U.s bankruptcy court utah central division scca

u.s bankruptcy court utah central division scca

Jul 20,  · Adding to the uncomfortable feeling people get from Hooters is the toll the work can take on the waitresses. In , faculty from the University of Tennessee's psychology department set out to find what kind of consequences working in this environment had on waitress's mental health, and the findings were pretty disturbing (via The Conversation). Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Charlotte Motor Speedway From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search.

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How a case gets to the US Supreme Court

Based upon Baynes' recommendation, for safety reasons, and without suggestion from USAC, the Board also approved the requirement of a containment shrouding to be placed around the "hot section" of turbine engines. Wallis who was then in the employ of Douglas Aircraft to help as a consultant in connection with the fuel problems in Granatelli's Novi engines which he acquired in about and were in turn purchased by Studebaker from Granatelli in After such date Granatelli individually had no further investment in any race cars pertinent here, including the Turbocar No.

Wallis was a turbine engine expert and had been employed in England and in this country in work involving jet engines in aircraft. A year or two prior to the time he became associated with Granatelli he attempted to interest others in the development of a turbine powered race car but without success.

During the early period of his association with Granatelli, Wallis furnished him with information which he had developed proposing a turbine powered race car. Wallis became a full time employee of Paxton Products, a Division of plaintiff, Studebaker, to work with Granatelli in December of , and continued to urge Granatelli to produce a turbine powered car. In February of , through prior contacts of Wallis with United Aircraft of Canada, Wallis and Granatelli went to that company to interest it in supplying a turbine engine in a program to develop a turbine powered race car.

In late February or March of , United Aircraft loaned a turbine engine to Granatelli for "mock-up" purposes for a ninety-day period with the understanding that the engine would remain inoperable and would be used only in existing Novi chassis for test bed purposes. Such loan agreement was later extended from time to time but the engine was to remain inoperable. The turbine test project was abandoned in March or April of , when a chassis being developed by Wallis for Granatelli for possible alternate use for either a Novi engine or a turbine engine, was destroyed in a heat treating process.

From that time through the Mile Race all efforts by Granatelli were devoted to the Novi powered race car for the Mile Race. About July 4, , following the Mile Race, Granatelli first obtained budget authority from Studebaker to develop a turbine powered race car.

Grantelli asked Banks to send him the information in connection with the F. Later Granatelli advised Banks by telephone that he Granatelli did not want the F. In June, in the Atlanta conversation between Banks and Granatelli, Granatelli advised him of his interest in developing a turbine powered car but did not advise Banks of the size or type of engine that he was considering.

Following the September 12, USAC Board meeting and the adoption of the 23 inch annulus rule, Banks by telephone advised Granatelli of such rule and that the Board had reserved the right "that should these turbine engines prove detrimental, the Board could later act to prohibit their use.

At about that time Banks learned from Granatelli that his proposed turbine engine was a Pratt-Whitney engine ST6B and that it fell within the 23 inch annulus rule, having an annulus area of approximately The turbine engine such as the Pratt-Whitney had never been used in cars and as shown by this record had only been used in airplanes, helicopters, boats and locomotives such as the one pulling trains at Expo 67 in Montreal.

Although design work had been undertaken by Granatelli through Wallis during the late summer of , Granatelli did not order the construction of the turbine powered car which became Car No. This was after the adoption and after Granatelli knew of the adoption of the 23 inch annulus engine specification for turbine engines by the USAC Board at the September 12, meeting and the express reservation by the Board at that meeting, "that should turbines prove detrimental, the Board could later act to prohibit their use.

During December, , and January, , Granatelli complained of the containment shrouding rule adopted by the USAC Board in September, not because of weight as contended during the trial of this cause, but because of the size of the metal shrouding for installation in the car which he was then constructing, which became the Turbocar No. The USAC Board in January, authorized substitute material of comparable strength to that previously required which gave Granatelli relief from the space problem in connection with the containment shrouding.

Prior findings set out the fact that Car No. The turbine engine in Car No. In fact, Mr. Such evidence does demonstrate the ingenuity and unrestrained competitive efforts and the fact that the rule making function must rest with those having broad experience in racing competition such as found on the USAC Board of Directors. Following the Mile Race, USAC Rules Committee meetings were held on June 6, and as a result of such meetings a turbine evaluation committee was appointed consisting of Messrs.

Plaintiffs' complaint asserts and plaintiffs have contended throughout the trial of this cause that they have a contract right or a right based upon policy or practice of USAC to run the turbine powered car for a period of one, two, three or five years, and that plaintiffs' Car 40 was built in reliance upon such right or policy.

This position is asserted notwithstanding the express reservation of the USAC Board in September, at the time of the adoption of the 23 square inch turbine engine specification, "that should these turbine engines prove detrimental, the Board could later act to prohibit their use," and the fact that plaintiffs did not order the construction of Car 40 nor the purchase of a turbine engine for Car 40 until after such September, action by the USAC Board.

In addition to the fact of such express reservation by the USAC Board, the evidence in this record is undisputed that at no time prior to the USAC Rules Committee meeting June 6, , following the Mile Race, did Granatelli or Studebaker Corporation make known to USAC officials either in writing or orally that they claimed a right to run a turbine powered car either under the unlimited formula existing power to September of or under the 23 inch engine specification rule adopted in September of for any time period, such as a one, two, three or five year period.

The first time that plaintiffs indicated any such position was Mr. Granatelli's statement in the Rules Committee meeting June 6, that his "legal position" was that he had the right to run the turbine powered car for a two-year period. The Court expressly finds that plaintiffs did not rely upon any such asserted contract right, policy, custom or practice of USAC in developing or building Car No.

At the USAC Rules Committee meeting June 6, and thereafter, prompt resolution of the matter of turbine engine specification was urged by all interested parties including Granatelli. June 12, , written notice of a special meeting of the USAC Board was issued fully setting out the purpose of the meeting to consider the matter of the turbine engine specification. Between June 6 and June 26 of , the turbine evaluation committee on which Mr. A written report of the information obtained by the committee was prepared June 24, for submission to the Board of Directors.

Such report outlined twenty informational items obtained from the respective turbine experts with reference in such report to the source of such information. The experts were in conflict on certain of such points. The meeting lasted for six to seven hours. The written report of the turbine evaluation committee was available for each member of the Board and was reviewed.

A fourteen page letter from Mr. Granatelli with attached performance chart and data information was reproduced and was available for each member of the Board. Baynes was present to answer questions. The evidence is uncontradicted that the discussion at the meeting concerned determination of an equivalency formula for turbine engines and that there was no consideration of banning turbine engines from USAC racing. The recommendation of the turbine evaluation committee was not adopted, at least in part, because such recommendation was tied to a fuel restriction for turbines.

USAC does not have and has never had a restriction as to the type of fuel to be used in race cars. In addition, the recommendation that turbines use straight alcohol would have constituted a weight handicap in that alcohol has approximately one-half of the B.

This would have constituted either a weight handicap or necessitated additional pit stops for a turbine powered car. In addition to Mr. Granatelli's information relating to horsepower and torque characteristics of turbine engines and others, data charts were available through Mr. Baynes reflecting torque and horsepower information with respect to existing Ford racing engines.

This record shows and the Court finds that Ford reciprocating engines in the Mile Race had a power potential in the to horsepower range on straight alcohol without the use of nitro. The record is also uncontradicted through Mr. Banks and Mr. Granatelli that ten horsepower in this operating range is insignificant. The USAC Board at its June 26, meeting concluded to "limit turbine engines to an inlet annulus area of 15 square inches, with no water or water-alcohol injection permitted, effective January 1, Of particular significance here in view of the plaintiffs' contention of combination and conspiracy under the anti-trust laws, and the assertion of vested interests controlling USAC, is the fact that there are four members on the Board of Directors who are car owners.

Only one such member was at the meeting and that was Mr. Agajanian who was serving as the elected member of the car owners on the Board. Agajanian voted against the resolution reducing the annulus area to 15 square inches which under standing practice when a fraction is not stated permits the size to go to At the June 26, meeting the Board acted through resolution moved by Mr. Cloutier that public notice be given to all concerned that the turbine specification adopted is subject to review and possible change after one year.

Plaintiffs knew of the Board action promptly after the meeting through wide publicity given the meeting by news media and also by Bulletins subsequently issued by USAC. The action by USAC in adopting the 15 inch annulus rule was taken at a Board of Directors meeting duly called and held after lawful notice. The Board action was taken after full consideration of the facts then known and with consideration of the then state of the art with respect to turbine engines and the possibility of increase in power potential by "uptrimming" the engines to racing form.

The action of the USAC Board in adopting the 15 square inch annulus rule for turbine engines at its meeting June 26, was taken after due consideration and with the purpose and intent of providing competitive equivalency between turbine powered cars and reciprocating engines in racing and such action and the adoption of such rule was not done wilfully, maliciously, or with the intent to harm or damage plaintiffs.

The foregoing action by the USAC Board in July, intended to clarify and avoid conflict in interpretation of Rules 40 and 7 which existed in connection with the inspection of Car 40 prior to the race.

The action expressly permitted Car 40 to run as it was in the race insofar as the chassis configuration was concerned. The action of the Board in the July, meeting banned the brake flap such as appeared on Car 40 as being a "spoiler" or "spoiler wing" within the contemplation of the rule which had existed prior the the race. The action of the USAC Board July 15, as above set out was taken for the purpose of clarifying previous rules and was not done wilfully, maliciously or with intent to harm or damage plaintiffs.

January 13, the USAC Board adopted a rule change providing that the over-all width of championship cars be increased from 75 inches under the existing rule to 85 maximum inches, such rule to be effective June 15, until January 1, Such rule change does not affect cars for the Mile Race and expires by its terms before any subsequent Mile Race.

The evidence in this case shows that the plaintiffs have not raced on what is termed the "Championship Trail" meaning other USAC racing events during the racing season other than but including the Indianapolis Mile Race. Since or plaintiffs have entered cars in USAC racing events other than the Indianapolis only on five or six occasions. The Board at such meeting January 13, also adopted a rule that effective June 15, rim widths for wheels would be limited to 10 inches for the front and 14 inches for the rear.

Similarly this rule change does not affect cars for the Mile Race. The action of the USAC Board at its meeting January 13, was taken to make USAC cars more competitive in road racing events and such rule changes were not made wilfully, maliciously or with intent to injure or damage plaintiffs. Plaintiffs allege in their complaint that defendant violated Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act but without specific allegation as to any co-conspirator or other party with whom defendant is asserted to have combined.

In the course of the trial of this cause plaintiffs have attempted to show conspiracy and combination by the defendant with either Ford Motor Company or Champion Spark Plug Company or both by inference of a vested or dominant interest of either or both such companies affected by the running of the plaintiffs' turbine powered car.

There is no evidence in this record nor any showing even by remote inference to support a finding of conspiracy or combination between USAC and Ford Motor Company, Champion Spark Plug Company, or either of them or anyone else. To the contrary the evidence shows that Ford Motor Company has done no development work on the Ford engine used in race cars since about and that the horsepower potential of the Ford engine has remained the same since that time.

Granatelli as to a conversation with a Mr. Jones, in which Mr. Jones indicated reluctance in giving Mr. Granatelli information as to certain dynamometer tests. There is no showing that Mr. Jones was speaking other than as an individual nor is his relationship, official capacity or authority with respect to Champion Spark Plug Company disclosed.

Moreover, as set out in prior findings, the action of the USAC Board at the June 26, meeting in adopting the 15 inch annulus area rule was by a vote of and the only car owner present, Agajanian, voted against the adoption of such rule. No witness other than Mr. Granatelli appeared to testify in open court in this cause on behalf of plaintiffs and such witnesses could have included officers of Studebaker, Mr.

Cowley from United Aircraft, whose name was continuously referred to in this record as the Pratt-Whitney turbine expert, Mr. Bignotti, a mechanic familiar with Ford engines. The Court, therefore, infers the fact that testimony of any such witnesses or others that could have been called by plaintiffs would have been adverse to the plaintiffs. The Court further finds that as to the plaintiffs, defendant USAC is not a trade association, but a sanctioning organization organized and operated for the purpose of making and enforcing safety and competitive rules for the conduct of automobile racing events as a sport for those events that it sanctions and provides officials to enforce such rules in its various divisions, i.

Membership in USAC is not essential to the trade, business or livelihood of any of the plaintiffs. In the case of automotive racing events, as in the case of other sporting events, amateur or professional, of which the Court can take judicial notice, business firms advertise and promote their products in connection therewith.

As stated by plaintiffs here, they are not in automobile racing to make a profit. In this case any such firm may and this record discloses that they do freely, without any requirement of membership, sponsor race cars and advertise and promote their products at USAC sanctioned events.

The business of promoting the races and the business of advertising at such events are separate and distinct from the running of the race and officiating at the sporting event, which is essential to the survival of the sport and the maintenance of the integrity of the sport in the eyes of the public. Only in the event of request by any such organization for certification of product usage in a particular racing event is membership in USAC required. This record discloses that the Federal Trade Commission has upon occasion requested information from the defendant USAC with respect to advertising to confirm defendant's certification of product usage.

Defendant USAC sanctions events in various racing divisions, designated by the type and kind of car, i. Championship cars are known by that name by reason of body configuration known as open wheel, open cockpit race cars as distinguished from sports cars and engine size.

Such cars, however, are within the USAC specifications of all types and designs, front engine, rear engine, "side by side" as in the case of Car 40, and powered by any engine within the eight specifications for such cars.

While the evidence tends to establish that championship class racing as here involved constitutes a separate relevant market for anti-trust purposes, the evidence fails to establish that USAC's sanctioning of such races, so far as the plaintiffs here are concerned, could have any more than an indirect, insubstantial, fortuitous effect upon plaintiffs' business in interstate trade and commerce.

The defendant USAC has not, nor has it attempted to unlawfully monopolize, nor has it combined or conspired with any persons to monopolize automotive racing or any division thereof, and the Court so finds. All statements in the memorandum of decision preceding these specific findings, which statements refer to the evidence, and the facts adduced or those of mixed law and fact, are incorporated herein as findings of fact.

Diversity of citizenship exists between all plaintiffs and the defendant USAC and this Court has jurisdiction of the subject matter of this suit under the provisions of 28 U. Membership in defendant USAC is a privilege and not a right, and one who joins or seeks to join such voluntary association or club, submits to its membership requirements and its rules and regulations. Courts will not interfere with the internal affairs of an association except in case of fraud, illegality or violation of a civil or property right.

As to the plaintiffs, the defendant is a purely voluntary association, free to fix qualifications for membership and to provide for termination of membership of those who do not meet the standards fixed by the defendant. The constitution, by-laws and rules of government of the defendant measure the rights and duties of the members and defendant may condition membership upon any matter or deny membership entirely so long as rudimentary due process procedures are followed, and exclusions, suspensions, or expulsions from membership are reasonable, done in good faith, and are not discriminatory.

Insofar as the issue of membership in defendant is concerned, plaintiffs have not exhausted their internal administrative remedies in connection with their membership under the By-Laws of the defendant USAC. No regulation, rule, custom, practice or contract existed upon which plaintiffs could have or did rely in building plaintiffs' Car 40, entitling them to operate such car under any rule or engine specification, or formula for any period of time such as a one, two, three or five year period, nor could there be in view of the express provisions of Sections 1.

Plaintiffs have not and will not suffer irreparable damage since they are preparing turbine powered race cars under defendant's current rules applicable to the Mile Race and no material property right is affected or violated and plaintiffs are not entitled to equitable relief. Greater injury will result to defendant and third parties by granting equitable relief than will result to plaintiffs if equitable relief is denied.

Defendant in adopting its rules, rule changes or modifications, including the adoption of its rules relating to the turbine engine specification, did so in a reasonable and prudent manner with due consideration and its actions were not arbitrary, capricious, malicious or with wilfulness or intent to injure or damage plaintiffs. The Court concludes that in consideration of all of the activities of USAC and its mode of operation that, in general, it is within the reach of and subject to the anti-trust laws.

However, the Court does not consider that the adoption, modification or change from time to time by defendant of its rules for safety, competitive reasons or those relating to the conduct of racing events, which are equally applicable to all participants, impose any obstruction or obstacle and have not or do not appreciably affect interstate trade or commerce, the effect thereof being at best indirect and remote, and such rules and regulations for such purposes within such areas do not rise to dignity for measurement or are they within the proscription of the anti-trust laws.

Defendant USAC did not contract, combine or conspire in restraint of interstate or foreign trade or commerce in violation of Sections 1 or 2 of the Sherman Act. The defendant USAC did not monopolize, attempt to monopolize or combine or conspire to monopolize any part of such trade or commerce in violation of Section 2 of the Sherman Act. Any finding of fact deemed to be a conclusion of law is concluded as a matter of law and any mixed finding of fact and law concluded as a matter of law is concluded as a matter of both law and fact.

United States Auto Club, Inc. IP 68C United States District Court S. Indiana, Indianapolis Division. July 2, The first defense that Studebaker is the real party in interest is no longer an issue by virtue of Studebaker's voluntary joinder as a party plaintiff. As to causes one through four, defendant asserts that the Court has no jurisdiction in that the principal place of business of Studebaker is in Indiana, and, therefore, diversity of citizenship is lacking.

In this connection defendant's position is that there is no substantial federal question arising out of the fifth and sixth causes of action alleging violation of the antitrust laws and that the principle of pendant jurisdiction is therefore inapplicable. Defendant asserts laches against equitable relief as to causes three, four, five and six.

As to the third cause of action defendant contends that plaintiffs cannot be granted relief from asserted contract rights which plaintiffs contend to arise out of violation of the anti-trust laws. The growth of Grayslake 50 years ago the population was only 1, and more sub- divisions and businesses just outside the village have also had a hand in the success of the dealership.

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Another problem occurs late in the film after everyone thinks the danger has passed that beach pro- perty is still available. What starts out as a tense, gripping climax, with more reversals than a wrestling tournament begins to lose it's impact and stretch the limits of credibility by simp- ly going on too long.

The movie's problems oc- cur at the beginning and end. In between, there is a very entertaining movie with commendable performances from it's two stars who work very well together. Price varies depending on size and number of toppings ordered.

Lake St. Roger W. Kawaltkl, North Chicago and Koran M. John M. Mark A. Church ond Mary i, Worthan. Mwodalaln, Mkhoal i, Olar. Ganarof, Fox Loko, William O. Howard and Jo! Richard S, Matho n and Chrhtlna M. Gnondt, loka Zurich, LuttW A. Road, Gotland, Tasot ond llw A. Wildwood, Mark T. Valanllna, North Chkaoo and Marforlol. Tomok, Loka Foratt, Robert A. Jawatl, Mtmdolotn ond lort J.

Round loka, Doni. Kolor ond TarrlA. Round lakatooch, Jotaph I. Mlnarvlno, Whoallng ond Joan M. Frkkor, Mundalaln, Hall A. Qvintara ond Mary D. Sux- baa, Round loka, Mkhoal A. Sock and Elalna M. Loka Zurich, Thomat E. Gallaohar, Rolling Maodowi ond Navonna L. Wltdwood , Andraw J. Gabhardt and Tarata A. Richard P. Thompton, Mundalaln. Lantt Jr. Sin- ner! Dune on , Woukagon, Mark C. Slaphan T. Mottoth end Ann T. Skkinar, Graytloka ond Sondra J. Smith ond Solly J.

Conway, Wltit, Stavan C. Wtachmann, Cryttol loka ond Dabro K. Galular, Mundalaln, Jomat W. Zlmm a rmon ond Gino M. Parai ond Alkla P.

Mondrogon, Round loka Pork. Lonnla I. Jacob H. I Sun. This revival of the brash musical slapstick comedy, which played to SRO audiences all over the country under the banners of Mickey Rooney and Ann Milter, is chock full of fast paced one and two liners, as well as shaggy dog jokes, familiar musical numbers by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields and lots of tapping feet.

Young people who are not into nostalgia or studying theater art forms, might find the show somewhat hackneyed and boring and the music "old hat. Candelight's production of this theater art form is about as good as itgets.

Whether or not Pullinsi has a hit on his hands depends on how much burlesque appeals to theater goers. It starts off with a bang, runs into some road hazards in about the middle of the first act because of jokes and skits just a bit too corney, but bounces back nicely after in- termission with a funny and musically pleasing second act.

A giant piece of apple pie being seved by an aproned mom.. Dale Benson and Toni Kaye head an enthusiastic cast with Benson the perfect baggy pantsed burlesque comic. Kaye is an attractive classy professional all the way, who has been on the board's for many an opening night. Her voice is still strong and her legs still flashy, but somehow she seems a little too laid back compared to the rest of the hysterical cast, even in her dance numbers but then maybe she's there for contrast.

The chorines and chorus boys are straight from 42nd SL and if you like legs and tap dancing there's plenty of that a la the smash hit of the same name.

Every show has its scene stealer and Valerie Fagan walks away with much of each scene she appears in, whether she's doing a stand-up or belting a tune. Today's, musical comedies are much more sophisticated, but ''Sugar Babies" reminds us of where it all started. This light hearted nostalgic trip to the days of six shows a day, seven days a week, is a nice one to take, at least once. To obtain contest rules and an entry form, send a self- addressed, stamped en- velope or stop' by the Volo Bog Visitor Center at W.

Brandenburg, Rd. All women tnteretfed in tinging four-part harmony barbershop ityle are invited to attend. For more information, coil Polly at 4 14 Milwaukee Ave.. Tho tchodulod program it "Show and Toll Tim. Imhm will be held at St. Matthews Gym, Old M- cttenry Rd. No moot ience or tpoclal attire It necessary. A "get reacajuaintecr teuton will begin oi a.

A County St. Players rehearse 'Vanities' After a summer's absence, the Pullman Players wil make a provocative reap- pearance at the Grand Hotel Theatre in Wauconda with Jack Heifner's bittersweet, true-to-life comedy, "Vanities. The five-weekend show will open on Friday, Sept.

The curtain will rise promptly at. For theatre reservations, c all the Grand Hotel, S. Main St. In celebration of the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, Shimer College offers an opportunity to rethink the meaning of the Constitution in a family weekend with the Shimer Institute on Sept.

Not just another reiteration of historical events, the Shimer Institute blends original source materials and the views of scholars wjth the dynamics of small group discussions that encourage individuals to develop their own ideas about the meaning and significan- ce of the Constitution.

Morning and afternoon sessions on Satur- day and Sunday, Sept. Each con- ference session features Introductory remarks by one of the visiting scholars, small group discussions facilitated by Shimer faculty and a half-hour wrap-up time during which the groups share their ideas.

To encourage family participation, teenagers are welcome to attend the con- ference sessions at no cost when ac- companied by an adult. A junior program to introduce youngsters ages eight to 12 to the ideas and philosophy of the founding documents has also been plan- ned. Teenagers are in- vited to participate at no cost. Resource readings will be mailed to preregistrants. For more information, contact Shimer College, P.

Box A, Waukegan, , or call Program times are at 6 p. Monday, Tuesday and Wed- nesday. Corbin is the founder and president of Children's Creative Television, and is the host of the "Toddler's Friends' ' program.

The show is produced in Chicago and is seen in over 60 cities across the country. The Corblns have been involved in full- time children's ministries for over 13 years. They have travelled as. She is also a balloon sculptor capable of tying such creations such as Snoopy riding a uni cycle, j uggling three balls. Corbin is a Gospel magician and master story teller.

Young and old alike will be on the edge of their seat as Corbin, dressed in a circuit rider preacher's outfit, tells the story of Olie Olsen and the grizzly bear. Everyone is invited to attend this special meeting designed for the entire family. Calvary Temple is located at Monaville Rd. The grand prize for the antique and classic car event is a full, all-expense paid weekend for two at the Americana Lake Geneva Resort.

The first five winners will again receive trophies from First Bank Southwest of Lake Geneva, and the first 10 winners will receive valuable prizes ranging from jewelry to tv sets. Woman's p. It has the capacity to make prompt "diagnosis and recommend effective treatment. It is staffed by board certified vascular surgeons and technologists. We accept any type of insurance. If you suffer from vascular problems, unsightly swelling and discoloration or poor circulation.

The answer is simple. Beginning at 1 p. Sponsored by the Friends of Ryerson Woods, the program is free, but space is limited and reservations are required. Call BUI "Billy B.

Call for reservations. We en- courage them to take advantage of this special opportunity to work with a nationally respected educator. Veteran stage manager Kathie Commella will function in that capacity. Performance dates are Sept 2, 4, 5, 8 and 7. Matinees are scheduled at 2 pjn. For more information or to order tickets, call the Woodstock Opera House Box Office at , from 10 a. Tickets are also available through Ticketron. OlMl CrabUftMt. NtwYork Buffalo Wings Thun.

A parent or guardian must accompany the child In the water. Registration for mem- bers began Aug. Classes will be offered for all ages, from, six months through the use of personal flotation senior cit izens. This program is a combination of the old Aquatot program and the Tadpole.

Parents are not in the water with the children. In Shrimps. Kippers, Inia and these classes, the children Perch SKIP represent the learn basic swimming six months to three-year-old techniques. As they im- program. The public is invited to view the Living Bible on the church grounds free of charge. The church is located at the corner of Maple and Douglas Aves.

For additional information, call the Church Office at DAYS lunch Moh. Eggs Benedict, Steak ft Eooi More Too! At each level they are challenged to their fullest potential. The Progressive program is for children six to 14 years of age. There are six levels in the programs: polliwog, for beginners; guppy, ad- vanced beginner; minnow, lower intermediate; fish, in- termediate; flying fish, ad- vanced intermediate; and shark, swimmer.

The 'Y' will also offer adult swimming and aquacise classes. The TOW class is for people who want to over- come fears of water. From Lions. The skills included in this class are. This class in- troduces basic safety and rescue skills in addition to more advanced swimming The 'Y' is also looking for instructors for all classes and certified lifeguards.

They are The Silencers. The Silencers are hard to sum up in one sentence, but Sounds critic Hugh Fiedler came closest when he said, "The image, like the music, is uncluttered and seemingly ef- fortless, although it takes a lot of hard work to make things sound this easy.

It's the result of years of writing and arranging a Celtic style of rock and roll blues guitar music with a strong political and emotional bond. The proof of that emotion is rooted deep within their lyrics, which are laden with heavy political overtones.

The first single from their album "A Letter From St. Paul" entitled "Painted Moon," is a modern blues style song about the horrors, of the Falklands War. The reasons for writing the song were political and somewhat personal for former Fingerprints band member Jimmie O'Neill. It was a shock. It made me realize just how hor- rible things can be in our lifetimes. It never should have happened in the first place.

They've opened for The Pretenders around Britain and are cur- rently gearing up for their first U. America is music conscious and accessible in terms of style. We're really looking forward to it. NISRA on a regular basis during summer programs. Collec- tively, over hours of ser- vice were donated to children and adults with special needs. Volunteers are needed for fall programs. Call for more information. Hillbilly Deluxe, Dwight Yoakam, Reprise 7.

Trio, E. Harris, D. Parton, L. Rons t ad t, War- ner Bros. Highway , Highway , Warner Bros. Olsin, Warner Bros. Rock Steady, The Whispers, Solar 8. Whitney, Whitney Houston, Arista 2. Bad Animals, Heart, Capitol 3. Bigger and Deffer, L. Whitesnake, White- snake Geffen 6. Duotones, Kenny G. No Protection, Star- ship, Grunt St. Price Sale Price Ttinulr 1. Those ladies nhar-mo-nize! A rote, is a rose, U a gorgeous rose, at Hawthorn Center's le show sponsored by the Northeastern The days, Sunday, Sept.

See Lakeland's managing editor, Charlie Johnston vie with ler coantyt dignitaries In accurately dropping flour bombs target from a plane as part of the air show at Campbell ton Sunday, Sept. They are now in rehear- il for their first production of the new season, "This Must Be i Place," premieting on Oct. Theater group will give their season awards on Saturday, Sept.

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