Repaying debts after a bankruptcy

repaying debts after a bankruptcy

Bankruptcy debts can be repaid. In some instances, the debtor may wish to reaffirm certain secured debts, such as automobile loans. Reaffirmation means that the debtor is giving up his right to have the debt discharged, in exchange for being able to keep the . Jan 04,  · Even after bankruptcy, you’ve still probably got some debts to pay. Any debt that’s not discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy must be repaid. If you owe money to a relative or close friend, you don’t need to repay the debt but it will likely make for a less stressful relationship. If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and the bankruptcy discharges (wipes out) a particular debt, that means you no longer have to pay it. But bankruptcy laws do not prohibit you from voluntarily paying debts after the discharge. There are reasons that you might consider repaying a debt, even though you are no longer responsible. repaying debts after a bankruptcy

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