Kells rivers radio bankruptcy

kells rivers radio bankruptcy

The River - WZNP-FM is the River serving Southeast Ohio, USA as a faith-based, Christian radio station. Dec 07,  · If approved, the bankruptcy — pre-arranged with the majority of debtholders — will cut about $1 billion in debt, leaving the company in much better financial shape. Mar 21,  · Steel City Media, which own four top Kansas City radio stations, filed for bankruptcy Wednesday. It owns , , and on FM radio. kells rivers radio bankruptcy

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Sign Up Now. Facebook Twitter Google Plus. Subscribe to this case. Filed There was lots of horn blowing to add excitement — typical for many stations of the era.

Regardless of his own opinion, Martindale sounds like he was having fun and the recording is an example of a long-gone era of early top radio. One thing you might find interesting: marred only by tape hiss, the fidelity of the recording shows how good AM radio used to sound through a good AM radio.

You can hear the same friendliness Martindale exudes on his television game shows, too. By Richard Wagoner rwagoner socalradiowaves. More in Radio. In Los Angeles, KLOS is in a good position to become the local rock leader; programmer Keith Cunningham has revitalized the station and moved it away from classic rock to a classic-current rock hybrid. I personally hope he adds more current music, but whatever Cunningham decides, KLOS is in a far better place than it was just two years ago.

KABC is a different story. The station has some good shows with good hosts, but for various reasons it has remained stagnant in the ratings. Regardless, the time is ripe for a KABC comeback. Dump the replays and weekend paid programming as well — it kills the ratings.

EMF could sell the station to Cumulus at a big profit, benefiting both companies at once.

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