for the better. Society will no longer allow them to win for themselves. Fasten the gate, Bob Howdy, PhD. ASCA registered. Available May 3rd. Owen is 9 years, neutered, and a sweetheart. Because of a move, he needs new home. Moses Lake, lv msg. Call Mickie. Call anytime Animals REG.

Call for information. Call for details, or local Spokane Please call Randy Lenhard at Eli, 4 month neutered gray and white domestic shorthair. Lilly, 8 month spayed gray tabby domestic longhair. Flora, spayed dilute calico domestic medium hair. All extremely sweet. To adopt: or Natural obstacles, beautiful scenery! Please visit www. Good wool. Great for butcher this fall or breeding. More bull for the buck! Sandy Deer Park. Do not use weed and feed products near trees or shrubs.

Always use weed killers according to label directions and use accurate measurements. Spot treat lawn weeds with weed killers. Fertilize the lawn using a balanced fertilizer with a or ratio.

Always fertilize according to the instructions on the product. You can still core aerate or power rake an existing lawn. You can also overseed an old lawn or plant a new one. Now is the time to start infrequent deep watering of lawns.

New lawns must be watered daily until they germinate. Then it is time to cut back and water deeply but less frequently. Put bedding plants in moist, fertile soil after breaking apart their roots. Keep them well watered. Prune evergreens once new growth has begun to appear. If summer and fall blooming perennials have become overgrown, dig them up and divide them. Prune flowering shrubs after they have finished blooming.

Flowering almond, forsythia, quince, and lilacs stay more compact and bloom better with annual pruning. Cut out dead or broken branches and up to one-third of the stalks. For spring blooming perennials, cut them back to 3 inches in height when they have finished blooming. If they are large with dead centers, dig up the whole plant, divide it and replant the young healthy outer portions. Sow perennial flower seeds outdoors in early May.

You can also set out new perennial plants now. Sow hardy annual flowers outdoors in early May sweet alyssum, bachelor buttons, calendula, cosmos, sweet peas.

Wait until after the last frost and the soil has warmed before planting tender annuals marigolds, portulaca, zinnias. Record the last frost date and make notes on weather and soil conditions in your notebook. A year-to-year account of weather conditions is helpful over time. Also record the full bloom time of fruit trees.

Check for aphids, especially on firs, roses, arborvitae and maples. Some symptoms to watch for include distorted new growth and honeydew sticky sap or sooty mold on the leaves.

Wash foliage with a strong spray of water. After the soil warms up enough to activate soil microbes, you can apply organic fertilizers such as compost, manures, fish emulsions, blood meal and bone meal. We supply everything. GOOD Mousers. Some adult females, call for prices. Great pets, friendly, nice wool. Yearling and adult available. New babies too! Johnes tested! Champion lines! All have great pedigrees.

Price negotiable. Bouncy beautiful babies, Reg. Nigerian Dwarf or Mini Nubian Kids, for more info www. Do you cook a special turkey for your cat on holidays? Black Simmental bulls are ready. Rymo Cattle Co. This shelter impounds so many cats that they may have as little as one day before they are euthanized due to a lack of space.

If you see a cat that you are interested in you should act immediately. There are always many more cats available than are posted here. Soil Sampling Approx 25 bales per ton, some delivery. No rain, barn stored. Can deliver locally, cash only. Deer Park. Remember: We Guarantee Every Bale! Load Wed. Over garden-related vendors, seminars and demos. The exhibits will showcase nurseries, garden stores, suppliers and manufactures, garden artists and crafters, and horticulture organizations. Presented by The Inland Empire Gardeners.

Free admission and parking. More information: , Email: gardenexpo comcast. Motorcycle Awareness Day May 9th. All makes and models of motorcycles and age groups are encouraged to participate. Registration a. Fort George Drive. Email: mmmsmustered hotmail. North Spokane. Horse Previews sponsors an outstanding youth each month. This service is provided to enrich the youth equestrian community. If you or anyone you know might be interested in appearing as our Youth of the Month, please Park Ranch, , Deary.

Cash only, Colbert. Fountain Ranch, call Bill Cusick. Standing at Steinway Ranch, Spokane steinwayranch hotmail. Diamond Lake, Call Dick at McInerney Seed, Guaranteed Dun Factor foal! The cattail, most often treasured for its worldwide use in dried arrangements, is also easy to embrace by the botanist, since it is somewhat in a class b y i t s e l f. We do have four species here in the Pacific Northwest, all of which comprise only one genus in the family, Typhaceae.

Our most common cattail is T. The pistils become small seedlike fruits with long hairs growing from their stalks - and with their growth the whole brown cylinder bursts into a downy mass in early summer. The cattail is universally recognized but I often wonder how many people see it for the amazing survivalist food it is.

Canada geese, herons, egrets and other waterfowl use burned marsh areas for feeding and nesting, where the cat-. The rhizomes and root systems support geese very well, but discourage ducks.

Overall, cattails provide very important habitat and food for many marsh animals, including wrens, blackbirds, muskrats and even white tailed deer. Young stems were eaten raw or cooked and even the immature spikes were eaten roasted. Leaves were woven for matting and the soft down from ripe fruiting heads was used as padding and in diapers.

Leaves and stems have been used around the world as bedding, thatching, and matting, and in the manufacture of baskets, boats, and even shoes, rope and paper. Raw rhizomes, peeled and dried, pounded into a white flour can be made into a springy dough complete with its own gluten.

In spring, the running ends of the rhizomes are white, horn-shaped sprouts make a tender cucumber-like treat, known as Cossack asparagus. Jacks, females, geldings; good conformation. Ray, , Hosted by Inland Empire Backcountry Horsemen. Family fun, prizes, good trail. Log onto www. Call an make an appointment leave message email blstables icehouse.

Excellent care, recommended by Deer Park Vet Clinic. Endless miles of beautiful trail riding. Do not let buying your first or next horse become a nightmare. Indoor Arena Only. Opens at 7am for Exhibitors. Vote for your favorite! Thanks for supporting the Expo For Info: , Started, has 6 rides on him.

She loves to be a mom and is in great condition. Not a riding prospect. Call Adriane for more details. Check out video on www. Requirements: The animal must be fed exclusively from the listed feeds below from start to finish. The participant must provide starting and ending weight data as well as pounds of feed fed, average daily gain and pounds of feed fed per pound of gain.

Call to locate a dealer near you! For more information contact your nearest Elenbaas dealer or visit our website www. Saddle fittings MondayFriday by appointment. Come on in. Open MondaySaturday, closed Sunday.

Will Rogers Saddle Co. Freya, Mead ; www. Excellent cow or cutting prospect. Great build and can really move. Soft mouth and flexes well. Loads, leads, trims, nice hoofs- very personable. Current on all vaccinations. Needs someone to finish him out and we do not have the time he deserves.

Intermediate to experienced rider recommendedstill green. Please call or email for more pictures or information. Miniature horse liquidation. Stallions, mares, babies and gelding. Come play with us this year in Chewelah, WA! Compete 2 days for 1 trip. For more information visit: melodyriders. Make your appointment, , same location 40 years www.

Awesome show and pleasure horse, has done it all: 4-H, shows, horse camp, ridden English and Western, excels at Western, exceptional gates, correct leads, flying lead charges, side passes, opens gates, showmanship machine. Qualified for regionals in several disciplines last summer. Very light, goes on loose rein. Push button. Hauls, tires, clips, bathes, shoes with no problems. No vices. Easy keeper. UTD on shots and worming.

Beginner son used her for 4-H, did very well, but I am listing her for an advanced beginner or intermediate because she is so responsive. Looks and moves much younger than her years. We constantly get comments about how young she looks. Call or Usk, WA. Contact or www. Call after 4pm Thursday, Friday, anytime weekend, Deal if you take both. Kevin, Beautiful, gentle, nice mare that has great breeding, throws halter and stud quality colts.

North Spokane, Deer Park, Elk. Specializing In: Starting Colts to Finishing! Full time position. Hwy , 10 minutes from downtown Spokane. Ride on June 13th AQHA Gelding, very well broke, patterned on barrels, backs, sidesteps, turns on haunches, slow lopes. Very sweet boy! May 10, Farragut State Park, no entrance fee, do not stop at office, proceed straight to the trail head, follow signs. Spaghetti feed, door prizes, long and short trails, halfway refreshments for horse and rider.

Call for info, , , Bruce Email only: mercydog yahoo. Call for registration, before May 13th. All proceeds benefit the Benewah County 4-H horse programs. Schooling Division for time and training. Come and run; good food, good friends, good times! Sign up starts at 8am. For info. Both registered and very sweet natured, half sister and brother. County Extension Building, N Havana.

Please Call 9am-2pm, Spokane. Has stove, propane heat. The camper is usable. Needs minor work done. Give us a call to find out more! Check our website for our entire inventory! Evenings May take smaller enclosed trailer on trade. Breeding, Sales, Training. Do you have any good, affordable used pipe corrals to help the rescued horses from Stevens County?

We need some desperately. If you can help in anyway, please call, , Rosewood Spokane, WA Monday- Friday, ampm; Saturday, 9am5pm; anytime by appointment. Save thousands! We have Fleetwood warranty crews in Montana for local service. MondayFriday, 8am-6pm; Saturday, noon-4pm; anytime by appointment. Independence Home Center, North Hwy. Monday- Friday, ampm; Saturday, noon4pm; anytime by appointment.

MUST Liquidate huge inventory of repossessed homes. Cash talks. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Give us a shot. Monday- Friday, ampm; Saturday, 9am-5pm; anytime by appointment. Master bedroom with walk-in closet, large bath with garden tub.

Storage shed, carport. Shown by appointment only. In Sans-Souci W. Senior Park. Don, No obligation, free quotes, OAC. Ask for Mike Brown. Manufactured Home. Close to shopping and I exit. Small senior park. Call Lois , Hal at , or Jack at Move to your property. Newer vinyl windows, carpeting and heavy gauge metal roof. Schrader wood stove. Call Preowned homes at for Lois, or Hal at , or Jack at SAVE Thousands, several used manufactured homes for sale.

Great buys, great selection. Larry Remodeled 2 bedroom, 2 bath, new carpet, paint and vinyl siding. Many upgrades, all appliances, nice fenced yard and pets OK. Purchaser is responsible for removal. Below appraised value. All types of packages, In House Financing. Zeman Home Center, Call me, I have several lots to choose from. Renee Pre-Owned Homes ; Like the Furnishings in the Home? Make Us an Offer!

Superior Insulation Package in All Homes! Program Ally of. We assist our buyers with financing if needed. We advertise your home at no cost to seller. We handle all paperwork to transfer title. If you want to sell fast with no hassle, call Pre-Owned Homes, , NICE , 14x66, in Park in valley, 2 bedroom, 2 bath plus add-on room, fenced yard.

Energy package. RVs and older mobiles accepted. Nice see-through kitchen, with laundry off kitchen. Enclosed carport and huge deck. Excellent condition.

Low space rent. Will consider all offers. These exceptional prices mean homes must be ordered by May 13, You can walk to WSU. Chattaroy Valley Estates, 10 minutes north of Spokane.

Very comparable to stick built, sq. Get answers regarding real estate options. Reserve your seat now! This is a FREE lecture Spokane, May 14th and June 4th. Seating is limited. Please call , Ext.

Government owned HUD Repo. Call Brian Stranger or go www. Fireplace, balcony, covered parking, security system, storage. Church house in Deer Park with 2. Property could be used for a church or residence. Over sq. Close to everything, zoned city center! Nice Post Falls neighborhood.

Why rent? Call Chris Costa or go to www. Check out www. Excellent location near downtown Post Falls. AC, washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, carports. Condo living at its best! Call ; , sara adcompaniesinc. Master suite with 2person Jacuzzi tub. Three bedroom, two bath. Surrounded by trees, very private, located at the end of dead end county road. Interest rates are low, low low! You will get much more home for your money. NorthNicest condo in the area, stainless appliances, deck, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, sq.

Deer Park- 10 perfect acres, level, trees, utilities close, paved road. Spokane Valley- Prime. Greenacres- Huge Riverwalk model home, over sq.

Rancher with daylight basement. Photos at: www. Homeownership is an investment in your future. To learn more, visit HousingMarketFacts. Zero down payment. Free recorded message, , ext. Plus: Free list of all homes for sale in Spokane Valley. Free recorded message , ext. Neil at Fitzgerald Realtors, Search: randy. Call Brian Stranger Lakeshore, or go to www. All units are rented with great occupancy history. Exterior recently painted. Rents are low and could be raised.

This one is a money maker. Call Chris Costa Lakeshore Realty or go to www. Melissa Ridler Coldwell Banker. Almost sq. Larger loans carry more risk to the lender, so the interest rate may be higher.

Similarly, a smaller down payment represents more risk, possibly warranting a higher interest rate. The difference between a and year loan is also critical. Also understand the workings of an adjustable rate mortgage ARM. Discuss your hopes and objectives with an agent, who can help guide you down the road to homeownership.

Catch your trout breakfast from your property on the LPO River, while you are in the heart of great hunting country. Must see, N. Rim View. Make an offer! Call Amy Miller, Keller Williams.

We will look at problem notes. Great investor or first time buyer. Call Amy Keller Williams Realty. Ever thought about a career in Real Estate? Paid internships. Call Amy today!

This beautiful sq. Better than new, over sq. Greg ; G. Hansen Real Estate. Gorgeous wood floors in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with large fenced yard. Many updates. New roof, central vacuum, central AC, ready to move in. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.

To complain of discrimination, call HUD Toll-free at Built Fishing, Blue Wave beach, golfing. View at: lafectmichael. Cell HOME, 2. Call for appointment Debbie Cornwell Real Estate Marketplace.

Great 4 bedroom, 3 bath, contemporary in Eaglewood, Mead schools. Remodeled, new flooring, paint, etc. This one sparkles!

Spokane views, daylight walk-out basement, W. Heidi, Tomlinson. Call Mr Lotz Mead schools, great established neighborhood with strong property values. Bring your own builder or use ours! Qualify and close your loan with me through Bank of America Home Loans. Gorgeous Views! Loon Lake Lake Road. Full finished basement, sq. MIKE L.

Sprague, Ste. Borrower must meet all eligibility requirements. All buyers to be listed on deed of trust must attend a homebuyer education seminar that has been registered through the Commission. The sponsorship by the Commission of a homebuyer education seminar does not endorse a person, business practice, product or service other than those of the Commission.

Owneroccupied primary residences located in the State of Washington. Other restrictions may apply. Ask for details. Equal Housing Lender. All loan subject to approval. Certain restrictions apply. Member FDIC. All rights reserved. Junior Lilac Parade May 9th from 10am-1pm. Bands, floats and lots of local organizations. Location: through the streets of downtown Spokane. For more information: Professionally landscaped with in ground sprinkler system. By owner. Been used as vacation home so is like new.

Design is very open with scenic views. Close to skiing, boating, fishing, golf. Just bring your own food and move in! Rancher with finished basement, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, sq. Post Falls 4 bedroom, 3 bath, multi level. Close to schools and freeway access. AC, gas fireplace, large fenced backyard, sprinkler system front and back, laundry room. Well maintained home! No realtors, please. Drawn from your sketch, magazine clip, modify our stock plans, or will put your ideas together for you!

We make site visits, too. We also do garages, cabins and large additions. Opportunity is knocking to get you into a new home! Interest rates low, home prices low. And still programs available with no down payment.

For a free, no obligation information packet, call , ext. Call our toll-free number to place your ad with us.

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