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Blithe Spirit, 8 p.m., Stained Glass Theatre, York St., Noel Coward classic. Newly married novelist takes part in seance in order to drum up new material for himself. But soon he is tormented. Free Database of F.2d, Volume of the Federal Reporter, 2nd Series. US Federal Courts Reported Opinions, Decisions and Case Law from Justia. [Pages HH] From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office [] COMMERCE, JUSTICE, SCIENCE, AND RELATED AGENCIES APPROPRIATIONS ACT, General Leave Mr. WOLF. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that all .

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Pickering Ben H. Stone John A. FOX JR. DOTY, B. Presumption of written evidence of title by long possession Supreme Court to hear Interlocutory appeals, grounds for Legislative action of board of supervisors, right of appeal from 21 Mayor and aldermen Board 12 Gem, Inc. Tompkins Extension of the Erie Doctrine Federal common law of, subsequent reversal Recent cases Forfeiture of automobile used in transporting narcotics, owner unaware Free speech, prior restraint and subsequent restraint Intergovernmental immunity Interstate commerce, boxing Imprisonment to coerce payment of contempt fine Intoxicating liquors, right to possess under Constitution Legislative benefits for private corporations as state action Licenses, arbitrary and unreasonable requirements in statutes regulating public accountants Licenses, unreasonable requirements in statutes.

Tompkins Diversity of citizenship, citizens of the District of Columbia.. Tompkins Divorce Escheat, jurisdiction of intangibles Shanahan, Jr. Gunn, Jr. Price Arbitration and Award Wesley A. Terry Certiorari Edgar J. Stephens, Jr. Shell and Cary E. Satterfield, Sr. Orvill C. Bush, Jr. Ludlam Domestic Relations Earle L. Ludlam, Jr. Wren Evidence Richard E. Herman B. Decell Rogers, Jr. Custy and Jack W.

Wren Hearsay Edmund M. Custy Interstate Criminal Extraditions G. Garland Lyell, Jr. Gillis, Jr. Hugh N. Fox, Jr. Minniece Magna Carta John W. Kyle Mandamus Leslie Darden Kyle, Jr. Taylor Pleading, Practice and Procedure O. Triplett, Jr. Lotterhos, Jr. Hill, Jr. Franklin, Jr. Smith, Jr. Bourdeaux Spiritual Values of the Profession of Law..

Commissioner Harold G. Hagaman, Jr. Robert J. Farley Scire Facias and Executions C. Smith, Sr. Edwards Torts Ross R. George W. Hardy, Jr. Dunn Venue and Jurisdiction in the Circuit Court Vardaman 5. Winter Writs of Capias R. Jacobs, Jr. Witherspoon Writ of Garnishment R. Bizzell Writ of Inquiry Walter R. Bridgforth Writ of Partition Martha W. Forum Non Conveniens Carlton, C.

Spiritual Values of the Profession of Law Gordon Writs of Capias Griffith, V. Mississippi Reports and Reporters '. Preparation for Trial Horovitz, Samuel B. Garland, Jr. Hearsay 1 Morse, J. Comparative Negligence in Mississippi Smith, L.

Public Law and Taxation. Arbitration and Award Sugg, R. Writ of Garnishment Sumners, Lester F. Adams, William D. Territorial Jurisdiction Jones, Ernest M. Malpractice in Mississippi Roten, Marion D. Employee or Independent Contractor? Diversity Jurisdiction as Affected by Erie v. Criminal Law-Grounds for New Trial Michael, Jr. Municipal Ordinances-Time oi Closing. Schmit Adams v. Adams Albert v. United States American Fire and Gas.

Finn Ansin v. Thurston Aultman v. Crosby Chems. Jackson Beach v. Fleming Benge v. Commonwealth of Kentucky Berry v. Tidewater Associated Oil Co. Stewart Blackstock v. Fisher Blakeney v. State Board of Supervisors v. Lykes Bros. White Bowers v. Olch Breithaupt v.

Abrams Brookhaven Steam Laundry v. Watts Brown v. O'Leary Buchanan v. Red Banks Creek Drainage Dist. Beck Buroughs v. Oliver Burstyn, Inc. Wilson Burton v.

State c Capital Electric Power Ass'n v. Hinson Carter v. Carter Charlotte Park and Recreation Comm'n v. Chrismond —.

Murray Corp. Elias Clark v. Case Clinton v. Gunn-Willis Lumber Co Coleman v. Blake Coleman v. Trunkline Gas Co. Obear- Nester Glass Co. Miller Conn v. Helton Continental So. Lines v. Klaas Cook v. Cook Coughlin v. Commis- sioner Coutlakis v. State Cowart v. Pearl River Tung Co. Booek Craig v. Crawford Crimmins v. Gould Crofts v. Johnson Culley v. Capital Transit Co. State Day v. Klein Delaware Trust Co. Delaware Trust Co. Ennis Dixie Pine Prods.

Dependents of Bryant. Stuyvesant Town Corp. Durham Durham v. Credit Ass'n v. Scott Eggleston v. Landrum Estate of Caswell v. Commissioner 26 : 1 83 Evers v. State Fuqua v. Mills G Galvan v. Press Gano v. Gano Gardella v. Chandler Gardner v. Reed Gavin v. Hudson and Manhattan R.

Bernd Co. Fowler Gholson v. Smith Giles v. Meyers Green v. United States Griffith v. Gulf Ref. Co Gulf Ref. City of Buffalo Hardy v. Matthews Community Center Hargrove v. Town of Coca Beach Harreld v. Mississippi State Highway Comm'n Hayes v.

Cole Heskett v. Commis- sioner Hitaffer v. Argonne Co Home Ins. Watts Horton v. Jones Hoyle v. State Hughes v. Hughes Hunt v. Toodle City I Illinois Cent. Sanders Illinois Liquor Control Comm'n v. Three Feathers Distri- bu tors 2 Indian Towing v. United States International Bhd. Hanke J Jacova v. Southern Radio and Television Co Johnson v. State Johnston v. Industrial Comm'n 27 : 1 58 K Kirtley v. State Klepper v. Breslin Knell v. Feltman Kunz v. People of State of N.

State of Cal Lamon v. Shingleton Lancaster v. Lancaster Lang v. State M McCartney v. Hosang McCormack v. Blanks HcLaurin v. Royalties, Inc. Hyman McNees v. Cincinnati Street Ry Mandelbaum v. Weiss Maricle v. Glazier Mason v. Kay's Meridian Yellow Cab Co.

City Yellow Cabs Meszaros v. Goldman; Braunstein v. General Marine Repair Miller v. Monsen Miller v. Shull Milner Prods Co. Salitan Mission Covenant Church v. Nelson Mississippi Baptist Hosp. Holmes Mississippi State Bd. Watkins Mississippi State Highway Comm'n v. Spencer Mississippi Valley Gas Co. Goudelock Moore v. Belt Moore v.

Grillis Moore v. State Mosser v. Darrow Motor Sec. Stevens Co. Local , Int'l Bhd. Emerson 2 National Mut. Tidewater Transfer Co. Kemp Neff, In re Nichols v. Gaddis and McLaurin, Inc. NLRB Olberding v. Illinois Cent. Hall Oliphant v. Locomotive Bhd. Lyndhurst Town- ship 23 : P Painter v. Town of Forest Acre Palmer v. Riggs Pennyan v. Alexander People's Life Ins. Menard Perez v. Brownell Permenter v. Milner Chev. Curtis 22 : 1 1 8 Phoenix Mut.

Life Ins. Connelly Piegts v. Mississippi Publis- hers Corp. Kraft Foods Co. Pratt R Rainey v. Horn Ratcliff v. State Rayonier, Inc. United States Rea v. United States Reed v. Maryland Cas. Bentley Reynolds v. Hinman Co. Cortner Rice v. McMullen Rochin v. State of Cal. Ebret s Sacher v. United States Salitan v.

Wiliams Sandifer Oil Co. Dew Scales v. United States Schwartz v. Fulmer Self v. Korff Shurley v. Aaron Shypulski v. Waldorf Paper Prods.

State of N. Allstate Ins. Gill State v. Richards State v. Southern Pine Co. Muskogee Elec. Traction Co. City of Baxley Stepson v. Brand Stovall v. Gardner Stovall v. Stovall Strickland Transportation Co. First State Bank.. Department of Educ; Commerical Pictutes Corp. Regents of Univ. Tallios Terminiello v. City of Chicago 21 : Texas Co. Newton Naval Stores Co. Dunigan Tiedebohl v. Springer Times-Picayune Publishing Co.

United States Ketchum Toolson v. New York Yankees, Inc- Toth v. Van Sickle Truck Ins. Board of Educ. Board of Property Assessment 21 : United States v. Acri United States v. International Wilkerson v.

McCarthy —. Marion Rapids United States v. Morton Salt Transit, Inc. United States v. Winters -. Letts University of Denver v. Wolfson Oil Co. Gill — Nemeth Woods v. V Corp v. Douds Vascoe v. United States Welch v.

Davis y Wheeler v. Shoemake Whitten v. Allen, S. Legal Medicine Farley, Robert J. Management Rights and the Arbitration Process. Byron, Jr. Self-incrimination Montague, Frank D. Mississippi Evidence Sweat, N. Reviewing a Review Warner, George D. Municipal Law Welch, David C. Attorney for the Defense Bang, Luther M.

Financially Speaking Belli, Melvin M. Address Address Farley, Robert J. Smythe Address Griffith, Virgil A. Address r Leopold, Joseph F. Address Masterson, W.

Address of the President Stennis, John C. Voluntary Pre-Trials Thompson, R. William M. Colmer Address James O. Eastland Address Robert J. Smythe Gambrell Address Jerome S. Hafter Address Alfred S. Mounger Address M. Snow Address R. Thompson Address Jamie L. Griffith Attorney for the Defense Walter P. Armstrong, Jr. Masterson, Jr. William J. Dodd Voluntary Pre-Trials S. Address i Montgomery, Richard B. Workmen's Compensation Nichols, Robert G.

What Model Public Relations, or ? Nichols, Jr. Griffith What Model Public Relations, or ? Bascom D. T alley, Jr. AFL v. Madden AFL v. Roane-Anderson Co. Swing A. Black Co. Phillips, Inc. Walling A. Harold Schmidt Aaron v. Ward Aaronson v. McGowan Abbe Employment Agency v. Robinson Abbot v. Lewis Abott v. Porter Abend v.

Endowment Fund Comm'rs Abernathy v. Hutchinson Abraham v. Friendly Fin. City of Buffalo Abrams v. United States ; Acadian Prod. Cardille Accree v. Bufford Achter v. Achter Acker v. McCullough Acme Harvesting Mach. Williams Acoff v. Roman Actiesselskabet Ingrid v.

Central R. Blundell , Acuff v. Schmit Acuna v. State Adams v. Adams ,; Adams v. Berg Adams v. Bounds Adams v. Cowan Adams v. First Nat'l Bank Adams v. Home Owners' Loan Corp. McGraw Adams v. Bank Adams v. Mohican Hotel.. Portage Irr. Reservoir k Power Co. State —, 24, , 33, 35 Adams v. Terry , Adams v. Callis 2c Hughes 22 : Adams County v.

Jones Adams Theatre Co. Kennan Adamson v. Gilliland Addis v. United States , 45, 50 Addison v. Hook Addressograph-Multigraph Corp. School Bd. Zimmerman Admiralty Comm'rs v. Amerika 2 1 : Adriance v. Higgins ; Advance Co. Highxower Aetna Ins. Commander Aetna Ins. Jester Aetna Ins. Robertson ; ; , Aetna Life Ins. Haworth Aetna Life Ins. Lourie Affiliated Enterprises, Inc. Glougie Agnello v. United States ; Agnew, In re Aherne v.

Matthews Aiken v. Blakeney , Air Purification, Inc. Carle Alabama v. King Sc Boozer Bell Alabama Great So. Carroll ; Alabama Great So. McGee Alabama Marble Co. Martin Custom Made Tires Corp. Moore Albert v. Millard Albertson v. Raboff Albrecht v. NLRB Albrecht v. Potthoff Albrecht v. United States Albright v. Gutierrez Alcoa S. McMahon Alcorn v. Hammer Alcorn v. Sadler Alden Mills v.

Pendergraft Aldrich v. City of Youngstown ; Aldridge v. First Nat'l Bank Alego v. Stewart Alexander v. Breard Alexander v. Carsley Alexander v. Dulaney Alexander v. Hancock Alexander v. Johnson ; Alexander v. Lloyd Alexander v. Seaboard Air Line Ry Alexander v. Turner Alexander v. United States Alexander v. Wilkes-Barre Coal Co. Central of Ga. City of Owatonna Alexandria v.

Hall Alexandria v. La Combe —. Board of Trustees Wabash Ry. Luke's Hospital ; ; Allan v. Brown Allday v. Cage Allegheny College v. Nat'l Bank Allen Allen v. Boykin ;, Allen v. Dayton Hotel Co. Dicken Allen v. Dillman Allen v. First Nat'l Bank , Allen v. Friedmann Allen v. Howard Allen v. Leflore County Allen v. Maddock Allen v. Nasson Institute State Allen v. Walt Disney Prod. Dumont Laboratories v. Carroll Allen Bradley v. Local No.

United Gas Corp Allis v. La Budde Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Frank Allison v. Allison Allison v. Camp Creek Drainage Dist. Massachusetts Alphin v. Bell Corp. Eggleston AJsop v. Cowan Alston v. Newcomer Alston v. Bailey ; Altrock v. Shivers ; Amalgamated Ass'n v. Dixie Motor Coach Co. Fair- lawn Meats, Inc. Railroad Comm'n Amerada Petroleum Corp. President of Harvard College American Ace.

Reigart American Book Co. Vandiver American Box v. Commissioner American Cas. Howard American Cas. Windham American Cent. Antrim 30 : 4 1 9 American Christian Missionary Soc'y v.

Tate American Communications Ass'n v. Douds , 67, 75; American Creosote Works v. Harp 1 12 American Creosote Works v. Rose Bros. Goble Aircraft Specialties, Inc. Richardson American Historical Soc'y v. United Am. Bene- fit Ass'n American Laundry Mach.

Citizens Nat'l Life Ins. Co American Life Ins. Barnett American Life Ins. Byrd 23 : American Mach. De Bothezat Impeller Co. Tappan American Nat'l Ins. Tabor American Life Nat'l Ins. Shaddinger American News Co. Dailey Story Publishing Co. Industrial Coram. Scott American Tar Prods. Jones American Tel. United States , American Tobacco Co. United States American Trading Co. In- gram Day Lumber Co. United States Watch Co. Import Co. Western Clock Co. Minneapolis Amite County v. Mills ; ; Ammons v.

State Amodio v. Board of Comm'rs Amory Independent Tel. Cox Amos v. Mosley Amos v. United States ; Amrine V. Hamer Amsterdam Parking Authority v.

Trevett Anaheim Union Water Co. Fuller Analone v. Metropolitan Dist. Comm'n Anderson v. Abramson Anderson v. Anderson ; Anderson v. Atchison Anderson v. Babcock Anderson v. Besser Anderson v. Broad St. Nat'l Bank Anderson v. Kimberly E. Beverly Freeman. Patrick James Casey. Fernando Briones Resendez. Tana Lawrence. William Duane McCreary.

Victoria Eyvette Moore. Renee M. Alison R. Irma Flores. Bertha Basaldua Acevedo. Irma Guadalupe Trevino. Silvio v. Williams v. Jenny Lee Fowler. George Edward Scarber. Nikki Giovanni Moore. Conrad Clarke Clemmer. James A. Underwood and Karen D. Joshua L. Anderson and Amy Anderson. Craig Alan Arnold. Vivian Valdez Veloz. Deborah Kaye Naylor. Michael Daren Grantham. Glenn L. Leandro Alonzo. Javier Carrillo. Gerald Anthony Stegman. Cliveden Petroleum Company Limited et al.

Heal et al v. United Air Lines Inc. Obey v. Frisco Medical Center L. ModCloth, Inc. Latham Tremayne Johnson and Yolanda Johnson. Jennifer A Hutchinson. Provider Meds, LP. Joshua Brandon Wilbrandt. Freeny et al v Apple Inc. Jinsun, LLC v. Valdez et al v. GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company et al. Thomas Black. Shavanne Kaye Sparks. Laurie Lammons Curry. Omar Bernal and Renata Bernal. Frederick W. Baines and Tara Baines.

Harvey Gulf International Marine Inc et al v. David Corpus, Jr. USA v. Berry v. Kior, Inc. Galveston Baykeeper v. Trendmaker Homes, Inc. Regina Ann Johnston. Leticia Maya. Rosalva Rico Solorio. Rodney Villadiego and Lea M.

Pablo Cruz and Olivia Cruz. Michael A. Wright and Lisa G. Shaqwitta L. Shabbir H. Tiana Yancey. Jill D. Freddie Rean Russ. Clarence Edward Fulsom, Jr. Anthony Wayne Rogers. Hamza Elobied Bilal. Chad Lance Hooten. Esperanza Garza. Ricardo S Robledo and Rosa Sanchez. Victor Manuel Espinoza and Blanca Espinoza. Atiyah v. Trujillo v. Allstate Texas Lloyds et al.

Herzberg v. Cabrera v. Linda Cano Salinas. Robert Irving Curley, Jr. Eboni Uricka Thompson. Detrice Conner. Donna L. Constance C. Curtis E. Carethers and Sharion P. Laura Reid. Steven Adame, Sr. Karen Lynn Smith. Kelley J. Lynn Niemeyer and Cheryl Niemeyer. Gary Sack and Patricia Sack. Calvin Reason. John Duke and Angie Duke. Ovelena P. Luis David Acevedo-Sanchez.

Steve Douglas Gentry. Deniro D. Basden and Kawanza C. Nhut M. Lynn S. Elisha Michelle Rogers. James Edwin Dixon, Jr. Richard T. Martha L Rodriguez. Maria I. Robert L Bagby. Jovita Garza. Kevin Lee Bales. Jill C Lutz. Amanda L Ayala. Stacy Wayne Kellams. Phillip H. John Phillips Thomas. Reyes Torres.

Cristinel Bordianu. Ruben Prieto. Angie Bankston Pelt. Oren Joseph Oubre. Ward E. Alicia Thomas. An-Marie Ferdinand. Lorenzo Robert Holland, Sr. Jesse J. Hernandez and Carmen R. Christopher Everett Brown. Lisa D Conran. Linda J Moore O'Berg. Jo Ann Valdez. Marlana Lee Flores. Barnett v. Aguilar v. Duree et al v.

White et al. John Wesley Sherrill. Brian Scott Spalding. Clifton Wayne Guillory. Nichole Edwina Pearl. David W Sawka. Phillip Lynn Stone. LaGala Deshann Boyd. Paul Tinsley Mitchell, JR. Jaime Guerrero. Jose Angel Rodriguez. Charles Scott Thompson. Andrae Levon Hervey. Suwanda Marshall Reed. Lakendra Denise Smalley. La Shaunda Collins. Brenda K. Lana Landers. Sandra Thomas. Shonte Lauriece Jones. Bradley Dale Calhoun. Taj Ottavia Cohen.

Stacey Martin- Cates. Bryan Clark Friesen. Michele K. Sheree Nickles. Travis Wilbanks Hazlewood. Sidney Chism, Sr. Larry W. Tallas and Sherri K.

John Molinar. Vivian Diane Dobbs. Amy Lynn Bohanon. Mark Stephen Leonard. Bell International, Inc. Hunting Titan, Ltd et al. Popek v. Buckingham v. Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. LYONS v. Ramirez v. Wilkinson et al v. Nationstar Mortgage LLC. Stena Drilling Limited et al. Sharp Corporation. Biomet, Inc et al. Rios et al v. Rembrandt Wireless Technologies, LP v. Samsung Electronics Co.

Wingard et al v. Aguirre et al v. Joseph Guzman and Lisa Jane Neal. Ricardo Palacios, Jr. Rosalba Villegas De Arrez. Mildred Payton. Nicanor G Lopez, Sr. Vicente Alberto Gutierrez.

Marie-Madeleine Bessala Ekani. Ronald T. Robinson, Jr. Taylor C. Delleney and Amy A. Shaunda St. Janice Smith. Daniel Wayne Dudley. Norma Linda Solis. TaxMasters, Inc. James Walter Grisby, Jr. Jorge Luis Alvear, Sr. Linda Fae Simmons. Nicole Bowser. Linda R. Ramon Rodriguez. James Mitchell Moore. Michael S. Smith and Leslie G. Alec K. Hendricks and Jennifer Hendricks. Rachel A. Sylvia Martinez.

Reimundo Perez and Tammy Ann Perez. Lionel Tewayne Jones. Elvia Hernandez. Warner E Wilhite. Griselda Cortez. Consuelo Dominguez. Victor Antonio Lyke. Thomas Earl Malone. Donna Lynn Carroll. Abel C.

Fuentes and Olga G. Daniel Bosmans and Christina Ramirez Bosmans. Jesus Morales and Martha C. Clara Martinez. BMC Software, Inc. ServiceNow, Inc. United States of America et al v. Walnut Private Equity Fund, L. HTC Corporation et al. Sabrina Elizabeth Saltzman-Hickey. Rachel Bennett. Chad C. Samnang Thoek. Russell Harris. Angela M Jones. John G. Courtney and Margaret M. Brenda K Jennings. Tony R. Richard S. King and Nicole M.

Viola S. Venkateswara Rao Yalavarthi. Dean Flake Streetman. Karyn Ann Reeves. Wesley Corbin Baggett. Misty Dawn Miller. Ron Marshall. Pamela Shari Simon. James J. Charles G. Norman W. Gore, Jr. Edwin A. Trout and Rita N. Omar Linzag. Michelle L. Christopher C. Andy M McLelland. Lanita Marie Wilson. Billy W. Abercrombie and Kelly J. Vincent M Magana. Enrique Ramirez. A-Advantage Auto Group, Inc. Murray Dion Johnson. Christina Urias Rigdon. Justin Wayne James. Aneta L. Lyedea Lyonne Caston. Agustin Burgos-Burgos.

Eric Jason Grider. Pamela Jean Mack. Hassan Parsa. Dennis McMonigle. Getzel G. Vickie L Debbs. Beverly Sue Foster. Twila Kay Owen.

Robert Keith Lang. Karen Ann Swope. Birdd v. Tyler Cardiovascular Consultants, PA, et al. Federal National Mortgage Association v. Z-Dimensional, LLC v. Cabrera-Ruiz et al. United States of America v. Gonzalez et al. Smith v.

Musser v. Commissioner of Social Security. Katsande v. Davis v. Collin County Detention Facility et al. Calderwood v. Bogany v. Nahlawi v. Parks et al. Brooks v. Huq v. Seterus, Inc. Scott et al. Gonzalez v. Air Tropiques, S.

Andrews v. Bard, Inc. Leos-Ortiz vs. Ford Motor Co. Sterling v. Correctional Healthcare Co. CHC et al. Herrera v. Lagos et al v. Cogent Communications, Inc. Orchard Software v. Bestcare Laboratory Services Inc. Richardson v. Livingston et al. Marc Graubart. Fogarty et al v. Ruby Borrego.

Anissa J. Vincent Jackson and Marilyn Rose Jackson. Georgina P. Sheri L. Hector R. Moreno and Hector R. Leo Q Gutierrez, Jr. Cynthia Ann Palm. TMT Procurement Corporation. Justin Brent Inman. Pamela G. Raul Davila and Yanet Davila. Delbert Salvatore Marano. Manuel Rico and Maria L Rico. Janice Marie Walker-Simmons. Raphael Malveaux. Wayne H. Blanca Esthel Pardo.

Stephanie Kay Jalghoom. Jesus Ortiz and Velia Ortiz. Leroy Green and Patricia Shields Green. Vivian K. Darren Merlin Peters. Frances Kirby Mosley. Pedro Garcia. Adriana M Chavarria. Giovanni Monte Davis. Luzma Montero. Daniel Jerome Roberts, Jr. Daniel Reyes. Luis Lopez and Adriana Lopez. Michael J. Burke and Terri L. Virginia Castro Hood. Marion M. Kenneth M. Bowman and Shawn N. Keitra R. Patricia Ann Roy.

Ahundra D. Jonathan Justin Knowles and Amy Knowles. Junior Garvey. Denise Elaine Montoya. Richard Londow. Carlos E. Manuel Dominguez and Martha A.

University Of North Texas et al. Avery v. Commissioner, SSA. Alzamora v. Moreno v. Rivera et al. Johnson v. United States of America. Kemp Independent School District. Waltman v. Healthcare Services Group, Inc. Willis, et al v. Beaumont Independent School District, et al. Dukky, LLC. Clemetson v. Denton County, Texas. Spiegel Development Inc v. U S Bank National Association. Beletshachew Berhane. Danny Lee Tucker, Jr. Susanne Pamela Saffle. Leonardo M. Jamie Erin Anderson.

Charlene Smith. Rodney Carey Smith. Charles E. Stewart, Jr. Alfrika Decole Kelly. Phillip Ray Blakely. Josh David Wallace, Jr. Ike Ginis. Fusun DeVose. Jason T. McKinnon and Ginger K. Marissa M Santos.

Jay Thomason and Shara Thomason. Torrance Maurice Garfield. Gilberto Olvera and Karla Olvera. LaNeta L. Robert Capestany and Donna Jean Capestany. Clifford W. Rhoads and Terry D. Cynthia Leigh Phariss. Rod Schvaneveldt and Rebecca Leigh Rogers. Lauren Kent. Alice Sparkman. Michael D. Naylor and Nancy J. Todd K. Jones and Javona A.

Color Star Growers of Colorado, Inc. George Starks, Jr. Damon L Miller. Louis McCinley Wattigney, Sr. Ricardo Soloman. Nettie Mae Malcolm. Janet R. Michael Wayne Hux. Will E. Pete and Brenda A. Renetta Noreene Johnson. Darryl Ray Hughes. Williams James Warner. Lela Mae Fields.

Daniel James Macey. Donald Higgs. Leon Wright. Kelvin Gardner and Marcheta A. Todd Lee Fowler. Andrea Dechelle Johnson. Cliff Willis Herring. James Phillip Huff. Janet Alice Morris. Ionel Balan and Stefania Balan. Jose Luis Gonzales. Armando Chavez and Lynda Falcon-Chavez.

Larry Floyd Cooper, Jr. Gumercindo Gamez and Epifania Gamez. Jacob Glenn Anderson. Case et al v. Bank National Association, as Trustee for Cit.

Bobbie Jean Edwards. James Rougely and Lori Ann Rougely. Teresa N. Gregory Scott Foster. Lisa Ann Solis. Terry Marie Braswell. Stefanie Michelle Hodges. John Robert Smith. Laretha Rochell Davis. Dorothy Marie Harris. Quentin Demaurst Nolan, Sr. Hopeton Paul Salmon. Searcy v. Jessica Castillo. Felix Marrion Collins. Gwendolyn A. Riley James Woods, Jr. Jose Sergio Ramirez, Jr. Joseph Allen Vantreese and Stephenie Vantreese.

Runda Deshon Turner. Catherine Emma Osbourn. Jeffrey W. Lucas, Sr. Lawrence McCauley. Andres M. Candido Perez and Susan Ledoux Perez. Abdallah Darci.

James Richard Wheeler and Shirley Wheeler. Jerry Vincent Willingham and Roxane Willingham. DWD Remainder Corporation. Robert E. Moss and Evelyn M. Christopher M. James Timothy Alban. Steven Michael Krych. Samuel Hernandez. Marilyn Jo Zigmond. Miriam Louise Hees. Robert Galindo. Pamela Anne Copeland. Maximo Romo Martinez.

Philip E. Nathan Matthews. Esperanza Manzano Garza. Grady v. Evelyn Segovia.

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