Legowelt crystal cathedral bankruptcy

legowelt crystal cathedral bankruptcy

NOW Magazine August 23, Volume 31, Issue They deal in the currency of human karacto.xyzous, political, racist, or terroristic beliefs. And can be delivered in the form of a prophesying doomsday, increasing human potential, or enhancing one’s position using new age techniques, black magic, crystal skulls, anything on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, or other supernatural means. French Literature.

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Visiting The CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL Cemetery \u0026 The Grave Site Of Robert Schuller \u0026 Others

Wednesdays, when there are so many sport fixtures, society meetings and commitments holding students back from attending, truly may not have been ideal. Snowed under by end of term deadlines and exams, the contradiction between completing university work and battling for its future is somewhat perplexing.

Of course, the argument goes that it was only a day, and students from other universities managed it, so the real question seems to be; what makes the students of Cardiff so different to the rest of Wales? I suppose only time, and a good bit of investigative work will tell. We in the office will be kicking back, and enjoying the festive period, like the rest of you.

We will travel far away from the office, leaving behind the constant swearing and frustrated aggression, and go to the comparative luxury of our family homes. But for those who find Christmas a little less idyllic, and the stress tends to get too much, then log on to Samaritans online.

However, all here hope you all have a wicked Christmas and New Year. Their conception, and expression through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in , displays one of the finer points of modern global civilisation. In these 28 articles can be found a more intelligent and sophisticated form of thought, based on rights to specific freedoms, rather than indirect protection through the prevention of certain conducts. Therefore, to hear George W. Bush using terms of human rights last week is especially sickening.

It degrades this noble idea and insults the countless thousands of all lands who have fought for it. An excess of negative media coverage has led to human rights becoming synonymous with petty litigation and avarice; merely a legally structured means of making lawyers rather wealthy, and occupying citizens with minor personal grumps. This phenomenon has been especially prevalent in the Euro-sceptic press, since the incorporation of the EU agreement into domestic law.

Human rights, however, relate to more than whether someone has the right to a particular convenience or indulgence. It allows you and I, amongst many things, to openly express our opinions in this very paper, publicly maintain any religious, political or sexual affiliations and to live our lives freed from restraints.

However, for the US President to flag up such abuses as a means of softening up public anxiety about military action is utterly hypocritical. Does Bush hope we will ignore the suspected al-Qaida and Taliban fighters between whom the important distinction has not been made who are being held, without charge or legal representation, in questionable conditions at Camp X-Ray?

What of the immediate US government presence at the summary execution of countless prisoners of the Northern Alliance, whose mass graves are now beginning to emerge? It is little mentioned that the States singularly emerges as the Western state most reluctant to sign up to any of the international human rights agreements. The International Criminal Court would have been an active institution long before.

Amongst the allies of Bush, we find similarly dubious histories. Russian conduct in the Chechen conflict has not exactly been exemplary. One look at the photographs later used in the investigation of these massacres is enough to show that Sharon, and any that eagerly ally themselves with him, are in no position to claim themselves defenders of human freedoms.

Whilst Saddam is a reprehensible leader, and the world will benefit hugely from his departure, for Bush and his cronies to sound off about respect for human rights is thoroughly bad form. These sorts of things never seem to run smoothly. I half expected Dr. Rowan Williams to be accused of wearing un-matching socks, or hitting badgers with spoons or objecting to the excessive consumption of Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodles by the student population of Wales.

In fact, any objections raised have stemmed from his perceived liberality on the issue of homosexuality. Williams is reassuringly orthodox and, as he stood on the steps of St.

Like it or not, we have a Church of England that still has the capacity to wield power over matters of national importance. We should be heartened to see that its new figurehead has the common sense to realise that times are changing. Yet again, millions of pounds of taxpayers money has been wasted on another trial that never was. Yet again, another individual and by proxy, his family has been dragged through the court system, with all the stress and embarrassment that entails.

Yet again, the media have scrambled over each other to provide the most sensational, shocking take on the royal scandal. Yet again, the Monarchy has come out of it all looking slightly less than blameless. First, Paul Burrell was. He sat through the indignity and humiliation of a court trial for several weeks, repeatedly giving evidence.

And during all this time, Mr. Meanwhile, the Queen. She only remembered a few weeks ago, which of course completely exonerated Burrell and gave him the chance to go sell his story to The Mirror. What on Earth are we to make of this extraordinary chain of events? There seem to me to be two conclusions. Either Paul Burrell is. Up until last week, I thought I was being overly cynical about this. Perhaps Her Majesty was genuinely forgetful and perhaps Paul Burrell was a faithful and honest servant.

Then, this second trial exploded. Logically, if Burrell took all the items in good faith, then Brown must have done so as well. What is clear from all this is that the Monarchy, has a lot of explaining to do. One word in each box. Underline words you want in bold. All cheques should be made payable to Cardiff Union Services Ltd. Also, after the bi-election, there will hopefully be someone in the position of. Be heard!

Hot dogs for sale. Over there, by the beefburgers. Full life insurance and suicide pills provided. Contact One previous owner, quite well worn, selling for cashflow problems. Contact Gair rhydd for details. As you may have gathered, the above three advertisements are not strictly legitimate. What a waste of potential.

Top five initially amusing yet increasingly tedious TV comedy quotes: 1 Shamon motherfucker! With bells on. Use the form up there. Go on! You burst into the kitchen; filth, everywhere. In the sink, rotting filth. On the sideboard, congealed filth.

On the table, crumbs of Unidentifiable filth. Pop up and collect your prize voucher. Nice one. Concerning nations or races 6 Temperance 8 Esteem 6 Loathe 6 One-eyed blink 4 Hidden 6 Feminine pronoun 3 Shelterless state 8 Opposite of no 3 Write music 6 Commission involving a short journey 6 Part of the crew of a touring band 6 TV programme with regular installments 6 Low murmur of pain 4.

Coffee bar with BYO license! Own roasted coffee. It still feels like the beginning of term, yet the whole paper is pressurised into compiling end-of-year charts, Christmas pieces and big-time bonanzas - generally speaking, the kind of articles that every other newspaper only has to do in the last couple of weeks in December.

But enough of this self-pitying dudgeon! So instead, we have dropped the veil of religious significance and are holding on to the popular conception of brash commercialism and sickly tinsel-flecked ersatz sentimentality. Full stop. It strikes me, dear readers, that this young chap is suffering from a distinct lack of heartiness!

But never fear, for your chum Brian B. Now I must. Mmm, yes. Brian Blessed. Must he haunt my every living moment? A sceptic writes: It strikes me that most of what gets written in this column is complete and utter bollocks.

The author replies: Yes, I suppose it does. Farewell, happy fields, where joy forever dwells…John Milton deceased writes: Hey! Stop ripping me off, Gates! Oh, sweet mercy! What will become of me? At this halfway point in the column my inspiration has completely collapsed. Just the thing to cheer oneself up, especially with all that compulsory jollity, mass consumption of alcohol and top-quality broadcasting.

Almost as much fun as spending quality time in front of a. N MANY ways, the life of Thomas Blenkinsop would be fairly unremarkable to the casual observer, but an early event of his life has some topical significance.

For little Tommy Blenkinsop was the little boy whom Santa Claus forgot, and this one occurrence would dominate his life. Thomas St John Blenkinsop was born in Southwark, where his father was a watchmaker and his mother a pastry wrangler.

On December 25th , however, little Tommy awoke to find his stocking empty. But how could kindly old Father Christmas desert him? However, the young Blenkinsop was a jolly young scamp and did not cry, instead turning his attentions to deducing the reason why his bounty had not arrived that year. Most of the time, Blenkinsop was involved with relatively minor cases in Scotland Yard, and quickly gained a reputation for rigorous investigation.

His handling of several society murders and his diligence in dealing with the press were to gain him the trust of the Crown and its agents, to the extent that his marriage to a horse was blessed in secret by the bishop of London - if only because the horse was female. An American journalist, reviewing the book, passed it to a friend in Tin Pan Alley, who stored it away for future reference. How strange that such an impressive figure of the finde-siecle era should have paled into insignificance.

If the machines on which these pages are written are the height of technology, then I am a Dutchman. Ah, Christmas, that happy season. Come with me now, readers, as we journey to the past in an orgy of neoProustian remembrance. The smell of the soon-to-beeaten dinner, a warm and comforting aroma, wafts easily through the house. All is right for once. But who is that looking through the window? His Christmas is merely another day in the spiralling vortex of cheap booze and heavy debts that represents his life.

For a brief moment, his eye catches that of Father, and each has a window into a new and alien life. Then, as he tramps on, Father feels moved to act.

He calls for the servants, and orders them to beat the. So I must thank that ridiculously wealthy and violent man, wherever he is now. At this point you might want to have a mental picture of me, clutching a large glass of gin and tonic, pointing at you and laughing.

That somehow one is morally absolved for all the wickedness of the past year if such behaviour is toned down because of an end-of-year piss up? I suppose that nothing more remains for me to do but to issue a few small words of advice No, actually, why should I?

To issue advice would be very patronising. In short, then, a Merry Christmas. He wanted ice cream and toys, so I dosed him up with Tixylix and he soon fell asleep. This having proved hopeless, I decided to throw open the floodgates of opinion to you, my dear, dear friends, in the form of a popular question. I often like to take a walk, greet the neighbours and such. Then I go back home to be wanked off by my robot manservant.

I mean, really out of it. Like that, but really massive, like, non-stop. A tin of corned beef, a few cans, some baccy, bit of fruit to keep me regular, loaf, bottle of milk. Oh, sorry! I shall be celebrating from atop Everest. Because I am a modern day Nietchzean superman? Rock on, Tommy! Cornered whilst wearing tracksuits and smoking Lamberts, outside The Sherman last week.

It is, of course, in East Lancashire. I apologise to any readers in Sawley, or who have come from there. Come on up to the fourth floor gair rhydd officeto collect your prizes. Scruff was born Ian Rotherham Scruff, in the snuff-snorting tart roller of days of yore had never Solihull in A quiet child, he had few existed.

This early fascination with the world of away, in this instance to commemorate the launch of sound and of joyless loneliness, would find outlet in his latest single.

In the early 70s, CD player and leave it's mark forever. Familiar by now were his houndog eyes player Sweetsmoke, kicks off with Scruff's own and shoulder-length hair, as he entertained crowds version of filtered disco-funk, that'll warm the grim of butch labourer and tarts with his guitar and ready depths of your heart and your cockles. Horn riffs, wit. His first hit, Funky Moped, took him to the top of synth stabs and a killer break make this track an the hit parade: it finally looked as though Mr Scruffauthentic throwback to the future, Scruff style.

But it was not to be. A Ghanaian the top, and by the mid 80s he was funk workout gradually slips into cheeky reduced to a shameful ten-year run in uptempo house, to create a joyous party jam BBC comedy, The Detectives.

Pundits say that it is as if answer the question a gauche. They have already graced the cover of NME and now grace these fair pages because we have a singularly tunesome copy of the album to give away. Is their no end to their rise to fame? First produced by Can anyone superstars Mick Jones else see and Bernard Butler, then that tiny run as a competition w o m a n h i d i n g here I heads. To win a copy, reach out and touch me or alternatively send me the answer to this question.

Tickets for the gig are flying out the door, and for the 15th have already sold out, so this may be your last chance to secure seats! To win, do what is required of you. Letter of the fortnight The author of this fortnight wins a block of lard, complete with smearing utensials. Dear gair rhydd,. Lettersdesk says: No doubt the feature on Hindley has prompted many people to consider their opinions on capital punishment and the British judiciary system. Dear gair rhydd, Just a quick question for all 2nd year students who lived in Talybont last year.

Did you get your key deposit back? Bet you didn't! I have phoned Southgate House four times since they promised to pay it back into my bank account when I handed my key back in on the last day. Each time they have said, "It will be paid into your account next week". And this is only Talybont. What about the other halls, did they pay a key deposit? Did they get it back? I suggest you check your account and phone Southgate House if you haven't had it.

Ungrateful whelp. Well thanks for nothing, Tony blinking Blair! And maybe some posh yoghurts for afters. Well I say steady on there Andy! Some of us still have plenty of work to do before the end of term. I for one will probably save myself at least for another couple of weeks.

No offence to Mr. He also might have less nosebleeds. What the hell have fruity little sweets got to do with the stars? Or sailors? I think this is yet another case of PC hippy bullshit gone mad. Well I say crap circles more like! In the features section on the 25th November Abbi Shaw wrote that Myra Hindley posed for her 'one of the only concrete cases for reinstating the death penalty'.

I would have to disagree with her. No case is bad enough, no crime great enough to justify the death penalty. Capital punishment fuels a disgust in me that nothing else can come close to. Once you kill one person through the state a gateway is opened and many more are punished in such a way.

Innocent people begin to die. The death penalty allows a nation to kill a human being because that person has killed. So what next? Do you kill the executioner who has killed a murderer? There is no logic in allowing this kind of killing. For many years people have used the existence of serial killers as proof against the above argument but surely we, through this type of punishment create state executioners as serial killers.

A nation that allows the death penalty sanctions the existence of cold-blooded administrative murder. Myra Hindley's life was taken away from her in a way that can be justified.

We should not seek her blood, we should not have sought her death as she sought the death of her victims. She did forfeit her rights as a human being and the state imprisoned her and gave her time, space and allowed her stories to spread.

This country did good by its people because it did not in any way mimic her actions. It did not sentence her to death. Science meets art etc. Tu i t i o n P l e a Dear gair rhydd, In your last edition you carried an article about top-up fees and the attempts made by NUS Wales officers to get National Assembly Members to sign up to a letter opposing any idea of a fee increase of this kind. NUS Wales seem to have had only mixed success in getting support for its campaign.

Well, strong support for its cause IS out there. I share this view and, like Jon, will be lobbying against any talk of imposing a top-up fee. While I know only too well the financial problems universities face, top-up fees are not the answer.

It is important that people have a chance to express their opinions on this subject. However, I would like the opportunity to reply to some comments: Miss A Roche, I have never forced my sexuality upon anyone and I am in fact a lot less demonstrative in public about this than are most straight people. Not to mention the number of times I have had straight men push their sexuality onto me.

Furthermore it is natural for people to express their sexuality and there is no reason that this should not be done in public as long as it is kept within reasonable limits — and these limits are the same for anyone regardless of sexuality. You cannot understand the problems LGB people face — the Welsh experience no more prejudice than the English whilst in Wales, there are a lot of people who would be refused entry to Miss World and half the population is female.

Yes, women do still suffer oppression, but the reason this is now so limited is because people fought to prevent it. Just like we are now trying to limit the amount of homophobia in Cardiff University. LGB people are sacked from their jobs, tortured, denied access to their partners property after their death, prevented from adopting.

Your attitude is, in fact, a fine example of the sort of attitude we are trying to change. Child of God, it is not a sin to be L, G or B. It makes me sad that people such as yourself deny themselves a natural pleasure because of something written in a different time, place and social context.

Sooner or later the church will change its stance on this issue, but by then you will have denied yourself years of happiness. Anon who works in the taf, we don't have our own officer, we have representation within the union. We don't have a larger budget than anyone else. We actually have less money because we don't charge membership. Before you feel the need to make comments in a public format please think about what you are saying and get your facts right.

This was organised by the LGB Officer, the society is getting no preferential treatment. In fact the point I was making is that this event has not even had equal treatment. At last! A student LGB night! Everyone without prejudice is welcome! Dear gair rhydd, Firstly, for all who believe flyering on beds was wrong, I would like to ask them some questions. Have you ever been discriminated against? Forced to feel alone? Isolated from society? If you have then you will know that flyers allow those who can answer yes to any of the questions, to know that people are out there to help, support and befriend them.

Secondly, flyering isn't an attempt to 'convert' people! Now what I say next may shock some readers, so brace yourselves. LGB people do not try to convert people! It would seem that those doing the converting are trying to show LGB people the "error of their ways". So before you criticise our actions, examine ALL the facts.

Why are you complaining? Do you have legislation such as section 28 discriminating against you? You can marry, have legal recognition for your relationships, be entitled to pension rights, marital tax perks and inheritance rights! You can be a full citizen in this country. LGB people cannot! We are the sufferers of the sexual equivalent to apartheid. If all your rights were taken away would you not fight to get them back? I think you would, so why deny us that same right?

And I would also like to point out that I have had people come up to me in the streets handing out flyers telling me to embrace God, I have even sat on the train and listened to some guy talk to me about Christianity for an hour and a half. I have listened to these views and. I disagree with them. But I don't discriminate against people who do believe. I wouldn't bring myself down to that level!

Lee Gregory 1st Yr LGB member Lettersdesk says: Well, that's the semester folks, thanks to one and all for all the letters, all the good times. Be sure to write in and tell us how the turkey went down probably quite painfully, have you seen those beaks?

Imagine my disappointment again when I noticed that in a bid to, I suppose, reinvigorate Union nights, again they've altered the blessed highlight of the week that is 80s Nite. Tribute bands, school discos, Jason fucking Donovan?!?

Is there really a need? It has always had a good turn out of a fairly regular clientel, most who I'm sure are feeling pretty annoyed that their fave night is continually messed up. The fact that regulars went there and that, although it was busy, it was not too busy — these were reasons why we all went there.

Oh, and to enjoy 80s music - which is NOT the same as cheese, that's all the other paraphernalia ie crap that the Ents. My housemates and myself barely missed one 80s nite last year don't snigger, we don't care what you think even when it went once a week. This year we've barely been to one. No doubt this is a trend among a lot of the old regular attendees. To the Ents. So why the changes? Can't we have 80s night please back to the way it was.

No one wants to see some pathetic drugged-up has-been attempting to sing a dirge of old songs for a meal, we want our quality 80s night back!!! Make sure it happens by next semester!!! Yours, An irate pair of Tiffany's knickers. Queue Grump Dear gair rhydd, The revolution is here. Those millions who believe that centuries of processing humans into consumer robots with the corporate carrot of the illusion of choice and freedom are in revolt.

It is a quiet, subversive revolution fought without gun nor terror. The tactic is simple but devastating: not moving forward in fucking queues! The queue moves forward. The following queuees? Che Guevara in the middle decides that he is going create a new 'Front' by standing stock still.

He is in charge of the queue now. The space ahead is his and his alone. He has literally 'made his stand'. Victory is his. And, starting from this week, you can text us too! So contact us with your short, sharp comments on The views expressed in these letters are usually not those of the newspaper or the editor.

The Get There Christmas special. Turn up the heating, light the candles FBU action permitting and snuggle up to enjoy your break. Merry Christmas everyone! Buy Elvis albums for fathers everywhere. A satirical take on the recent Welsh Music Awards, you now have the chance to voice your views on the Welsh Music scene What views are the organisers intersted in? Well, the obvious! Best beard in a Welsh Band! This is the best category. Mancunians - beard-loving ed.

The Manics Dad Rock before their time award! You should all vote by visiting the web site and registering your opinions. The event is being compered by the mighty Toe and probably offers the best chance to spot a local celeberity since last Wednesday night at the Welsh club. Thankfully, Judge Jules is not coming this time round. Really though, you should be making your own fun. Bring your friends; even though it seems to sell out every year, a welcoming arm is still extended to everyone.

This should cap off a great year for Barfly, who, lest we forget, have brought so many fabulous bands to our attention over the last few months. Radio 4 are noisy punk types who have been attracting the attention of media types recently. Something tells me that Alan McGee has fallen for them too, and that they may yet revive the flagging enterprise that is Poptones record label.

The Faint, meanwhile, are. Schnedier TM is a German guy with a computer who is perhaps the most interesting out of all of them. Metal riffs combine with the otherworldly sounds of Aphex Twin and Hawkwind ask old men with long hair!

Comments abound about the slide towards moral delirium. Santa hats are not recommended attire, however. Gates gairrhyddbooks hotmail. No talk of the plague this week, just the confessions of a group of people who have travelled to, or at least pretend to, have been to far off places.

What better way to look beyond the Christmas that awaits you! Now admired across the UK for their own brand of art-punk, go and discover how their struggle for acclaim culminated in a Sunday gig at Clwb.

Remember like your pet dog, Mclusky are not just for xmas The prospect of new material - i. Stare with bewilderment as you see ultimate loser Ian Brown mount the stage in support. By the way, the doors open so early to make space for the Sean Moore strip tease routine: James and Nicky clap in time from the wings as Sean gives it his all - business as usual then. But the world would be a boring place if we all agreed.

I suppose Fun Factory Solus 9pm-1am, free. Fun Factory is a Cardiff institution. All music types are catered for, from Blink to Blur, makes Fun Factory an essential Monday night venue. Spandau Ballet! Duran Duran! If you are clever enough to get yourself involved with a sports club during your time in Cardiff then Wednesday nights will only mean one thing — Jive Hive.

Also the new addition of the 80s Nite sounds in the backroom. This years freshers intake might have missed most of the eighties on. Has anyone forgotten what that man meant to so many people. Sure, Blondie have some songs not as many as Madness! As Robbie announces his own shows at Knebsworth, Oasis get to play an area tour.

I still think they deserve our respect for bothering with tours like this. Some people going will be there to. Almost certain to be full of WCMD students, beware! As well as many other boozy promotions.

Taf Quiz Usual format. The perfect way to dispose of a CIA gift voucher if such a reprehensible artifact exists. Advance tickets available should you need them. Not that this makes any difference to anything. Jesse James Newport TJs 7. Sparkly psychedelic pop music that is surprisingly appealing. Not seen them play live for a good while, so. Madness Cardiff International Arena 7. Check with the CIA for details. Perfect for office parties. Good and far more palatable than their support band.

Optimus Prime Clwb Ifor Bach 7. Wear a tiara if you have one. Make this your last big night before you go and start buying those xmas gifts. Save 50p by getting advance tickets. Coming Up An exciting set of events to come, as you sit back and look with dread at that exam timetable one more time. Films on release in Cardiff Its Christmas Allen takes up the festive role once more and, no doubt, saves the day.

Seasonal, sentimental, and silly. God bless us everyone. In short, Hanks debuts well and Black is, as ever, bloody funny. Good for a laugh. Murder mystery farce featuring the best of French female talent. Gotta be worth a viewing. Expect stylish satire and an unadulterated pout-fest. Self pastiche infested rollercoaster of a film that everyone should see simply because its Bond its also pretty damn good! Expect childish over-acting balanced out by great effects and a good storyline.

Prices and times will obviously be available before the night. So keep an eye open. Do I really need to sell this event to you? Cheese on Toast Cuba 9pm-2am. Free b4 10pm. Better than Zeus. Exit Club 8pm. Free entry before 9. Gay venue. Chart and Dance.

Original, eh? Suggs hosts edition of crap karaoke quiz show in Cardiff theme pub. Surprisingly good fun. All abilities catered for.

Universal Liquid 9. Student night. Tuesdays Electromagnetic Clwb Ifor Bach 9pm-2am. Definitely Maybe Barfly Ifor Bach complies with convention and offers its own prescription of metal for the masses. Vodka Creation Cheap entry and 50 different flavours of vodka. Salsa classes from 8pm, disco afterwards. Great fun with a really friendly crowd. Student Night Is It? Open til 1am just like most places. Alternative Beats The End Free before 9. Chart and dance. I dread to think what this might entail.

Ska punk night with cheap drinks. Latin Dance Party The Toucan 8. Latin music, dancing, party vibe. Live music from local bands plus alternative indie and retro from resident DJs. Why you would bother going now that Martin Carr has moved away defies belief. This is where every good aftershow party should take place though. Student Night Bar Ice 9pm-2am. Late bar, drinks promotions, painfully average. DJ Nicodeamus Moloko Electro and funk in plush surroundings.

Cross the Tracks Cuba 9pm-2am, free entry. New ish night, with the Hustler seal of approval. Soul, funk and old skool are the order of the day. Sounds good, and the flyers are ace. Check it out. Uni-Sex Club X 10pm-2am. Student night, worth a mention if only for the highly amusing name. Toucan Acoustic Sessions Toucan Club 8pm-2am. Open mic, hosted by Little Miracle.

Entry gets you into the chilled DJ happenings in the downstairs lounge, too. Perfect for a relaxed midweek night out. The Boogie Box Flares Karaoke from the 60s and 70s.

The value of the 80s continues to be denied so I recommend a boycott! Latin Night Life Bar Cafe drinks offers and dancing. National Student Night Evolution 9. Simple, but no doubt quite effective. A Town Called Malice is more likely though, I suspect. Student Night Royworld The same as most other student nights I suspect, but with a shorter walk home than Clwb.

Free to get in too. Thursdays Singles Night Life Looking for love? Try this. Be sure to come dressed smartly though. Hard House The End DJ Jomec does the honours. From the Hip Incognito 8pm-1am. House and dance. Is it for Real? Is It? Place Open til 1am. Only this time you get the company of DJ Tony-C. Brit-Pop Revival Night Barfly Indie Ed As if Britpop needed reviving with Space on the prowl. Beats of a hiphopping and funky nature.

Excellent night. Spellbound Metros 9pm-2am. Arrive after 11pm, then, and it should be a right laugh. Dance Night Oz Bar 9pm-1am. Soul Power Liquid 9. Twisted By Design City Arms 8pm-2am.

Similar to Saturdays, but a little more soul, funk and 80s into the bargain. Decide for yourself what this means. Cadence Bar Essential Free entry. Deep house, Afro Latin and nu jazz. Sounds awesome; support it. Heaven Evolution Commercial dance and house out on the bay. Saturdays Fever Barfly Indie classics and lager. Not at all bad, though. Deep Heat Club X 10pm-4am. Six rooms, three-floor balcony, games room and garden terrace. Well worth a look!

More leftfield than other Metros nights, the crowd and the music are slightly older and slightly cooler. So, there you have it funky breaks and hip-hop courtesy of Jimmy Love from Clwb. Do I sound poor to anyone? Twin Scene Reds Same as Friday, only more expensive! Cadence Bar Essential Free, see Friday. Twisted By Design, Upstairs Dempseys 7pmpm. Sundays Rational Thinking The End 7pm Furthermore, I know nothing about the distinction between deep, dark, hard and progressive house, but would be happy to learn.

Educate me by emailing gairrhyddlistings hotmail. Go on, the rules of Rugby are easy to pick up and no one will notice if you shift allegiance for three years. Cardiff Rugby www. Cardiff attempt to salvage their season. Look at the following awesome events that the dedicated societies are putting on for you all. Film Society Meets every Tuesday evening at 7. Weekly screening held at UGC, showing a selection of alternative, cult and classic films. Screenings are at 9.

Free membership, open to all. People and Planet Weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 8pm in the Union, either in the TV lounge or in one of the meeting rooms on the fourth floor. Contact RAG cf. New classes have just been announced.

You can now go along on Thursday, 4. For further enquiries contact Jo at RobinsonJ4 cardiff. RAG Xmas meal on December 9. Society Contacts As a very special festive gift to you all, the following are society email addresses, that will put you in touch with the relevant peeps.

Some of them are fairly obvious, but a few provide a bit more of a challenge. Why not see if you can spot which are which. Acappella Music Society Acappelas cf. Calling all societies! Want your event listed in these hallowed pages? Email us at gairrhyddlistings hotmail. Although with the break, you have a little longer this time round. Alternatively, if you want more information about a society or event, then please contact Laura Welsh, Societies and Union Secretary, on WelshL2 cf.

You accidentally happen to run down a couple of pedestrians who stupidly crossed the road in front of you. A cop sees you and gives chase in his car. You decide to teach him some manners. You get out of the car, unsheathe your Katana, and slice his head clean off. Two more run up and try to take you down with handgun fire. So what can you. Nothing really, the power of suggestion. And this is largely because of one thing — playability.

Two Towers and a fight. Dancing Stage Party Edition slavishly follows the formula of its predecessors. Your level of success at this contributes towards a points score displayed when the song finishes. Additional points can be gained through combos of successful button-presses, and. High scores unlock new songs. Certain aspects of the game are admirable.

There is a wide range of songs to choose from, including everything from Kylie to The Cardigans. The difficulty level is finely judged, and the graphics, while hardly spectacular, are at least functional.

When played competitively against another player, using a dance mat, the Dancing Stage titles are undoubtedly entertaining, for a short while at least. It is easy to see why the series remains popular in arcades. However, the repetitive nature of the gameplay means single-player mode inevitably becomes something of a chore. Nick Gale. Coming soon.. Well that's your lot for this year we hope its given you some ideas for christmas prezzies.

Join us in the new year when the next wave of new releases reaches us. Until then, take care, and happy gaming. If you have anything to say on the games and web front or want to have your say about a game you have played then drop us a line at gairrhyddgames hotmail.

We are looking specifically for website reviews, so get in touch, surfers! Thanks to GAME once again for their continued support in supplying the chart. However, it does suffer in some major areas. Newman and Barbara Amiel are regulars. Monday to Thursday 10 am to 11 pm, Friday and Saturday 10 am to midnight, Sunday and holidays noon to 11 pm. Access: six steps to door, washrooms in basement. Billed as enough for two, it could easily keep a four-person bobsled team happy.

The Matterhorn of a meal arrives at table on a wooden cutting board groaning with doughy spaetzle, home fries and pickled beets layered with two schnitzels — one breaded, the other battered, both deepfried — and a spiral of sausage, the lot pierced by a pair of wooden-handled steak knives. Access: barrier-free, washrooms upstairs.

A spinoff of Hot Yam! Save the planet — bring your own plate and cutlery. Monday to Friday 10 am to 2 pm, lunch from am till it sells out. Closed Saturday, Sunday, holidays. Access: steep ramp at door, washrooms on same floor.

Monday to Friday 11 am to 3 pm. Monday to Friday 11 am to 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 10 pm, holidays 10 am to 8 pm. That leftovers are guaranteed goes without saying. Monday to Friday am to 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday noon to 10 pm. Access: one step at door, no washrooms. Martha would approve. Daily 9 am to 7 pm Augusta and College ; Monday to Friday 10 am to 9 pm, Saturday am to 7 pm, Sunday and holidays 11 am to 6 pm Yonge.

Better yet, unlike the King, they deliver! Monday to Friday 11 am to 10 pm, Saturday noon to 10 pm, Sunday 4 to 10 pm. Delivery same hours. Closed holidays. Access: three steps at door, washroom in basement. Monday 8 am to 4 pm, Tuesday 8 am to 10 pm, Wednesday to Friday 8 am to 11 pm. Brunch Saturday and Sunday am to 4 pm, dinner Saturday to 11 pm.

Monday to Friday for lunch with seatings from am to pm, dinner 6 to 8 pm. Closed Saturday, Sundays, holidays. Need we add that reservations are essential? Lunch Monday to Friday am to pm starting Sept 5; brunch Sunday 11 am to 2 pm. Urban planning is more complex than ever before. They need people skills, too, to deal with diverse experts and interests. By Kevin Ritchie. My role is to lead our proposal calls so development partners can get on board, and to work with them to implement the master plan.

The most interesting thing about the planning program at U of T was that it attracted students with diverse academic backgrounds. The parts of my schooling that have been most valuable had less to do with specific job training than with professional skills like research, dealing with the public and report writing. The U of T program balances research and academic work with the development of professional skills, so your paper is.

You learn to write based on a specific planning problem that needs to be addressed. When people first start, they may end up working in a different city or a different field than they thought they were going into when they finished school. I had to go work in Manchester, England, which I knew nothing about. It was sink or swim, but luckily it turned out for the best. NOW August Learning about the science of it triggered my desire to understand the connections between development and climate change.

You may never. Experience you can get from smaller pieces of work may lead you to your end goal. I had several jobs after graduation that put me on a very odd path. Then I worked for a planning publication, Novae Res Urbis, for a year, which brought me back into the planning field. A good planner is persistent. Be open to acquiring knowledge in an array of areas and be able to make connections between those fields.

One of the challenges is accepting that as a new planner your work exists within a political context. It is all part of the learning process. Contest runs from July 3, to September 30, Weekly draws begin July 6, Winners will be announced starting on July 11, and throughout the Contest Period. Correct answer to skill testing question required. For full Contest rules and how to enter without purchase, please visit rbc. Credit cards are subject to credit approval.

Personal lending products are provided by Royal Bank of Canada and are subject to its standard lending criteria. Some conditions and restrictions apply. To get a list of eligible credit cards for students, please visit: www. Continuing StudieS evening and weekend courses at oCad univerSity in art, design, and new media evening and weekend courses in art, design, and new media.

Workshops, software training, lectures, and studio courses take place in our state-of-the-art studio facilities and computer labs.

We are located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Join us for one of our many classes that guide and inspire. I specialized in social planning and community development at U of T after I did an undergraduate degree in policy studies at Chuo University in Tokyo. My interest in planning took hold during my first year of undergrad. I took a great international development course that tried to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The program was a great way to connect with practitioners working in the field. I enjoy every moment of my job, which constantly demands creative conversations with practitioners.

I like transforming a very basic and abstract idea like establishing a community land trust into an actual organization. Looking for a skills upgrade or second career that you can take pride in? Contact Jeannie Baxter at ext jbaxter torontoimageworks.

Get creative with your career. For more information visit centennialcollege. In prInt, onlIne nowtoronto. Firefighters start small, manageable fires on purpose so as to eradicate brush that has accumulated too close to wooded areas.

With less fuel around, bigger fires are not as likely to ignite accidentally and turn into conflagrations. I encourage you to use this as a metaphor for your own life, Aries. First, identify a big potential problem that may be looming on the horizon.

Then, in the coming weeks, get rid of all the small messes that might tend to feed that big problem. One way to do this is to keep our uncommon and unruly ideas clear and organized. How are you doing in this regard, Taurus? According to my reading of the omens, now is prime time for you honour and nurture and cultivate them.

I recommend that you take immediate and intensive steps to remedy the situation. There should not be anything about you that is high and dry; you need to soak up the benefits that come from being slippery and dripping.

For extra credit, drink deeply from the sacred cup that never empties. Address them on their own level of consciousness, respecting their limitations and appealing to their particular kind of intelligence. Of course, this is always a good policy,. If so, do you have any specific ideas about how to do it?

The coming weeks will be an excellent time to identify and implement those ideas. Stimulating your generous urges may help motivate the universe to be generous to you. It had to be a piece he created on the spot, in the gallery, on the day the show opened. That would be way too much pressure for me to handle. What about you, Virgo? Could you quickly come up with some new wrinkle or fresh creation that would show the world who you really are?

On the contrary. Pleasurable events can be great learning experiences. Joy and freedom may activate potentials that would otherwise remain dormant. For the next two weeks, I encourage you to explore the necessary power of decay. Harness the archetypes of breakdown and dissolution as you put an end to things whose time is up. This work is key to your future rejuvenation and renaissance.

Every Saturday, in your inbox. Sign up today! Please submit all listings by Wed Aug 29 at 5 pm to listings nowtoronto. Metaphorically speaking, Scorpio, you should be like that for your gang or crew or tribe. I urge you to stir up group morale. Provoke deeper thought and stronger feelings. Instigate some bubbly new trends and effervescent interactions. Be yeasty! Would you be willing to sacrifice a trivial comfort for a new privilege?

Would you shed a small pleasure to gain a much bigger pleasure? Your route is not likely to be a straight shot through breathtaking scenery with expansive views. No, my dear Aquarius, your journeys will be more complicated than that, more snakey and labyrinthine. And your metaphorical vehicle may resemble a funky old Chevy pickup truck or a forklift bedecked with flowers. It should be pretty fun, though. Keep in mind that your maps may only be partially useful. Those three words had great power!

Your assignment is to dream up three potent declarations that, while not legally binding, express the deepest and most loving intentions you promise to be faithful to in the coming years. Tell all: Freewillastrology. The excitement of learning, the crunch of fall leaves, the puddles of puke outside the kegger To party and booze it up successfully, you need strategy and respect for the effects, both short-term and long-, of imbibed substances.

How are you going to knock it back in a healthy way? Stay away from coolers and alcohol mixed with pop or juice, which add extra empty calories. Drinks made with tomato juice, like Bloody Marys and Bloody Caesars, are high in sodium.

Frozen drinks like daiquiris and margaritas are often made with flavour mixes that include a ton of refined sugar, artificial colours and preservatives.

If you plan to drink several glasses of alcohol in one evening, try alternating an alcoholic beverage with a glass of water to prevent dehydration.

Sports drinks or water with toast and honey or jam can help, as well as drinking water or Gatorade before going to sleep. Drinking alcohol to relieve a hangover will make things much worse later.

If you drink often, avoid painkillers that contain acetaminophen. There is evidence that at high doses with alcohol it can cause liver damage. Alka-Seltzer has been used for decades to neutralize an overacidic stomach. However, eating food, greasy or not, does slow the absorption of alcohol. Gallic acid [which has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties] occurs in wood. Some gets into whiskies that are aged in oak barrels. Scotch, since it is aged in toasted barrels, will probably have more.

But the main antioxidants in whisky and brandy are the copper, manganese and iron ions, which can change their charge. We need all the antioxidants we can get, so by all means drink good whisky and brandy in moderation. We recently looked for some metals in gin and found none. I suspect the same is true of vodka. The diseases that alcohol prevents or reduces the risk of are those that affect older people: heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes.

If you are older, the most important thing is not whether you drink beer or a glass of wine, but that you do it in moderation, a drink or two, and do it every day as a pattern and only when you eat.

You get good cholesterol from whisky, and wine has other ingredients other than alcohol, all of them very helpful. But again, any protection young people get is probably minimal.

The unique and powerful acids in raw green coffee beans support healthy body weight, body fat levels, cardiovascular function, and blood sugar levels. This year, organizers decided to bridge the gap, pairing musicians with artists from other disciplines for a set of oneof-a-kind performances. Terfry has a tendency to fall too comfortably into his unwavering signature flow, but this nearly two-hour performance offered plenty more for the audience to focus on.

An arsenal of performers mirrored and multiplied his unmistakable dance moves, rode bikes around the stage, popped balloons and tossed paper airplanes from the balcony. Each song. Still, the experimentation made for the kind of spontaneous spark-filled experience that typifies the best live music. Perhaps their Kentucky origins, slightly homogenous fan base or beards-and-guitars aesthetic are what relegates them to the pastoral, quaint domain of Southern, roots and country rock a fact that was lampooned in an MMJ-centric episode of American Dad.

But it makes more sense to view them as far-out stoner rockers, quick with the funk and prone to meandering, mesmerizing riffs that are more eclectic than twangy. James stalked the stage, hood up, like a gaucho Jon Snow, bouncing off the drum risers and teasing out guitar solos as reedy and carnal as his distinctive voice. The pace was perfect: two hours of billowing builds and few quiet, acoustic moments. In concert, the emotional experience is decidedly less varied: the band is taut, intense and loud.

Taking the stage just after midnight, they quickly locked in and kept the allages punk kids bashing about for 30 minutes. Those who chose to remain stationary seemed mesmerized by Daniel Pitout, whose precise speedfreak drumming was the most visceral and captivating aspect of the show. Think later Stills or early Strokes. Jace Clayton knows something about mixing disciplines. Queen West , Friday August 24 Forward-thinking bass music.

Springsteen has been playing some of the longest sets of his career on this tour and still somehow leaving fans hungry for more.

This is the largest version of the E Street Band ever to tour, although the absence of founding member saxophonist Clarence Clemons will surely be felt. October 5. November 7. November 8. November 9. December 7.

December 8. December 9. Noineen Noiny Noin is a reference to the first year Poltz toured. But for me, no subject is off limits. I pray to let me be totally honest. So when I come onstage being honest and myself, naturally it makes people uncomfortable. Music listings appear by day, then by genre, then alphabetically by venue. Event names are in italics. See Venue Index, page 56, for venue addresses and phone numbers. Send to: music nowtoronto. Include artist s , genre of music, event name if any , venue name and address, time, ticket price and phone number or website.

Weekly events must confirm their listing once a month. Of Motown The Spinners pm. See preview, page See preview page Saiyan, Lady Bass, Velociraver 9 pm. More shows to be announced — visit canadaswalkoffame. Major Partner. Unit, Sinjin Hawke. Luxy nighTcLuB T. Trooper, Poor Young Things pm.

The duke Live. Vinny Mac, DJ Casanova. WaylaBar Pop Machine 10 pm. Dakota taVern Bluegrass Brunch 11 am to 3 pm. SPiritS Kim Jarrett folk rock 7 pm. DoMinion on Queen Rockabilly Brunch 11 am to 3 pm. A swim-in dance party 2 pm to midnight. The Garrison Mars, New Hands 9 pm. Holy Oak Cafe Alex Lukashevsky pop 9 pm. The Painted Lady Brainfudge 10 pm. Fires of Mammon doors 9 pm. The Central Jam Night 10 pm. Drake Hotel underground Elvis Monday doors 9 pm.

The Local Hamstring String Band. Sugar Devils New Orleans jazz 9 pm. Tranzac Drumhelller jazz 10 pm. The Local The Ole Fashioned.

RT, TM. Dominion on Queen Django Jam pm. Gate Andy Malette piano 5 to 8 pm. Nathan Phillips Square noon to 2 pm, free. Roxette, Glass Tiger Molson Amphitheatre. Dominion on Queen Corktown Uke Jam 8 pm. Dakota Tavern Gordie Tentrees.

Gate Blues Night Julian Fauth 9 pm. Motel Open Mic 10 pm. Tranzac Southern Cross Matt Bailey folk pm. Offer available for a limited time within Rogers cable service area where technology permits in select regions in the Greater Toronto Area where Bell Fibe is available call Rogers1 for a complete list of eligible regions to: a new Rogers cable customers, and b existing Rogers cable customers not currently on a term contract for cable services.

Two-year term required. An early cancellation fee applies. Regular monthly rates for each service will apply after six month promotional period for remainder of term. Regular monthly rates subject to change. Long distance and additional features extra. Also see the Acceptable Use Policy at rogers. Modem set-up: the system is configured to maximum modem capabilities within Rogers own network.

For details, visit rogers. S AND O! Over the heads of revellers, surreptitious flask-sippers and confused patiositters, a tuba, a violin and a megaphone peek out, the muffled sounds of energetic Ukrainian folk barely audible over handclaps, percussion and audience chants.

I should be doing that, too. That flight, taking them to Romania for a tour, was only a small part of their adventure. We want to create a circle of creative energy. AlleycAtz Yonge. AmAdeus Augusta. AmsterdAm Brewery 21 Bathurst.

Annex wreckroom Bathurst. AspettA cAffe Augusta. BAr itAliA College. BenAres historic house Clarkson N Mississauga. Beth emeth synAGoGue Elder. Blue dot GAllery 55 Mill, bldg BoAt Augusta. Boiler house 55 Mill. Bovine sex cluB Queen W. BrAssAii King W. Buddies in BAd times theAtre 12 Alexander. GAte Roncesvalles. GlAdstone hotel Queen W. Guvernment Queens Quay E. Ashkenaz Festival Harbourfront Centre 11 pm, free.

Harbourfront Centre Lakeside Terrace 1 pm, free. And Sep 3. SUn AUG Follow Twittergong www. Side B is more peculiar — one continuous track of shape-shifting moodiness subdivided into four. Propulsive bombast slowly gets overtaken by choral voices that cascade into a bleepy-bloopy comedown.

Then it grows again, epic with percussion and violins, morphing into throbbing distortion before subsiding. Using hardly any words at all, Deacon conveys the freedom, triumph and catharsis that can come from a journey across ever-changing yet familiar terrain. Spend time with this.

Specifically, the quirky electronic musician drew from places in and around his hometown of Baltimore, but also landscapes he saw while crossing the country during his frequent bouts of touring.

The nine-track, largely instrumental album oscillates between exuberant, driving soundscapes and calmer, minimal symphonic moments, both playing off each other in an exquisitely paced dynamic. Side A will get you on the dance floor, particularly the joyous and melodic True Thrush. On its follow-up, Jack Tatum makes the obvious progression and takes his one-man bedroom project into the studio, beefing up his genteel jangle with live drumming and electronic instrumentation.

Overall, the mood is much more pensive, the pop. The wispy melody and vocals on upbeat opener Shadow have the pleasant feel of a feather brushing your ears. A little bit of the quirky lo-fi charm of their live show has been lost, but those textures are just window dressing for their obvious chemistry.

Their voices blend in a way that makes you picture them constantly singing together at home while doing chores. Beams, his fourth full-length, finds Dear moving further to the pop side, but in a gloomy mood. There are great production touches all.

And anyone hoping for a radical departure from the sparse, clinical new wave sounds they often tend toward will be disappointed; this is as synthy as it comes. He brings impassioned, sometimes yearning vocals to songs like For Your Heart, and the arrangements are more fully realized.

For his part, Daniel contributes some solid lyrics and decent melodies, but his tunes often feel unfinished. If Divine Fits turns out to be more than just a passing phase, maybe the members will drive each other out of their comfort zones. Perfect listening material for when the weather cools and you need some comfort. From the fold emerges local singer Rochelle Jordan. On the title track, the demure, controlled cadence of Aaliyah is the likelier comparison.

See Comedy Listings, page Any ideas about what to rename the CCAs? The Raptors got their name from the most popular movie at the time — clearly not a mistake. One of your nominations is for The Newsdesk.

To get news from? To date? Yes: When is Animal Crack-Ups coming back? Doubtfire ringer. If you guys win, which one of you will give the longest acceptance speech?

Rob Baker will introduce us, then Adam Cawley will thank everyone who needs to get thanked. Bob Banks will interrupt and tell a story about something he saw as he walked over to the awards. Jason DeRosse will thank us for allowing him to be in the troupe.

The Unwieldy Objects. Suggested new name for the CCAs? How about Rabies? It is an honour to be nominated, but kind of an insult when you lose. Did you try to sabotage the episode? I tried to sabotage Illusionoid, but it was so bad already I feared any meddling would result in improvements. Only feelings. And some stiffness. I forgive the first time. Second time a slap.

Third time full-on evisceration. New name proposals for the Canadian Comedy Awards? That guy is really popular. All the nominees for best TV show how have been cancelled. We were too funny to be handled. How are you going to inaugurate it? What would you like to say to the awards host, Alan Thicke? Alan, unless he pays up.

Stacey McGunnigle Nominee, best female improvisor Key to improvising? That and vodka. I love the big characters, the physicality and a particular windbreaker that I find breathtakingly beautiful. If you win, who will you not thank? The hairstylist who agreed to perm my hair at Proposed new name for CCAs? The Pumas. At Withrow Park. To September 2. See Continuing, page Rating: NNNN.

Running from August 9 to 19, the expanded 22nd annual SummerWorks featured live art, music, performance and 41 theatre productions, drawing an audience of over 20, to the Queen West strip between Bathurst and Dufferin. Many of the works were dark in narrative and theme. Both Ajax Por Nobody and Big Plans featured castrations and other bloody episodes, while characters in Breath In Between and Big Plans advertised on the internet for someone who wanted to be killed; both ads succeeded.

Sometimes there was so much talent on display that the jury recognized several artists. And all this in their first year!

In the hands of another company, changes this big could be disastrous. Director McMurtry-Howlett makes wonderful use of the park space. Two giant trees frame the playing area, and actors sneak behind them to change costumes or make their entry. Since there is no back wall, characters sometimes wander off into the distance and can be seen carrying on their business far off in the park — one of many magical touches.

Theatre listings are comprehensive and appear alphabetically by title. Opening plays begin this week, Previewing shows preview this week, One-Nighters are one-offs, and Continuing shows have already opened. Send to: stage nowtoronto. Listings may be edited for space. This play for ages four and up presents a variety of fun and culturally diverse adventure stories. Opens Aug 27 and runs to Aug 31, Mon-Fri pm. Palmerston Library Theatre, Palmerston.

Opens Aug 26 and runs to Aug 30, Sun and Thu 8 pm. Revival, College. The outdoor performance festival features European street theatre, aerial arts, dance, music, clown and more by Funny Bones, Cirque Mechanics, Pancho Libre, Alakazam and many others.

Aug , Thu-Fri noon to 11 pm, Sat 11 am to 11 pm, Sun 11 am to 8 pm. Pwyc donations to Epilepsy Toronto. Aug , Wed-Thu 8 pm.

Exes reunite in the park where their love first bloomed in this workshop production. Aug , Thu-Sat 8 pm. Tarragon Theatre, 30 Bridgman, Far Studio. The classic comedy about the tug-of-war between dreams and reality is performed entirely with flashlights. Aug , Thu-Sat pm, Sun 2 pm. Maja Prentice Theatre, Dixie, Mississauga.

This performance installation by Tristan R Whiston and Moynan King transforms a private story into a performative experience. Aug , Fri-Sat 7 pm, mat Sat 11 am, Sun 2 pm. A city couple rents a haunted farmhouse in this comedy. Previews Aug Opens Aug 30 and runs to Sep 15, see website for schedule.

This celebration of the arts features a film screening and live performance by Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts, dancer Colleen Snell and others. Aug 24, film 5 pm, stage show from 7 pm. Mississauga Celebration Square, City Centre.

The local performer delivers a cabaret show. Aug 24 at 8 pm. Aug 23 at pm. Works by David Foley, Nancy Tam and other emerging composers are performed alongside an installation exhibit.

Aug 25, doors 7 pm. Norman Felix Gallery, Queen W. Aug 25 at 4 pm. Artscape Wychwood Barns, Christie, Courtyard. Runs to Aug 26, Thu-Sun 11 am, noon, 1 and 2 pm. Dinner Theatre. This dinner-theatre whodunit features corporate back-stabbing and board-.

Runs to Sep 15, Fri-Sat and some Thu; dinner from pm, show 8 pm. This intimate revival of the Broadway smash delivers all the fun of puppets behaving badly.

Songs about racism, porn and being in the closet are hilarious, honest and performed well by a strong cast of singers and puppeteers challenged by a few technical restraints.

Hardcore Beatles fans will find lots to enjoy in this moody, slow-moving story about the forming of the Fab Four. Royal Alexandra Theatre, King W. A free-spirited woman clashes with her uptight husband and others in 60s NYC. Runs to Aug 25, Thu-Sat pm. Three actors perform 37 plays in 97 minutes in this show performed on the garden terrace.

Runs to Sep 5, Wed and Aug 7 and pm. Casa Loma, 1 Austin Terrace. Still relevant 60 years after its premiere, The Crucible is ostensibly about the Salem witchcraft trials but resonates wherever emotional and political demonization take place. To Sep 22, see website for schedule.

The leader of a vigilante group wrestles with existential questions during an alien invasion in this multimedia musical. Runs to Aug 31, Thu-Sat 8 pm. Electric Theatre, Augusta. This play looks at modern hubris and our lack of humility in the face of the past. Two estranged brothers reunite and confront the abuse in their past and how to overcome it. Runs to Sep 1, Thu and Sat 8 pm, mat Aug 26 at 2 pm.

Unit Theatre, Dufferin. This movable drama and tour tells the stories of brick makers, POWs and Depression-era transients who spent time at the Brick Works. Runs to Sep 30, most Sat and Wed 2 pm see website for exact schedule. Packed with action, comedy and eye candy, this Dream has something for everyone, young and old. Runs to Sep 2, Tue-Sun 8 pm. Motta performs a weekly interactive show. Indefinite run, Wed 8 pm. The Annex Live, Brunswick. The horses are the stars, galloping, clearing fences and performing in unison, sometimes with brave riders jumping over them and in one eye-popping case, under them.

White Big Top, Cherry. A power struggle ensues when a female student accuses a professor of sexual harassment. Runs to Aug 31, Fri and Wed 8 pm, mat Aug 25 at 2 pm.

A girl turns pink after eating too many cupcakes in this family musical. Runs to Sep 9, Sun 1 pm. Lower Ossington Theatre, A Ossington. This play looks at reasons why an ordinary person would put on a costume and moonlight as a crime fighter. Runs to Aug 26, Thu-Sat pm, Sun pm. Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester. Runs to Sep 21, see website for schedule. Become a Clique member and receive access to our exclusive contests.

Follow us at twitter. Buy your discount tickets to theatre, dance, opera, comedy … and more! A weary army vet meets a brash music writer in 50s northern Ontario in this romantic comedy. Runs to Sep 22, see website for schedule.

This sitespecific opera travels through the building in a modernized version of a Handel cantata about a love triangle. Runs to Aug 31, Sun-Fri pm. Runs to Sep 2, Wed-Sun pm. Withrow Park, Logan, south of Danforth. Princess of Wales Theatre, King W. Nashman is mesmerizing. Runs in rep to Sep Studio Theatre, 34 George E, Stratford. The Shaw ensemble is expert at suggesting the emotional subtext of the play.

Runs in rep to Oct Festival Theatre, 55 Queen, Stratford. NNN JK. Sure, the original charming staging has been thrown out for big production numbers, but the cast is largely winning and the kids in the audience love it. Avon Theatre, 99 Downie, Stratford. ELLAmentary at 8 pm.

Falcon Powder at 9 pm. Thursdays at 8 pm. Second City presents an all-ages collection of sketches, songs and improv to benefit the SickKids Foundation. To Aug 31, Thu-Fri 1 pm. Revue Cinema, Roncesvalles. To Aug 24, Thu-Fri 8 pm. Opens Aug TueSat 8 pm plus Sat pm , Sun 7 pm. Second City, 51 Mercer. Ron Sparks at 8 pm. Catch 23 at 8 pm.

Uncalled For at 9 pm. Hot Thespian Action at 10 pm. The Sunday Service at 10 pm. Mantown at 11 pm. See Thu Charlotte Room, 19 Charlotte. Bathurst Street Theatre, Bathurst. Theatresports at 8 pm. Script Tease Project at pm.

The Seanpod at pm. Rap Battlez! Ein-Stein, College. Thicke and appearances by Colin Mochrie, Sean Cullen and others. To Sep 19, Wednesdays 8 pm. Hakuna Matata Sports Bar, Parliament. Aug , Fri-Sat 7 pm, mats Sat-Sun 2 pm. Oakdale Community Centre, Grandravine. Aug , see website for schedule. Collage and assemblage, techniques that played a major role in 20thcentury art movements like cubism, Russian constructivism and surrealism, are still going strong in the digital age. In this entertaining show curated by Matthew Hyland, 18 contemporary Canadians, working in.

Smaller works cut up classical art:. Zsako wittily superimposes still life and portrait elements from auction catalogues; Elizabeth Zvonar juxtaposes images from an art history textbook to comment on its Westerncentric bias.

Jacob Whibley channels mid-century graphic and architectural design in geometric collages meticulously crafted from old paper. Williams, Aug Sep 22, reception pm Aug Sound installation: Barry Prophet, to Oct 16 naisa. JOHN B. MKG Toolkit group show, to Sep 8. Art, Words And Toronto, to Oct 6. And you also get an end-of-summer stroll in the scenic Gairloch Gardens. Lisa Myers and Autumn Chacon, to Oct 28 free.

Michael Snow, to Dec 9. Connections: Studio Pottery, to Dec Todd Ainslie; Carnival, to Feb 24, Perpetual Motion; Portable Mosques, to Sep 3.

Write what you know. When former Detroit Red Wings. With its focus on winter in northern towns, pre-medicare medicine, hockey and the very relevant issue of concussions among professional athletes, Swan has added another gem to SUSAN G. COLE the Canadian canon. See Readings, this page. NOW sex columnist Dan Savage has teamed up with editors from Seattle newspaper The Stranger to produce this humorous collection that addresses everything from how to handle drugs to how to write well.

Some of it is U. Chapters, John. Readings by Rehaset, NuKola, Nomaan and others. Little Island Comics, Bathurst. Saturday, August 25 Village, Bayview. Bloor W. Reference Library, Yonge. Looking for eco-friendly Check out the weekly products and services? Western Light in a conversation with sports reporter Bob Duff. Annex Live, Brunswick. Opens Friday August For venues and times, see Movies, page Delicate, carefully observed studies of young women before and after a crucial moment in their lives, each uses a radical shift in perspective to leap forward in time and see what becomes of each woman after that turning point is reached.

They come from the same parts of me. But I have a hard time. Physical jeopardy is inconceivable to the head of state who, as history dictates, will eventually lose her head.

He leaves judgment to the audience, who can debate class, celebrity culture, sexual morals and voyeurism, themes woven into a film as layered as the elegant attire on display. Check theatre directories for showtimes Vega Blvd.

Hell And Back Again captures tense moments like this scene of a man gathering his possessions during an assault operation in Afghanistan. But back then, Espinosa was just an enthusiastic ChileanSwedish filmmaker with a smash hit Euro thriller. But this time last year hardly anyone knew your name. How did this happen? We had the screening at the Berlin Film Festival, and a lot of agents and buyers, including the Weinsteins, were there. It really became a whirlwind from that one screening.

Suddenly, agents were calling my house from America, and they started flying in to meet me. Warner Bros. Will you be associated with that project?

Then a good director will want to make it. The characters in Easy Money speak a number of different languages. We are living in a truly international world [and] we have to portray that, with those conflicts.

It turns out there was somewhere to take the boots-on-the-ground documentary after Restrepo and Armadillo after all. In one, a platoon of U. Marines clashes with Taliban guerrillas; in the other, a few months later, Sgt.

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