Rule 9023 bankruptcy

rule 9023 bankruptcy

When there is a right or requirement to act or undertake some proceedings within a prescribed period after being served and that service is by mail or under Rule 5(b)(2)(D) (leaving with the clerk) or (F) (other means consented to) karacto.xyzP., three days are added after the prescribed period would otherwise expire under Rule (a). Rule 60 karacto.xyzP. applies in cases under the Code except that (1) a motion to reopen a case under the Code or for the reconsideration of an order allowing or disallowing a claim against the estate entered without a contest is not subject to the one year limitation prescribed in Rule 60(c), (2) a complaint to revoke a discharge in a chapter 7 liquidation case may be filed only within the time. Rule New Trials; Amendment of Judgments Primary tabs. Except as provided in this rule and Rule , That deadline corresponds to the day deadline for filing a notice of appeal in a civil case under Rule 4(a)(1)(A) karacto.xyzP. In a bankruptcy case, however, the deadline for filing a notice of appeal is 14 days.

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