Stuart delery confirmation hearing bankruptcy

stuart delery confirmation hearing bankruptcy

Ted Cruz questioned a Justice Department official, Stuart Delery, during a confirmation hearing (Delery aspires to be the Associate Attorney General) for the Justice Department's role in Operation Choke Point, an operation set up in to investigate businesses which were, according to the Obama Administration, more susceptible to fraud and. Objections to claims in chapter 13 cases which are filed and served on the claimant and the debtor at least 14 days prior to the confirmation hearing shall be designated as “timely pre-confirmation objections”. “Timely pre-confirmation objections” shall be heard at the confirmation hearing and the provisions of subdivisions (C) and (D. This procedure is not available if the Court is required to hold a hearing notwithstanding the absence of an objection, responsive pleading, or request for a hearing, such as a hearing on confirmation of a plan in a chapter 11 or chapter 13 case or a hearing on reaffirmation of a debt requested by an individual debtor not represented by counsel. stuart delery confirmation hearing bankruptcy

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You'd think the leftists would've learned by now that debating Ted Cruz in the Senate is akin to a gnat trying to outfight an wheeler. Here's a brief background before we get to the massacre. But Ted Cruz noticed the operation's involvement in targeting gun and ammunition providers. Like I said: gnat vs.

It's great to see Cruz nailing this political hack who refuses to answer simple yes or no questions and instead tries to dance around the issue.

Operation Choke Point, as Cruz illuminates here, is yet another example of the Obama administration using its political power to target people and businesses it doesn't like, in this case big, evil gun owners. Which, by the way, we're still giving away a scary black rifle, but time is running out.

Selectively choosing who gets the full force of the law and it looks like in this case, no targeted gun owner was in the wrong while letting other criminals walk free here's looking at you, Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton is tyranny.

Delery defers to the statements of his boss on that front. But there's no doubt the issue carries a special resonance for him. In his Senate confirmation hearing to run the DOJ civil division in , Delery went off script to thank his husband, Richard Gervase, a one-time classmate at Yale Law School, and their two sons. Just last month, Delery notes, a federal jury in Georgia convicted the former chief executive and two other officials at the Peanut Corporation of America in connection with a widespread salmonella outbreak in peanut butter that sickened more than people.

Another top priority for Delery is protecting service members and their families from predatory lending for homes, cars and for-profit schools. He says the Justice Department has been working with the Pentagon and state and federal prosecutors to get the word out about some of those scams "and hold people accountable for what they're doing.

Over the past few years, using a Civil War-era-whistleblower law known as the False Claims Act, Delery says the department has posted record financial recoveries for health care fraud, procurement fraud and financial fraud — cases that he says are important to ensure not only that taxpayers are getting what they pay for, but also to make sure the services, especially medical services, that they receive in exchange are safe and effective.

Former DOJ official Tom Perrelli, who served as associate attorney general for more than two years in the Obama administration, credits Delery's success to his being easy to work with, in terms of both style and substance. Search Query Show Search. Special Series. Sign Up. Show Search Search Query.

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