Ngb form 22 bankruptcy

ngb form 22 bankruptcy

NGB Forms 22 and 22A. NGB Form 22, Report of Separation and Military Service, encloses information concerning an Army or Air National Guard service member’s National Guard service time, military job, decorations, reason for discharge, and discharge characterization, similar to the DD Forms and for active-duty and reserves. NGB Form A. ARNG Enlisted Promotion Point Worksheet – Sergeant through Staff Sergeant Boards dated 22 June Supersedes NGB Form R-E dated December and NGB Form A-R-E dated December NGB Form B. ARNG Senior Enlisted Worksheet - Sergeant First Class through Sergeant Major Boards dated 22 June Missing: bankruptcy. When you are issued your DD Form / or NGB form 22/22A you need to protect it in the same manner as you would other sensitive documents such as marriage certificates or wills. It is best to keep it in a fireproof lockbox or a safe deposit box. In certain states, you can record your military separation documents the same as you would a land deed.

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