The logic of risk-sensitive foraging preferences in bankruptcy

the logic of risk-sensitive foraging preferences in bankruptcy

d. evaluate the logic underlying the assumptions of mathematical models. You have constraints—set amount of money, food allergies, taste preferences. state on risk-sensitive foraging. Optimal foraging theory. Optimal foraging theory is a class of models that. Existing models of risk-sensitive foraging assume that animals assign value to different options according to an absolute currency. It follows from this assumption that choices are expected to be both transitive and regular, because the value assigned to an option is independent of its by: This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning, LPNMR , held in Tempe, AZ, USA in May The 18 revised full papers, 5 revised poster papers, and 7 system descriptions presented together with 2 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected.

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Managerial control of voting rights: Financing policies and the market for corporate control. Control and collaboration: Paradoxes of governance. Micich, Jackson State University J. Abstract This study addresses a void in the organizational citizenship behavior literature concerning the consequences of organizational citizenship behavior, specifically, the impact of organizational citizenship behavior on employee withdrawal behavior.

Measures of organizational citizenship behavior and three forms of employee withdrawal behavior were obtained from law enforcement personnel. Structural equation modeling was used to test the hypothesis that organizational citizenship behavior will be inversely related to employee withdrawal behavior.

The results were mixed with significant inverse relationships found between organizational citizenship behavior and only two forms of employee withdrawal behavior. The limitations of the study and suggestions for future research are discussed. Introduction A research void in the organizational citizenship behavior literature relative to the consequences of organizational citizenship behavior, specifically employee withdrawal behaviors, was noted by Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Paine, and Bachrach It was the intent of this research study to address this research void.

Thus, the specific purpose of this study was to empirically examine the effect of organizational citizenship behaviors altruism, sportsmanship, generalized compliance, courtesy and civic virtue on an organizations employee withdrawal behaviors turnover, absenteeism, and tardiness [lateness]. Employee withdrawal behavior research has received increasing attention in the organizational citizenship behavior literature and numerous negative effects of employee withdrawal behavior have been noted.

Organizational productivity or efficiency may be negatively impacted by tardiness G. While empirical research endeavors addressing the relationships between organizational citizenship behavior and positive employee performance are ongoing and viable, scant research activity has been directed toward discerning the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviors and negative employee performance such as employee withdrawal behaviors.

Specifically, the literature has referred to withdrawal behaviors as tardiness lateness , absenteeism and turnover. Research findings indicated that organizational citizenship behavior had a significant inverse relationship with turnover Chen et al. Note that these studies examined only the turnover dimension of employee withdrawal behavior. The current study extended the research to all three dimensions of employee withdrawal behavior, i. Chen et al. This position found support from Podsakoff et al.

In their extensive critical review of the theoretical and empirical literature on organizational citizenship behaviors, Podsakoff et al. Hence, the major research question addressed in this study was: Are organizational citizenship behaviors significantly inversely related to employee withdrawal behaviors of turnover, absenteeism, and tardiness lateness? Theoretical Framework The social exchange theoretical foundation P. Blau, proposes that organizational citizenship behavior is built on reciprocity between an individual and his or her supervisor, coworkers, or the organization.

Inputs are the variables the employee brings to the job such as education, experience or effort. Outcomes are what is received from the organization and can take various forms such as recognition from a supervisor, assistance with work from a coworker, or a desired benefit from the organization. The underlying assumption is that a social exchange occurs resulting in organizational citizenship behavior when the employee recognizes the receipt of valued outcomes.

The employee reciprocates by engaging in organizational citizenship behaviors directed either at individuals, i. We suggest that social exchange explained the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviors and employee withdrawal behaviors.

As part of that obligation to reciprocate favorable acts to the supervisor, coworkers, or the organization, the employee may respond with positive employee behaviors organizational citizenship behaviors which may lead to reduced employee withdrawal behaviors.

Organizational Citizenship Behaviors The research literature stream addressing organizational citizenship behaviors was spearheaded by the pioneering work of Katz , predicated on his assumption that innovative. Organizational citizenship behavior OCB is defined as a voluntary employee behaviors that are not included as part of the formal job description, that is, the behaviors are not prescribed or required for a given job. The construct includes five discrete dimensions: altruism, generalized compliance, sportsmanship, courtesy and civic virtue.

Organizational citizenship behaviors were proposed to enhance efficiency and organizational effectiveness through behaviors that benefit the organization as well as behaviors that benefit organization managers and employees. Specific withdrawal behaviors examined in the literature include lateness G.

Withdrawal behaviors also include such exit-related behaviors as turnover Chen et al. Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Employee Withdrawal A thorough analysis of employee withdrawal behavior research can be found in the psychology literature.

It is only recently that the management discipline has undertaken an analysis of employee withdrawal behaviors relevant to individual and organizational performance. However, the findings of the employee withdrawal behavior research in the field of psychology offer insight as to not only the relevance but also the value of understanding these behaviors. Hulin further defined withdrawal behavior as a set of behaviors dissatisfied individuals enact to avoid the work situation; they are those behaviors designed to avoid participation in dissatisfying work situations p.

The majority of the research on the contributions of organizational citizenship behavior to organizational success emphasized increased productivity through use of resources; only one recognized the relationship between employee retention and organizational effectiveness Podsakoff et al. The underlying assumption in this relationship is that employee retention results in reduced costs associated with employee recruitment, selection, and training.

Thus, organizational effectiveness is enhanced through increased efficiency. In light of the accepted importance of organizational citizenship behavior in enhancing the effectiveness of organizations and the limited study on the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and organizational efficiency, this study attempts to further the research in that area,.

The remainder of this section will focus on those studies in the extant literature that examined OCB and turnover. Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Turnover George and Bettenhausen examined group cohesiveness, leaders positive mood, and socialization emphasis on prosocial behavior similar to organizational citizenship behavior as antecedents to voluntary turnover.

An inverse relationship between prosocial behavior and voluntary turnover was not hypothesized in the study; however, correlation analysis indicated that there was a significant negative relationship between prosocial behavior and voluntary turnover.

Although the prosocial behavior construct in this study was narrowly measured as customer oriented helping behavior in a service context retail sales , it suggested a negative relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and turnover that warranted further examination. The relationships antecedent and consequence between role ambiguity, role conflict, job satisfaction, in-role performance, organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior and turnover were examined by MacKenzie, et al.

Of primary interest to the current study is the hypothesized relationship between organizational citizenship behavior, and turnover. The analysis indicated that organizational citizenship behavior had a significant inverse relationship with turnover. The relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and turnover was also confirmed in a study by Chen et al. The study hypothesized that organizational citizenship behavior was a predictor of turnover.

Analysis of the data found support for the hypothesis, specifically, employees who demonstrated low levels of organizational citizenship behavior had a greater propensity to terminate employment. The Conceptual Model This research tested the conceptual model presented in Figure 1. A review of the literature identified only three studies that examined the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and negative in-role behaviors; specifically, the turnover dimension of employee withdrawal behavior.

The current study examined the organizational citizenship behavioremployee withdrawal behavior relationship as it pertained to the employee withdrawal dimensions of turnover, tardiness and absenteeism. Hence, this study proposed the following hypothesis: Organizational citizenship behavior will be inversely related to overall employee withdrawal behavior.

Sample The sample for this study was comprised of employees of a municipal law enforcement agency in the South. Meetings were scheduled with each department at which time employees were provided with a description of the research study and were told that participation was voluntary. Employees wishing to participate were provided with the study instruments and were allowed to complete them on company time.

The employees returned the instruments directly to the author. The sample was comprised of The majority of the respondents were aged The majority of the respondents The respondents tenure with the organization averaged 9.

Measures Organizational citizenship behavior. This instrument operationalized the components of organizational citizenship behavior - conscientiousness, sportsmanship, civic virtue, courtesy, and altruism - as follows. Conscientiousness was measured by five 5 items that included work attendance, compliance with rules and regulations, shirking work, taking extra breaks, and conscientiousness relative to coworkers.

Five 5 items also measured sportsmanship. These items included two on complaining, negativity, faultfinding, and problem exaggeration.

These items were reverse scored. Civic virtue was measured by four 4 items that included attending meetings and functions that are not required, keeping current with organizational changes, and reading organizational announcements, memoranda, etc. Courtesy was measured by five 5 items including problem prevention 2 items , awareness of the effects of ones own behavior on others 2 items , and consideration of the rights of others.

Five items were also used to measure altruism. These items all concerned helping behaviors and included helping co-workers who have been absent, who have heavy workloads, who are new, who have work related problems and general helpfulness to co-workers.

The dimensions were assessed using seven-point Likert scales ranging from 1 Strongly Disagree to 7 Strongly Agree. Turnover Intention. Cammann, Fichman, Jenkins, and Kleshs three-item scale was used to measure turnover intention. Items used in this scale included It is very possible I will look for a new job next year. The items were assessed using a seven-point Likert scale ranging from 1 Strongly Disagree to 7 Strongly Agree. As noted by Hanisch and Hulin , behavioral intentions.

This variable represents actual tardiness and was obtained from company records. Tardiness data was collected for a two-month period before the administration of the organizational citizenship behavior and turnover intention surveys. The measure of absenteeism included total days absent for the same twomonth period that tardiness was recorded. SEM is used for its ability to analyze the relationships between multiple constructs simultaneously, i.

The advantages of using structural equation models were noted by Byrne These include the ability to analyze data for inferential purposes, estimation of error variance parameters, the incorporation of observed and unobserved variables, and estimation of indirect effects. The data analysis was conducted in two phases. The responses for each variable were subjected to confirmatory factor analysis to identify the factor structure emerging from the responses.

First and second order measurement model analyses were used to confirm that the observed variables were linked to the appropriate latent construct, that is, that the observed variables supported the measurement model. The data analysis utilized structural models to test the hypothesized relationships. The structural model enables the researcher to investigate the impact of one latent construct on another as well as to investigate the direction and relative strength of the relationship.

Various fit indexes were used to assess the fit of the data to both the measurement and structural models. Results Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Assessment of Reliability Evaluation of the factor structure and reliabilities of the constructs was conducted using confirmatory factor analysis.

The overall fit of the second order organizational citizenship behavior measurement model to the data was acceptable. The fit of the turnover intention measure model to the data was also acceptable after the addition of equality constraints.

Construct reliability was evaluated using Cronbachs alphas. The internal consistency reliabilities for the constructs were 0. Hypothesis Testing The next step was to test the hypothesis for the proposed conceptual model. This was completed through structural model analysis.

As indicated in the proposed conceptual model organizational citizenship behavior was hypothesized to have an inverse relationship with employee withdrawal. The structural model is presented in Figure 2. Table 1 presents the results of the structural model analysis. The table contains the hypothesized relationship, the estimate value unstandardized regression weight , the standard error S. The study hypothesis predicted that organizational citizenship behavior would have an inverse relationship with employee withdrawal behavior.

This hypothesis was supported. This result is similar to that identified in previous studies that found a significant inverse relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and turnover Chen et al. Table 2 indicates that there was an acceptable fit of the data to the model. Of particular interest to this study was the effect of organizational citizenship behavior on the three dimensions of employee withdrawal behavior tardiness, absenteeism, and turnover intentions.

The model was respecified to test the relationships between organizational citizenship behavior and tardiness, absenteeism, and turnover intentions. The results of the analysis are presented in Table 3. The results of the test of the effects of organizational citizenship behavior on the dimensions of employee withdrawal behavior were mixed.

Table 4 indicates an acceptable fit of the data to the model. Discussion, Limitations, and Suggestions for Future Research As indicated, the hypothesis was supported. Previous studies examined the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and turnover Chen et al. While this study also examined that particular relationship, it extended the research to include the relationships between organizational citizenship behavior and two other dimensions of employee withdrawal - tardiness and absenteeism.

These findings offer new insight on the importance of organizational citizenship behavior as an antecedent to performance. Previous research has overwhelmingly centered on positive performance behaviors such as sales, production quantity, and production quality. Scant research exists on the impact of organizational citizenship behavior on negative performance behaviors. The extant studies on this relationship focused on organizational citizenship behavior and turnover.

This study extends the research on consequences of organizational citizenship behavior by including the negative performance behaviors tardiness and absenteeism and. Limitations There are several limitations to this research. The first limitation is that this study used a sample derived from a single organization which limits the generalizability of the study findings.

Future studies may want to utilize other quasi-military organizations to determine if there are consistencies in the results. That being said, the research sample was a quasi military organization which was quite distinct from previous studies which used samples comprised of salespersons two studies and manufacturing employees one study in studying the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and employee withdrawal behavior.

As noted above, the results of this research both conflicted with and supported previous findings. This may suggest that there is limited generalizability of the model across populations. Second, the cross-sectional nature of the study also limits conclusions about generalizability as well as conclusions about causality regardless of the goodness of fit results. Past research influenced the direction of causality represented in the proposed research model; however, alternative conclusions about causality may be plausible.

One possible alternative is turnover intention may decrease organizational citizenship behavior as the employee psychologically withdraws from the organization. This leads to a final limitation of the study, that is, the restriction of withdrawal to behavioral responses.

The study does not include psychological withdrawal responses such as making excuses to avoid work or drinking before going to work or on the job. One of the strengths of this study is the use of mixed sources.

The data for the turnover intention variable was collected from employees, the organizational citizenship behavior variable was collected from the supervisors, and the tardiness and absenteeism data was collected from organization records.

This use of mixed sources minimized the effect of common method variance problems Spector, Practical Applications Employee withdrawal behaviors include tardiness lateness , absenteeism, and turnover and these behaviors are found in organizations of all sizes, public or private, profit or non-profit, manufacturing or service.

Therefore, from a practical perspective, organizations will benefit from an understanding of the antecedents of this behavior. The results of this study suggest that employees that engage in organizational citizenship behaviors are less likely to be tardy or absent from work.

Implications from this studys findings may be helpful to organizations in implementing programs to enhance the level of organizational citizenship behavior in the organization, thus, reduce employee withdrawal behaviors that in return may lower the incidence of tardiness and absenteeism.

The decrease in the level of tardiness and absenteeism may result in lowering the financial costs of withdrawal and may also result in increasing productivity. Suggestions for enhancing organizational citizenship behavior include incorporating a test for this behavior in the recruitment process. Directions for Future Research. Empirical research efforts focusing on employees organizational citizenship behaviors and the effects of negative employee withdrawal behavior on organizational effectiveness and productivity are at an infant stage of assessment in the organizational behavior literature.

This research priority should be addressed focusing on the product and service industries with respect to health care and pharmaceuticals, colleges and universities, industrial and consumer goods, local, state and federal government organizations.

Future research should also investigate whether other antecedents e. It is hoped that the findings reported here will contribute toward bridging some of the gaps regarding the understanding of employee organizational citizenship behavior and the negative effect of employee withdrawal behavior that impact work settings. Unravelling criteria for assessing the performance of salespeople: A causal analysis.

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Therefore the promises made to employees are no longer the promises kept. We live in nervous years, given the expectation of individuals financial futures. This calls for a new approach to money management in the form of a personal financial planning curriculum. Review of current literature and surveys indicated that only a handful of colleges and universities are actively participating in educating future leaders in wealth management. The finding indicates that programs to improve individuals money management skills via personal financial planning are not readily available in many colleges and universities.

This follows the determination for an increased need for financial literacy that will lead to financial health of individuals. The need for individuals to take their financial health in their hands has been demonstrated given the reduced efforts to accommodate individuals retirement needs in the United States. The promises made to employees by employers are no longer being kept. Most individual are living beyond their means and therefore being swallowed in debt. Over employers have sought permission from regulatory agencies to modify or reduce employees benefits.

Entities like Verizon Inc. In his many speeches before retirement, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Alan Greenspan said on January 31, , I fear that we may have already committed more physical resources to the babyboom generation in its retirement years than our economy has the capacity to deliver.

The current state of future benefits calls for educators to assist in engineering individual responsibilities for brighter financial futures through more personal financial planning curricula. Management of ones money is a necessity that transcends socioeconomic status. The purposes of this study are: 1 to indicate the gap in the current personal financial planning curricula at colleges and universities, 2 to assess how the gap could be filed without breaking the budgets of schools and colleges, 3 to assess the impact such curricula could have on individuals knowledge- awareness, employers, the economy, and 4 to contribute to the limited literature in personal financial planning.

Our employer-based social-welfare system is collapsing, due to recent freezing of many firms pension plans says Alicia Munnell, director of Boston Colleges Center for Retirement Research.

International Business Machines Corporation stopped entering new workers in their defined-benefit pension plans just as the Circuit City Stores and Sears Holdings Corporation did earlier in In the fiscal budget proposed by the executive branch of U. These changes are affecting individuals that needed the financial help most. This is another indication that individuals must take their future financial needs into their own hand.

AICPA has continually called for members to educate themselves on financial services in order to take advantage of meeting peoples needs. In it called for establishment of personal financial planning departments in CPA firms, and in its call stated that working closely with other advisers can mean better recommendations for clients. Curtis Verschoor called on fellow CPAs to take up the challenge of providing personal financial services to their clients, stating that it is natural for accountants to do so, given their knowledge base compared to others attempting to service clients needs.

Due to untrained PFP professionals, most providers of personal financial services remained attorneys, bankers, stockbrokers, accountants, life insurance agents, friends and relatives Chesser, Moore, and Sakarda, Personal financial planning was rarely used as a job title before , but today there are about 50, Certified Financial Planners according to the CFP board- a regulatory body for the PFP profession Blankinship, The financial planners and experts say it is never too early to start saving.

The acronym 3 Rs now stand for reading, writing, and retirement, as the mode of thinking is now changing. At 25, many do not think about retirement, but it should be the first time to think, says David Herrtt a vice president at U. Trust Company. Personal financial services affect the future finances of clients, and Certified Public Accountants are using personal financial services to keep pace with the rapidly evolving new profession. Personal financial planning adds a whole other dimension to accounting, most CPA firms concluded.

The skills to effectively and efficiently participate in wealth creation at individual levels can be acquired in personal financial planning curricula. Educators realized earlier that most college.

It is known that corporations have unlimited lives and do not visit hospitals, but individual workers do get sick, and have limited resources to effectively maintain reasonable life styles over their life spans. Personal financial planning is a way for individuals to plan for and meet their future financial expectations.

As more entities go under, the need to increase individuals skills in wealth and money management via personal financial planning education will increase. Given that employers are geared to get out of or reduce their contributions to defined benefit plans, the question is how can individuals wisely participate in wealth management to ensure their brighter financial futures? Smart people make bad financial decision by not taking advantage of obvious opportunities such as the k employee saving plan at work that features a matching employer contribution, based on informal poll of investment professionals Gracian, This is like leaving found money on the sidewalk.

He argued that people should be taught how to make their fantasy real. The summary of questions and answers conducted by the Chronicle of Higher Education indicated that more people than ever are confused about their financial future, and suggested that academe need to do more to educate the masses.

By expanding and improving financial education, especially in public schools, individuals may achieve greater short-term and long-term economic security Beverly and Benkhalter, The Federal Reserve personal financial education initiative finds a connection between what consumers know and what they do.

It stated that financial knowledge was statistically linked to individual financial practices. The Fed therefore argued for promotion of effective financial management education that will include cash flow, credit, saving and investment management. Personal financial planning is also rated as the number one profession in America by Jobs Rated Almanac in , and continues to attract a growing number of college students and career changers.

Establishing a personal financial program maybe as easy as adding 1or 2 courses in current school of business curricula. Many universities may already have several required courses on their books or being taught at Schools of Businesses. A personal financial planning program can be achieved by utilizing a combination of current professors and practitioners with small twisting of current course offerings. These changes will accommodate the Certified Financial Planning Board testing coverage for students that may sit for Certification without jeopardizing schools accreditation.

In general, the courses required for registered programs are Investment, Risk and Insurance Management, a Ttax course that should accommodate financial planning principles, Fundamentals of Financial Planning course, and a Retirement and Estate Planning courses.

Therefore, barriers to offering personal financial planning curriculum in schools of businesses are unfounded. Schools that believe that new curricula in personal financial planning will break their thin budgets cannot be further from the truth. In many instances, the schools already have the infrastructure classroom , personnel, and required courses as stated in their catalogs. The credibility of the personal financial planning profession will be enhanced by the increased participation of business schools in United States.

There are about colleges and universities in United States. This indicates that less than 5. This action will lead to a reduction in retirement and health benefits for salaried employees, given that some benefits are based on the average of the last four years of employment when salaries are high. Therefore, the schools will be making a permanent difference in the world economy if more schools are actively providing personal financial planning education.

What is more personal than the day-to-day living activities of individuals? It is therefore important that individuals plan now or live in limbo financial disappointments. Financial burdens reduce individual Frick, The goal of personal financial planning is to help individuals design and enjoy the lifestyle that they and their families richly deserve.

The graduates of personal financial planning programs should be a disciplined and knowledgeable consumers, and proactive and informed investors.

Personal financial planning is the art of building a relationship with a content focused curriculum. It is a commodity with skills that are transferable to value added wealth management services.

It is also a game of life. Effective financial planning can only occur if one thinks seriously about what awaits him or her in the long run, according to expectancy theory.

Wouldnt one want to do something about it when it is still possible? Increasing personal savings, K contributions and holding part-time work now rather than later might be some of the solutions. Personal financial planning education will help individuals to embark on the journey with a final destination in mind. Marlene Stums study suggests that the PFP curriculum had a positive impact on participants overall knowledge, financing their long term care planning, and behavior.

Frances Into stated that it must be dreadful to wonder how one is going to get enough money for retirement. He concluded that the earlier one learn money management the better one learn on how to plan for and meet their retirement needs. Personal financial management services are a growing business niche for many companies Gold, Pryor, and Jagolinzer, What is wrong with this picture when it comes to responsibilities and leadership of educators?

Personal financial planning programs should be consistent with many schools educational missions. Only one school is currently offering terminal degree Ph.

Schools could start with fundamental courses and grow to full programs in personal financial planning. Being among the earlier adopters will increase the schools enrollments, by attracting nontraditional and traditional students, and meeting the needs of employers and communities, while positively impacting the economy and enriching life styles.

Attracting and educating students is inevitable, but participating in the growth of the students is optional to colleges and universities. The facts are that educational institutions missions include increasing peoples operational skills, and meeting the needs of employers while contributing to global economy. The truth is that schools could increase their ability to achieve most of their goals by adding personal financial planning degree to their programs.

Many business schools are claiming unfounded barriers to such offering though Home Economics departments. A few schools started offering the curricula in early s. The degree can be effectively and efficiently offered in many U. Business Schools, given the capacity and expertise they have available to mitigate the colossal challenges of meeting peoples financial future. This is necessary, given that the promises made to employees are no longer the promises kept by employers.

This paper argues for more personal financial planning curricula in colleges and universities in order to help alleviate the up coming financial pain to many retirees and will help the next generations money management skills.

It also helps in promoting and placing the needs of personal financial planning to the forefront of fellow educators. There is no doubt that what people dont know really can hurt them. The question remains, why dont more institutions of higher learning and educators realize the importance and the influence the personal financial planning program can have on our economy higher enrollment for universities and colleges, jobs for graduates, employees for firms, and effective wealth management for the society at large?

Beverly, Sondra and Burkhalter, Emily. The Federal Reserve Bulletin Autumn pp. Journal of Accountancy, January pp. Vineyard, John and Losey, Bill. Thompson, DBA, Northern Kentucky University Abstract The authors review the literature relative to the field of behavioral finance and gambling profiles the level of involvement in gambling activities.

This review is expected to ultimately form the basis for an empirical study to determine if a relationship exists between market participants level of success and their gambling profile. The review encompasses prior research on modern finance, behavioral finance, and the measurement of gambling profiles. They also find accepted methodologies allowing the measurement of gambling profiles, which should allow the measurement of any relationship that might exist between these profiles and other variables such as investor success.

Fuller describes Markowitzs mean variance model as the first of three pillars of modern finance. Sharpe developed the capital asset pricing model CAPM the second pillar of modern finance that provides a formulation to correlate the relationship between risk and return in the financial markets.

The capital asset pricing model specifies the relationship between the risk of an asset and the corresponding rate of return on that asset, assuming the assets are held in a well-diversified portfolio. Ross developed the Arbitrage Pricing Theory. Under this approach, any number of risk factors can be included to specify the equilibrium risk and return relationship of a security. Risk factors included under APT are limitless and could be, for example, inflation, oil prices, industrial production, consumer confidence, interest rates, etc.

The second factor is the companys market value that is included because smaller firms are generally riskier than are larger companies. The third factor is the book-to-market ratio. Stocks with a high book-to-market ratio may be seen as riskier as opposed to stocks with a low book-to-market ratio.

Fama developed what is known as the efficient market theory the third pillar of modern finance. The efficient market theory holds that in an efficient market, prices will fully reflect all available information.

Accordingly, market prices fairly indicate the true value of the company. That is, in an efficient market, an investor will not beat the market over time unless the investor has inside information. The efficient market theory has been subjected to many tests in. However anomalies that are not fully explained by the efficient markets theory continue to exist.

Therefore, in addition to Rosss arbitrage pricing theory and the Fama and French threefactor model attempts to improve CAPM, and in an attempt to explore the anomalies of the efficient market theory, behavioral finance offers alternative theories to existing models.

What Started this Study? A recent event, pointing to the validity of behavior finance as a field of study, is the overvaluation of the financial markets at the turn of the recent millennium and the subsequent bear-market correction that began in the year The Dow Jones Industrial Average more than tripled from early to During the same period of time, basic economic indicators, such as corporate profits and personal income, did not come near the increases in the Dow.

Financial behaviorists point to the internet bubble and telecom bubble and cannot explain, in a rational manner, why the pre-burst valuations ever became so unrealistic. Shiller , Chapter 2 notes that these speculative bubbles represent situations in which temporarily high prices are not sustained by the net underlying value of the assets, but rather, by investors enthusiasm.

In Chapter Two of Shillers work, he presents a listing of twelve factors which he believes help explain the reason for the millennium bubble to have occurred. These factors concentrate mostly on factors that have had an effect on the market that is not warranted by rational analysis of economic fundamentals. The twelve factors are listed as follows: 1 The arrival of the internet at a time of solid earnings growth 2 Triumphalism and the decline of foreign economic rivals 3 Cultural changes favoring business success 4 A Republican Congress and capital gains tax cuts 5 The baby boom and its perceived effects on the market 6 An expansion in media reporting of business news 7 Analysts increasingly optimistic forecasts 8 The expansion of defined contribution pension plans 9 The growth of mutual funds 10 The decline of inflation and the effects of money illusion 11 Expansion of the volume of trade 12 The rise of gambling opportunities emphasis added The specific impetus for this paper emanates from both Shillers listing of gambling as a possible factor on the financial markets and the simultaneous growth in both the areas of investing and gambling in the United States.

Additional Behavioral Finance Literature Review Behavioral finance attempts to explain reasons for investors irrationality for the purpose of using this information to improve market performance in the future. Behavioral finance is based on the premise that people do not act rationally in their overall lives, and according, they should not be expected to act rationally in their investing practices.

Schoenfelder observes, Behavioral finance is a relatively new field of inquiry in which findings from the behavioral sciences are integrated with the normative models of economics and finance in attempting to understand how investors make decisions.

Weber makes the following observation, Behavioral Finance closely combines individual behavior and market phenomena and uses knowledge taken from both the psychological field and financial theory. Barber and Odean state: The field of modern financial economics assumes that people behave with extreme rationality, but they do not. Furthermore, people's deviations from rationality are often systematic.

Behavioral finance relaxes the traditional assumptions of financial economics by incorporating these observable, systematic, and very human departures from rationality into standard models of financial markets. Fromlet states: Behavioral finance explains many reactions on financial market that appear to be contrary to conventional theory and can thus make an important contribution to avoidance of serious mistakes and to finding investment strategies.

He adds, The need for heuristics in real-world applications is a major difference from the perfect world in the models of Markowitz, Sharpe, and others. Shefrin in the simplest and broadest terms defines behavior finance as, the study of how psychology affects finance.

Thaler presented the development of finance as encompassing four chapters. The first chapter encompassed the s and s and in this era, finance was behavioral, citing the classic advice of Graham , which is based on the merits of value investing. The second era included the period of the s through the s and was the age during which financial economists used mathematics and data to propose quantitative theories of how the market performed.

The third and current period began in the late s and continues through today. This third period is one of anomalies and the rebirth of behavioral finance. Thaler suggests that market characteristics, such as low price-to-earnings ratios, small versus large capitalization, dividend changes, share issues, and the January effect have all demonstrated some reliability as predictors of returns. The fourth chapter of the development of finance is the future.

Shefrin adds, The proponents of behavioral finance, myself included, argue that a few psychological phenomena pervade the entire landscape of finance. Shefrin has provided organization to the field of behavioral finance by placing these phenomena into three themes, listed as follows: 1 Heuristic-driven bias. The process by which things are found out for themselves by people through trial and error and which often leads to errors.

Dealing with the distinction of form and substance and holds that differences in form may be substantive, i. The debated question of whether investors errors are the cause of mispricing, i. Daniel and Titman state, The psychology literature describes a myriad of behavioral biases that can potentially explain almost any observed deviations from the efficient market hypothesis.

However, the most prominent anomalies can be explained by what is called investor overconfidence. Overconfidence is one the most strongly documented behavioral biases. The behavioral finance literature generally finds that investors do not always act rationally.

Schoenfelder finds, As opposed to the assumptions of rational choice, investors became risk-seeking when faced with expected returns that fell below a minimum financial goal and became risk-averse when expected returns exceeded a minimum goal.

Li states: The empirical results support the overreaction hypothesis which assumes that some investors are overly optimistic about firms which have done well in the past, and are overly pessimistic about those that have done poorly.

These findings add to the behavioral finance literature. Wang states: We find that investors tend to overweigh and extrapolate the recent patterns trends in returns and earnings. When the trend is broken, they do not update their expectations fully to reflect the implications of the new evidence and thus under-react. Momentum is strong when the historic trend in data is broken, but it is weak and short-lived when the trend is intact. Behavioral finance academicians believe the time has come to accept behavioral finance.

Olsen states, By and large, the academic financial community has remained cautious about embracing developments in this field, although practicing financial professionals believe that it is about time academicians become realistic about investor behavior. Fischer Black upon moving from M. Statman A and B sees the need for a model that would use the capital asset pricing model CAPM as a base and could be further developed so that it would include valueexpressive as well as utilitarian characteristics.

The model is called a behavioral asset-pricing model BAPM. Indeed, the BAPM will be the old economics model of demand and supply. It will begin with an identification of the preferences of buyers and sellers, continue with the characteristics that capture value-expressive as well as utilitarian preferences, and conclude with equilibrium prices. Shiller states that economic theorists questioned the sources of volatility in financial markets through the discovery of anomalies.

In addition, those theorists attempted to incorporate Kahneman and Tverskys prospect theory. Here, she was just one of the pilots. But Sampaoli has them at their best. This has rallied others to the cause. After years of self-imposed international exile, David Pizarro has been lured back and is now an interesting option on the bench. But, arguably, this view suggests that you have a better chance of finding out looking at the unemployment rate than by focussing on GDP and inflation alone.

Newspapers have fronted their editions with large photographs of the complex, along with the headline "Beijing's most outrageous illegal structure. It is also self-cleaning and anti-microbial: it destroys any organic materials that could alter the surface of the bricks.

The company said it would not withdraw its application to renewthe approval for its MON maize - the only GMO crop currentlycultivated commercially in Europe.

Going for the trendy, grandma-chic look, Rihanna is now rocking long gray locks. But don't get her elderly hue confused! Rihanna was spotted pairing her new hairstyle with her usual skimpy outfits l. The Obama administration says it has not determined whether the military's actions in Cairo in the departure of President Mohamed Mursi amounted to a coup.

The raised bar for entry means that 61 US billionaires fall outside the top An issue with that is very high costs for shipping and, most significantly, returns. It's a particular problem in the U.

You have a choice when you play baseball. You can be the role model that you should be for kids who want to play ball, and what better way to do it than show respect for what happened here? I know! It explains, for instance, that the SPD won't return the pot it confiscated from you in pre-legal days.

Captain Casillas had not started a match for Madrid since breaking a bone in his hand days ago. What university do you go to? He passed the first European test since his appointment with flying colours and the thing I find bewildering is that it actually took a bit of heat off him. Follow the demographic trends. More than 10, "Baby Boomers" turn 65 every day and will continue to do so for the next 19 years, so as an investor, you need to focus on what this population will demand.

Retired people require fewer consumer goods and that means fewer homes, appliances and lower sales for many items. The parties could also agree on a symbolic rise in taxes for the very wealthy and some form of minimum wage. The aversion to involvement in foreign military interventions, for example in Syria, would be reinforced. Which university are you at? The truth of the matter is Eliot Spitzer represents the tier where he can escape prostitution and prosecution," Stringer said, referencing the scandal that earned Spitzer the tabloid moniker "Love Gov.

Soldiers beefed up security at Kiir'spresidential office and major ministries but U. You'll now juice up a rechargeable battery via a micro-USB cable.

That means you can charge your Beats Studios via laptop or outlet, quickly and painlessly, just as you might charge a cellphone.

With respect, you have to change the tomatoes you buy. According to documents and interviews, agents use a procedure they call "parallel construction" to recreate the investigative trail, stating in affidavits or in court, for example, that an investigation began with a traffic infraction rather than an SOD tip.

Kuroda is with a 0. The ex-Dodger also defeated his former team when the sides split a doubleheader in the Bronx on June Now healthy, focussed and off the drugs and alcohol well, almost. Richards is apparently still partial to a quick vodka before taking the stage , they stand erect and play with and against each other, as if each is determined to outdo the other.

Their interaction is a joy to behold and is given an extra push by the presence of Mick Taylor for several numbers. Technically, he has always put Richards and Wood in the shade.

Once the golden replacement for Brian Jones, Taylor may look old and overweight after 40 years out of the Stones gilded circle, but his playing remains fluid and expressive, with elegance and imagination. The time shifting blues of Midnight Rambler, with Jagger trading harmonica licks with Taylor, has been one of the highlights of this tour, when the Stones remind you of that magical way they can play loose and tight at the same time.

Geological Survey in Denver. Who do you work for? Don't you think that sexual assault on female soldiers in the military has reached shameful levels and is a sign of the ruination and destruction of our nation. What should be done about these so-called "men. Since then, the industry has adopted broad training and requirements for crew resource management, a communications system or philosophy airline pilots are taught in part so that pilots who not at the controls feel free to voice any safety concerns or correct any unsafe behavior, even if it means challenging a more senior pilot or saying something that might give offense.

Court papers on whether to certify a class of plaintiffs must also be fully submitted by that date. That happens often. Her father, Neil Agutter, who also has type 1 diabetes, has an insulin pump. Marui says. How much tougher do you want it to be? That never stopped me from driving.

How many would you like? His senate confirmation vote in was unusually close and some said they were concerned about his ability to curry favor with the Dover politicians who decide on funding for the judiciary.

They were not the only boos the Yankees heard on the day. Critics say unsupervised local governments have been pushing for economic growth at the expense of the environment and public health. It would allow possession of 2. Based on this, the study's authors speculate that HIP may host terrestrial rocky planets, too. Most of us do not enjoy paying taxes least of all those self-employed people who have to write checks four times a year, since no ones automatically taking taxes out of their paychecks.

And it plays into our group sense of victimization to believe that the evil tax-takers are deliberately going after us even as we drive on a highway system built by the federal government, take a book out of a library or cash a Social Security check. But it's becoming clear that the IRS was looking at a slew of groups that had some political buzzword in their names.

And it should. Fortunately, doctors were able to save her. They're not educating the doctors. My problem was ignored. Open champion and three-times Wimbledon winner, is not ruling Federer out of contention for the latter stages of the tournament but he feels it may now be too much to expect the Swiss to go all the way. He did exactly what he was supposed to do after being inserted into the leadoff spot with Eric Young Jr.

Democrats want toextend them for a much shorter period - initially proposinguntil Nov. Will I have to work shifts? By contrast, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding said in that he would never allow homosexuals in his Cabinet.

No one is applying affordability to the equation. That is the next revolution whose first step is this administration, this new government," he said.

But most of these members of Congress are perfectly happy to not take a tough vote," DiNiscia says. But Arsenal so far has signed only one player, year-old striker Yaya Sanogo, on a free transfer from second-tier French club Auxerre.

Securities andExchange Commission. It did not comment further. Which year are you in? Then, theyear-old chief financial officer participated in one ofcorporate China's biggest belly flops ever. The prime minister would like to be able to announce a collective financial commitment from industry to fund this campaign. I know that it will be challenging for you to commit to an unknown campaign but please can you indicate what sum you will pledge to this work that the PM can announce.

Debbie wouldn't consider relocating to the US, at least for the time being, as her professional network is primarily based in the UK. She views her network of girlfriends as her 'power collective," who will always fight her corner. However, her primary complaint about the London startup scene is that it can feel a bit limiting, perhaps even stuffy. Success is often more about who you know and your college at Oxford or Cambridge than anything else.

Verizon's website said the device has a foot range, but the researchers believe that could be expanded by adding specialized antennas. Some stations were also flooded. Partial service later resumed but large parts of the system were still shut down. It was unclear if the subway system would be in full operation by Tuesday morning. Compiled by Sruthi Ramakrishnan in Bangalore,. Will I have to work on Saturdays? His 29 percent leads Christie at 14 percent, Bush's 13 percent, Ryan's 11 percent and Paul's 9 percent.

But many of the Republican candidates are largely unknown by Latino voters, which leaves plenty of room for movement. He said the group plans topublish the research in a peer-reviewed journal later this year.

The belts consist of highly penetrating radiation, which eventually inflict damage to delicate internal circuitry. Good old America, always at the forefront of renovating the world at the expense of its citizens. Their engagement was announced in August By Aug. This sent the shares up by more than 4pc to p.

For them, apartnership with Samsung will help reduce the risks involved inentering into new businesses, where they have to move quickly asgrowth in a maturing LCD industry is easing very sharply.

In a statement, it urged the Azeri government to respect freedom of peaceful assembly, association and speech and to prevent violence in the post-electoral period. I love his mentality, too. Weather has improved in Kashmir after a two-day spell of snowfall and rains.

Barbadian pop singer Rihanna, British actress Kate Beckinsale and South African actress Charlize Theron have all been given the "sexiest" distinction by the magazine. The draft said Assured executive managementhad not yet reviewed the deal. That represents roughly 7 percent of U.

How much does the job pay? Since then, Zaitouneh, winner of this year's International Women of Courage Award, has kept a low profile, even as she directs the leading nonviolent group working to maintain the uprising's momentum on the ground.

If Atassi represents the opposition's public face, Zaitouneh represents its private one. But the biggest portion of credit must go to the Obama administration for persisting in its pro-consumer, pro-environment policy.

Supeepat Chongpanish. The slow speed was a key cause of the crash. Divided government did not always mean dysfunctional government. Perhaps the pain of this stupid self-inflicted government shutdown combined with the latest looming debt-ceiling debacle might finally shake some sense into our elected representatives.

Angry donors and ugly polls might do what reason and patriotism have so far failed to inspire. But even typing those words represents the triumph of hope over experience. Little Manning is against Big Manning, and the last time he faced his brother, in in Indy, when Peyton was still quarterbacking the Colts, his Giants absorbed a pounding.

Matheson allowed just one run on three hits against a Nashville team that had scored 10 runs in each of its past two games. Rather than seeking proposals for a radar-evading jet with a robust strike capability, the request called for a long-range reconnaissance aircraft able to stay on station for extended periods, Navy officials said.

His face was 'clear' and recognizable. According to her, blood flowed 'backwards over his head. The American soldiers asked her to identify the body. She said, 'my father. It's about making the right bets to do business with the right people.

After screaming some insulting nonsense for a while longer, he slammed a door and drove away fast and noisy. Luxurious features come as standard here, with all rooms having a dedicated butler and private pool; the biggest will have more than sq m of living space and their pools will measure a very generous 60sq m.

We had great word-of-mouth going into theweekend," which helped deliver a box-office total severalmillion dollars beyond what the studio anticipated for thefive-day span.

But recovery in the sector over the past year has helped improve some homeowners' standings. The linked sites are not under the control of ianslive. The inclusion of any linked site does not imply endorsement by ianslive.

Third party links to ianslive. In what appeared to be a car accident, authorities said Gandee was found, along with two other bodies, in a vehicle 31 hours after he was reported missing. The raucous MTV show characterizes the "wild" lifestyle of a group of teenagers living in West Virginia. The show, which follows the format of success "Jersey Shore," focuses on the group of friends partying and performing several reckless stunts for fun.

They deal with it by shutting women up with threats of sexual violence. Air passengers were also left stranded when the hot summer conditions created thick fog in Shetland.

Loganair staff were forced to find accommodation for stranded travellers in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Kirkwall. Otherwise, the Redskins outscored the Cowboys Apple has not disclosed how much she will be paid. Randall Bateman, Joanne Knight Distinguished Professor of Neurology at Washington University, have designed an ongoing clinical trial to test drugs that block amyloid in some of the DIAN volunteers who have yet to develop symptoms.

No way are thousands attracted to buy grossly over-priced policies with sky-high deductibles! Could I borrow your phone, please? We're dealingwith those consequences in a somewhat realistic fashion, to bothmine drama but also comedy," he said.

The art center estimates Milkovisch had 50, cans that piled up by drinking a six-pack daily over the span of 20 years. He created long, decorative garlands from beer can tops and hung them along the eaves at the front and sides of his home.

The injury cost him most of the season. The 'Mayday' customer service feature is unique to Amazon, andwill be a huge help to mainstream users of the device. Your momwon't have to call you for tech support anymore," said ForresterResearch analyst Sarah Rotman Epps.

According to the United Nations, El Salvador is the world's most-violent nation, with a homicide rate of 66 per , inhabitants in It saps the energy of the staff and frankly it undermines the bigger point, which is that the company by many measures is in better financial shape than it has been in a long time," City Opera General Manager George Steel said.

In other words, JDI's tech is not quite ready to scale up to the larger 7. They argue that it will burden businesses with higher costs and hurt job creation. While he doesn't recommend it as the only form of technology a student has, he's even heard some students say they get by with just a smartphone. It doesn't have the backing of the billions of dollars needed to compete with Android and iOS, as Windows Phone does, and it's not clear yet that Web developers will migrate to HTML5 apps as willingly as Mozilla claims they will.

Can you hear me OK? Secretary of State John Kerry, who has suggested the conference be held sometime in mid-November, will attend a meeting of the "Friends of Syria," including Western and Gulf Arab countries, in London on October 22 where the peace talks will be discussed, Psaki added. Authoritiesin April had asked residents to vacate the building, Khabale-Patil said. It will request delays in ongoing court proceedings and will not hold any hearings or mediations.

The National Labor Relations Board, which investigates and remedies unfair labor practices, has virtually ceased to exist during the shutdown. More than 99 percent of its staff has been furloughed, postponing nearly every pending hearing, investigation and union election. Sources say it willbe aimed at the Chinese and Indian domestic markets. All of that ends this year, and the future of the Yankees beyond this season is even more dubious.

The city isn't deeply on edge. Bars were crowded Friday night, and there are only a handful of free tables Saturday at the Java House, a popular chain of coffee houses that also had an outlet at Westgate.

But it is not normal, either. This helps make sure the car stands out from its lesser-powered siblings when driving at night. Facebook is likely to expand its market share to This could be used to reduce the group net debt. In , the same district voted for the MDC candidate, Tendai Biti, by about 8, ballots against Mugabe's 2, votes.

His other major personal project is called Blue Origin, which aims to be one of the first non-government funded ventures to send people and cargo into space, potentially winning lucrative contracts that were once fulfilled by NASA. Embassy in Yemen. So when you think about the soul of the company and it's values and it's beliefs, it's not something that you transfer, it's people," he said.

Where are you from? It would likely seek debt financing rather than issuing new shares, he said. Will you need to sign anything and what information or documentation will you need to provide?

Which is worse, being an oligarchy like Russia and soon to be China or an oligarchy that disguises itself as a republic like the United States? This is one ofthose things. The booths downstairs by the open kitchen are modeled after the ones in the White Horse Tavern. He added: "Charlie thinks he's the most appropriate man for the role. The woman was black or Hispanic, between 30 and 40, with distinctive long, black hair, according to Officer Johnna Watson.

He has fanned eight times in his last three contests and hasn't homered since hitting No. William Gilpin, an apostle of the Picturesque movement which foreshadowed Romanticism in Britain, had struggled up to the falls 10 years before, only to remark that the cascades were ''scarce worth so long and perpendicular a walk. Shop wisely. Spend as little as possible, and remember: if you're running low on affordable credit, the last thing you should do is rack up more debt.

If you use a debit card, decide how much you can spend before you leave home. Sometimes, in order to exercise the most self-discipline and avoid acquisition ecstasy , go the cash route. Withdraw the exact amount you have budgeted and when you're out of cash, you're done shopping. The company said there are no vacancies at Jubilee Place Mall at Canary Wharf, and there is a high level of demand for new , sq ft of retail space above the Canary Wharf Crossrail station. Silk Road used a bitcoin tumbler that sent the individual transactions through a complex series of dummy transaction to disguise the link between buyers and sellers.

Suicide attacks, car bombings and other violence have killed more than 3, people since April, including more than since the start of July, according to an Associated Press count. The Fed's meeting had beenseen as a non-event but now it is becoming a big focus," saidKyosuke Suzuki, director of forex at Societe Generale in Tokyo.

The pregnant reality star grabbed both Madonna and Beyonce for a behind-the-scenes photo shoot which she later posted on her social media accounts. Tykerb is the salt form of lapatinib sold in India. Microsoft also hassought to head off shareholder dissent by reaching a cooperationagreement with ValueAct Holdings LP, which would let theactivist investor claim a board seat starting next year.

Meanwhile, the U. Forest Service has yet to activate a new generation of air tankers provided by private contractors, intended to deliver bigger payloads faster. Google's Android operating system is also developed in Mountain View, Calif. Greg Franks,president of Snowden, was head of several brokerage networkdivisions during his year career at Merrill.

I know he's been working hard, so it will be good to see him back. Just having him around and here on a day-to-day basis, I think it will change the dynamic a little bit.

And Mr. Beczala was ready to break hearts. While spray-on sunscreens are generally beneficial the US Food and Drug Administration has recently released a warning to people who use this product. Allow me to play you the song of my people!

And once it started its skull-piercing klaxon, no amount of newspaper waving or carefully-coordinated box fan ventilation would get it to shut up. Nine times out of ten, my roommates and I would just rip its beating heart battery out and let it stay dead. Together they form a public square on the campus located along the River Shannon. Designed by Ireland-based firm Grafton Architects, the project was completed on a "rock bottom budget".

Major road transport companies arestarting to roll out LNG-fuelled trucks on selected routes. These territories have an average winter temperature of 79F. Penneyin recent months, unfolding along with a trial over whether thecompany could sell Martha Stewart's goods. By this Thursday,when closing arguments for the trial wrapped up, Penney appearedto be in an even worse position, also being forced to disputereports that lender CIT Group Inc had stopped financingits shipments by small vendors.

The half-hour comedy is a combination of skits, celebrity interviews, good old-fashioned girl talk and a bit of star worship thrown in for good measure. Congress led to an October 1 government shutdown that threatens to hurt economic growth and has already delayed key economic data such as the September jobs report. Lawmakers are now locked in debate over when and how to avoid a government default raise on October Scientists used the images to plot Curiosity's drive for the next day, maneuvering it around rocks, holes or soft sand where it could get stuck.

ButBoeing's military aircraft revenue fell 5 percent, and earningsin the defense, space and security division fell 19 percent. They've since returned to normal, INEA said in an e-mail. A-Rod appeared to have a hit after slapping a pitch from Bradenton pitcher Robby Rowland toward the hole between third and short, but a Derek Jeter-like jump throw from Marauders shortstop Alen Hanson beat a sluggish Rodriguez to the bag.

So strictly from a mechanical engineering standpoint, it's very very difficult to actually design a robotic leg," he said. It was almost a perfect soundtrack to the scenery.

I hung my head, I hung my head. How much will it cost to send this letter to? Healthy and happy! So I wouldn't hide it. I just would be careful to give the proper guidance of your capability. In Greece and Spain, the jobless rate is above 25 percent, and youth unemployment is above 50 percent. Its main incontinence brand is Tena and main baby nappy brand in Europe is Libero.

For some reason these articles keep failing to mention the dynamic. A lot. None bigger so far than Capt. Eli, the Capt. Jeter of the Giants. More than any of them, he needs to start the season all over again against the Vikings. His older brother Brian died in a bicycle accident after he was struck by a drunk driver when Peterson was 7.

At 13, his dad Nelson was sent to prison for money-laundering from drug profits and spent eight years there. ButSandler fans turned out and audiences gave the film a "B" ratingin polling by survey firm CinemaScore. Cole said late Monday that "I think we're sort of sliding into a situation where these two fights effectively merge into one. What can I say?

He scored from the 1 when he stayed on his feet with a defender draped over him and was pushed into the end zone by center and fellow rookie Travis Frederick for a lead.

Food and Drug Administration and long used by thelivestock industry to add weight to cattle, pigs and turkey inthe weeks before slaughter. In addition, the extra seats allow Southwest to expand flying capacity 4 percent without adding any planes, says spokesman Brad Hawkins, while also collecting more revenue from the additional passengers. They told me they found a car jammed beneath the concrete span earlier in the day, after the water levels dropped.

United Technologies Corp. Yes, I love it! This team will be dazzling to watch and tough to compete against. Whileworking as a limousine driver in New York in , he told aclient, Andrew Saxe, that he liked to code. Avery produces , bottles a day, which are filled, packed and dispatched in two daily shifts at the island bottling plant. As you might imagine, Chef Woods has devised a variety of ways in which to use Tabasco.

If not, it will be another show of pomp and circumstance, sound and fury, signifying little to nothing. We've seen this act before as the Pentagon's brass was rolled out for previous invasions.

It is time we do things differently in Congress and ask the tough questions before the bombs start. It's called due diligence and Congressional oversight. Let's use it. These men demanded perfection, innovation always. In addition, the company declares little profit in Ireland because the unit there sends almost all of the profit earned from the non-US clients to the Bermudan affiliate, in the form of licence fees for the use of Google intellectual property.

His mobile home survived the fire, but he is unsure if there is smoke damage. He lives alone with his dog and is on disability. For the last week, he's been staying at the American Red Cross shelter. If a bird lands on a flower at just the right moment, say thank you to God. Read a story to your kids. Read a story to your husband. Read stories to anyone. When can you start? Caterpillar shares were down 1. Now they accept or not. It was clean. Imports were sharply higher in the month, especially of the sorts of raw materials needed for export industries and to invest in infrastructure to support more exports.

Credit creation also rose, with doubtless much of it going to support imports and property investment. Like other organizations, the NRA has also tried to derive extra income from its members by selling corporations access to them. Affinity partnerships with various companies "have paid the NRA tens of millions of dollars in royalties," the IRS said in a court filing.

Robb-Colorado River State Park to the north side of the river. A hungry black bear has prompted a temporary ban on camping in tents in the area. No one has forgotten the Colin Powell drama at the UN of the so called solid intelligence, the same baloney Kerry and Obama are spinning to date! We could wander toward those details of the story, too, and be just as engrossed. By mere possession, there was one marijuana arrest every 48 seconds in Including arrests for distribution, there was a pot-related arrest every 42 seconds, the same interval as in In essence, roughly two-thirds of the money the Fed pumped into the banking system never left the building.

Pittsburgh rolled to a victory over the Reds last night thanks to a pair of bombs from Russell Martin. But Houchin won permission to appeal against the judge's decision to strike out his claim. A Zionist movement to get some land for Jews to call their own. One day there will be a free Palestine where all Palestinians can call their own without have to live under a cruel barbed layer of security, constant death and insidious encroachment on orchards and grazing fields.

A previous offer to serve three years, four months was rejected in May and he risks a much heftier sentence if no plea bargain is agreed. Hearings resume in September. Thehedge fund also took a new stake of 5. Lautenberg's family has endorsed Pallone, saying "gimmicks and celebrity status won't get you very far in the real battles that Democrats face in the future.

There was so much of a "silicone-like" substance in her buttocks that it spilled onto the floor and "all over the place" when a medical examiner cut into her during the autopsy, according to an investigator's testimony from September.

Meet the Nexus 7, the eye-popping pixels-per-inch wonder. Not only do you great display you get a lower price than what the current iPad mini. What will the Retina display version of the mini cost? What could go wrong? Carney also cautioned that the White House hasyet to see details of the Republican proposal.

Very slim chance this team is a play off team so why are we starting a career disappointment that is 33 years old knowing he is never going to be any better? The kids need to grow up with the rest of the team. I desperately wanted to find some evidence of the eternal nature of our souls. Even to myself. Moscow and Washington have said progress on removing chemical weapons could pave the way for a broader diplomatic effort to end a conflict that has killed well over , and destabilized the region.

Private sector investment has failed to make a positive contribution to overall growth for the past four quarters. The "Game of Thrones" actor toted his bundled-up toddler who seemed to enjoy the ride in her dad's arms. Failing this, it says Britain should either secure a substantial lessening of the regulatory burden in the social chapter for all members or negotiate an opt-out.

It looked like he was waiting on pitches a little better and being a little shorter with his swing to the ball. He looked more like a major-league hitter than the last time I saw him.

And in the same month a court overturned his life sentence on the grounds that the prosecution lacked concrete evidence and failed to prove the protesters were killed by the police.

I was urged to get a proper job and that meant being a lawyer, management consultant or an accountant. Could you please repeat that? By now it has lost its potency. What does Yellen have in mind? We don't know. She, too, is an academic economist who, after a brief spell as chair of Clinton's Council on Economic Advisers, has spent the last nine years in the closed world of reserve banking. She has followed the reserve bankers' understandable reluctance to say too clearly what she thinks so as not to alarm the markets.

In August, the BCC lifted its outlook from 0. Its next economic review will in late November, promising the Chancellor some good news ahead of his Autumn Statement. Jerome Mauderly, 71, shot and killed Long in the couple's kitchen. Carolyn Mauderly, 66, called at about a. Which team do you support? And in the sequel, Gordon Gekko was redeemed, wasn't he? It fulfils my idea of what British music ought to be. Seguin was the second pick in the draft. Growing up, I was sometimes treated differently because of my skin color.

I was a little more white. But when summer dawned, I began to stand out. The Italian-American kids up the street appeared to turn a richer shade of caramel by the hour. The Southern California transplants next door had clearly been sun-kissed at birth. I remained stubbornly pale. Or strawberry-milkshake pink if coaxed into broiling on some North Shore beach where the stench of tanning oil overwhelmed the salty air.

This despite some big advantages, like free content from global mega-celebrities ranging from the presidents of the United States and Russia to stars like Steve Martin and Oprah Winfrey to say nothing of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. An analysis of five-year performance across the 2,odd funds readily available to private investors in Britain, covering all geographical sectors, shows that the strongest market was, in fact, the UK.

No fewer than 15 of the 20 top funds are those where the underlying holdings are British household names, such as Lloyds Banking Group and Tesco. We're in every district," Beck said. They've got to change representatives' minds.

We're more in a situation of needing to hold people. It's always better to try to hold people to a position. The accident Tuesday night came amid heavy rain and high winds across a swath of northern China, including the capital, Beijing. The warriors aretarred with unforgiving labels. Democrats, in turn, are the "political rulingclass," to Senator Mike Lee. In time, Reid's "Tea Partyanarchists" came up against Lee's "crony capitalists" who -according to Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama - happen tofavor "socialized medicine.

There is evidence from other studies to suggest that aspirin and NSAIDs all might affect cancer in the same way, Esrailian said. He calls the bill "flawed policy"that will not generate new business or jobs. Tamerlan Tsarnaev died following a hootout with police four days after the bombings. Her proposed adventure begins and ends in Oakland, Calif. After what happened last year, it turns out that I was right. We had four players who were really good, and a 12th player in the fans.

And we came last in the weakest group. It was shameful. It also wasn't clear early Wednesday how and when crews would attempt to extinguish the blaze. BSEE said earlier Tuesday that a firefighting vessel with water and foam capabilities had been dispatched to the scene. The British funnyman, 36, was arrested on March 15, after turning himself in to New Orleans police for allegedly throwing a paparazzo's iPhone through the window of a law firm, TMZ reports.

When the Gestapo heard that my grandfather, a German Jew, was defending, they went to his home. George was warned by his neighbours. Please do contact me with any comments about our newspapers and websites or to discuss any issues you think we can help with.

They embarrass Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, making him look weak and constricting his ability to make concessions. This is wonderful up here. I never knew New York looked like this exactly. You always think of the city, but it's pretty country up here. How any decent woman could ever have anything to do with some Rightwing Biblethumper is beyond belief,besides I hear they are lousy in bed.

Luck isn't short and doesn't struggle in the pocket. He succeeds in the pocket. Expect Luck and the Colts to convert more than half of their third downs and score at least three touchdowns. The OFTexpects the business will have the ability to compete and growover time and has not recommended any changes to the plan.

Their relievers are beat up. Boone Logan is down. David Robertson might be available Wednesday after some downtime. Shawn Kelley missed a week recently before returning. Without the ability to utilise the potential of Area C, the economic space will remain fragmented and stunted. Lifting multiple restrictions could transform the economy and substantially improve prospects for sustained growth.

The cabinet had been in place since Yayi was re-elected for a second five-year term as president in It was not clear when the new government will be named. Surrounded by candles and white roses from the couple's Beverly Hills home, they exchanged vows they'd written themselves in front of Gibbons' three children. Firstly not to cooperate with the regime. This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring.

Serious side effects included allergicreactions and abnormal liver function in patients who were alsoinfected with hepatitis B or C. There was little evidence of blood or conventional injuries and most appeared to have suffocated. Survivors of the purported attack, some twitching uncontrollably, lay on gurneys with oxygen masks covering their faces.

This feature is useful because it allows for a quick switch from fast movement to slower, more precise targeting. Users can custom-bind this function to an existing key, but doing so sacrifices use of that button for another purpose.

Do you understand what Sam Walton did? He created a retail store that takes a smaller profit on sales than other retailers? Thought you folks hated evil profits. The Romans salted the land anddestroyed the agriculture. If salt levels are high enough youcan basically ruin it forever. We love the vertical panels of the dress, which almost make it look like Rita is wearing two different dresses, depending on the angle you look at it from. That may give Ford added resources to pay down debt, invest in its businesses, or boost dividend payments, analysts said.

He led the team with 69 catches for yards and seven touchdowns last season, and the former first-round pick is in the final year of his rookie contract. It was screened thisyear at Cannes Film Festival. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Woods hit a 3-wood to the first cut of rough on the right side, the worst place to miss with a tree blocking his view of the green on the dogleg right.

He came up short and left, in rough so deep that he was trying to just land it on the green about 20 feet away. He didn't even reach the green, coming up short and into the bunker, and he blasted out to 12 feet and two-putted for double bogey.

Just a tenth of the U. He was denied bail and is charged with murder in the death of semipro football player Odin Lloyd. The rest of the financing willbe a mix of high yield bonds, commercial mortgage backedsecurities and a revolving credit facility, banking sourcessaid. Many had not realised theskills that administrators would need to unravel thousands ofcomplex trades across dozens of countries and legal entities.

The maximum sentence for indecent assault carries a prison term of 10 years. But the brinkmanship pushed consumer confidence to rock-bottom levels, where it remained for months. Sri Lanka also imposed a ban on advertising byFonterra's Anchor powder brand. Several experts have said the new span - even with its bolt issues - is likely to be safer in an earthquake than the one drivers are using now.

There is a montage of girl models and a montage of guy models. My first impression is that everyone needs a sandwich. It is the biggest oil leak on U. How many weeks' holiday a year are there? It has a staggeringly large number of employees, so presumably it means Wal-Mart is good, or better than others. When it comes to town, people want to work there.

It is a shame we did not also fix up Mesker Amphitheater as well. The stage at Mesker needs to be torn down and moved back to accommodate VIP seating, or Mosh Pit in front of the stage. The seating area needs a roof to avoid having to move events inside.

The bathrooms and dressing rooms at stage level are horrid! Plus they should link the whole Amphitheater to the zoo as well for exhibition. The other summer outdoor venues across the country have no problem attracting 30 entertainment acts a year with said improvements.

Instead we got The Ford Center. They simulated it as best as they could. He ran first-to-thirds, singles, second to home, had him stand and take groundballs, stand there and simulate as much of a game. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who came up with the name "Manhattanhhenge" in , said to go outside half an hour earlier than the sunset for the best show. Focused on our present challenges. What's your number?

The Giants are not paying Manning all this money for him to allow the season to crumble in September. He must carry the team. He is the only Giant capable of getting them straightened out and keeping them alive in a weak division where nine victories can win it.

Consumers are supposed to pay the tax on their own, but very few do. Apart from the script and the book "Four Days in November" by Vincent Bugliosi, how did you find out more about him?

It was the one where Hunt lures a journalist into an empty room with the promise of juicy scuttlebutt and then beats him up, stuffing a tape recorder in the guy's bloodied mouth. Well, hold to your wallet because a new study has found that the majority of millionaires don't consider themselves rich. Critics note that the measure will add significant new costs for gun owners, from the cost of the training course to travel to shooting ranges. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Google's argument that such data collection is permitted under exceptions to the federal Wiretap Act, a law long on the books that was updated in the mids.

Treasury yields, which supports demand for the dollar, but would hurt shares and commodities which have been boosted as world central banks have primed markets with liquidity.

Southern and southeastern Asia, western and central Europe, eastern South America, and southern Australia are some of the most vulnerable regions. This week it stepped up preparatory work for search ads and has also backed apps as a way to boost ad dollars without annoying users with advertising overkill.

A debarment is usually for a specific time period and means the person cannot contract with another federal agency. In previous years the ship's operator, technical manager and owner have all been listed as the North Korean state-run Chongchongang Shipping Co. Rex Damschroder, who has proposed drone regulations. Drake moved over , of his new album several weeks ago - without a trace of scandal on his side. The futures exchangeoperator was not affected by Tuesday's incident.

After missing and being late for some practice assignments, Johnny explained that he had been feeling ill. Consequently, we agreed that it was in everyone's best interest for him to go home a day early. This is the first time that elected politicians have been jailed in Greece since a military coup in Three other lawmakers, who were arrested, have been freed pending trial.

They were ordered to stay in the country. There remains confusion on the Hill about why the administration is waiting to label the military ouster as a coup while it privately insists it is abiding by Section , which applies in the event of a coup. The project will "be a non-fiction look at the life of a former first lady and secretary of state," the network said.

He called the deaths a tragic accident made worse because Stiner was five months pregnant. The year-old mastermind behind the famous franchise walked down the aisle with Mellody Hobson, 44, at his Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, Calif. Journalist Bill Moyers officiated the ceremony and director Steven Spielberg was on hand to offer up a toast. Lucas and Hobson, the chair of Ariel investments and a contributor on "Good Morning America," had been dating since It's the second marriage for Lucas, who was previously married to Marcia Lucas for 14 years before calling it quits in Amey told officers Miguel Espada attacked her and threatened her with the knife.

He turned professional for the small U. The general climate and fear of losing a job was enough to spur the negative environment that may have led to harsh parenting, Garfinkel says. Kids could be digging in to the dairy treats as soon as this fall. While the study finds strong evidence that climatic events may be a cause of conflict, the researchers stressed that they are not claiming that climate is the only or primary cause of conflict, cautioning that conflict dynamics are complex and remain poorly understood.

Current college players also would be eligible, he said. If so, you're in good company. According to Online Dating Magazine, 20 percent of Americans have gone out on a date with someone they met online, while more than , marry someone they met online every year. In the UK a reported one in five relationships start online. If you're new to the game, here are a few pointers on what to expect. He then acknowledged having oral sex with her twice.

The last thing you want to do in the middle of summer when gas demand is high and prices are high [is] have some routine maintenance, but it looks like it's happening. Senate Democrats also introduced a bill to raise thedebt ceiling with no conditions through , but included noneof the deficit reductions that Republicans have demanded.

Soldiers should be allowed to expose this without being prosecuted. But Gov. Users can also upload resumes and apply to jobs through the app. He also said he would not approve of any deal that did not rule out the possibility of prosecutors subsequently charging Cohen. The mother and her children were reportedly thrown feet by the impact of the car. Three straight defeats had the Yankees reeling, especially since they managed only one run in each loss. The pressure was on Nova to get them back on the winning track.

She was also breathing on her own even though she was on a respirator. Batista, 56,currently LLX's largest shareholder, will leave LLX's board whenthe deal is finished but will retain a "relevant" stake and alsohave the right to name a member to the board. UK bond futures also rose, hitting a session high of Some Sikh leaders had said in the wake of the shooting that this data was needed to show the extent of such hate crimes.

Hopefully, as a football team, we can give him some kind of joy. Mail revenues have also dwindled as more Americans prefer to use Internet and email communications. Kobach dismissed the ACLU's criticism as unfounded and promised that the state wouldn't relent.

What sort of work do you do? Itokazu's margin of victory narrowed from the previous election to about 33, votes overall. She took Nago, the town that would host the relocated air base, by just votes. His problem is that the British and American foreign policy, intelligence and military establishments have made a series of dreadful mistakes over the past 15 years.

It can be stated with complete fairness that the Stop the War Coalition a miscellaneous collection of mainly far-Left political organisations, by no means all of them reputable, which marches through London this Saturday in protest has consistently shown far more mature judgment on these great issues of war and peace than Downing Street, the White House or the CIA. Would you like a receipt? This arrangement, along with occasional Respite Care paid through the Medicaid Waiver program, enabled them to keep their promise to Joe.

Under American law, the U. Is privacy a luxury of the past? Should we all assume our conversations are being overheard, if not by our government then by someone else's?

Can you put it on the scales, please? That can't be healthy for markets or for the regulatory community. It surely can't be healthy for the world's greatest democracy, no challenged in its role of political and economic leadership.

Since long-term rates embody expectations for the path of short-term rates, convincing markets that overnight borrowing costs were going to remain low for a long time should help keep all borrowing costs down. However, as of last night, 82 of the remaining MSPs had put their names to the call for Walker to resign.

In an interview this week with the Spanish-language network Telemundo, Obama said he indicated his interest in seeing Iran address U. She and her husband Duane have been foster parents to more than 40 children and adopted three children of their own. She values the simple things in life and enjoys being a leader of the Sugar Maple Kids 4-H Club, traveling and crafts. It had been due to close in April next year but will now remain open until mid, the Treasury has announced.

The fiscal year begins on Oct. Metallics were one of the key trends on the AW13 catwalks, with designers from Balmain to Emilio Pucci featuring silvers and golds in their collections. Hopefully people will respect our family's privacy. Salaries for August will not be paid due to insufficient funds. When answering questions during your interview, look directly into the webcam to give the impression of eye contact. Sit up straight, and try not to fidget too much, as this may cause you to move in and out of the frame.

Additionally, more than 50 years of U. Neil Walker went deep in the first for Pittsburgh, which clinched its first playoff berth in 21 years. Pirates manager Clint Hurdle says it's great to clinch a playoff berth but they still want to win the NL Central.

That's a particular concern when you consider the speed at which they want to push this forward," he said. While London prices have recovered to 6percent above their pre-crash peak, in the rest of the countrythey are still 10 percent below.

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