Rays the steaks bankruptcy filings

rays the steaks bankruptcy filings

Jan 11,  · However, it is essential to return to bankruptcy for a last resort. The post year or so bankruptcy filings with the earlier years following your law, showed, however, a marked increase in how many bankruptcies filed beneath Chapter 13, to the level of some even more 10%. Aug 31,  · Ray’s has been embroiled in a legal fight with CityVista for more than two years; K Street LLC filed a civil complaint against CityVista in January alleging breach of contract. Pale rays of light passed through the hot steam, which remained suspended like a milky fog. Smoke arose from certain corners, spreading about and covering the recesses with a bluish veil. A heavy moisture hung around, impregnated with a soapy odor, a damp insipid smell, continuous though at moments overpowered by the more potent fumes of the. rays the steaks bankruptcy filings

It hurts like hell and you have my sympathies for what they're worth. Cuomo was hording ventilators and claiming he was short. He seems nice. And seriously, WTF Hannah? On the flip side, though, I think of the medical personnel who have died from this throughout the world, and, from China, the smuggled-out video warnings and evidence of mass death.

I am not a doctor. These are not normal events. Well, testing is ramping up too, and people in Oregon were tested today, all with suspicious symptoms. Six percent positive. This enrages the virus groupies, who are promising us that they will have the last laugh two weeks from now, when the bodies start piling up on street corners in Portland.

Some people are really, really, invested in having this turn into a disaster. Today was exciting stuff. The frightening stuff is really bad. Just what I needed, after this weird week. Somehow giant Goofy ravaging a town, Godzilla, is what I have wanted all week, I just did not know it. All I knew is I what I did not want: even one more damn Zoom meeting. You won't be able to smell Joe, but get in touch with his campaign, and he'll send you a Wifi-enabled device to attach to your hair.

Or words to destroy one's liver by. I prefer the former concept not the latter Southern Baptist concept. Posted by: Hadrian the Seventh Sorry to hear. So difficult to lose a dog. It's just been a bad year Special baby kitty Fanny kept me up last night. She started out fine, then puked up everything.

She does that sometimes so I wasn't too worried. Then she was in the catbox about 20 times in a hour and seemed to be straining. She hacked up a hairball, then started puking up fluid every hour or so, until about 3. She runs across the bed and into the bathroom to puke, which makes cleanup easier. Still under the weather this morning, so I called tge vets. That was interesting too. You call them from the parking lot when you arrive. They come out to your car. Most were wearing face masks.

They have you sign the consent form, then take the animal in. Their front door was locked. Fanny checked out okay and is back home with antibiotics. Maybe I'll get to sleep tonight. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Things that would shock you, scare you, dare you, and make you change names and move out of state afterwards. Because those intense, high-strung chicks, are something else.

We love them so dearly because we know the time we have with them is so short. It become a virtue signaling narrative with these self appointed pinch faced scolds. Folks, that stuff is weapons grade tinfoil.

No the Treasury hasn't taken over the Fed. Trump hasn't nationalized the Fed. The Fed is national anyway, just likes to pretend to be a private enemy. No, a cabal of banksters doesn't make profit running it. You know who gets the profits the Fed makes from money creation? Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam pays zero interest on all the debt the Fed has monetized, since it is immediately returned to the Treasury as profit.

No, to the immediate issue. The Fed is shifting the printers to ludicrous speed. IOW, the Fed will need to take dogshit on its balance sheet.

But the law doesn't allow the Fed to put dogshit on its balance sheet. Basically it has to have sovereign debt level credit ratings. So, it needs to make dogshit look like fine Belgian chocolate.

How does it do this? Via SPVs. Treasury creates them or helps create them, and injects capital into them.

Where does it get this capital? Borrows it. Which the Fed monetizes or bond market buys it. SPV then buys dogshit using Fed's created money. That's what's going on. They did this back in ' That's all that's going on. Pros cons?? We always heard someone got killed with the lawn darts. Which were slightly before my time, but my grandparents had them and the hula hoops you were supposed to toss them into.

Never easy. Posted by: t-bird at March 27, PM Agreed today with the fed and treasury action was interesting. But if the false flag warnings, habeas corpus suspension, deep state arrests, medical ships used for arrests, and going after Soros is all about to happen within the next few days or weeks Fine, they need sombody to call the building inspector right now for a field change they can get the county commisioner or somebody to do it. Otherwise I'll do it when I get an email I get around to reading and respond to.

If I feel like it. So sorry for your losses. I peeked over at x Smelled off to me. Time to take off my shirt and work on this bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel I had to tighten my tin foil hat cause o the mind reading waves.

That's how you do it my friends. They're hoping that the epidemic will collapse the country, and bring on The Revolution. It's not pleasant for them to think that society will not collapse, and that they will go back to being a barista. I think you're in the minority among the 'rons. Reporter wanted Trump to guarantee or at least state there would be a ventilator for anyone who needed one. Posted by: publius, Rascally Rapscallion of a Poperin Pear at March 27, PM Sorry, publius, so you all were talking about that stuff the other night in jest?

Mocking it? Ugh, boy did I misinterpret the comments. But I guess I've put on a tinfoil hat for first time in my life. When going through unprecedented times and nothing makes sense I guess I'll keep some salt handy when watching from now on Posted by: Ben Had Before or after monies have changed hands?

I would hate to lose her. I had a little antibiotic left from a respiratory infection last month so she had some last night and this morning.

The amoxicillan should work better. Please accept my condolences Do not waste that chance today! Decent jugs round up to 1. I never see my grandkids but once a year. I started texting them randomly telling them I love them I would call but I know this younger generation, lol.

Johnny said he got a text from you saying you love him. I said yeah of course. Just want him to know I love him. How sad.. I felt terrible. Even an 8 year old could get a good lob out of those. And getting hit with them? You had to be a total idiot or trying to get hit.

He was too boring for her. It is a Finnish Christmas movie. With that whimsical Finnish take on it all. Hot stupid basic bitches are a dime a dozen. I know you have had a rough time of it with the doggies lately.

It's hard to say goodbye to so many in such a short time. I know you miss her muchly. I was talking about the Fed going into overdrive to print money like crazy and back up everything. Try to stop the stock market dive and the corporate credit crunch which it pretty much has. At least the bottom is in, I think.

Printing money electronically that give Rudolf Von Havenstein a raging hard-on in his grave. But nope, no tinfoil hat conspiracy stuff is going on of the X22 and similar level. They don't know how to change it so they want some big exterior event to do it for them. That I never believed. But kids throwing them like spears and sinking into a kid's chest? Now that I could believe. I could also believe some kids making a bow out of sticks and a large rubber band and firing the lawn dart like a crossbow bolt.

Again because. But going through the top of the head? Nah, that's just too propagandistically convenient. I'll add: It's funny that 'propagandistically' passes spellcheck. I thought I made it up. Of what use is freedom if the self be ineffectual? I prefer Larceny as a daily. A friend gave me a bottle of Col Taylor, that's a once a month drink. Sorry for you loss!

There are some people in my institution that will be disappointed if this fails to be the disaster they were promised. Posted by: Hadrian the Seventh I'm so sorry for you and your Mrs.

And Max was indeed, beautiful. Now, a bit on Heaven. Think of an eternal Tx Mo Meet, with everyone there, the food and the booze never run out, ammo supplies are endless, the weather is perfect and all the doggehs and kittehs are there, too. With Max, Leela and my beloved Harley there to welcome us each, as we arrive.

Thanks for the tip. Hadrian, we stand to our glasses ready for our lost companions. It's why AOC is their patron saint - "overeducated", underemployed, until a cosmic event occurred that lifted her out of her drab existence. Posted by: Typical Revolutionary! All the bars and inside of restaurants are closed. I say we tag team her. You hold a special place in my heart. Many years later, my husband asked me how I'd broken my nose.

And I've bern hit in the eye with a badminton birdie. I am not athletic and kids games can be dangerous. A cousin of mine did our family history and it is the single best thing I have ever read. Give that to your grandkids. It is such a unique and painful grief. Losing a pup sucks so much. Son has been trying for over a year to get a transfer to be closer to home.

His immediate supervisors had been dragging their feet because they didn't want to lose him. So much more time for himself and his family. I am glad I will no longer be stressing about his long drive, on busy interstates, in crappy weather, with idiot drivers.

Nothing but time on my hand right now!! Somebody save that poor guy. It is sad to watch. Boredom can play an amazing role in people's lives. Some historians even have cited boredom as a key factor in the witch trials. An escape from the mundane world to a dramatic conflict with Satan himself and his pawns. I'm sorry for your loss. It's been a hard day. Best to ignore em or slap em down.

Hey t-bird, maybe I am a subversive. Damn this has been a tough day. Did I see BC also lost his pet? Posted by: RickZ It's real. I'm sure there were multiple cases.

I was able to kiss my dad on the temple and tell him I love him just hours before he passed away. I kissed him in the same spot before they took him away at the hospital. Never wait! My commute normally is 2 miles minutes. Right now it is twenty feet. Lockdown could be worse, especially since I live alone. Life can be hard, and losing a pup makes it harder! The grandkids will love it but your own children will love it more.

And I've bern hit in the eye with a badminton birdie" I got smacked in the side of the head with an alumimum baseball bat by my friend while we were trying to hit tennis balls into my gutter when I was 5. Can still feel the slight indent. Posted by: chavez the hugo at March 27, PM Good thing grammie isn't here. She'd set you straight. I've thought that this explains a lot of the popularity of "alternative" gender descriptors. You're a hairstylist, with a boring life, and announcing that your are "genderqueer" is an attempt to appear more interesting.

It just seems to take a turn right at that moment. Posted by: Retief Condolences to you as well. Chatter among the storm chasers is centered on one particular computer model predicting an apocalyptic outbreak of long tracked, possibly violent twisters with the potential to ravage every major city between St. Louis and Chicago, but there are others cautioning that this particular model tends to overdo severe weather parameters and other models show a less dire outcome.

Now where have we seen that before? You know what they did with wreckers, don't you? Condolences to you and yours. We will see them again. The love is too great for it to be otherwise. You guys have kept me sane in all the craziness ever since I bailed out of HotGas years ago so I am truly in your debt.

A sad day indeed. We are all going to lose but those last memories remain until you are also gone. Thinking we can shut down everything is insane. Also, I think the majority of the illness will be past, at least in this country, by May 1st. I think that buys us about 30 days, and maybe after that the system can be self sustaining.

If not, we might have to double down, but we can wait and see. I aggravated some here earlier in the week by harping on economics, but just to repeat, and to point out why this was so necessary: Economically, when combined with the secondary collapse being caused by the Oil War, this was not a "downturn" or a "recession" or even another Depression.

What was beginning makes all of those fade into insignificance - we were looking well we still are at what was going to be 2 or 3 times as devastating, economically, as the Great Depression was at it's peak. You may not believe it was that bad, but I can assure you that everyone at Morgan Stanley and everyone on Trump's team, including Trump himself, are absolutely convinced of that. We either throw however man trillions at it that we can Right Now, to try to stop this, or we accept that our markets, our pension funds, our society, and most likely even the Country itself, are lost forever.

Even now, we are within days of that kind of meltdown happening - the only thing stopping it is the Governments willingness to print WHATEVER it takes to buy any asset, bail out any business, and prop up any valuation that it can. Of course, terrible ones - but you don't worry about the problem you might have 5 years from now when you're about to die tomorrow.

So, we HAVE to go big, no limits, throw everything we have at this and even more. As I said above, Trump knows this - he gets it perhaps better than anyone. I'm eternally glad he's leading us now, he may be the only one who could have done it. Possibility of input error, model bias, human bias, etc. Now they're saying later in May with 10, cases daily. Why such a change in one day? Regardless, I'm sure they're going to use that to say we need to be locked inside for infinity.

They're converted oil super tankers. Night all. Stay safe. Tough losing all those sweet animals. Try living with one. Even if the have to vote to some nit too queer "gender" like unspecified or not-too-sexual, or something like that. Posted by: Retief My condolences. Was she? Posted by: t-bird at March 27, PM mhs6e They are something - designed intended for the role, not a converted ocean liner. They are intense platforms. I would guess that one of the amphibious helicopter carriers would also be a good hospital on a ton-per-bed ratio when you consider their roles.

I don't know how I would have gotten through my grief without my faith and the Horde, of course. When I went back to see him right after he passed, the Scripture that went through my head was, 'To live is Christ and to die is gain.

And knowing he knew how loved he was. Be blessed. Even though I walk through the valley of trolls I shall not be concerned, the Lord is my banhammer. Preznit Polepleaser defaulted to overlooking it and the presstitutes covered for his affirmative action ass.

There is a middle ground between ignoring and panicking. The dems and press are truly the enemies of this nation, and I hope that can remedied and rectified in the near future.

Posted by: AF Because they can test more people, the case count will go up. But, will the hospital ization rate? Because the unthinkable alternative is that Rick Wilson is full of shit. Jim, you know I love you man, now pass the bourbon! I introduced an old girl friend there's a space in there!

She finds out her sister is on board already. Ha, small world. A big snake was eating them like popcorn. You have a real gift photographing your pets. So sorry for your loss.

You must miss her terribly. If you're right, I just hope that we couple these measures with a Back To America movement for business. The startup I work for plays in the respiratory space, and we're expecting big changes, due to current visibility. We're taking a big look at our supply chain, and moving as much production back here as possible - we can't move fast enough, for my liking. They have a big hospital. Comfort started out as the tanker SS Rose City. Someone had posted a picture of one of them next to an aircraft carrier, and it was barely smaller.

That's why I looked that stuff up. It was used to describe Hillary, so you can imagine what it means. She was, due to her curious but absent minded nature. She was a beagle, and made it 15 years, which is pretty good for her breed. She will be missed. Insomniac's and Nurse Ratched's song came up on my youtube music Posted by: Darrell Harris at March 27, PM m2EfB One of the major benefits of this crisis is that it will accelerate onshoring, due to the vivid recognition that having other countries as essential to your vital supply chains is a huge security and pandemic risk.

Also, everyone gets to do Lent this year. My grandmother has the collar and tags for a dog that died 45 years ago. She's moved twice in the past 30 years and both times she cried when she had to pack that dog collar.

It still hangs in her room. Maybe you've seen it. And her ability to speak whale! Again, my condolences. Prediction: With the economy now currently shitting the bed, thanks in large part to government overreaction commanding it to do thus, it shall be soon learned that US greenhouse gas emissions will have been cut rather significantly. This will result in all the enviroweenies who've been screaming how we have only ten years nine years now, I think left will make the claim that the world gained several years thus pushing back the inevitable Doomsday to like or some shit.

Moving along I fucking hate people. Anyway, gotta be up early. This load isn't gonna drive itself! Good night! Beaches closed, so it'll be interesting to see what happens in the hoods and barrios. Cops in Sarasota had to break up a block party in the hood, and while there was no violence the dindoos were hostile and not cooperative until a few mace bombs were delivered as a convincer. We've forgotten what generations before us took for granted.

Even through the 's and 30's, most houses even in cities had chicken coops out back for meat and eggs, you didn't go to a store from them. The farmer you got milk from lived a little walk from you, you made your own dairy products, the women sewed clothes for the family, you got herbs from your own garden plot. There was no big interconnected society; but that meant when big things happened elsewhere, the people could still survive. We now live in this huge interconnected machine that no one understands completely, and if we let it break down, it breaks down everywhere and all at once.

We've taken risks we don't even understand. In many ways, Medieval folk were a lot smarter about survival than we are. He was about three weeks away from turning And not at that price. Maybe I could carve a few. And it was still hard to do. And I still miss that dog. And I resist getting a pet because missing Cinder still hurts.

Then execute each and every person who had a decision role in crashing this economy. You don't throw the world into a depression, stomping out civil Rights, then shrug your shoulders and walk off counting the billions you grifted from the system without consequences. Or the people responsible for this purely demonic expression of Will to Power will do this again, and again.

Posted by: Tom Servo at March 27, PM V2Yro yes societies with lower tech levels and less specialization are much more self-reliant. I'm not saying that's what I'd wish for Hillary, but sometimes it sure seems like what she'd deserve. In the home 2. In schools 3. In the workplace 4. In public Seems half the country is on board with everyone being stuck for two-weeks in the home together in order to avoid all other situations at all costs. But I wouldn't be surprised that the lion's share of infections happen in the home and in grade-school.

I note that Japan only shut down schools while somehow miraculously avoided a widespread outbreak. This policy seems more based on intuition than science past experience. I trust them to do this. They're dutiful kids. We can do better. No more International Date Line. Its just a social construct that the sun must be overhead at noon. It sure as heck would simplify everything. The business starts at such and such time and closes at such and such time.

The tele-conference will be at a certain time and no more conversions. Nissan is running their coronavirus zero percent financing ads instead of the Brie Larson vomit inducer. Jim of Galveston talks about Harley, his irreplaceable cat gone these ten years. I had an irreplaceable cat that passed a few years ago. I'm about to change jobs to where I'll probably be able to have a cat again no more long-distance travel but I can't get over that last one.

Bet that franchise owner is loving life right now I went out today to get the mail from the P. O Box. Everyone that was 60 or older was carrying on like any other day, OTOH nearly every something and younger was kitted up like they were going in to surgery. Also, LEOs weren't patrolling and the highways were like Sunday mornings. Not sure what danger the Wuhan Panic has to do with overly cautious driving.

Doctors' offices and hospitals are other places where a lot of germ-swapping happens. Just had a premonition of the next couple months: April Asteroid smash May Man-eating Aliens land and invade June Humanity sez "that's it, I've had it, I'm outta here". Waste of architecture Just put a bottle on the top shelf and remove the step stools. Posted by: Tom Servo That dude could dunk! But you can't "lock down" or isolate people in institutional or public places, and there are a lot more people there to "share" things.

There are no magic bullets, or perfect choices. Just a selection of sledgehammers. Might I suggest setting fire to and keeping it lit until the Woo Hu Flu subsides? Word of the day "nosocomial". Nobody wants to be in the path of a TP Hoarder racing to get to the nearest Costco. You know the story about Napier and the Indian "tradition" of throwing widows on funeral pyres "suttee'? This meat is all tainted with coronavirus. Beam us up, Snotty. The legs are the lead up to the full deal after all.

What on earth are they hoarding butter for? I didn't do any high speeds, but at one point the lights flipped red a block ahead, and not seeing anyone after glancing around, I just said "fuggit" and sailed on through.

I don't think I've ever talked about it, other than to poo-poo it. Now, Miley could've have accidentally used my laptop here and forgot to change the nic or something.

And then there's another Publius, Publius Redux. I don't know if he has posted anything about it. But, my opinion is that it is weapons grade tinfoil.

No the era of central banking is not over. Donald Trump is not trying to destroy the central bank system of the world. Hell, his only complaint about the Fed was it was being to too tight. He's fine with it now. There has been a Great Depression level shock to the US and world economy. Once with the big end and twice with the little 'un. It allows the Secretary of the Treasury to coin 1 trillion dollar coins from platinum to add to the treasury, which would be usury free.

Kinda interesting. It also calls for no later than January for the creation of digital wallets for every citizens, residents, and businesses whose domicile is in the US. Again, pretty interesting stuff. Bold strategy. Lets see how this plays out. Studies show that Christians are more likely to obey the quarantine guidelines than atheists on the day that NYT had the op-ed that blames "anti-Science" Christians for the spread of the virus. They use the same model Chick-Fil-A does then.

Bullshit, bullshit, and bullshit. See my first post about this above. The Treasury is not taking over the Fed. Treasury is not going to mint trillion dollar coins. And all monetized debt of Uncle Sam the Fed hold is "usury free" as it is, because the Fed returns all profit to the Treasury.

There is more nonsense, tinfoil, and outright feces slinging insanity about the central banking system that anything I've ever seen.

It's rough to wipe your bum with ammo though :-P. White bastards in black suits or black dudes wearing plantation-owner white? Disneyland for drug dealers! Posted by: PennaLady at March 27, PM 8HBLI Wolf is stockpiling butter for his own personal use as another reminder to the peasants that they can't have booze and other nice things. This shit has to end. Inslee is a puke and a cokksukker. If so, meep, meep. I cancelled my appointments before they officially did.

I received an email from the hospital that they are going 'virtual appointments' for now. Yeah, no. Not paying my co-pay to talk on the phone. I'm going to have to have surgery within the next few months to replace my ICD; that surgery is not elective, unless I'm electing not to stay alive.

If not, it would be a real Hobson's Choice: Not replace my ICD and die or have surgery and potentially get a killing virus as my degenerative heart disease has my immune system compromised. I hate the interesting times we live in. The terrorists in the ME are taking notes Another example of how the tinfoil hat crowd will take something and twist it into some sort of conspiracy.

There is a provision in there to use the Fed as a vehicle to get "cash to Americans" faster, using the Fed system rather than going through the usual Treasury check route. THe US govt doesnt have an efficient way to get cash to the citizens directly. Imagine that. The idea is for the Fed to be able to much more efficiently get the "digi-dollars" it creates into the checking accounts of the public. That's all it is. Now, the reality of that seems a bit reckless.

Helicopter money fast. But you don't need the tinfoil. Criticize or support things based on reality, and not tinfoil hat level nonsense. It will never be paid back so whatevs. I Also all my neighbors seem to be lolgfing our order to stay at home. Everyones car is gone during the day. Life is proceeding as usual.

Ya got yerself some pretty weird fantasies youngster. Posted by: Adriane the Red Hat Critic Am I misunderstanding this? Posted by: vmom at March 27, PM Gf Luckily, they discovered that with a few hundred dollars in upgrades, Pontiac Aztecs can be easily converted into ventilators. Carbonized skulls are more cheaper. Where u been?

It's like they never existed. Your presence here will drive me to the point of insanity I'm insane. Posted by: chavez the hugo at March 27, PM KP5rU I was thinking that we might have a media that seem to only be able to concentrate on one story at a time. Unless it was some crazy wish list price, buyers were paying asking price. Today I perused listings and saw 52 listings with price drops, which was virtually non existent 45 days ago.

The shit is just starting. We are teetering on the brink in many was. This shutdown is a big one. Second quarter GDP will probably be Depression level drop. All this fiscal and monetary bukake is trying to stave that off, and keep it from accelerating. Posted by: The Gipper Lives at March 27, PM Ndje9 It seems to me that playing "chicken" with Donald Trump leaves you in the middle of the road with a yellow line painted over you.

How does a nice powder-coated skull strike you? Cooking lots Decided to revisit The Pacific And as a result all the other stories are booooring.

I'll accept the Fed money too, because they will want it back plus more, whether I get any or not. Florida Man okay, Florida Politician suggested blowing hot air from a hairdryer up your nose to kill the Woo-Woo virus.

Tinfoil hat, yes. Wrong, no. You can't save eggs forever. You don't use many if any at all to make bread. Same with butter. I wonder what social psychology will make of this insanity. WDS's friends from hs call us tonight that lives in Evanston. It's like the ultimate comfort food, Paleo be damned. And it needs butter. One of the reasons I've mentioned Gdonna's blog here is that she is trying to link back to the way people used to live.

She doesn't have chickens or a big homestead but she gardens on what she has. I like that philosophy. I gotta roll back to the person I was, before life in suburbia. Posted by: Cicero Powder paint coatings require N95 masks.

No can do. How are you 0doing? I've been home since going to work to pick up my computer and shop since Tuesday.

Guess I'll have to venture out tomorrow for work related things and groceries. We're still in a county that has had no cases, West of Chicago. For any Illinois morons that want to see the progression by county go to saukvalleymedia. Posted by: PennaLady at March 27, PM 8HBLI Butter freezes well for a while Not sure if anyone remembers anymore to do long term storage of eggs by coating them with lard or in water glass sodium silicate.

Butter in the freezer good for years. I have hens and eggs are good 2 months in the fridge. Posted by: mnw at March 27, PM Cssks In Nevada, they will be dealing in hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

And probably, counterfeiting it too. Cuz drug dealers. No more usury to global banking families on future money going into the treasury via platinum trillion dollar coins. The digital wallets are to get money in there faster.

Paying zero usury on money going into the treasury is great fucking news. Fuck the Fed. Full stop. Walter, Blanco I bought a can of NZ butter at Christmas. For eggs, you make noodles and dry them. I got a good deal on milk before the madness so I make yougurt. I've been giving some to the dogs in the morning too. There's actually some interest in canning and preserving food amongst young folks.

It tends to be in smaller batches. The battery life is just over 5 years and they don't like to wait until the last minute to change it out because if I get shocked, that chews up battery life. My first ICD was replaced after just over 4 years because of the 9 recorded shocks with that device. Only one shock with the current device. The ablation I had in probably helped with the reduced number of shocks. Like baby shoes in the 60's? Uh uh. Quote me the trillion dollar coin provision.

I won't be holding my breath Back at 86, my previous comment. So, where are we now, maybe in the s? Joe Public, that's me. You do realize I was just in Albuquerque in December? Posted by: Blanco Basura An anagram for paxilon hydrochlorate is "xylophone roach lid art", if that helps.

Maybe she is a scientist and the microwaving is some sort of specimen preservation procedure. Meanwhile had the first batch of vandals in the neighborhood last night. But I really want to BBQ with those skulls.

Yes, but it is recommended to wait until after the user is done with the skull. Has been drinking water and did the usual in the cat box. She's had lots of pets so I think we are all going to get some sleep. Night, Horde. PA has cases, 22 deaths. Posted by: qdpsteve Not if I get there first. Wait, something is coming of the my left teleprompter.

Oh, I mean the 47th Vice President. I get the 57 states mixed up with the 47th Vice President. I tend to mix up 47 and 57 at my age. Importantly, I have consulted with Dr Dean. And, he saying "out of an abundance of caution" we should ban all republican and military personnel from voting for the next two years - they never vote for the donkys anyway. I agree! It's a necessary medical safety precaution to help my campaign and save my children! Remember, Vote for Joe Bumbler Biden and vote early and often.

Good night. Perhaps the shoes soaked in some electrolyte, then plated? And if so, why are they cleaning the place out every day? It's a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma. I was going to make espresso! Bronze is our most affordable option. He tried to have my baby shoes bronzed while I was still wearing them! Until a couple of weeks ago, I never realized that a lot of cooking was really about preserving foodstuffs.

Example: Want to preserve eggs? I'm sorry! They served up genuine Panda on the menu. The ecofreaks went nuts, it was Pandamoneum. Now, their P. It's un-bearable. They're trying to Bamboo-zle us. I think there's more trouble bruin, for sure. And all while their Corporate Suits just fly in, sampling what few things remain on the menu. Mostly, they just eat shoots and leaves. It's basically a mix of profound sadness and bloodthirsty rage.

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