Transunion bankruptcy settlement discharge

transunion bankruptcy settlement discharge

You are a consumer who received an order of discharge of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Between March 15, and May 11, (or, for California residents in the case of TransUnion, between May 12, and May 11, ), one of the three defendants issued a credit report on you, and. This is the date that TransUnion updated any information on this entry. Type: This is the type of public record and the status of the public record. For example, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy dismissed or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filed. Responsibility: This states whether the bankruptcy is for a single individual or if it is a joint filing. Court Type. The Court decided that the Class includes all consumers who have received an order of discharge of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and who, between March 15, and May 11, (or, for California residents in the case of TransUnion, between May 12, and May 11, ), had a credit report issued by a Defendant that contained debts, accounts. transunion bankruptcy settlement discharge

November 13, Postmarked Passed. You could have commented on the settlement if you did not like it or any part of it. To do so, you needed to send in a written objection. November 13, Received Passed. The Court held a hearing on December 11, at a. If you submitted a timely objection to the proposed settlement, you could have asked to appear at the Final Approval Hearing, but you were not required to do so.

Further information on each of these options can be found in the FAQs. Box Seattle, WA Hernandez, et al. Experian Information Solutions, Inc.

Welcome to the Hernandez, et al. Website Important Update: Following the hearing on November 7, , the Court issued a memorandum opinion confirming the District Court's finding that the settlement as a whole is fair, reasonable and adequate, and remanded the case to the District Court for further consideration. Who is included? What does the settlement provide? All Class members may access the Consumer Credit Reporting Assistance page, which contains information regarding credit reports, credit scores, and how Class members can dispute any inaccuracies on their credit reports and use their settlement benefits to track their credit ratings and monitor improvements, by clicking on the button below: Information Regarding Consumer Dispute Process.

Option Event Deadline Do Nothing If you submitted a valid claim in, or opted out of, the Proposed Settlement , and did not wish to change your election, you did not need to take any action. November 13, Postmarked or online Passed Opt Out You could have excluded yourself from the settlement.

November 13, Postmarked Passed Object You could have commented on the settlement if you did not like it or any part of it. For More Information. Visit this website often to get the most up-to-date information. In Canada, credit reports are maintained by two main credit bureaus: Equifax Canada Inc. Their objective is to collect information that lenders would consider important in making a decision about whether or not they should grant you a loan. What each credit bureau does is collect and compile factual information about your bill and debt payment history.

This information comes from two sources:. As a result, you can see that if you file for bankruptcy, or file a consumer proposal, it will appear on your credit report. What the credit bureau is reporting however is a statement of the facts.

What will be included will be:. The first two statements appear based on information collected from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. Your trustee does not report the information to the credit bureaus. The removal should happen automatically however it is important that you monitor this process to ensure this last step happens as it should. By law, there are restrictions on how long negative information can be kept on your credit history. TransUnion is very transparent about how long they maintain information on your credit report.

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