Richmond bankruptcy lawyer

richmond bankruptcy lawyer

Richmond, CA Bankruptcy Lawyer with 24 years experience () San Pablo Ave PO Box Richmond, CA Bankruptcy, Consumer, Estate Planning and Real Estate South Texas College of Law. View Lawyer Profile. Charles Lawrence Mossina. A former Richmond bankruptcy lawyer was sentenced to one year in prison Monday for bankruptcy fraud and for failing to pay the government her employees’ taxes. Our Richmond Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer at Fisher-Sandler, LLC – Richmond VA is prepared to conduct a free, comprehensive assessment of your financial situation. We will help you understand the benefits, and drawbacks, of every available option, including the non-bankruptcy debt relief alternatives.

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Three things to do before you visit a bankruptcy lawyer - Richmond, Newport News, Virginia Beach

If your bankruptcy is not done with this goal in mind it will take you long to recover. The is a proven fact after years of bankruptcy. Many people who have retained attorneys not experienced in bankruptcy law have be forced to file again years later just as a result of the poor handling of their case. Fresh Starts… Start Here. Get a guaranteed fresh start with The Merna Law Group today. If you are stressing about any of the following you should contact Merna Law today: High medical debt Loss of income due to divorce, unemployment, etc.

Garnishment of wages or bank account We might be able to get the money back! Foreclosure or failed loan modification Any other debt related stress…. Checkout Our Credit Recovery Program!

We help clients achieve their goals with compassion, integrity, and resourcefulness. Massie investigates the facts of your case and seeks out mistakes on the part of the police, prosecutors, and opposing witnesses to protect your rights and your freedom.

Advocating for Your Interests. Findings of fault or presumptions of innocence in courtroom proceedings are more than just a game of shifting burdens. Your survival, freedoms, and financial stability are often on the line in these highly adversarial trials or settlement proceedings. Hiring the right attorney can make the difference in your civil claim or criminal defense. A few misspoken words can turn a hopeful case into a lost cause.

Experienced Richmond law firms like the Massie Law Firm advise that it is important to remain silent until you consult with an attorney. We protect your legal rights and advise you about legal mistakes that can expose you to harsh civil and criminal penalties.

For legal advice regarding your case, do not hesitate to call or email us at your earliest convenience. Moving Your Case Forward. Massie, III, prides himself on advocating for your rights and advancing your interests in civil claims and criminal prosecutions. From offices located in Richmond and Colonial Heights, he assists clients throughout the state of Virginia. Contact us in Richmond, Virginia, to schedule an appointment for a consultation to go over the details of your legal needs.

The attorney answered all of our questions and helped us through the entire process. Highly recommended! Thanks to everyone at the Merna Law Group who helped me move on to and new chapter in my life debt free! They were never rude no matter how much we called or asked questions. They are well organized, time manageable, and friendly.

I was even able to bring my children with me if I needed to. In court, they stayed right there beside us and answered all questions we had.

Our overall experience was outstanding and I am glad we were represented by the Merna Law Group. You business values are based off reliability and service.

richmond bankruptcy lawyer

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