To kill a mockingbird online book chapter 17 bankruptcy

to kill a mockingbird online book chapter 17 bankruptcy

In To Kill a Mockingbird, what are literary devices from chapter 1 to chapter 11? The first two paragraphs of the novel use foreshadowing to indicate events that will happen later. Scout tries to ask Jem about the Ewells, but he turns her attention to Mr. Tate ’s testimony. Scout doesn’t know the solicitor, Mr. Gilmer, well, as he’s from Abbottsville and she and Jem seldom come to Tate gives his account of what happened: Mr. Ewell called him out because Tom raped his daughter. Mr. Tate found Mayella beaten up on the floor and she identified Tom as her. Chapter Summary for Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, chapter 17 summary. Find a summary of this and each chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird! to kill a mockingbird online book chapter 17 bankruptcy

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Atticus calls Tom to the stand. He explains that he works for Mr. Deas year-round and passes the Ewell house to get to and from work. He often greeted Mayella , and last spring she asked him to chop up a chiffarobe. He refused the nickel she offered, but after that, Mayella often asked him to do small tasks for her.

Tom explains that the children were always around, but never helped Mayella, and Mr. This begins to show that in this sense, Tom is far more upstanding and respectable than Mr. Active Themes. Good, Evil, and Human Dignity. Scout realizes that Mayella must be the loneliest person in the world and is probably lonelier than Boo Radley.

Scout thinks that Tom was probably the only person to ever be kind to her. Atticus asks what happened on the night of the alleged rape. This is a major turning point for Scout, as she begins to understand the horrible and lonely situation that both Mayella and Tom are in. She also recognizes how someone like Mr. Additionally, accepting that Mayella is human is and important and brave thought process for Scout, as it requires her to be empathetic to her enemy.

Tom says that the Ewell place seemed quiet. The door was fine, but Mayella closed the door and explained that she saved money to send the children to town to buy ice cream. He praised her for this and then at her request, stood on a chair to get a box off of an armoire. While he was there, she grabbed him around the legs, scaring him. He jumped down and knocked the chair over. Tom looks terrified as he says that Mayella hugged him. The courtroom explodes momentarily, and Tom continues that Mayella kissed his cheek.

Mayella told him that what Mr. Ewell appeared. Ewell threatened to kill Mayella, and Tom ran away. Tom has good reason to be scared—due to the likely combination of sexist and racist beliefs in the community, the idea that a white woman would willingly touch a black man in an inappropriate manner is likely unthinkable to many in this courtroom.

Ewell sexually abuses Mayella. If this is the case, Mayella perpetuated that abuse onto someone else by choosing to touch Tom without his consent. He didn't understand why everyone was so interested to see him write, and the judge pointed out that he was left-handed. Seeing the implication in the fact that Mayella's injuries were on the right side of her face and Bob Ewell's dominant hand was his left, Ewell went on a tirade about how Atticus was a tricking lawyer who was taking advantage of him.

He stuck to his story about Tom Robinson and Atticus ended his examination. From the balcony Jem watched the proceedings with glee, certain that Atticus had pinned Ewell and proved Tom innocent. Scout, however, was doubtful. She thought Jem was getting a little ahead of himself because Tom could just as easily be left-handed as well.

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