Selling my home after bankruptcy

selling my home after bankruptcy

Filing for a bankruptcy plan will leave a mark on your life, but if you handle the situation with attentiveness and patience, you can get your life back on track once again. Selling a property after a bankruptcy discharge. If you’re thinking about selling your house after your debt clearance is granted, here are the answers you were looking for. Chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation of assets) makes it difficult to sell a home. If you want to sell, you first must obtain the court's approval. If the court-appointed trustee wants to sell your. You aren't required to reaffirm a home loan in bankruptcy to keep it and be able to sell it later. So long as you are current, you can sell your home. If you are upside down on the loan, you will need permission from the lender to short sell the property, but you may handle the home as you would if you had never filed bankruptcy to begin with.

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Can You Sell Your House While in Bankruptcy? selling my home after bankruptcy

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