Larne fc address labels

larne fc address labels

NI’s Clerkin to address major retail summit. August 13, in News. with responsibility for the company’s portfolio of global labels. Larne FC’s Kenny Bruce to open Co. Antrim hotel. June 18, Global demand for luxury food items plummets. June 17, At UPS we offer a range of parcel delivery services to fulfil your shipping and logistics needs. Create a shipment today, track a parcel and more. Jan 02,  · The Irish Youth team & officials taken in the Royal Station Hotel, Friday 13th May - match played at Boothferry Park Saturday May 14th - Result England 4 N. Ireland 2. larne fc address labels

Dickson Coleraine , J. Coulter Distillery , A. Doyle Coleraine. Saturday, 28 January Irwin Bangor ; C.

Davey Coleraine , W. Black Glenavon , J. Brown Linfield , T. Parkhill Coleraine , F. McClaughlin Distillery , D. Jardine Glenavon , W. McAuley Oldham , K. McCandless Coleraine , B.

Mullan Coleraine , T. Sloan Ards Northern Ireland Youth c. Davey Coleraine , D. McMillan Bangor , J. Brown Linfield , M. Smylie Ballymena U. McClaughlin Distillery , F. McArdle Crusaders , T. Cassidy Glentoran , K. McCandless Coleraine , R. Harland Crusaders , T. Sloan Ards. Davey Coleraine , F. McClaughlin Distillery , J. Morrow Bangor , F. McArdle Crusaders , G. McGranaghan Coleraine , K. McCandless Coleraine , W. McAuley Oldham , T.

McKibben Cliftonville ; C. Black Glenavon , N. Lilley Glentoran , B. Gorman Linfield , J. Brown Linfield , J. Smith Derry , D. Rouse Derry , G. Prenter Linfield , T. McCandless Coleraine ], J. Lavery Glentoran. Cassidy Glentoran ], G. Prenter Linfield , K. McCandless Coleraine , J. Gorman Linfield [sub: Pearson Glenavon ], D. Potter Linfield , J. Phelan, W. Walker, H. McGeehan, R. White, A. Fraser capt , Derek Spence Crusaders , F. McKelvey, G.

Prenter Linfield , P. Kirk Glentoran , J. Woods Subs: Tom Finney, R. McDonald, T. McDowell Portadown , D. Potter Linfield NIR: T. McCullough Glentoran ; B. Craig Glenavon , G. Gorman Glentoran [T. Henry Glenavon ], T. Campbell Coleraine , K. McCool Derry C.

McShane Glenavon , D. O'Doherty Derry City [P. Kirk Glentoran 70], P. Malone Glenavon , B. McAuley Cliftonville , H. Thompson Glentoran [J. By using a device the majority of us uses every day- a mobile phone- to enable people to donate to the Haiti campaign in the simplest of ways, they have been able to raise a vast amount of money is less than two days to help people affected by the earthquake.

This campaign will set a benchmark for future fundraising campaigns by charities and other groups, and shows just how new technology is changing dramatically many aspects of daily life. Dear Colleague, As we move towards a General Election it remains the case that the Parliamentary Labour Party is deeply divided over the question of the leadership.

Yours fraternally, Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt. Posted by Gary McKeown at 6. There are messages doing the rounds on Twitter suggesting an interesting way to rack up a substantial bill for the British National Party. The Twitter campaign is calling on all manner of correspondence to be sent to this address. Is the BNP, on the back of the increased controversy surrounding their success at the European elections, now using the 'British Heritage' term to organise events?

Over at Politics. According to the report , the property is available for free until whoever occupies it sees their business starting to make money.

The property owners will also be available to mentor, advise and help any interested parties who come on board. According to one of the owners: "We are reaching out to those people who might have lost their job recently or who have a business idea or a plan.

We want the place filled and we are open to all suggestions. Obviously a lot of businesses and property owners are feeling the pinch during the recession.

Is it a case of innovate to survive for many? Obviously the cameras didn't break the last time I was on. Below are the results from the evening.

The clear planning, coupled with the carefully thought out implementation, ensured that the objectives of the campaign were met. The judges were particularly impressed with the creativity of the campaign and the breadth of the tactics. The judges considered the strength of this programme to be its well structured media relations programme, which proved to be extremely cost effectiveness. The initial environment was sometimes challenging. An independent analysis testifies to the effectiveness of this ongoing programme.

Lots of other voices were clamouring to be heard and the Police Service did well in reassuring the public and calming the situation.

This was a well managed crisis communications plan, which covered all bases, some of which eventually were not needed. The initial desk research benchmarked the situation and allowed Aiken PR to prepare the entire campaign. The results against the objectives of the campaign were all met within the budget parameters. Silver Northern Bank, Moneyville - Bringing money management to life for young children Finalist Strategic Planning, Mayfield Garden Village Community Relations Public Affairs Gold Stratagem NI Ltd, Stratagem fuels energy saving week success This was a well planned and executed programme that communicated the energy saving message to a wide number of stakeholders and audiences.

Using members of the Northern Ireland Parliament proved a highly effective means of communicating to and engaging with consumers. An impressive amount of media coverage was secured across national and local media in Northern Ireland, and created a high degree of brand recognition for the Energy Saving Trust and its work. Public Sector Gold Translink, Translink NI Railways Londonderry Line Upgrade This was a well thought through consumer programme to inform and prepare local communities about rail service disruption during upgrading work.

The outcomes showed Translink to be a responsible organisation which communicated with all stakeholders, including distributing 85, new timetables to homes near the rail lines.

As a result, at the end of the 13 week upgrade programme, no complaints had been received by the Customer Services Department and no compensation paid. The objectives were clear, and the planning and execution were delivered in a timely fashion.

A raft of opportunities were arranged to get the cheese in front of the wider audience, including flyers, online promotions, competitions, stands at exhibitions, and joint promotions with established and trusted retailers. The outcome was a record number of visitors to the stand, and excellent broadcast and media coverage, including on-line. This was a well thought out campaign, delivered on a limited budget.

The judges unanimously awarded the gold to Morrow Communications for a well planned, implemented and evaluated campaign, which raised brand awareness, encouraged product trial and grew market share. Strong research, well thought out strategic partnerships and a creative approach to promoting the product ensured the campaign had credibility and secured regular coverage in the time frame set. This was a leader of the pack in terms of strategy and tactical implementation.

What can be regarded as a rather dry subject was transformed into a compelling campaign which utilised stunts, strong imagery, digital and online activity to drive home key messages and achieve the all important call to action. A very well implemented campaign that impressed the judges through its thorough and creative nature. JPR turned the current negativity to advantage, using it to underpin the fact that the Bank stands for positive values — generating significant amounts of coverage and creating lots of positive ambassadors, which is no mean feat.

The judges were impressed by the way the campaign used online and social media to gain momentum, culminating in a week-long school building blitz.

Weber Shandwick should be commended for achieving high profile support from sports stars and local celebrities at no additional cost, and indeed for delivering such fantastic results with minimal spend. Web streaming, social networking sites and podcasts were used effectively to increase reach, and it was good to see a focus on search engine optimisation that was lacking in other submissions.

A well deserving winner. A stunning set of images created with an eye on costs for maximum exposure. It connects with readers very effectively, looked good and fulfilled all the objectives identified by the Big lottery Fund.

Judges felt that Big magazine would not look out of place sitting on newspaper shelves alongside the like of Chat, Now or Woman. Colour and photography were used to great effect, and the lay-out was clean and easy to follow.

The council deployed superb skills in conveying corporate messages in a positive and engaging manner, and the fact that this guide is funded solely by advertising is to be applauded.

It is very clear and contains all the pertinent information that they need in the event of an emergency. Folding down to wallet size increases the chances of residents retaining the information. Including it in an existing magazine, alongside a flooding feature, ensured it reached target audiences at no additional cost.

Thorough research and careful planning ensured that it meets the demands of its target audience, driving traffic to the site and raising awareness of the brand.

The judges particularly liked the interactive focus, which enables the zoo to engage effectively with its stakeholders. A superb submission and a very worthy winner. Well done. The judges were extremely impressed with the way in which problems were overcome and the unique approach Jennifer took towards meeting her brief. A worthy winner — well done. Their enviable client list ranges from international corporate groups to high street names, and public sector bodies to charities.

LJK has excelled in growing a full service consultancy, which moved to new purpose-built offices in The Slugger Awards mark something different in politics here. And now the Sluggers take it to the next level with a tangible event which brings all this together. Tickets for the Awards sold out extremely quickly, and when extra ones were released, they were snapped up too.

I'll be down at the Awards ceremony tomorrow in an official capacity, but it'll be great to see so many people from a range of backgrounds coming together to celebrate good politics. Thursday, 19 November Ireland was Robbed! In an act of gross unfairness last night, the Republic of Ireland team was cruelly robbed of a change of participating in the World Cup in South Africa, thanks to the hand of Thierry Henry.

Even the French know it was a travesty of justice- Henry has admitted to handling the ball, and There are only two options for the Irish team to receive natural justice.

For there to be a reply, as Liam Brady has suggested , or for an exception to be made with the Republic of Ireland being given an additional place at the World Cup. I won't be holding out much hope for either though, given the record of the international footballing authorities. A couple of videos to enjoy. I hadn't actually come across the former until I noticed it mentioned in Gerry Lynch's Facebook feed, but when I watched it, it reminded me of the latter This episode focuses on big news stories that have been across blogs lately.

Feedback welcome! Posted by Gary McKeown at 5. In recent years, pretty much since in fact, the results of general elections have been fairly predictable in Northern Ireland. A year ago, it would have been fair to predict that the status quo would be maintained in the next election, but since then things have changed considerably, particularly in the unionist camp.

At one point there was talk of the DUP running two candidates in the European elections, but thanks to the TUV they came in under quota to take their third seat with a sole candidate. Meanwhile, the Ulster Unionists have resurrected their link with a resurgent Tory party. However, with the Ulster Unionists arguing that the DUP has no right to be bargaining on these constituencies given that it has never held either seat, and with intra-unionist bad blood apparently still as toxic as ever, it appears that no deal is on the horizon.

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