Pa bankruptcy records

pa bankruptcy records

NOTICE: This is a restricted government website for official PACER use only. Unauthorized entry is prohibited and subject to prosecution under Title 18 of the U.S. Code. Paper copies of bankruptcy documents can be obtained in person, by mail, or by using Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER). To sign up for a PACER account, register at (link is external). In order to obtain copies of bankruptcy . The PACER Case Locator (PCL) is a national index for district, bankruptcy, and appellate courts. The PCL serves as a search tool for PACER, and you may conduct nationwide searches to determine whether or not a party is involved in federal litigation. Each night, subsets of data are collected from the courts and transferred to the PCL.

Skip to main navigation. PACER allows anyone with an account to search and locate appellate, district, and bankruptcy court case and docket information. Most cases created before are maintained in paper format only. Contact the court where the case was filed for more information.

All bankruptcy courts have a telephone information system, also known as the Voice Case Information System , that enables callers to obtain basic case information through a touchtone phone.

This is free to use and available 24 hours a day. When court records and case files are eligible for permanent preservation, they are transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration NARA for storage and preservation. These records can be accessed directly from NARA. Individual researchers working on defined research projects intended for scholarly work can use the attached form to request PACER fee exemptions from multiple courts.

In accordance with the EPA fee schedule, the request should be limited in scope, and not be intended for redistribution on the internet or for commercial purposes. In order to obtain a certified copy of a bankruptcy document, you must have a bankruptcy case number and the docket number of the document to be certified. Requesting parties will be contacted by phone once the Bankruptcy Court determines the total fees due.

Note that the Bankruptcy Court only accepts bank cashier's checks or U. To determine if a case has been archived, contact the Clerk's Office in your division. Archive information can be obtained in person, by phone, or by writing to the Records Department of the divisional office where the bankruptcy case was filed.

Once the archive information has been obtained, place records requests directly with NARA. For more information download this form. All requests for certified bankruptcy documents sent by mail must include: Bankruptcy or Adversary Proceeding case number Debtor s name Docket number of document s to be copied and certified Daytime telephone number of the requesting party A self-addressed, stamped return envelope of proper size and postage for the documents requested Requesting parties will be contacted by phone once the Bankruptcy Court determines the total fees due.

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