Paul rodman construction bankruptcy

paul rodman construction bankruptcy

The real estate and corporate law practices at Cozen O’Connor said Tuesday they had guided real estate firm Rodman Properties Inc. in its $ million acquisition of a seven-property portfolio. This project precipitated the idea to remodel the remaining structure and in doing so design a more energy efficient and sustainable home. After many months of research the Elsons, working with Napa Architect Jay Golik and General Contractor Paul Rodman, Green Method Construction, Napa, decided to apply for LEED certification. Apr 12,  · Construction services firm Rodman LLC is closing its doors and laying off employees on April 30, the company said in a letter to the Texas Workforce Commission. Frisco-based Rodman LLC . paul rodman construction bankruptcy

We hold that the contempt order is ambiguous because it fails to clearly state in what respect the temporary restraining order was violated. Accordingly, the contempt order is insufficient to serve as a basis for constructive contempt. Also, the contempt order arguably punishes the Rodman entities for contacting Rios, conduct that is not prohibited by the temporary restraining order.

See Ex parte Davila, S. Yantis asserts that because this contempt order does not involve civil contempt and because no confinement has been ordered, strict compliance with contempt order requirements is unnecessary. Yantis provides no direct authority to support this argument, and we are not persuaded by it. We are of the opinion that an unequivocal contempt finding must support a constructive contempt order, whether its penalty is characterized as civil or criminal in nature.

See Ex parte McClain, S. A reviewing appellate court may sometimes reform a defective contempt order. Ex parte Roosth, S. If a portion of a contempt order is void while valid in all other respects, an appellate court may strike the offending portion and otherwise deny relief.

To support its reformation argument, Yantis emphasizes that at the contempt hearing the trial judge said he had "heard enough to convince him on" "soliciting. The record thus indicates that "contacting" was a significant part of the trial court's contempt finding. We conclude that the flawed contempt finding renders the entire order void.

Accordingly, we conditionally grant the writ of mandamus. The writ will only issue if the trial court fails to vacate its contempt order within ten days of the date of this opinion. This proceeding arises out of Cause No. Zach Hall, et al. The relators in this mandamus proceeding are Rodman Excavation, Inc. Direct contempt occurs when the disobedient or disrespectful act is committed in the court's presence.

Unlike the situation in In re Zapata, in this case the controversial language was not mistakenly included, but was purposefully added by the trial judge. Employment Resources. Employment and Labor Law Blog. Contact us by filling out this form or call us at Please click on their names to view their bios and professional accomplishments.

Employment and Labor Law. Williamsburg couple Michael and Karen Youshock filed a case against Paradise Aquatics in November , alleging McQueen did not adequately construct a new pool at their house. Online court records show the case was continued until Aug. The civil case states McQueen breached the contract they signed in April and committed fraud by spending the deposit on items other than the project materials.

McQueen removed a few bricks from the pool, then cut off contact with the homeowner, according to police. The charge was dropped Feb. According to the bankruptcy filing, Paradise Aquatics has not filed for bankruptcy at any other time in the last eight years. Always be informed. Click here to get the latest news and information delivered to your inbox. This page is available to subscribers. Click here to sign in or get access.

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