Upper deck expired redemption program for bankruptcy

upper deck expired redemption program for bankruptcy

Dec 12,  · Earlier this week Upper Deck gave us a peak at their 6-card set that VIPs attending the National Sports Collectors Convention would receive. Now we get into the real meat and potatoes - Upper Deck's wrapper redemption programs. Although I don't see any special Precious Metal Gems parallels or Animal Kingdom patch cards being. Nov 13,  · Upper Deck now has a program to help assist collectors with expired redemptions they may receive. Check out the second ever expired redemption . Upper Deck requires the submission of a documented verification from the carrier indicating the item has been lost by the carrier or returned to an Upper Deck facility before we can reship the item to the customer. If the carrier indicates the item was delivered to the address of record on the redemption request, no re-ship will be made. upper deck expired redemption program for bankruptcy

We also do not have room to warehouse older, obsolete cards forever. Currently autograph and draft pick redemptions are available for two years from the release date and memorabilia redemptions are available for one year from the release date. Special programs may have different windows of availability as well.

They are either destroyed or used for replacements with other redemption programs. Unfortunately expired redemption cards cannot be honored. Since the packaging of cards is a mechanized process, there are some times when damaged cards end up in the packs.

We work very hard to decrease the likelihood of these events, but it can still happen. Our replacement policy is to replace any damaged product for up to one year after its release date. We try to replace cards on a card for card basis, but often cannot replace ultra rare items like cards that feature cut signatures of deceased athletes, 1 of 1 cards or plate cards.

In this case, we can replace the card with one of comparable value. We cannot offer trades for other cards. Up to 40 cards can be submitted per request.

Replacement time usually takes between weeks. Please note, we are only able to help with damaged cards if they are purchased from one of our Certified Diamond Dealers. If you have an issue, please email your full name, address and phone number to QA upperdeck. Items mailed to Upper Deck without a case number will be returned to customers unopened.

If you are mailing cards of value, we highly recommend mailing them in via certified, registered, or insured mail. The Upper Deck Company is not responsible for lost, damaged or misdirected mail. Upper Deck utilizes random distribution in lieu of a sequence when it comes to inserting cards into packs. The random distribution does not rule out the possibilities of duplicates in a pack or box however.

To try to completely control or eliminate the possibility of replication would eliminate the concept of randomness. There are rare occasions, however, where cards may fire into packs at incorrect rates.

These are very isolated occurrences. The Upper Deck Company utilizes random sequencing in the packaging of its trading cards. For our insert cards, we indicate the probability of obtaining an insert card within a pre-determined number of foil packs or boxes. The stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run and this ratio is not guaranteed to exist within an individual box or case.

However, we understand the investment you make by purchasing products at a box or case level and we do want to support you. If you have an issue like this, please email your name, address and phone number to QA upperdeck. Although we do suggest a retail price on our products, ultimately the secondary market values are determined by supply and demand and recorded by third-party periodicals.

The Upper Deck Company does not estimate current or future values. The best resources for market value estimates are the various monthly price guides, which are available at most card shops. It is not the policy of the Upper Deck Company to release production numbers; however all of our products are limited to maintain product integrity and value. Any numbers that you may hear quoted are speculation.

Unfortunately online store coupons or discounts can be applied only at the time of your purchase. You can, however, use the same coupon or discount on your next order, provided it hasn't expired.

We will reply within 24 hours of receipt with all the appropriate answers. Every care has been taken to assure that you receive your order precisely in the manner you requested it.

Inside each shipment Upper Deck has enclosed a return authorization form in order to simplify the return process.

Please call us within 48 hours of receipt of your package if you wish to return your merchandise for any reason. All items must be returned within 15 days of receipt and with accompanying proof or purchase a copy of the internet order and credit card receipt. Please call our customer service team at and we will assist you with the return process and requirements.

No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number. Damaged Goods Please call us within 48 hours of receipt of your package at if you have received merchandise that has been damaged during shipment or is defective.

We will need to issue a "call tag" in order to have your package picked up and returned to us. Remember to save all original packing materials and use it to securely reseal your package for return. We will not issue a refund for any damage caused or resulting from any failure to follow this procedure. If we determine that your item was damaged during shipment to you or is defective, we will issue a full refund of the purchase price and shipping charges in the form of a credit to the original credit card used to make the purchase.

We will refund your return shipping charges for merchandise that was damaged during shipment, defective or shipped to you in error. The Upper Deck Company does not sell on a retail level to individual collectors. However, you may obtain the products you desire through our distribution network that consists of hobby dealers, as well as national, convenience, and retail stores. Check our store locator for the hobby dealer nearest you.

Follow her on Twitter here. They really should just convert to a point system. Convert expired. Allow the consumers to see what is available and redeem them.

Allow them to take several items of a lower point value and combine them to get a better item. The most important concept is consumer choice. It is false advertising and all the card companies do it. If you put out a checklist of available cards and do not fulfill your obligation it sure sounds like false advertising.

Where does it say on the checklist or the box that some cards are available for a limited time??? Sweet, just pulled 3 today! A point system sounds like a great idea though. Makes me wonder if UD doing this is a result of that lawsuit.

I was at the National when they did it this year and it was a blast. Good for them for doing something good like this. They also were sponsoring a Sports cards for kids charity program at the show. Please enter the verification code that you received on your email.

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