Life partners inc bankruptcy

life partners inc bankruptcy

Dec 13,  · The Life Partners bankruptcy case raised a number of highly complex issues surrounding the maximization of the value of the policy portfolio and the restructuring of its business enterprise Author: Life Partners Holdings. This message is part of Transparency Alliance’s ongoing effort to keep you informed about the details of our Plan for Life Partners Holdings Inc. (LPI) and why it’s the safer and more cost-effective option for you. The Chapter 11 Trustee for LPI has withheld $ million of investors’ death benefits since he took over in January Welcome to the Official website for the Life Partners' Creditors' Trust ("Creditors' Trust") established under the Chapter 11 bankruptcy Plan confirmed by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas in the bankruptcy cases of Life Partners, Inc., Life Partners Holdings, Inc., and LPI Financial Services, Inc. (collectively, the "Debtors" or "Life Partners").

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The U. Securities and Exchange Commission had sued Life Partners in and sought to prove that Life Partners intentionally misled investors over nearly four years about core aspects of its "life-settlements" business and that its two top executives engaged in insider trading.

Judge Nowlin reversed a jury finding in March that Life Partners and its executives were liable on one count of fraud. Life Partners emerged from bankruptcy, reorganized to maximize the recovery of investors' funds. Going forward, we project that investors will receive roughly 90 percent of their invested capital over time as a result of the plan we were able to put in place—depending on the option they elected.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Waco , Texas. Life Partners Press Release. Business Wire. As with all life settlement companies and brokers of that time frame, its first transactions were viatical settlements in which the insured has a terminal illness and is not usually elderly.

According to Life Partners' records, it closed its first life settlement on a non-terminal, elderly insured on Sept. Pennsylvania life settlement company Coventry First, LLC claims to have conducted the first life settlement transaction " First in the Market " , but the company was not formed until February 22, , Look up "Coventry First" at: www. Working paper The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, p.

Retrieved 20 January Available at SSRN: doi : Lapse-Based Insurance. JEL No. D03, G22, G Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved Pardo, R. Scott Peden and David M. March 12, Retrieved 21 September Life Partners Holdings Inc. Feldman and Thomas E. The Creditors' Trust was established generally for the purposes of: Asserting, prosecuting and attempting to collect upon litigation claims held by the Debtors' bankruptcy estates against various defendants; and Objecting to, resolving and administering general unsecured claims, including but not limited to the claims of investors relating to their "former investments".

These are investments that did not mature but were no longer held by investors at the time that the confirmed bankruptcy Plan became effective, whether such claims arose because the underlying investments were lapsed, abandoned, defaulted, sold for a loss, or experienced some other disposition that resulted in loss.

The Creditors' Trust is separately administered from the Position Holder Trust, and the Creditors' Trust does not deal at all with the administration of current and continuing investments of life or viatical policy settlements or the administration of premiums or death benefits.

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life partners inc bankruptcy

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