Military security clearance and bankruptcy

military security clearance and bankruptcy

security clearances that require extensive background checks. Unfortunately, this can mean that bankruptcy can have a negative impact on individual’s ability to work in these positions. The first question generally asked of military personnel seeking a high-level security clearance is if they ever had an account delinquent beyond days. According to the National Bankruptcy Forum, more than , Americans file for bankruptcy each year, as do 1 in 10 active-duty personnel. There are pros and cons to filing when you’re in the military. While you enjoy certain advantages over filing as a civilian, an improperly handled bankruptcy may have an impact on your security clearance. Whether you are a military service member or a civilian contractor working on a project for the DOD, financial mismanagement can jeopardize your ability to get and keep a security effect of bad or delinquent debt on your clearance depends on a multitude of factors including the level of your security clearance and what led to the debt. military security clearance and bankruptcy

When information of security concern becomes known about a person who is currently seeking security clearance, the investigator will consider several factors in determining if clearance should be granted or denied.

These factors include:. After evaluating information of security concern, the investigator decides whether security clearance will be granted or denied. It may be appropriate to recommend approval with a warning that future incidents of a similar nature may result in revocation of access.

It should be noted that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently enacted a policy under which federal agencies may consider publicly available social media information in connection with an application for a security clearance. The new policy allows investigators to scan an applicant's history on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other similar sites. However, agencies cannot force individuals to hand over their passwords for private accounts, or provide pseudonyms for any profiles.

Also, social media information gathered as part of a background check will not be retained unless it is considered "relevant" to the security status of the person in question. Click here to find current guidance on social media usage. Does your resume pass the 6-second test? Get a FREE assessment. Whether you want to polish up your resume, find veteran job fairs in your area, or connect with employers looking to hire veterans, Military.

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Get special job alerts, offers and insider tips on making the most of your military experience in the civilian workforce. Our firm can answer your questions and help enhance and perfect your application. Call The Edmunds Law Firm to speak with a security clearance attorney. The guidelines continue, saying that someone who is in debt might have to resort to illegal means to obtain money. Compulsive gambling, for example, can lead to financial crimes that might include espionage.

In addition, having a lot of money also raises suspicion if the sources of the income cannot be adequately explained. Sections 27 and 28 on your questionnaire are where you will have the opportunity to list and describe any bankruptcies you have had. It will be important to speak with a lawyer about the differences between a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and how they relate to your application for a national security position.

The financial section of your application for national security clearance is complex. Understanding how to answer the questions and what information to include is important. If you have had problems with debts or bankruptcy you should call The Edmunds Law Firm for help.

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