Toyland shane company bankruptcy

toyland shane company bankruptcy

titles type director; b: commercials: b: b: print: kevin kane: b: print: b: b amp g solutions: voice over: diamond dust productions: b and g: film: brian kuchta: b. Looking back, what the company could have done differently? by Shane Greenstein, Michelle Devereux Source: Kellogg School of Management 18 pages. Publication Date: January 1, Prod #: KELPDF-ENG Crisis in the Case Solution Encyclopaedia Britannica. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation.

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Shane Co. Diamonds Ad (#1)

Qualified inmates of federal penitentiaries are allowed early release if they agree to fly for the airlines. Over a half-century old, the network is being closed as an economic measure.

Hardly any pilot tuned VORs on airways anymore. Located a hundred miles apart these transmitters are a living aviation museum for future generations. They are also rallying points for the last few Eclipses flying.

On clear days they can be seen shuttling back and forth, just below RVSM airspace. These stations were chosen because of their semi-arid climate. Forecast icing is seldom an issue. Eclipse pilots are noted for their weather forecasting ability and aeronautical decision making.

There has never been a pilot report of in-flight ice buildup submitted by an Eclipse operator. The United States is now under the jurisdiction of the World Court. After the tribunal Raburn was imprisoned briefly and forced to listen repeatedly to a recording of the Congressional hearing on Eclipse. Their hangar is essentially an Eclipse museum and includes the Eclipse Concept Jet. Many have marveled that the Meyers are able to keep their airplane running. All the components in our plane have been overhauled and green-tagged.

The latter is owned and operated by Martin Chavez, former mayor of the city. What became of Our Founder, Stan Blankenship? He relinquished U. He has worked tirelessly to undo bad habits taught by early missionaries to the natives — habits such as reading the Bible and wearing clothes.

He and his wife promise to be scuba diving at age one hundred. And what of Shane Price? His exact whereabouts are unknown. Five years ago the English reasserted Protestant rule in Ireland resulting in the marginalization of the Catholic majority again.

Shane was not a man to take sides in a religious debate, but is an Irish patriot unable to tolerate English domination. With broad support he formed a guerilla band and is thought to be in the Maumturks Hills, Connemara in the west of Ireland. A natural leader, Shane is viewed as the Michael Collins of this century - hopefully with a happier ending. Rich Lucibella, who so valiantly defended the Eclipse assault on the blog, is back in the forefront. He is thought to be providing the Irish rebels with technical advice and his office at SWAT Magazine is the seat of the government-in-exile.

It was investigative journalism by Karen Di Piazza that provided the first media look at the troubles of Eclipse Aviation. This was not easy for Karen, as aviation magazine editorial content was directly tied to advertising revenue. But Karen persisted, and now runs her fashion media empire in New York.

She can be seen striding purposefully across Central Park in her trademark tiger stripe pants. The ceremony was held in the Green Mountains of Vermont, one of the first states to permit gay marriage. Few of the twenty-nine bloggers named in the lawsuit were able to attend.

But a report came back that the newlyweds have acquired a bed-and-breakfast in a quaint Vermont village and produce the best blueberry pancakes in the state. What would you expect of dinosaurs? A used Collier Trophy recently showed up for sale on eBay. The nameplate has been removed and it carries a high auction reserve. The company lasted less than a year. Iacobucci blamed its demise on the credit crisis, not strategy.

Financial reverses and the longest running economic slump in U. Both gained minor notoriety with their testimony before Congress in , as credibility was in short supply.

Their skill sets are brought together in a new venture called MediJet. The former Eclipse production line should be restarted and our nationalized healthcare system would benefit. ObamaCare has been criticized for consuming thirty percent of GDP. With thousands of airports and thousands of MediJets formerly known as Eclipse s , affordable healthcare can be in easy reach. The mayor of Albuquerque and governor of New Mexico have provided a hundred million dollars in industrial revenue bonds.

That should take care of the gadflies. I still know how to work the system. Al Mann, investor and director in Eclipse Aviation, won a ten-million dollar judgment plus interest against Pieper in New York court. We have learned that Mann travelled secretly to the Netherlands two years ago. One year ago, Roel Pieper was called before a Dutch magistrate. In Fisher-Price was acquired by Mattel.

Sadly the company became collateral damage after the failure of Eclipse Aviation. Mattel quietly pulled the brand last year. The business school case studies have come and gone. Others have listened to the CVR tape, read the FDR data and believe Vern Raburn personally commanded the biggest smoking crater in general aviation history.

Many innocents were led to destruction. The taking of deposits, given the conditions of the first flight, was widely viewed as unethical. Burning through hundreds of millions of non-escrowed deposits to fund operations, not build airplanes, left a bad taste. Many buyers, who expected an airplane, became unwitting investors in the company. The company was supposed to become the dominant global supplier of jet aircraft selling them at a price that would not cover direct costs. Then there were the bad bets and poor technical risks taken by Eclipse.

Engines, avionics… a man only gets so many chances. Later Vern unveiled the Eclipse Concept Jet… a desperate and cruel stunt. Some have speculated that the enormity of the failure will hamper aviation ventures for years to come. So much capital was wasted with little to show for it. Evolution by natural selection has long been a factor in aircraft, like any business. Nothing is more normal than for a company to produce some planes and then go out of business or be acquired.

Many of these companies are remembered with fondness and their products are viewed as collectible classics. Hundreds are still flying, seventy to eighty years after they were built. They have such value that even basket cases are rebuilt. How will the Eclipse fleet fare in comparison? The controversial approach taken by Eclipse Aviation resulted in the formation of this blog. He brought smart people with broad experience together to exchange ideas. Shane picked up the baton and took it to the next level.

The Eclipse story has about played out but there will be others. Probably no blogger here wanted the Eclipse story to end this way. Many of us love aviation and actively participate. Words, as usual, fail me. Black Tulip has done himself, and all of us, proud. Thank you, kind sir, for your time, effort and unfailing support for the past 17 months.

This is my penultimate headline post. My final one, due at the end of the month, will be unlike any of the proceeding in that it will be short.

And just a little bit special. One last time for me, anyway I'd remind everyone that the tulip mania peaked in the Netherlands during the s.

The black tulip was the most sought after, until found to be biologically impossible. Posted by Shane Price at AM comments:. Friday, June 12, A few lessons learned. As I move from custodian of this blog back to an interested observer of VLJ's, I thought I'd put together a short essay highlighting what I've learned. Where appropriate I'd included comments from others and of course provided links to other web sites.

There were many 'themes' on the blog during the past 18 months, which I'll try to interweave with my own opinions. So, with that short introduction, here goes Many people, myself included, were attracted by the siren call of a very light jet. The concept seem to offer a beguiling combination of speed, low cost of ownership and ability to get into may fields a larger aircraft would have problems with. In the 'age of Google' it's very easy to research almost any subject with a few mouse clicks, so pretty quickly I found myself orbiting the Eclipse Aviation web site, and associated stories.

One caught my attention. It was of course, the original critic site, run by Stan Blankenship. From the middle of , I started to participate, having been a reader for many months. Stan 'kept house' with regular headline posts and his own comments, and a range of fascinating individuals and Ken Meyer kept the pot stirring. For reasons already explained by Stan, he decided in early to pull up his own drawbridge.

Yours truly stepped up with 'this' blog, and we had a very 'clubby' atmosphere, which still managed to keep a critical view of the peculiar behavior in ABQ. One of the very first comments, from Gadfly, summed up what the blog was about during early Almost all material that reached me during this period was from suppliers, staff, customers or officials who had genuine concerns and felt that our blog was the only place remotely interested in what they had to say.

I also took the opportunity to say why I'd gotten involved, by finishing one headline post with a favorite motto And keep the promises you make". On Friday the 18th of April , an email hit my BlackBerry which began Things got very 'interesting', very quickly. We were very fortunate that a civic minded publisher, Rich Lucibella, decided to head Vern Raburn off at the pass. And proved successful. So successful that Vern himself was ejected from his own company exactly days after I got that infamous notice.

He was even forced to make the announcement himself, on the opening day of Oshkosh in July In typical style he said he was taking up an 'advisory' role in the company only to break all ties a few weeks later. He did, however, manage to hold onto an E, for a limited period. I wonder if he's still flying it During this period we also saw contributions from many more parts of the world.

The blog became more 'international', which was clearly a new experience for some of our longer serving American readers. A steep rise in the cost of oil, continuing doubts about the reality of the '2,' orders and a very clear 'failure to launch' at DayJet cast a cloud over the future of Eclipse.

The result was a 'victory' for EAC, in that nothing came out of the woodwork to question the original grant. However, in the fashion of 'don't get mad, get even', I learned that a very strict view would be taken of any future Production Certificate reviews.

Things looked up, at least for a short while, when Ken Meyer broke his self imposed exile from the blog and returned with a bang. I 'gave' him a headline post which he used in describing his many flights, the capabilities of the E and generally promoting the aircraft. The nicest part was his own description of himself as The Cardinal, which was a reference to his leading position with The Faithful. This was the name given by 'us critics' to those who supported the E through thick and thin.

However, this is not a month I look back to with any joy. My father passed away, suddenly, leaving us all shocked and saddened. The day before I buried him, one of the very few truly bad people I interacted with on the blog, sent me the following Have you noticed, in life, how the really small minded people always have the longest job descriptions? Captain Zoom is a prime example. Is it too much to hope that someone, who is a prime example of what we Irish call a gobshite , will make the same mistake again?

This month was generally a 'bad' one for EAC. The premise behind the vast order book was air taxi, the most prominent of which was of course DayJet based in Florida. On the 19th of September, without any notice, they closed their doors. They blamed the inability to raise further finance and difficulties they had had with the Eclipse During this period I was also allowed access to the customer conference calls given by Mike McConnell, with input from Roel Pieper.

Both came across as dismissive of the depositors in particular and made very light of in service problems with the aircraft. There were lots of promises to 'get back to people' but surprise, surprise nothing happened.

October was not a good month for EAC, publicity wise. Basically, he rubbished the Eclipse and predicted that EAC would not produce any aircraft in , as he thought they'd be bankrupt. How right he was November was interesting, for several reasons.

First, there was a temporary delay in payment for the staff, quickly corrected. EASA certification was granted, with conditions. He made several remarks that bear reviewing , but his venom for 'us' was clear, as was the denial that he had made any mistakes.

This thread didn't last very long, as 4 days after I put it up we got this The 25th of November was the long predicted first step to bankruptcy and clearly a 'pre cooked' event.

In a effort to control every aspect, Roel had a valued the assets and set the price, and b arranged the DIP finance with Al Mann. We all know now that he a didn't have the money to buy the company and b the didn't have the DIP either.

He 'borrowed' it off Al, who's now suing him personally to recover it. Oh, and another thing. This was the month that America elected it's first president called Obama. Michelle will clearly be the second December was a time of 'Notices', a number of which first appeared here. The inbox became a job on it's own, almost to the point that I needed assistance. Thankfully it never came to that, but it was a very busy month 'behind the scenes'.

What rapidly became clear was the 'false' feeling around Roel's bid. I became convinced that he either didn't care or had alternative motives. Remember the background at this time was of increasing disorder in the financial markets, with banks being rescued and the capital markets in free fall.

Initially there was optimism for the staff at EAC, since Roel was on a clear run to purchase the assets and move forward. But I began to get informal hints that all was not as it seemed, especially from people 'close' to the process.

During February I posted an in depth headline written with help from several Eclipse owners. It's worthwhile going over it, if you're ever tempted to buy one! However, this was also the month when the wheels and the wagon finally parted company. On the 18th almost all the remaining staff were furloughed and on the 25th the 'Senior Note Holders' filed a Chapter 7 motion, which the company didn't oppose.

Again, the inbox filled rapidly, especially with notices from prospective purchasers. Of note was one from our very own ColdWetMakeralofReality , who's professional background in aviation and interesting 'take' on what should be done with the airframe is worth looking at.

I was also filled in on the whole 'Russian' thing, some of which is so hot it's radioactive. Legend Films. Categories : Black-and-white films Lists of films by technology Alternate versions of films. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Above and Beyond. Turner Entertainment [1] [2]. The Absent-Minded Professor. An Ache in Every Stake. Columbia Pictures West Wing Studios [7].

Turner Entertainment [8]. Action in the North Atlantic. Turner Entertainment [9]. Turner Entertainment [10] [11]. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Turner Entertainment [12]. Hal Roach Studios [13] [b]. Color Systems Technology [15]. Legend Films [16].

Turner Entertainment [18]. All Fall Down. Turner Entertainment [3] [19]. Turner Entertainment [21] [22]. Along Came Jones. Republic Pictures [23]. Alpine Antics. Hal Roach Studios [25]. Turner Entertainment [26]. The Americanization of Emily. Turner Entertainment [3] [27]. Spentzos Film West Wing Studios [28]. Angel and the Badman. Hal Roach Studios [29] Colorization, Inc. Republic Pictures [30]. Turner Entertainment [31]. Angels with Dirty Faces.

Turner Entertainment Color Systems Technology [32]. The Angry Hills. Turner Entertainment [33]. Annie Oakley. Turner Entertainment [34] [35].

Cabin Fever Entertainment [36]. RHI Entertainment, Inc. Arch of Triumph. Republic Pictures [38]. Arsenic and Old Lace. Turner Entertainment [39] Color Systems Technology [40]. The Asphalt Jungle. Turner Entertainment [41]. Turner Entertainment [43] [44]. Babes in Toyland. GoodTimes Home Video [45]. Legend Films retitled March of the Wooden Soldiers [46]. The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. Turner Entertainment [48]. Turner Entertainment [49].

Turner Entertainment [50]. The Bad and the Beautiful. Turner Entertainment [51]. Badman's Territory. Turner Entertainment [52]. The Barn Dance. The Walt Disney Company [54]. Turner Entertainment [55]. Turner Entertainment [56].

Turner Entertainment [57]. Cabin Fever Entertainment [58] [59]. Legend Films [60]. Cabin Fever Entertainment [61]. Beer Barrel Polecats. Columbia Pictures West Wing Studios [63]. The Bells of St. Republic Pictures [65]. Cabin Fever Entertainment [66].

Cabin Fever Entertainment [67]. Turner Entertainment [68]. Beyond Tomorrow. Legend Films retitled Beyond Christmas [69]. The Big Sky. Turner Entertainment [70]. The Big Sleep. Turner Entertainment [71]. The Big Steal. Turner Entertainment [72] [73]. The Bishop's Wife. Turner Entertainment [75] [76]. Black Beauty. Color Systems Technology [3] [77].

American Film Technologies, Inc. Turner Entertainment [79]. Color Systems Technology [3] [80]. Turner Entertainment [81]. Turner Entertainment [83] [84]. Republic Pictures [85]. Cabin Fever Entertainment [86]. The Blow Out. Blue Monday. Turner Entertainment [88]. Color Systems Technology [89]. CST Entertainment, Inc.

Legend Films retitled Stolen Goods [91]. The Body Snatcher. Turner Entertainment [92] [93]. The Bohemian Girl. Hal Roach Studios [94] [95]. Turner Entertainment [96] [97]. Boom Boom. Turner Entertainment [99]. Turner Entertainment []. Legend Films []. Born Yesterday. Cabin Fever Entertainment []. Brewster's Millions. Color Systems Technology [3] []. The Bride Came C. Bride of the Monster.

The Walt Disney Company []. Buried Treasure. Hal Roach Studios [94] []. Columbia Pictures West Wing Studios []. Turner Entertainment [] Color Systems Technology []. The Canterville Ghost. Captain Blood. Turner Entertainment [] [].

Captain January. The Captain's Pup. Captains Courageous. The Cowboy and the Lady. Republic Pictures []. The Case of the Stuttering Pig. The Catered Affair. Turner Entertainment [3] []. Chain Lightning. The Charge of the Light Brigade. Turner Entertainment [] Color Systems Technology [40]. The Chimp. A Christmas Carol. VCI Entertainment [ citation needed ]. Christmas in Connecticut. A Chump at Oxford.

The Citadel. Cleaning House. The Clock. Colorado Territory. Command Decision. Confusions of a Nutzy Spy. The Corsican Brothers. Color Systems Technology []. The Count of Monte Cristo. County Hospital. A Coy Decoy. Creature from the Haunted Sea. The Crimson Ghost. Republic Pictures [] []. Crosby, Columbo, and Vallee.

The Curse of the Cat People. Cyrano de Bergerac. The Daffy Doc. The Daffy Duckaroo. Daffy's Southern Exposure. A Damsel in Distress. David Copperfield.

The Dawn Rider. Legend Films retitled Cold Vengeance []. A Day at the Beach. The Desert Trail. Universal Pictures []. The Devil Bat. The Devil-Doll. Dinner at Eight. Turner Entertainment American Film Technologies [] []. Disorder in the Court. Columbia Pictures West Wing Studios [] []. Any system that can only provide a deci- sion by a third party, whether it be a judge or an arbitrator, could never be effective in such a case.

Had Michael succeeded, he may have found other record companies and distribu- tors somewhat wary to pay large sums of money to a very highly paid performer whose history of contractual relationships is so inauspicious. In other words, a straightfonvard, effective, com- mon-sense compromise. It is, therefore, very surprising that such a solution should be proposed only after sev- eral millions of pounds have been spent on lawyers fees, thousands of houirs of manage- ment time and personal time have been lost, and the recording talents of a much-loved and respected performer have been kept from his adoring public for some years.

Trained mediators have the skill to formulate novel and tangential solutions to what appear to be wholly legal problems. For those who may not have been in- volved in a mediation process, I must stress that this is not a procedure synonymous with conciliation, in which at the end of the day a decision is imposed by a third party.

This case highlights the fact that litiga- tion is exceedingly expensive. The cost for mediation is minimal. Nearly all litigation, of course, settles out of court, but in the Litigation is exceedingly expensive. Brian Eagles is an accredited mediator and head of the entertainment unit of Hammond Suddards, Solicitors, in London. The longer litigation proceeds be- fore settlement, the greater the cost.

Since all mediation is confidential and conducted on a without-prejudice basis, nothing is lost if the parties do not reach a settlement as a result of the mediation process. On the contrary, each side will have been made more aw T are of the strengths and weaknesses of their own case and what their real needs and interests are in the matter. Further- more, even if agreement does not come at the end of the mediation process, the path to achieving a settlement prior to full court action will have been made more accessible.

In short, had mediation been used to fa- cilitate a solution acceptable to both George Michael and Sony, it may well have re- sulted in the saving of several million pounds in legal fees, unquantifiable loss of management time, and George Michael continuing to express his considerable tal- ents on disc to his financial benefit. What is more, hLs public w r ould have found new al- bums on shelves where only blank spaces had been.

Perhaps we should consider the equally important ques- tion: Can jazz return to the forefront of American popular culture? To put it simply, jazz needs new standards. If the jazz community wants modem listeners to adore Diane Schuur, Rachelle Fan-ell, Diana Krall, and John Pizzarelli the way their parents adored Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Frank Sinatra, it will have to inject exciting new songs into the repertoire.

When was the last time you heard a high school student humming a jazz tune? How about a college kid? How r about anyone under the age of 30? Yet there are many radio lis- teners searching for alternatives to top 40 and adult contemporary — the type of open- minded listeners who have spurred country's phenomenal growth.

Give them dynamic, young jazz singers performing memorable songs, and they will tune in their radios, try out the clubs, and flock to the CD racks. Labels and publishers can assist this effort by searching out and nurturing quality song- writers.

Jazz radio stations can do their part by devoting more air time to up-and-coming vocalists, who will draw the largest number of new listeners. While this may mean a de- crease in traditional programming, it will ben- efit the long-term growth and health of jazz for both singers and instrumentalists alike. Vincent Bonvissuto Composer Villa Park. The music industry has done what it can by putting parental advisory stickers on most of the objectionable material. The retail indus- try does what it can by carding minors, but teenagers still find a way to get it We have to find a way to teach our children that w'hat artists are saying in their lyrics is not accept- able behavior in our society.

Merle Teeter Rockaway Beach. Articles and letters appearing on this page serve as a forum for the expression of views of general interest. The opinions offered here are not necessarily those of Billboard or its management. Letters should be submitted to the Letters Editor. Commentaries should be submitted to Commentary Editor Susan Nunziata.

Billboard, Broadway. New York, N. The book was published in the spring by Faber and Faber in the U. Al- though the publisher has no plans to issue the book in the U. It peaked at No. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. The defendants in the case in- cluded former Al Hendrix attorney Leo Branton; music entrepreneur Alan Douglas, who, until the settle- ment was reached, oversaw the Hendrix tape archive; and various U.

Al Hendrix had sued Branton, Dou- glas, et al. Representatives for Branton and Douglas were unavailable for com- ment at press time. Now he can rest in peace. The settlement was reached well before the scheduled trial date of Aug.

That was when I decided to make the movie. Harvey were among the contenders announced here July 25 by music journalist Simon Frith, chairman of a member panel of critics and broadcasters that re- viewed more than entries submit- ted by record companies. The eligible titles were released between August and July Albums chart and was released July 18 in the U. Bill- board, July Six of the 10 nominated albums — those by Oasis, Elastica, Leftfield, Tricky, Portishead, and Super- grass — are debut efforts.

The Mercury Music Prize, spon- sored by telecommunications compa- ny Mercury Communications in asso- ciation with the British Phonographic Industry and the British Assn, of Record Dealers, was conceived to generate retail traffic and consumer interest in recorded music during the traditionally slacking third quarter.

The soundtrack, due in stores Aug. The trio end up in the fictional, conservative town of Sny- dersville, Neb. The dance-music-packed sound- track to that film reached No. Nobody, nobody, nobody ever ex- ceeded him in versatility, in what he could do with music. The high- est court in the U. The son of cotton farmers, Rich was bom Dec. He was schooled in gospel music at the local church and in blues piano by C.

Allen, a black plantation hand. The twist is that L. The pair filed for divorce early in July in At- lanta. Bankruptcy Court in Atlanta Billboard, July She was classified sales assistant for Billboard.

She was GM at I. He was director of international mar- keting. He was national accounts manager for Thomas Nelson Inc. He was as- sociate of business development. She was manager of cre- ative services. To help me deal with it, I wrote this song for her. It just expresses my love for her.

Cohen is living in a cabin on a mountain in California, where he is planning to install an 8-track console. The band could return to the tour as early as Aug. She then figured on starting the album immediately, but loeb had to push pro- duction back be- cause of her promotion and concert bookings. Loeb says she also thought the stu- dio work would only last a month — ex- cept that she forgot how meticulous both she and Patino are.

The arrangements range from acoustic guitar and vocal to full band, to full band with strings, and in the midst of the production came the trip to England, then to the Bammies, then the holidays.

But there w r as no record-company pressure, no deadline. Billboard guides you through it's chart - topping musical terrain in our September 9 issue by highlighting its music, superstars, new acts, record retailing activity and recent musical trends. This retail, music video mar- issue also features cov- ket, and efforts at erage on LiPuma's hits boosting the and GRP's reactivation Netherlands domestic of Blue Thumb, his repertoire.

This issue fea- tures an inside look at this audio-book pio- neer's beginnings, cur- rent projects including its most recent book and movie acquisi- tions , and future goals. Reaches thousands of music radio and promotion executives every day.

Contact any representative. Place qour ad todaii! For fast service call: or In NY call In NJ call I Billboard Directories, P. L Add applicable sales tax in NY. Print mailing labels, search for clubs by city, state, style, capacity- great for management and planning! Please send me copies of the Musicians Guide to Touring and Promotion.

Please send me copies of the Musicians Guide and floppy disk. Sorry, disk not available separately. US Funds only please. Addres City, Stc ite, Zip. We do feel America is very important, so we wanted to make sure that the band was available to w r ork America properly. Martin Carr, Sice, and Rob Cieka. IS S3. Mo July S1. Atlantic City. Boxscores should be submitted to: Mane Ratliff, Nashville. Phone: , Fax: - For research information and pricing, call Marie Ratliff, 61 5 In , Rich was signed to Epic Records in Nashville by producer Billy Sherrill, who would cut the rec- ords that made the singer a cross-for- mat star.

His beautiful voice, sur- rounded by his greatness as a pianist, brought joy to millions. Posters and a special window hanger piece are also going to retailers. Some people will be excited as soon as they see the record in the stores; others will want to hear more and might be more cautious. Salinger book title. She initially considered the lat- ter image for the album cover — then changed her mind.

When we started making the album, we felt it was more about Lisa making a statement about herself as an artist than capitalizing on what was going on in the marketplace last year.

Coinci- dentally, Tommy had come in, and he was thinking the same way already. So it was perfect timing. This is where it led me. But it turned out to be quite the opposite. Danny has such a great song sense, and that really did help Robben to get the songs to be produced in a way that makes them so nicely accessible [to radio]. There is a strong market with the young crowd available for him — a lot of year-old males just love to go to chibs and drink beer and listen to blues-oriented rock.

We cer- tainly are going to make a big effort to bring him to that culture. His title was incorrect in a story on Jim Lauderdale in the July 29 issue. He was named the Country Music Assn. But at the pinnacle of his career, as he flew around the country in his own private jet, Rich was ill at ease.

Part of his problem may have been due to his retiring nature, which chafed against the necessities of stardom. Char- Loeb will commence a U. He was a saloon singer, a club singer, he was terribly inhibited, and he had trouble handling that mega-success thing.

Rich quit drinking, and the hits briefly con- tinued. But his Epic singles re- mained gaudily overproduced and sounded increasingly dispirited. He moved on to United Artists in and then to Elektra, where he released an album in His next one would not appear for 11 years. The project features pop superstars Billy Joel, Sting, Don Henley, and Elton John, alongside country legend Willie Nelson and new-generation star Tr- isha Yearwood, each of whom brings a unique style and sensibility to the col- lection.

In addition, MCA will turn to the dance community for a handful of events to cross-promote both the movie and its soundtrack. The label is also planning to send postcards and promotional copies of the soundtrack to 3, Conair salons. According to Anderle, Cohen select- ed and contacted many of the artists involved. However, Anderle says Co- hen did not get involved in the day-to- day recording. But Anderle says the artists were extremely concerned with how Cohen would feel about what they were do- ing.

Every artist I spoke with was so concerned with how Leonard would feel about their song that he was always present in the clas- sic Leonard Cohen way, as a hovering presence. While no single will be chosen, the album will be ser- viced in September to top 40, album rock, AC, triple-A, country, college, and alternative radio.

However, some program- mers say it is unclear how receptive the listening audiences will be to the act after its eight-year absence. The audience can be really fickle. And Then Some. It included tracks by R. Hirschman says fans of those trib- utes are part of the audience for the new project. But on something like this, if Don Henley or Billy Joel can interpret one of his songs, it can be a hit, because Leonard Cohen is such a great songwriter.

Baldie in California, has recorded for Columbia throughout his career. The album sold a total of 1 million units worldwide, including more than , in his native Cana- da.

Those are his strongest markets, along with Holland, Spain, and Belgium. The international album cover will differ from the U. That would be a wonderful thing, because this is my culture and I have a modest following here. It might be refreshing. A to minute video has been cre- ated to familiarize radio and retail with the project.

Featuring interviews with John, Joel, Vega, and Sting, the video will be sent via satellite to TV stations worldwide to familiarize programmers with the set. The cards feature the album art and list all the artists involved in the project. I was wonder- ing how I should approach it I went to Steve Lindsey and asked what was the intention. Were we trying to make Co- hen accessible to the mainstream or make our own art projects? We did it on a nylon-string gui- tar.

Cohen is holding court in the lobby of the whirlwind, and. To him — and to us — they bring the offerings they have ham- mered from his iron, his lead, his ni- trogen, his gold.

Debbie Banks sued the band and its company, Fernscan Ltd. Following a hear- ing, High Court judge Mr. Justice Harman accepted her claim and awarded her royalties from the recording. The sum she will receive is still to be assessed, but it is esti- mated to be several thousands of pounds. During the hearing, singer and songwriter Ali Campbell said that he had received no indication from Khan that the work he presented to the band had not been written by him.

All albums are available on cassette and CD. O Albums with the greatest sales gains. In Japan alone, it has sold more Toenut Jams. Its debut, "Information," was released on MuteAmerica Aug. Early reviews ran in Details, Detour, and Spin. Orescan says the jury is still out on whether modern rock radio or MTV will support Sham- poo. The label is hop- ing to win fans over by placing the album in various listening posts at major chains in August In September, a pro- motion tying in Wet Seal clothing stores and Music- land outlets will target female teens.

Wet Seal customers will receive coupons for the album at Musicland, and Musicland customers will receive Wet Seal coupons. The trio will tour throughout August and September. Jeff Carson, Jeff Carson 6. Nicki French, Secrets 7. Fugazi, Red Medicine 8. Los Hermanos Rosario, los Ouenos Del Rubberneck 5.

Corona, Rhythm Of The Night 6. Buffalo Tom, Sleepy Eyed 7. Diana King, Tougher Thao Love 9. Nlekl French, Secrets Zoo will cherry-pick from the S. Meanwhile, the second single, a cover of the S. The trio is in the midst of doing track dates, paid gigs, and as many radio interviews as possible. On Sept. The show fea- tures the Barrio Boyzz and an as-yet-undetermined act. Starting Monday 31 , MTV will air the video for the song. The Philadelphia-bred band is on an East Coast tour.

Wade says kids want to be a part of something important, and when the media began publicizing negative images, such as L. Reynolds Records. Around the same time, the company will deliver to LaFace albums from two more acts they produced. The creative goal of the production team is to issue qual- ity music with positive, motivating messages, and to inspire kids to look at the consequences of what they do.

The problem is that there are people out there w-ho want to help, but are scared to reach out — and there are people w T ho need that help, but are tired of asking. Organized Noize has a three-act deal with LaFace consideration.

Deadline for entry forms Is Friday 4. Minority Business Opportunity Committee. Transition Music was founded in and offers a range of services, including musical underscore, audio-post, theme songs, and music supervision. Once formed, the quartet built a reputation singing in Gotham subways ami on street comers. E MACK. DUKE C. K K1NES. ARIAA certification for sales of 1 million units, with additional million indicated by a numeral following the symbol.

Catalog number is for cassette single. C Cassette single availability. D CD single availability. M Cassette maxi-single availability. T Vinyl maxi-singfe availability. V Vinyl single availability. X CD maxi-single availability. Songs ranked by gross impressions, computed by cross- referencing exact times of airplay with Arbitron listener data.

Q Records with the greatest airplay gains. BMlItey Sumo. BW Wcnctertend. BMl-Crand Imperial Thug. It is al- most impossible to predict which single will be the next No. All three songs are enjoying healthy gains in both sales and airplay. They are currently Nos. They both have solid gains in sales and airplay.

It would be a safe bet that the release of the album had something to do with the decline in single sales. In fact, sales were so strong that Luniz maintain their bullet and earn the Greatest Gainer award, despite their movement of In order to introduce them [to the public], we knew we had to contemporize them a little, but we feel we captured a good per- centage of what was there when we first found them.

His rants rever- berate off concussive, hot-stepping hip- hop and daneehall tracks that feature thick reggae basslines beefed up by sturdy hip-hop-styled beats. The vinyl is our first line of offense. A RIAA certification for sales of 1 million units. Catalog no. T Vinyl maxi-single availability.

A RIAA certification for shipment of 1 million units , for EPs , with multiplatinum titles indicated by a numeral fol- lowing the symbol. Tape prices marked EQ, and all other CD prices, are equivalent prices, which are projected from wholesale prices. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth. Heatseeker Impact shows albums removed from Heatseekers this week.

D indicates past or present Heatseeker title. Part of the Billboard Music Group. First there were credible charts. Perez, Events Coordinator, City of Miami. Year-to-date 1 have booked over room nights thanks to your directory. This is a must in sales offices. Finally everything you need to book talent, promote tours, and take care of business is in one single, easy-to-use reference source! You get more than 17, listings in the U.

Order multiple copies for your entire staff! TN, MA. Zip Please note: Orders are payable in U. All sales are final. Mail coupon to: Billboard Directories. Box NJ For fastest service call or Harmonia Mundi USA also has its eye on another market for this release: bookstores. The latter is an Italian vocal-instru- mental quintet composed of two pairs of sisters and the husband of one of them.

It is on the French label Arcana, which is now distributed by Koch Interna- tional. Arcana, launched in by Michel Bernstein, founder of the Valois and Astade labels, specializes in period-per- formance recordings. Another project is the complete Schubert piano sonatas performed on period pianos by Paul Ba- dura -Skoda. It is also in the Czech Republic. The label will also focus on alternative video outlets and mom-and-pop retail stores.

In November, the band is tentatively scheduled to tour the U. Before the U. The band planned to record tracks for a new British single or EP in late July before playing some festival dates, including the Feile Festival in Ireland on Aug. In October, the band tours the UK. Given its dominant house music sound, it is easy to forget that EightBall was conceived with strong acid-jazz leanings. A sneak pre- view of the still-evolving, spiritually charged kicker left us positively breath- less.

We can already see club kids testi- fying on dancefloors everywhere. Slot this one among your fave church-styled garage movers. Available on Radikal Records. Need to unload a little stress? Ceybil Jeffries puts aside her cur- rent Scotti Bros. His knack for concocting off-the-wall sound effects and twisting basslines is gratefully intact, as he melts a minor- key horn riff into a spare, spine-crawl- ing groove.

Love those per- cussion breaks! Bobby DAmbrosio also contributes a pair of butt-wiggling ver- sions to the record. Very tasty. The New' York-headquartered label will be a showcase for a variety of genres, includ- ing dance, modem rock, and hip-hop.

We are pleased to note that pioneer- ing techno outfit N-Joi is finally back on active duty and showing wanna-bes how to properly deliver aggressive, but melodic catalysts for dancefloor cathar- sis. A smart move, given that the track did not get a fair shake at radio the first time around.

The current Cont inued on next page Billboard. SOUL 4. JOE T. Catalog number is for vinyl maxi-single, or cassette maxi-single if vinyl is unavailable. On Sales chart: M Cassette maxi-single availability.

No one is respond- ing for the record just yet. The jaunt will begin Aug. Sounds mighty festive. Yeah, yeah, we are sick of covers, too. But this one is too amusing to pass up. An essential reminder of the impact the New Jersey scene has had on the overall development of house music.

The U. Join us. Finally, there is a useful new remix ser- vice on the block. EuroTracks is a compa- ny that is largely devoted to exposing and editing singles that are available only on import Headed up by former DiscoTec remix service producer John Moffet, the company should prove to be a key tool in bringing potential hits to stateside dance- floors. At a time when there are more remix services than any U. The game plan is to put him on the road performing in clubs, introduce him to consumers by having them be- come acquainted with the album as a whole, then pursue radio airplay with a single.

A real important part of all new country acts is the setup. The club tour will begin Aug. Gibson says the label is looking at December or January, after consumers have time to become familiar with the album. The music is not Joe Diffie. In , Galante, HL. We have completely re- focused the roster.

We cut it in half. We have two labels RCA, BNA] very focused on artist development and promotion, and then a central core operation [RLG] that is there to support the rest of the organization.

I think the results are stalling to show r on the charts. We say, Yeah, we have this little rule: You have to be able to sing. The charts seem to be going the right direction. I think Kenny Chesney will have a gold-plus record. And then we have a Clint Black Christmas album coming with all new material.

We signed a great new singer named Ray Vega — big voice, very distinctive, great look, sings in Spanish and English. Aaron Tippin just did a complete turna- round.

You need a great song and a great singer. Today, you can have a good song or be a good singer, or be a fair singer with a good song, and make it through the door. Radio does. A RIAA certification for sales of 1 million units, with multimillion sellers indicated by a numeral following the symbol.

Tape prices marked EQ. Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit increase. Rich posted a total of 9 No. The accompanying video features labelmate Little Texas.

Country is on a cycle ba- sis. So, we need to look at the ability to expand our rosters. When I left, the heavy buyer bought maybe 12 to 14 rec- ords a year.

Heavy buyer now is 24 to 36 records a year. You see a lot of acts going gold. Country needs to have that ability to be wider. Any of these labels here could sign double the number of acts. I shudder to think if the Eagles walked through the door today, what would you do? I understand what they have to do because of advertising, but good broadcasters allow that creativity to surface in terms of new' artists.

One of them is as a country rock artist who really drives home a song in an organic way. I almost expect of them, as a performer, a response. We want to take the individual- ity of our artists and build on their strengths.

BMVDoo Layng. O COOK. COOK R. C GOFF. CCOK C. COOK D. Catalog number is for cassette single, or vinyl if cassette is unavailable. V Vinyl single avail- ability. A RlAA certification for sales of 1 million units, with multimillion titles indicated by a numeral following the symbol.

This comparison might sound like a blasphemous stretch of imagination to many, but bear in mind that when Hollywood puts out a biopic of Selena next year, the touching story of her rags-to-riches life will be a blockbuster film that finally opens completely the gates of mainstream entertainment to all Lat- inos.

Then the crossover dream so cherished by Selena when she was alive will have been fully realized— and made much closer to reality for Latino entertainers of all stripes who aspire to follow in her footsteps. Sarzo produced the album. Latino independent retail chain Ritmo Latino has relocated its corporate head- quarters to Neptune, N.

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