Rurouni kenshin chap 20 bankruptcy

rurouni kenshin chap 20 bankruptcy

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Rurouni Kenshin Manga. Previous Next. Rurouni Kenshin 16 released! You are now reading Rurouni Kenshin 16 online. Initially, it is short and falls over the face, but is later styled as being medium-long and side-parted with one side tucked behind an ear. He often wears jeans and a collared shirt, and sports a piercing in his left ear. Akiyama graduated from Teito University with a major in Psychology.

He is thus imbedded with extensive knowledge and aptitude for analyzing and assessing the human mind. The first time that Akiyama utilized those abilities in the real world was to swindle a major MLM company into bankruptcy.

As a result, he spent 3 years in prison, giving him the in-game nickname "Ex-Con". The general public considers him a professional con-artist and a genius. It is hypothesized that he acts that way as atonement for not being able to protect his mother from the cruelty of the world before her death. Though their relationship began as that of an employee-client, the two become closer and more protective of each other as the game progresses.

His cynical skills have saved Nao deception countless times who is frequently targeted for her naivete. Nao also seems to be the only person Akiyama shares his personal thoughts and feelings with.

It is unclear whether he has any romantic feelings for her yet, but her importance to him is undeniably strong. Even Yokoya, who tried to force Nao into being the only one to fail the fourth round qualifier, expressed that it would be more painful for Akiyama to see her fail alone than it would be for himself to fail. Unlike Nao, his objective is not to save everyone from debt, but to destroy the LGT office. As he explained to Nao, he wants to reveal and take down the people who take pleasure in the Liar Game, forcing others to lie and cheat for money.

He does support Nao in her Objective albeit claiming that he only does so because it gets him closer to his goal going as far as to take on a debt of million yen in Round 3 so other that players could drop out of the game. When Harimoto offered an alliance with his group during Round 4, Akiyama rejected him even though the alliance would have been a great advantage. For once Akiyama was at a loss for a comeback, but Nao defended him stoutly.

That becomes the single biggest differentiation between the two geniuses as the game continues. Akiyama studied Humanities during his first years in Teito University. The last assignment given them was a letter by an anonymous author, for whom the students had to profile.

Of all the students, Akiyama was the only one ask the Professor about whether or not there was a right answer. In doing so, he was the sole student able to compose an accurate profile assessment of the writer, as well as correctly pinpoint the identification of the writer. Okabe commends Akiyama on his ability to judge people and behaviors, as well as remembering that Criminal Psychology is not an impersonal, emotionless work.

This event prompts Akiyama to switch his major from Humanities to Psychology in order to further his studies with Okabe. Silence ruled the midnight, the tension of emptiness it created more menacing in its unbroken continuity. Or so it was at first. From a dark corner emerged a man of unstable faculties.

His huge bony frame was intimidating, to say the least. He moved sluggishly with a lopsided gait, dragging his body resolutely to wherever his forbidding lair may be resting. Only as he passed was the quietness broken, the scrapping sound of his footsteps very audible in the sleeping town. Zanza; an urban legend; the so-called street fighter of the Yakuza who beat up men for sport and money.

Though immortalized by the wagging of tongues and discreet whispers among the concealed dwellers of the black market, he has abruptly disappeared from sight after supposedly fighting with another legend, the Hitokiri Battousai.

Now more popular as Sagara Sanosuke, resident bum of the Kamiya Dojo, he is assumed no longer as dangerous as he was years ago unless of course if it concerns a restaurateur who has the potential to be threatened by a mile-long tab and impending bankruptcy. Only a few know, those of the underworld of course, who he used to be. Not that he has any problem with that. After all, a brawl a day keeps the doctor near today.

Too bad, his personal favorite doctor, that is has gone. Suddenly, he stopped. Drunk as he was, he felt the presence of another being in his immediate vicinity. Senses alert and adrenals ready to pump hormones into his blood stream, Sano waited for his challenger to appear. His brown eyes, now sharp and hunting, scanned the area around him, waiting. Soon enough, wraith-like creatures crawled on the ground. Eyes snapping up to see the one who stepped between the moon's rays and the earth, Sano saw the new comer.

He was tall and wiry, a blade probably forged in Japan though it's hilt was of the Middle Kingdom, hung from his side. His hair, like the ex-gangster's was short and spiky. The only difference it had from Sano's was its pale hue, the same color as the pocked surface of the moon.

Elsewhere, Himura Kenshin was surprised to find himself blanketed by some undistinguishable material. He found it rather pleasant in spite of himself. One is usually wary of unfamiliar things and this he has never seen before. Never on his ten years as a vagabond, nor on his four years as an Ishinshishi patriot.

Not even as a child, during the six years of regimented training he spent under the unshakable Hiko Seijuro or even earlier during the first eight years of his life. He reached out deftly to investigate the matter.

He tried to catch some of it on his quick fingers but failed as it seemingly passed through his hold. He started walking. Though he was blind in every direction, he trusted his feet to carry him to his destination. Not that he knew where that is exactly.

Soon, the haze cleared up and he found himself atop a small hill, the green expanse of fresh lush vegetation creeping from beneath his feet to spread before his mystified but delighted eyes. He did not recognize the place at all and yet a nagging sense of familiarity contradicted the emptiness of his memories. Scanning his surroundings, he let his eyes wander listlessly through Utopia, not warily snapping his eyeballs in z's like he's wont to do ordinarily.

From a distance, he caught a glimpse of something both his brain and heart recognized, the raven black flapping in the wind and a momentary flash of blue in the sunlight. Kenshin's whole being soared. This he will never forget. Never ever.

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