Telkom mobile data recharge

telkom mobile data recharge

Recharge Telkom Mobile South Africa at Here you can recharge phone credit and data in over countries. The number you filled in will be recharged directly with the ordered amount. That way you’ll always stay connected! Get to know the different Telkom mobile data prices, Telkom internet packages, bandwidth, and many other details below. Telkom data prices. Internet packages from the company are offered depending on the time of usage and amount of mobile airtime used for their purchases. Here are some of the mobile packages offered. Jul 17,  · Telkom Mobile Account menu Dial *# / *#/ *# 1) Bundle Purchases (DATA/SMS/MMS Bundles) 2) Unlimited VASs (Unlimited Services eg. Call to Landline) 3) Transfer Airtime 4) Blackberry. telkom mobile data recharge

That is why monthly recurring bundles are provided for such people. Here are some of the benefits of having this plan with 25MB. Customers must go to the nearest customer care shop to cancel the monthly recurring bundle. This is the only way you can stop the subscription. The plan with 25MB goes for R7. The best and easiest way to get this plan is by logging into the self-service portal. This plan is also suitable for people with tight schedules. Once you have subscribed to it, you receive your internet data on a monthly basis.

Here are some of what the package with 25MB entails:. One of the best ways to use the internet effectively is by allocating it time. This will help you avoid wasting a lot of data. This package is, therefore, best suited for people who have dedicated schedules for using the internet.

Below is what comes with the package which has different types depending on your preference. This package will benefit people who have the discipline to set aside time for the internet.

Trusted by millions. How does Recharge work? How to check your Telkom Mobile balance. How to contact Telkom Mobile. Telkom Mobile tariffs. Visit the Telkom Mobile tariffs page. How to easily top up Telkom Mobile phones for South Africa? Recharge phone credit or data in three super simple steps: 1. Select your product We have over carriers in countries! Read more. You're commenting on: Avoid in-appropriate remarks and comments.

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Mobile Cellular Networks 8ta telkom telkom mobile code recharge airtime please call me ussd. Add Comment. I bought 1GB of data on this number which is no no longer working. Please tell me how can I retrieve it. Not even half!!! Have spoken to various agents at Telkom and no luck it just continues. Bought R airtime last week Thursday. Bought 1Gig data,my account was debited but I never received the data.

Called customer care they confirmed that they can also see that data was not allocated to my account after my purchase. Guess what, they said after 4 days this will be fixed, it never was to this day.

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