Tinian dynasty bankruptcy filings

tinian dynasty bankruptcy filings

Aug 10,  · In early June , the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s anti-money laundering enforcement arm, assessed a civil money penalty on the Tinian Dynasty. Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Ltd, the owner of Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino, filed on Friday in federal court a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition, local media reports. Chapter 11 allows a debtor (Hong Kong Entertainment) to enter into an agreement with creditors under which all or a part of the business continues. In June, FinCen fined the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino in the Northern Mariana Islands $75 million for allegedly operating with weak anti-money laundering controls and failing to report.

Bank of Mingo: Following criminal prosecution of a bank employee and bank customers, the Bank of Mingo on June 15 entered into a one-year deferred prosecution agreement with the U. These actions follow an FDIC consent order in November , in which the Bank of Mingo was directed to conduct, among other things, a more than six-year look-back for suspicious activity in the deposit account and transaction activity of all high-risk customers.

The U. Illegal structuring enables and helps to conceal larger criminal schemes. Had Bank of Mingo maintained an effective anti-money laundering program, other criminal activity might have been nipped in the bud.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience, track anonymous site usage, store authorization tokens and permit sharing on social media networks. By continuing to browse this website you accept the use of cookies. To embed, copy and paste the code into your website or blog:. Send Print Report. Published In: Anti-Money Laundering. At this point you should also know that in the United States, courts recognize that the immigration laws do not provide for criminal punishment for non-United States citizens who are determined not to have the authorization to work.

In the case of Arizona vs. Unites States, S. Remember I am the Chairman of the corporation to hire you and let you work under this situation, and I may suffer with tremendous fines and possible prison penalty. But I am still willing to continue working here and pursue all legal means to prevent the injustice USCIS is trying to inflict on you, Tinian and the company continue to support me and the company in this effort.

I hope that the employees win this lawsuit. They are victims of a self-serving employer who clearly deceived them. By withholding information on their immigration status, the employer put the nonresident workers at risk of deportation and jeopardized their ability to get other U. I am disappointed that the newspapers reported a possible settlement between the Tinian Dynasty and the DOJ in regards to the previous failure to report certain gambling transactions.

They should have confiscated the property, held it under the Asset Forfeiture Program, then found a suitable buyer to take it over. They may do one thing currently. CNMI like to dance with an investor even though there is not enough manpower. Wendy, hopefully you will have an update on the lawsuit? Nothing has been posted. I will post an update as soon as there's movement on the case.

Sent a letter to the local newspapers. Probably screwed myself giving a real name. Oh well, it is what it is. Gambling with your future. It is with some sad amusement to hear that Saipan has now embraced gambling casinos as a new industry for the island.

Gambling ills hold especially true for a captive audience surrounded by water and no easy escape lest you have the luxury of airfare when necessary to escape its clutches. Just like the Trojan horse myth, casinos appear as a victory trophy that is hastily wheeled in by local governments to provide local residents with jobs and dreams of new tax receipts that will solve everything.

If gambling was this true fix all and shining economic diamond then why are gaming revenues declining in places that were once gambling strongholds?

Why have a large number of casinos filed for bankruptcy and reorganization so that they can continue to operate? What is the social collateral damage and cost in destroyed lives for those who tread unprepared into the world of psychological manipulation that gambling is based on?

Why is Nevada working to diversify its economy away from gambling? Anyone who is educated knows these facts. The true question is how much concern does your government have for the well being of the community?

While it is apparent that gambling is coming to Saipan, your government should be pressured to implement preventive measures to protect the lives and well being of its citizens. Your gaming commission should draft measures that inhibit the participation of the local community as much as possible. First and foremost an organization that treats gambling addictions should be created. The local church and mental health organizations should participate.

Liquor should be regulated on the premises. Alcohol and gambling is the mix that generates profits for the casinos. Overall, the bottom line is that the same people who are bringing you the casinos have an obligation to protect you from them. Gambling is an industry that survives on losers, not winners. Think about that will you? The company have been very busy for the past few days due to the festival,tournament and so on and for sure some staffs worked illegal, how about those 3 Japanese who worked as VIP, they are not staffs of the Dynasty for sure Hold a second Dynasty can hire again overseas?

Hi Wendy, I hope you and family are well. I have a problem in viewing and opening Florine's letter as an employee in HR of Dynasty I have tried many ways to down load and expand the letter to make it readable.

If possible could you send me a direct copy? Florine used to be a teacher and a Tinian High school teacher. I have also had interjection with her in an employees status situation and she leaves a lot to be desired. This is a perfect example of being in position due to political and family name without any comprehension or ability to perform the on job requirement.

It is of consequences for a possible legal encounter. Thanks I i case you have misplaced my contact, let mme know on this article. Tinian Dynasty is a poor employer that has some new investors in it but the same ownership. Quan still calls the shots.

It is a shame on US soil and resembles a Philippine operation. A PI pro basketball team just fired a man, Ky. He said "Professional boxer, yeah, okay It's a joke. The favorite sport in PI is basketball but they didn't send an Olympic team Perhaps they couldn't cheat like in the Little League World Series played 14 and 16 yr olds in the 12 and under event I came across a certain hotel in Saipan that has SSN's in it's employee records that belong to dead people in the U.

SSN death index What's up with that? Just my opinion, but a program needs to be implemented in the CNMI much like the E-verify program that is used in the U.

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