Michael mastro seattle bankruptcy news

michael mastro seattle bankruptcy news

My November 1, article highlighted the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case of real estate developer Michael R. Mastro. At “Trustee in Mastro bankruptcy goes after four new targets“, the Seattle Times too commented on Mr. Mastro and wrote about one of the latest lawsuits filed to recover Mr. Mastro’s bankruptcy estate assets. . In , in Seattle, Linda Mastro says. She went to Roosevelt High, graduated from Central Washington University, was married for six months in , and worked as a Peoples Bank loan officer when. Aug 06,  · Seattle-area real estate developer Michael J. Corliss did not knowingly help bankrupt developer Michael R. Mastro flee to Europe, where Mastro and his wife Linda are still living in an alpine Author: Marc Stiles.

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In , they started a journey that began at Mr. Mastro's sister's house in Seattle, continued to Toronto, Ontario , Canada, and, according to investigators at Focus Ltd. Tom Hazelrigg is a long-time business associate of Michael Mastro who was forced into bankruptcy by James Rigby and two other creditors in February Dorsser is appealing Barreca's decision.

On September 9, , Rami Grunbaum of the Seattle Times wrote that a federal appeals court in San Francisco had ruled that Linda Mastro was entitled to appeal the bankruptcy court's ruling about her assets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the real estate developer and accused criminal.

For the actor, see Michael Mastro actor. The Seattle Times. Retrieved Seattle Weekly. Archived from the original on Q13 FOX News. Archived from the original on 7 May Retrieved 28 October American Greed: The Fugitives. Season 1. Episode Kurtis Productions. Bellevue Patch. Rigby, Jr. Mastro, Plaintiff, v. Mastro and Linda A.

The widely watched legal drama starring developer Michael Mastro and his wife, Linda, has been renewed for another season by a federal appeals court in San Francisco. A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently gave new life to the drama. It ruled U. A recap of our story thus far: After longtime real-estate developer and lender Michael Mastro was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy by creditors in , the bankruptcy court ordered Linda Mastro to turn over two big diamond rings — Linda Mastro appealed that decision to the federal district court.

Not so fast, the 9th Circuit panel said last month. They picked the location on the advice of a Seattle priest, they said, without naming him. I just wanted to get away. For more than a year, the international manhunt produced little, it seemed. One—an invoice Mike had submitted from France to his U. Investigators also came across a French registration for a Range Rover that had previously been registered in the state of Washington—and which had been shipped overseas to the Mastros.

Informants came forward with some information as well, according to authorities. The frightened Mastros were whisked off to jail in Lyon as police and a court official searched the unit. In Seattle, U. Filming began in Seattle last week. In April last year, when Thomas Roy Hazelrigg III filed his declaration of assets to be divided up by creditors in his Chapter 7 bankruptcy case in Seattle, he reported the following: Nothing.

But there was still plenty of potential loot to be found, and Rigby hoped a lot of it could be found on Hazelrigg.

Could there possibly be blood in that aging turnip? He later became a hard-money lender, like Mastro, loaning funds to high-rolling customers. At one time the owner of hundreds of properties including homes and condos, the former Seattleite says he now lives in Albuquerque, where he claims to be in poor health a letter from his doctor indicates he has a heart condition.

Even back then, he refused to confirm exactly where he lived Mercer Island, as the reporter found out anyway, where he and his then-wife were raising three children. His legal actions drew lawsuits in protest. Hazelrigg called the claim frivolous.

Eventually, a review of records shows, Hazelrigg and Mastro began to develop projects together, including a water amusement park and hotel in Palm Springs, an area where both have lived from time to time.

By the mids, the careers of Mastro and Hazelrigg were peaking and, like the economy, heading for a downturn. By the time both were hauled into bankruptcy court, Hazelrigg had borrowed or otherwise become indebted to Mastro for tens of millions, putting Mastro bankruptcy trustee Rigby and Hazelrigg bankruptcy trustee Robert Miller Jr. On behalf of their respective creditors, the trustees began searching for assets they could liquidate. He returned after the bankruptcy court ordered Hazelrigg to file a more complete list of assets.

At his New Mexico home, he claimed to lead a Spartan existence, his only assets being kitchen utensils, glasses, two TV sets, and a twin bed with a fur bedspread, he said. Miller is still awaiting answers, and the case remains open. And he has a new problem in his bankruptcy filing: Because of his failure to properly disclose assets, he cannot be discharged from bankruptcy, a judge has ruled.

As a result, whenever the case does close, creditors could still sue if they find any assets to seize. The Trustee will not likely be able to make a distribution to creditors beyond the one percent previously disbursed unless there is very significant success in the Hazelrigg bankruptcy proceeding or other property is recovered. Besides the diamonds, there are necklaces, watches, earrings, and exotic baubles.

An page inventory includes two rare brooches—a large one shaped like a running cat and another, diamond-encrusted, formed as a lizard with a pearl head. The jewelry has now come home. But without the Mastros. O n June 5 this year, a French court barred the U. The U. Under a plea deal offered by the U. When the U. To live in France, anyway. Emily Langlie, spokesperson for Seattle U. Attorney Jenny Durkan, would not speculate on what could happen if the Mastros cross the French border and are stopped in another country, nor say whether authorities in other countries are on the watch for the couple.

Since their arrest and release, they have issued several statements in which they come off as sore winners. They deny any criminal actions, and blame Rigby for making them flee. I just tried to do a good job. We just tried to take a step back to breath[e] and think. When we left, we were not considered criminals. They had been selling their jewels and gold bars to pay their way, the couple told him. But that may be the end of it.

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