Nickeson 2015 south dakota bankruptcy court

nickeson 2015 south dakota bankruptcy court

Jul 24,  · Court: District of South Dakota [ Bankruptcy Court] Nickeson (In re Nickeson). Please sign in if you are already an ABI member, or otherwise you may Become an ABI Member. Consumer case opionion summary, case decided on May 28,, LexisNexis # Read more about Allred v. Nickeson (In re Nickeson) Nov. Search. To locate decisions discussing a particular legal or procedural topic, a bankruptcy or state code section, or a federal or local rule of procedure, insert in the Search box below a keyword or words or a number, e.g. "substantive consolidation" or "(1)." [Don't use quotation marks in the Search field.]. United States Bankruptcy Court District of South Dakota Honorable Charles L. Nail, Jr., Chief Judge | Frederick M. Entwistle, Clerk. Search form Camille Nickeson, Lee Nickeson, James L. Nickeson Farms, Inc., and LLJ, LLP (In re James Lee Nickeson) Full Bankruptcy Court Decision: Nickeson adv. 05 28 pdf.

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Organization and Jurisdiction of the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

Schmidt In re Nelson. Read more about In re Paulson Ruling:. Case properly dismissed as debtor failed to demonstrate commitment to a fresh start. Read more about DuBois v. Student Loan Mktg. In re DuBois Ruling:. Undue hardship discharge denied due to insufficient financial information and debtor's eligibility for income based repayment plan. In re DuBois. Read more about Allred v. Nickeson In re Nickeson Ruling:. Prepetition transfer of debtor's interest in farm corporation to non-debtor spouse avoided as fraudulent.

First Name. Last Name. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Court Name: U. Post Your Comment or Question. American Plant Food Corp. United Agri. Stenzel In re Stenzel , F. FarmPro Servs. Brown In re Brown , B. Drewes v. Vote In re Vote , F. Tanimura Distrib. Van Curen v. Crop Ins. In re Sonora Desert Dairy, L.

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Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, N. Yett In re Yett , B. Thiara v. Spycher Bros. In re Thiara , B. Atalanta Corp. Allen In re Allen , F. In re Sears, B. BAP Colo. In re Woods, F. In re Woods, B.

In re Dawes, F. March 15, state-court action is core proceeding in Chapter 7 case of debtor-farming entity. In re Woods, No. In re Benefield, No. In re Ficken, — B. In re Kasparek, B. Barnes Banking Corp. UT, , Adv. In re Rafter Seven Ranches L. Shelby v. Laufenberg v. Laufenberg In re Laufenberg , Bankr.

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Trustee, No. In re Saunders, B. In re McKinnon, B. In re Parten, Bankr. In re Alexander, B. Pinnacle Bank, N. In re Jackson, B. Kelley v. Bracewell In re Bracewell , B. Bennett v. Wright In re Wright , B. Bassan, Haw. July 9, Remaining possessory interest Text. In re Holland, No. Stanger v. Idaho Idaho-law claims concerning lease of farmland were not related to bankruptcy. In re Kimmes, B. Idaho insufficient funds fees Text. In re Clark, B. Idaho convert Chapter 12 to Chapter 7 Text.

Idaho ab initio fraudulent intent to hinder Text. In re Crystal, B. In re Hess, No. Idaho June 6, Objection to claim Text. In re Clark, No. Idaho Mar. In re Kimmes, No. Idaho Feb. Idaho Text. Idaho Jan.

Idaho allowance of administrative expense Text. In re Marek, No. In re Azevedo, No. Idaho Aug. Idaho June 13, Text. In re Marek, B. Idaho prepetition fraud Text. In re Gray-Bailey, B. In re Thomason, No. In re Hyde, No. Idaho Apr. In re Schiemer, No. In re Wiebe, B. In re Jayo, Bankr. Idaho definition of farmer and farming operation, conversion. In re Astle, B. In re Field, Bankr. Idaho , confirmation denied by, Bankr. Idaho judicial estoppel and valuation. In re Ball, Bankr.

Idaho employing professional persons requires court approval. In re Nelson, B. Idaho debtors not engaged in farming operation at confirmation still eligible for ch.

In re Stallings, B. In re Packer, No. July 19, cash collateral account not property of Bankruptcy estate Text. In re Blake, B. In re Blake, No.

May 8, replacement lien on new crops, obtaining crop insurance, and designating bank as beneficiary is adequate protection to use cash collateral Text. In re Heft, WL Bankr. In re Ferguson, No. June 18, marshalling Text. In re Cent.

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In re Bell, B. In re Fuelling, B. In re Pedersen, B. Iowa Sep. In re Dunn, No. BR , WL Bankr. Iowa May 17, Motion to incur secured debt Text. In re Schley, B. Iowa debtor ran a feeder-to-finish pig farm, agricultural supply dealer lien was not limited to cost of feed Text.

In re Vantiger-Witte, No. BR Bankr. Iowa Sept. In re Bryngelson, No. Iowa July 8, dismissal chapter 12 Text. Primebank, No. Iowa May 7, Text. Iowa May 5, report and recommendation adopted, No. Iowa May 7, certified questions about financing. In re Jacobson, No. AP , WL Bankr. Iowa Mar. In re Legassick, B. Iowa order to show cause, sanctions Text. In the Matter of: Natural Pork Prod.

II, LLP. IC Comm. First Sec. Vegt, B. Iowa time frame to file a plan, burden of proving alternative funding, motion to dismiss Text. In re Agriprocessors, Inc. Iowa Text. Iowa priority of lien Chapter 12 Text.

Schaefer v. Putnam, N. In re Vander Vegt, B. Iowa additional financing to finance waste facility and rotational grazing Text. Iowa Oct. In re Vegt, B. Iowa relief from stay, motion to use cash collateral Text. In re Hemann, No. Iowa Apr. Iowa fraudulent conveyance, good faith Text. In re Crooked Creek Corp. In re Puff, No. Primebank, N. In re Shulista, B. Iowa security interest of feed sold to hog farmer Text. Timmerman v. Eich, F. Iowa attorney malpractice Text. In re HighSide Pork, L.

Iowa prepetition ownership of pigs Text. In re Schley, No. Roeder, Bankr.

nickeson 2015 south dakota bankruptcy court

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