Mike nawrocki and phil vischer bankruptcy

mike nawrocki and phil vischer bankruptcy

Classic formed a new corporation called “Big Idea, Inc.” to hold these assets, and hired about 30 former Big Idea Productions employees to continue producing more VeggieTales videos and manage the business on their behalf. Some key folk like Mike Nawrocki, Kurt Heinecke and Tim Hodge have joined Classic and will remain involved with. Phil Vischer (born in Muscatine, Iowa) is the creator and co-founder of Big Idea and VeggieTales along with Mike Nawrocki. Vischer led the company through , when it was sold to Classic Media as part of bankruptcy proceedings, and he chose not to remain with the new company. Since leaving Big Idea, Vischer has started a new creative shop called Jellyfish Labs where he and a small team. History. Big Idea was founded in February under the name GRAFx Studios by Phil Vischer to create graphics in television commercials. In , Vischer created a second short film called Mr. Cuke's Screen short inspired him and Mike Nawrocki to create VeggieTales, with Nawrocki coming up with the karacto.xyzr thought the name "GRAFx" no longer suited a company about to . mike nawrocki and phil vischer bankruptcy

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