Keishichou tokuhanka 007 manga chapter 22 bankruptcy

keishichou tokuhanka 007 manga chapter 22 bankruptcy

 · Kyouko's getting her first debut in a drama called Keishichou Tokuhanka after she turned 18 with Ren as her leading man. Ren isn't getting any closer to his lady love than sibling after the Heel Arc. It's a chance, for her to get out of bully role, and for him to get closer to  · Kyouko's getting her first debut in a drama called Keishichou Tokuhanka after she turned 18 with Ren as her leading man. she doesn't seem to be the only visitor that night. Inspired by Chapter , page 22 of the manga but takes place after page 18 of Chapter This fic is set 3 years after the start of the series and is in line

Spoiled until Read with caution. Your fangirl heart might not be able to take it. Rating changed. Having wished for her own fairy prince to come, he does appear only this time, he's more real than ever. Act Your Age by TimelessTears reviews Allen accidentally gets doused with a deaging potion and everyone learns he was anything but sweet. Allen's snarky, Kanda's himself, Lenalee's helpful, and Lavi schemes to show a 10 year old Allen how to have fun.

The Magic of Dreams by soprano-in-waiting reviews Kyoko just received a book of fairytales. What happens when fiction blurs the line with reality? One shot. Edited version, with a short add-in. Just One Kiss by eosdawnaurora reviews When Kyouko kisses Ren accidentally during a shoot, she knows nothing can ever be the same again. Prompt - crumbling walls. For Springkink. Skip Beat belongs to Yoshiki Nakamura. A Torn Fight by Sephant reviews A fanversion of ch.

As the brutal battle between Kanda and Alma increase, Allen intervenes, not wishing for either to lose their life or friendship. As the three fight and slowly loose their minds, Allen decides to end it D. Naming Kuon by silver-gossamer reviews A sweet and funny one-shot about the meaning behind Kuon's name and the baby-naming dilemma Kuu had on the day his son was born. This story just begged to be written after I looked up Kuu and Kuon's names in the Kanji dictionary.

Take the Lead by alitablake reviews Kyoko is getting an opportunity to work with Moko-san again and she is ecstatic! But the role requires some things that she will have to ask her respected Sempai for help.

Lemons and fluff. Love Is Male Cow Poo by kurushi reviews On her eighteenth birthday, Kyoko has a successful career, a good social life and no need at all for love.

When Ren invites her out for a friendly dinner, he has a shocking confession and a proposal that actually seems to make perfect sense. Title edited to meet this site's content rules, but you can make an educated guess what it once was. Their True Colors by ellemarchen reviews It's like you're all the colors of the rainbow and I'm the one who's stuck in the middle.

That's when Kyoko and Ren both remembered something they forgot in their childhood. A part that happened the day Corn left. Corn and Kyoko share something that sho wouldn't like. Music of the Night by auditoryeden reviews Ren never knew how lovely a woman could be. Our Secret Marriage by Littlebug21 reviews There was no music,no flashing lights commemorating the moment the two biggest actors in Japan getting married,nobody outside the room knew this was happening,the President's meeting room looked just that,and there were just a few people to be witnesses.

For Tea by allPod reviews The Order must put up with its unwanted, new ally the Fourteenth; his charms and attempts to pacify the Exorcists regardless of his role in Allen's death were all in vain Slight AU. Coma by Ozuchi-Kozuchi reviews When Allen is left in a coma after a Level 4 battle, he wakes up to find he can't move.

How will he react to visits from his friends? How about confessions? Allen by xCleverFox reviews The fake smile was a defense mechanism, something that he could use to hide the pain that he could never forget. The pain of the past, the time before Mana, the time before happiness. The time that he couldn't make himself speak of but couldn't forget. Arrivederci by waterlit reviews Long ago, he vanished into the empty sky. Love's Labyrinth by alitablake reviews Ren ends up in a dangerous situation and Kyoko discovers things about herself and him in the aftermath.

Epilogue added. M for Violence. The CoStar Killer by momoirousagichan reviews Tsuruga Ren has a reputation for making his co-stars fall in love with him. So despite knowing that, why is Kyoko looking forward to co-starring with him?

The Incongruity of Death by waterlit reviews They say it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. At the end of things, Allen finds solace in the brief time he spent with Lenalee.

Can Kyoko and Ren have closure with their pasts, while making it big in Showbiz? Directly following the official story line, starting at Act Cain doesn't need to worry about a wavering heart, so he makes for the perfect escape. The only thing that keeps him from falling too far is one hot pink string.

Rock by MadnessinmyMethod reviews AU. Her afternoon did not go as planned and yet she was rather glad she had been the victim of a traffic accident and that her bike was now a mangled heap of twisted metal. Can you teach me how to kiss?

But when the last scene requires her to be a little bit more sensual than she usually is, she goes to the only person she knows who can help My own little twist on the raws of chapter and my prediction on what's next to come. RenxKyoko one-shot Skip Beat! An Unexpected Gift by Bobapearl reviews Seems like President Lory and Yashiro have a plan up their sleeves as they try to improve the relationship between Ren and Kyoko. Will they be successful in helping the two or will the plan fall flat on its face?

Kyoko x Ren Skip Beat! Grave Desires by alitablake reviews Years have passed and Kyoko has accomplished her goals but at what cost? Instrument during War by Rivenoir reviews What can the music do during a war? But how is this new character affecting Tsuruga Ren?

And what will happen when the pair of them meet up with Fuwa Sho? Embrace No Evil by alitablake reviews Kyoko accepts a new role. The consequences of that leads to a punishment, new feelings and confessions. Lots of Fluff and Lemons. The Kiss by Spherrow reviews Valentine's Day revisited. Perhaps I said it with more emotion than I intended, but the thought was there. OverProtective by Lorena and Parewhai reviews Nothing startles Kanda that much but what he witnessed was enough to send up straight down that track.

But what exactly did he see and how will Komui react when he finds out. Cupid's Curse by diarrhetic. Happy Birthday, Ren! He has resigned himself to spending the night alone, hating to celebrate his birthday without his family. How did that happen? Why did that happen? Now, there's another Exorcist whose Innocence was revived, just like Allen. And, it is all because of Howard Link's Notebook by RoyxRizaFan reviews Sometimes, Allen can't help but wonder what Howard Link writes in that notebook of his, let alone what goes through is head while he completes his job of inspecting Allen.

A oneshot focused on the amusing and unique relationship between Allen and Link. The Birthday Fiasco by Kuraun Kuraun reviews He'd never wanted anything special for his birthday, just a chance to spend the holiday with everyone. So why did it take a turn for the worse? Ripping a soul from a body is a painful matter. Not just to the body that the soul was in, but it leaves the soul withered and damaged for all of eternity.

In reality, all things are just shades of gray. Conversational Skills by ikasamelindora reviews Two's a crowd in one's head; Allen has decided this is a simple fact of life, and if any of those annoying Noah try to tell him otherwise, he's punching them. In the face. The Fourteenth isn't exactly helping either, with his disapproval of sarcasm.

Dressing Room by alitablake reviews A one shot about a mix up with Kyoko's dressing room. Fluff Skip Beat! A fic about the time that Allen spent with Cross and the effect that it had on the person that he later became. With the thought of death looming on his mind he falls asleep, waking up to find himself killing the one he loves the most.

Dragon's Lies by knux33 reviews Dragons add madness to the tale and the Order is moved. All are shocked when Allen finally reappears, a dragon and two children in tow. As truth and fiction mingle, who can be trusted with truth, and which heart is rotted with lies? Kyoko's New Year's Kiss by Kurisutiina-chan reviews When Kyoko goes to Ren's place for a New Year's Eve celebration, the night's events and her own beating heart conspire against her decree never to love again.

Will Ren finally succeed in showing Kyoko how he feels? Will Kyoko realize her own feelings? Deciding that Allen Walker is a threat Leverrier decides to accompany him on a mission. Or at least that's the story that he tells the Black Order. This is how Leverrier ended up dead in the previous fic. That was what Mana had always told him so when it came to speaking at the funeral of Leverrier, Allen did the best that he could. Character death although I doubt anyone will mind.

Three months later he returns, though not as everyone expected. Retribution by BlueFox of the Moon reviews A year had passed since she was killed.

Do you remember that day? Heh, what am I saying; of course you do. LaviOC D. The Guardians by Weaver Chance reviews Allen defeats the Earl but dies in the process, he knows the Earl will revive again after another few hundred years and wants to give Lenalee his answer so he makes a deal to become a Guardian to return to her side, accepting that there will be issues He comes across the contest that is known as Man vs.

Can he take the challenge and pass that 41 people cannot? My lame attempt at humor and pure randomness. One shot D. To unlock his full potential and to stop him from eating you out of house and home please read the following manual carefully. The New Teacher by Corkboard reviews There's just something about that new white haired teacher that's not quite normal Then it had occurred to him that that friend might be a boy.

Thirty Six Minutes by Ezzaria26 reviews Kyoko has always loved fairytales, but her prince in shining armor never seems to appear. True, maybe she hasn't really been into romance lately. But that can all change when a girl is rushed to say good-bye. Maybe all it takes is thirty-six minutes Revelation by waterlit reviews Lenalee muses about Allen, Lavi and Kanda, but she cannot decide who she likes best. Allen later proposes, and she turns him down, until a chain of events reveals to her where her true love lies.

The Order is not above gossiping. Join them in their talk. And what do you mean he tried to viciously murder Allen after he kissed Lenalee? Who in the world told you that? Tragedy at Black Order HQ by xCleverFox reviews Allen couldn't believe the carnage that he had bore witness to and he couldn't keep the coldness from seeping into his soul as he gazed around the room with wide, horrified gray eyes. How could this have happened? Comedy despite what the title suggests.

To unlock his full potential and to stop him from becoming an utter and complete disciplinarian please read the manual carefully. Vanished Noah by xCleverFox reviews Even now he was forming a plan to escape from the Millennium Earl and save the only person in the world that he still cared about.

The Musician would be a slave to the Earl no longer but instead would flee and forge a new life. And a plan. Edward and Alphonse met a very strange, white-haired boy when they investigated an abandoned church The Earl is gone, they Order's won.

It doesn't feel like it. Rated T for character death. Duty by picaropicara reviews She woke up cold. Bedding had been tucked around her carefully to prevent this, but it was a different kind of warmth that was missing. Allen x Lenalee, High Seas prompt D. To unlock his full potential and keep everybody happy and in one piece please do exactly what the manual says.

Your Lullaby by Gindokei reviews It was one song he never thought he'd hear again Allen, Lenalee, their son and a familiar lullaby. Exactly which level does that put Allen and Lenalee? Lite LavixLenalee. Centered around Lenalee. Reasons by half-goddess-Katia reviews This is a conversation between Lavi and Allen on the train right after they find Krory. Lavi's curious about what Allen said to Krory and both ask why the other continues to fight.

Can be seen as either Laven or just simply friendship. Martyr by xCleverFox reviews The war was over, the battle won, but the price paid was higher than any of them could have imagined. All of the Exorcists had thought about what they would do when it was over but none were prepared for the loss that they suffered. Major character death. Hearing their voices yet not seeing their warm faces.

His thoughts were focused solely on the young boy who was calling out to him in a plaintive voice. He didn't want to die and leave Allen alone but he didn't have a choice. So he made a simple wish. One-shot D. Welcome to bankruptcy for life. To try and keep your finances relatively positive we advise you read this manual carefully and strap some money to your chest.

Always With You by leavesfallingup reviews Kyoko is asked to do a commercial drama along with Tsuruga Ren. As their popularity increases so does the chance that their secrets will be revealed. The Reaper Calls by xmystorytime reviews One-shot.

The fourteenth wants Allen, and it won't take no for an answer. The words were true but there was no other choice. Doubt and Trust by xCleverFox reviews Short little one-shot about Allen's feelings after learning about what the 14th had done to him. In My Arms by crazyiscool reviews This is a differentiation on Chapter 71, as requested. It will be more than one chapter as I am WAY too lazy to write it all in one chapter. Last Chapter is out! Musician Eternal by xCleverFox reviews As the boy scratches the notes in the dust Mana is forced to wonder how exactly it is that he knows the Score.

How could this foundling child know something that should have died along with his brother? Welcomings by allPod reviews Cross returns from his last disappearance, and how does Allen welcome him? May contain spoiler if you haven't read Ch. Warning: Crack and OOCness. What You Wish For by titangirl reviews one shot Allen wants to getrid of the Noah inside him, because even if you wish for something, you may not like what you get. Both fragile, both unwilling to truly break.

Both trying to save the world and each other at the same time. Another simple fic based around the song The Fragile, with the two easily falling in love. Forgotten by Daytime Stars reviews Allen lost his memory in a fall and is taken in by a kind woman and her daughter to heal. Lenalee feels guilty for leaving Allen alone after he fell and won't stop looking until she finds him and brings him home.

Finally Updated! Just a simple sharing session between Allen and Lenalee. When one of four friends passes, the other three are left with thoughts and feelings similar to these. Depressing one shot. Forgive me How is the solemn Inspector meant to cheer up a boy possessing the memories of the 14th?

Making a habit by Daruku Janubu reviews As every morning, Allen Walker woke up at the same time, did the same things he always do and thougth the same thoughts. And yet he just couldn't help but to think he wasn't himself anymore.

Caring For by fanlyst reviews Timcanpy's been acting wierd lately, and Allen wants to get to the bottom of it. Friendship fic between Allen and Timcanpy.

Disclaimer:Do not own. Bloody Tuesday by Fallende reviews How could he have found pleasure in something like this? Warmth by Sunset Tower reviews You ever want to complain about your Walker or your Kanda you could always come to me too, yeah? Comfort by Sunset Tower reviews And the symbols belonged to the Scientists now, and the Vatican, and Link had a picture of it in his files.

Like Meeting the Parents, Only Worse by Nkiseki reviews In which Allen is a glutton, Link becomes his roommate, and how Allen's friends and their siblings kind of suck. This is the story of how mostly everyone met Link.

Fade by yurffles reviews After the Millennium Earl has been defeated, the Exorcists must choose new paths for their lives. This fic is set 3 years after the start of the series and is in line with plot points revealed up to chapter in the manga.

AllenxLenalee, LavixLenalee D. Of Bastards and Bailiffs by smokingace reviews Ten instances that defined Allen's existence, and apprenticeship. And the world grows ever more dangerous for the unmagical Allen x Lenalee D.

Play by waterlit reviews In a time of war and sorrow, the exorcists, children though they are, fall like ripened corn before the mighty scythe. What will the two confused friends do? How can Allen figure out what's wrong with poor Lenalee? And Lavi for some humor XD Revised!

Sheer City is named for many things, and love is not one of them. When an engima of a thief appears, can love finally be found or lost? AllenxLenalee forever! Rainbow by Misty Narumi reviews Allen and co. AllenxLenalee, KroryxMiranda D. Someone Special by Muffarino reviews It was a simple gift, proof of their promise with each other.

Who could have thought it would cause such an uproar amongst the media. But we all need guides to expand ourselves. Allen is notably guided by two. Diamond Born by Shimanishiki reviews Lavi wants the one thing they can't have, but when he gets the chance, what will happen? Sequal to Shimmering Scales. Four modern day treasure hunters check out an old broken down Manor. Too bad its vauluables weren't the only things waiting for them. Azalea by Pup-Ashbless reviews I met a girl once, loved me so much I thought the world would burn and devour itself if it ever did anything to betray her by taking me away from her.

It was a unique manifestation on his face that Allen had never seen before. The Seasons by waterlit reviews Every life goes through a cycle like that of the 4 seasons, and Allen's one is not that different.

Keyword: Lamb by Shinigami's Voice reviews One final mission to be completed: the annihilation of the last vestiges of anything remotely related to the Earl Allen thought it was only logical he had to be killed too". Focus in Allen, Kanda, Cross Marian. To unlock his full potential and keep him out of mischief please read the following manual carefully D. For Cross, it happens to be the idiotic child from the circus. Shatter by Sedentary Wordsmith reviews Sorry, Tim. I think I lied. I don't think I'll be getting up again this time.

I wanted to die doing something great, not sitting alone in the basement, proving my worthlessness to the last. Gen D. Astraphobia by Misty Narumi reviews Cross knew, but just ignored it until he noticed young Allen's fear one night Perverse and with only my brother as an accomplice, the only goal is survival. I am number Fourteen, who never should have lived. Oneshot, isnt as bad as rating implies, Note - gone for a bit. The Exorcist and the Alchemist by SailorCardKnight reviews -one shot, with sequel- Allen and Lavi get stranded in the country of Amestris and they happen to meet none other than the Elric brothers.

He fights for his sanity and there is no one to save him now. Biggie rating, full warning inside, and only for people who dont mind major Allen Torture.

Allen D. Only Human by Evening Dawn reviews Ever since her first encounter with a certain white haired exorcist, Road Kamelot hasn't been the same. Why does his image constantly plague her thoughts, and what are the consequences of her newfound emotions?

Aria of a Broken Doll by Iris Irine reviews How much can a simple broken record and a question from Link got Allen to reflect on things? Summary: The child him would stumble down the road, no longer able to carve his own path. As Lala had been a lifeless mannequin without her heart.

Set In Stone by Tatsumaki-sama reviews It's not that bad being trapped in a cave. It could be worse. Then again, not everyone gets to be trapped in a cave with Allen Walker. Innocent love by Daruku Janubu reviews When allen Walker asked her in the middle of the night, "What will happen to innocence once the war is over? But she soon understood he wanted to say "what will happen if my innocence left me once again?

Between Sanity and Insanity by Iris Irine reviews The process of the 14th's awakening is subtle, but not for long. Summary: He felt the urge to grip something, to tear, to draw blood by his hands… Spread that wonderful crimson liquid and dye the graying world red instead of the usual black and white. Dear BaKanda by winegoldsayuri reviews Allen writes a secret letter to Kanda proclaiming everything he hates about the stubborn samurai boy May contain tiny hints of, erm, violence. Allen begins to realize who he really is and is left with difficult choices to make.

To stay with Order or to go to his real family? Give this child love, joined hands and a kiss by Aki no hikari reviews -Are you asking me to destroy my child's future? Kind of crack. Our Thoughts by imelpomene reviews He has it, so does he, especially the secrets she's keeping in her heart There's one thing that we all share in common, we just pray there's a solution to it Thieves And Scandals by Tatsumaki-sama reviews Komui is growing irritated that a certain someone has taken such a big part of Lenalee's life.

Poker Face by Tatsumaki-sama reviews When it comes to cards, even Lavi has a hard time trying to decipher Allen. World of red by Hevimankeli reviews Allen then glanced at the bodies sprawled around him, an expression of twisted sadism appearing on his face. He held no remorse in what he had done. Damned Dreams by FoenFyre reviews It was the same song and dance all over again--except a bit different. His dream seemed to have upgraded from worrisome to horrible, but looking upon that smiling face Spoilers for Chapter A secret, a seal, a frozen time.

Will he continue to walk forward even though his world of black and white no longer exist? A bit AU. Rated T just to be safe. Casanova by mayalucille reviews Ren always liked to joke that their third date was in the hospital. Kyoko never thought it was that funny after she realized the extent of his injuries. He had nearly gotten himself killed throwing himself on top of her like that.

Stand By Me by C. Queen reviews An accident on Sho's set has Kyoko dangling off a balcony with her immenent demise at hand if someone doesn't save her. She doesn't trust Sho.. Promise by xmystorytime reviews One-shot. He's only causing trouble for us and you. Allen and the Finger Trap by E. Minor onesided? Other pairings if you squint and stick out your tongue.

Musings Of Queens by Tatsumaki-sama reviews There are several women in Allen's life, being affected by him in ways more than one. Good Morning, Good Night by FoenFyre reviews It's the polite thing to greet someone once you have wakened up from a long nap.

And of course, the 14th's logic is completely infallible in any situation. Spoilers for chapter Oneshot Crack fic D. He never expected a scrawny orphan resembling Prince Allen to get in the way. After all, Prince Allen was dead. AllenxLenaleexLavi and others D. Messing with the dentist can cost you your life by lordvio reviews Kanda has a tooth ache for the first time in his life.

The logical actions? Go to a dentist, of course! Too bad the dentist is a kid For the Moment by Sailorstar reviews Mana tries to understand what's bothering Allen. Mild Language at the beginning. When she meets the one person she never thought she'd see again, Ren is left to deal with the fallout.

He does the one thing he can think of to help her Kanda's Unamused Musings by lulusuzakuforlife reviews In which Kanda questions the intelligence level of his comrades. Reading by Heliotrope-Housecat reviews Upon finding him struggling to comprehend the unfathomable depths of a newspaper, Mana begins teaching a young Allen how to read English One-shot cute fic.

She pondered, with a nervous knot in her stomach, could a bad girl ever fall for a good boy? Alternate Universe. A young merprince decides to venture away from his home one day and finds himself tempted by the world of land. AllenxLenalee D. Adore by Trickstar reviews Allen uses some of his less-than-respectable skills in order to break into Kanda's room to retrieve a certain something Oneshot, no pairings D.

About a young boy and his encounter with a game of luck and chance. He sometimes remembered what he must do. But he looks forward to the future, cherishing the precious moments he holds dearly in his little heart. And what does Lenalee like better than chocolate cake? Allen x Lenalee, Lenalee's Birthday oneshot D.

Gray by Odat reviews I think I stood there for a while, tight lipped, gazing out onto a dim horizon, older. There were mountains in the haze ahead; they were as far as this ruin went. He died here. He died and our Innocence still works. Allen and Lenalee. Canon spoilers until Chapter Summary changed at the request of buduica Skip Beat!

The last day of the weekdays. That day: the one which people said was unlucky. What will be these people's fates as they encounter the terror of Friday the Thirteenth? The Wink by Golden meliades reviews Why does Kyoko have to do her first-ever photo shoot in a bikini, of all things? And why won't Ren quit teasing her? It's an embarrassing day for Kyoko. For Lyl's Cover Challenge. Ren x Kyoko fluff and silly-ness.

Attracting Innocence by Kakera7 reviews Lavi, Kanda, and Leenalee were having their usual boring school life Until Allen shows up and makes an up roar in school!

This story is mostly about RabiXAllen, along with some up coming competitors A Black World Washed White by Saya-Sama reviews He saw through a fake smile, and accepted what lied beyond, but is the treacherous past and cold heart beyond that false smile too much to bare? How long will it be before he can't take it anymore? Mogami Kyoko's Guide To Life by momoirousagichan reviews Totally unrelated title, but the chapters are titled to what Kyoko would usually do. Anyway, Kyoko has hit another problem wall and Ren encounters a formidable enemy.

Driver's Ed by MadnessinmyMethod reviews Kyouko wants to learn to drive and Ren is the best driver around. Now that he's drafted into the role of sensei, what could possibly go wrong? Fluff and fun mostly. T for brief mention of innuendos. But how? T and fluff-tastic! Just a Walker by Akky-chan reviews When observing the murder scene that night, I admit I may have drifted a moment.

You cant blame me, though, because I'm still trying to sort out just what he is, and certainly, you agree that is difficult. Some Kyoko x Ren. Kanda's black and white world is slowly turning gray, all because of the reappearance of a stupid beansprout. All his options are shot down, all his ways are blocked.

Kanda must find a new path to walk down. Yullen, Shounen-ai. Twist of Prophecy by Kentethalion reviews The prophecy has been laid, and now the exorcists must face it, no matter what the outcome. A History of Color by buduica reviews A waitress keeps noticing unusual couples at her place of work.

The Facts of Life by Nonair reviews Crack oneshot. It isn't unusual to see Allen Walker and Howard Link together. But it is strange for the Inspector to look sick, and for Allen to sparkle like that. Apparently Komui has tried to explain the facts of life to Allen. Lip Gloss by Golden meliades reviews Ren's pride has been smarting ever since his encounter with Sho at Karuizawa.

Isn't there anything he can do to wipe that smug look off Fuwa's face? For her sake by fantasyBOX reviews Oneshot. Based on Chapter of the manga, where Rouvelier and Komui announces Allen's fate to the exorcists. What are Lenalee's thoughts and feelings at the time? Inspired from then, different interpretation. Merry Making by GrimmjowXEspada reviews Slowly, silly little images began to form in his mind, everything from redheaded elves to dressing Allen and Bookman up like snowmen, even an angry Japanese reindeer popped into his head.

So members of the Order often wondered, if she was the princess…who was her prince? Torn by The Cabbage man's legacy reviews I've been replaced, by the man with red hair'.

Allen stared at his friend in surprise "You like Lenalee? And he's finally cracked. Early Christmas-y oneshot, no pairings, broken! The Exorcist of Dreams by muffiekun reviews You've taken everything away from me.

My family, my powers, and in place you've given me this damned Innocence. Allen, you may be a Noah now, but I swear, I will fix what you have broken. That is my promise as an exorcist. My promise, as Road Kamelot I've always wondered if something like this could happen to Allen. Pet by maddy midnight reviews Stockholms syndrome - when a hostage becomes loyal to the hostage-taker, regardless of danger.

Reverse roles. Allen massacars the Order. Road came home to find her friends murdered by the boy with white hair. He looked so innocent. One night, someone starts to Lyrics fixed. Behind the Counter by Unconsciousroute reviews A day in the life of one of the most crucial characters in the series. Without him, there would be no Black Order. Crack Oneshot D. Of Heroes, Princesses, and the Lack of an Identity by kaitou-marron reviews Oneshot: Lavi contemplates the sacrifices of becoming a Bookman.

One-sided LavixLenalee, implied eventual AllenxLenalee. Tsunagaru Omoi Tokashite by molotovmullet reviews Due to consequences of the Earl's new lust for the Power of Creation, having lost the Akuma plant to the black order, Allen and company are fated to save the world. But his Noah has something else planned. AllenXLenalee Rated T for profanity. Gray-Man one-shots. Sinful Touch by Cats for Science reviews Lenalee was only human; it nearly destroyed the world.

Secrets of the Night by Cats for Science reviews The combination of friends' plots and Halloween candy can lead to interesting results indeed.

Mask and mirrors by seasnake. But how long can you strech yourself? Now the process has sped up and Allen is running out of time.

Full description inside. Rated M. AllenxLenalee Please read and review. Final two chapters are up! Clownish Days by KingsJester reviews We all know that Mana Walker adopted Allen, but what exactly did they do, how did they live, and who did they meet D. What happens when the 2 conflicting walks of life struggle for dominance within a single life? Read on as the struggle unfolds. Beta by Noah Gabriel. They failed in their mission and the First War was lost.

Now one of them has been awakened into a new future D. Whisper of a Soul by essence reviews The 14th has returned. And someone is already dying Who is it? Nightmare by Daytime Stars reviews Allen has a dream about what has passed and what may come, and promises nothing will happen to the one he loves.

Oneshot, AllenxLenalee, read and review please! Rated T to be safe since I'm not sure what this would go under. Where There Is Innocence by Akky-chan reviews The war is over and three of four have survived, and wherever there is innocence, a miracle will occour.

Small or large, it doesnt matter, but the five on the hilltop banter away through eternity. Here in the End by Calasstria reviews When all is said and done, the best we can hope for is a happily ever after As he starts to lose steam and starts running out of options, just what will his friends do about it?

No pairing. This gnawing feeling by seasnake. It comes with being a parasite-type. You know it And those pieces Allen goodness. The Conundrum by Cats for Science reviews After witnessing strange behaviour from Allen one night, Link sets off to determine the cause.

Crackfic, onesided? Warmth by decadent folly reviews it is a cold night as Allen wanders around She's friends with Lavi, that might not be enough. She doesn't understand Kanda, it might be worth her time to try.

We do these things in times of war. AllenLenalee, but not really a romance. Two years have passed now, and he's starting to be forgotten. No one but Lavi and Komui know the full extent of what happened Until he returns. RodAl chap 7! Not as crappy as it sounds, but T for safety D. Intersecting Thoughts by rumbling. One-shots consist of thoughts of 5 characters as the darkness draws near. Choosing by gardeniia reviews Lenalee can't choose between the men in her life. Autumn Chorus by essence reviews Nothing existed, except for four friends and their wicker basket of sweets.

Does fun, or chaos ensue? He is however found and raised elsewhere and years later, Allen Walker comes to Hogwarts Allen the clown of The Clown begins to dance his very last dance Written for Momosportif's D. Gray-Man Competition.

Suffering by DesperateLoveKoi reviews He was their sun. Yet, they couldn't do anything for him when he is suffering, slowly breaking Sorry bad at summary, more info inside.

A Present for Lenalee by rumbling. Allen was left out of the loop and is frantic to find a gift. Lavi gives a little push and witnesses a perfect birthday in the process.

In the Midst of Shadows by rumbling. Her emotions mingle with the shadows that will decide the fate of humanity. Previously "Remember". It's Allen's birthday. So what could possibly be haunting him? Post , AU-ish. Pater et Filius by Zeionia aka Disturbed reviews In the midst of battle, Allen has a conversation with his father Like father, like son. Wish by Liara-Shadowsong reviews After the revelations of his meeting with Cross and Rouvelier, Allen is understandably upset.

Lavi helps him understand the nature of a Fourteenth Noah with some records of one of his predecessors. Sequel to "Fourteen". No pairings. Spoilers through August Romance by aStIg reviews A glance. A touch. A smile. And so there was love. Warnings for blood and other nightmare things and certain sort of insanity! Has nothing to do with the movie that goes by the same name. I Suppose by Zukinichan reviews Told from Allen's point of view as a child Just a short drabble, better than it sounds How will he react when she announces her engagement to Allen?

Allen is apprehended at the new headquarters and his will is tested. Will Allen or the Noah inside win? New Clothes and the Emperor by Deja-You reviews Kyoko is filming a commercial for a new model of bike, and has to dash away from the set in a hurry.

What's this? Cross was never good at real hugs, but he hoped this was enough to help Allen, maybe just a bit. Allen, nice, right? T for themes D. What could be worse and funnier? This weapon Based on Chapter of the manga and episode 7 of the anime. Fourteen by Liara-Shadowsong reviews Chapter answered some questions, and also created new ones, particularly about the exorcist Allen Walker.

A short story about Mana Walker and the Fourteenth Noah Now with a sequel: Wish. T because I dont think it's K. Chapter Allen POV fic! Because right then, Allen really did hate them all. Rated K for thoughts. As always, some angst. Canon fic! Four Oneshots by Akky-chan reviews Four brief oneshots about our four main exorcists. Please read, I think you willl enjoy. Flowers, Stories, Dancing Shoes, ad Skelotens. Rated for thoughts. Minor angst at times, but a bad attempt at a joke in the end D.

What are you really feeling? The Truth by tsubasa22 reviews Based on chapter Allen's POV. Don't read if you want to read chapter for yourself. Lenalee runs away from home in order to find a summer job. Who will she meet? Story's NOT mine! I translated it tho. Pls review! Even if that meant wearing a skirt, procuring a street corner, and going undercover as a prostitute Whipped by romanceisdead69 reviews Gift fic. Asami Ryuichi has never been an easy man to tame. Damn near impossible in fact.

So why has he found himself settled into a state of domesticity with one Takaba Akihito? One who only seeks to contradict and defy him at every turn? The man's feeling unloved, and he wonders just when it was he had become so whipped. Warnings apply. Midnight Kid by Ashida reviews Takaba has a very lucrative previous career, unbeknownst to Asami. Takaba decides to get back into it due to Asami always popping up in his photography scoops.

A Familiar Courtship by DeathbyPanda92 reviews Naruto gets thrown back in time and has to adapt to living with a famous person from the past. Stop pointing out the mistakes. I know they exist. Unless you want to volunteer to do it. Brotherly Love, Sisterly Sin! Who is the one that alerted the press? Skip Beat! Homeland by Yamiga reviews Takaba makes a discovery that completely changes his life, and now, separated from the man who he dearly loves, it's time for him to make his own decisions while he still has time.

Read about Akihito complaining about this and taking action against it. Poor Kirishima is also sucked into it because of Asami's words. Please Review. Plastered Romance by DeathbyPanda92 reviews Naruto starts finding letters hidden in an old house he is renovating for friends. Curiousity gets the better of him and he deciding to take it further and find out about one particular owner and walks into a few surprises. And whats this about a lightning, a nosy neighbor and a lovesick maid?

Our young and feisty photographer was looking forward to spending his very first Valentine's day with Asami Ryuichi but, has been offered a tempting job out of the country for seven weeks. Will he be able to stand this time parted from his crime-lord lover? Or, will a twenty three year old's raging hormones cause Akihito to make one colossally embarrassing mistake? Innocent on the Top, Slutty on the Bottom by A.

Eelif reviews Italy absolutely hates Germany's training sessions, but he knows a sure fire way to get out of training. This method works everytime. Italy, Germany - Complete. Tease by Sabre reviews Allen has been teasing Kanda for a while now, and the dark-eyed warrior can't control himself anymore. He'll teach Allen a lesson for teasing him.. Horrible summary, but surprisingly this smut is one of the longest things I ever wrote, and I believe it's pretty good.

Don't like, don't read. Their relationship had it's ups and downs, but that never tarnished his admiration for the dedicated shinobi.

When Tsunade assigns them a mission together, Iruka gets a chance to really discover who Kakashi is. It's about the journey, and not the destination. Yaoi Eventual KakaIru. Chances by lechat23 reviews Kyouko's getting her first debut in a drama called Keishichou Tokuhanka after she turned 18 with Ren as her leading man.

Ren isn't getting any closer to his lady love than sibling after the Heel Arc. It's a chance, for her to get out of bully role, and for him to get closer to her. Their money, their business, their home, absolutely everything. Now, Itachi and Sasuke are going to take it all back, and the only way to do that is to take what Minato holds dear.

Payback's a bitch. Yet we haven't heard a peep of your love life. I think I speak for all when I ask…are you gay? Every newspaper, magazine, talk show, and news program wants an interview with the man who's got it all, but you have to go through his PR if you want even a chance. Sasuke finds out more than he ever cared to know about Naruto and decides to play a dangerous game of seduction.

Kakashi will, of course, have his say before the end. That is, until the floor manager goes on a business trip. Now a certain blond employee starts up some mischief that turns the ninth floor into a war-zone However, his world is flipped upside-down when he is taken into the future and married to Sasuke. Three kids later, you'd think he'd be settled in his new life. What more do you guys want? I can't even remember my own name anymore!

MPreg-Gender bender Kind of? He has to keep it from his overly protective boyfriend. Wait, what's his boyfriend doing in the club! Rumors by kohitsujichan reviews A somewhat compromising photo of Ren and Kyouko is leaked to the press. Rumors and drama ensue. A Bundle of Promises by Infinite Vibrance reviews It all started when Naruto opened his locker one day and found a dangling rose, and with that rose Contemplations by Reika-chanxX reviews Based from ch Kyoko is starting to understand her role as Setsu, but when curiousity and temptation begin affecting Cain and Setsu they find that they are getting too comfortable with each other; it's especially getting hard on Ren.

Kakairu YAOI first fic. Day of the Dead by Juura99 reviews Naruto's Saturday has turned into one big mess as he runs into his old schoolmate and finds him and his friends heading to the local pub for safety All because zombies started attacking. Inspired by Shaun of the Dead. T for language and gore. Red Riding Hood by Hitoko-sama reviews Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Naruto thought he wasn't but after a series of events in Kohona, will he still believe that in the face of the seductive wolf he isn't afraid? Or is it something else? Yaoi, SasuNaru. Rated M for content; slight gore. Photogenic Lovers by do-the-unthinkable reviews Naruto is a camera whore. Sasuke likes to take pictures. With this kind of equation, What will be the results?. More Inside. Finally Whole by assassi reviews Hatake Kakashi was dreaming.

A very erotic dream. About a man. About Umino Iruka. He has tons of friends there and spends almost all his free time playing. However, he's never met a single friend in person. He doesn't mind, but then one of them wants to meet him in person.

What should he do? Rented To Be by myfailsafe reviews AU. Your friends order you a blonde bombshell for a month, which you don't want in the first place and then, shows up, and just so happens to be male. Influenced by 'Absolute Boyfriend'. Welcome to the demon's den by Killercat-nya reviews Naruto and his friends are invited to an old mansion in order to investigate reports of a demon living there. Will Naruto and his freinds survive? A contract with a Bastard!

What will happen to Naruto when he signs the contract with the bastard? Take the Lead by alitablake reviews Kyoko is getting an opportunity to work with Moko-san again and she is ecstatic! But the role requires some things that she will have to ask her respected Sempai for help. Lemons and fluff. Under His Skin by Stephke23 reviews Kakashi manipulates a drunken Iruka into bed, but he didn't count on that man getting under his skin. SasuNaru, Yaoi, lemons Enjoy! What Naruto didn't know was that this game was going to change his life in more ways than one.

Aphrodisiac by Camunki reviews "And then Naruto was straddling me. This had better not become a regular thing. Sasunaru, Yaoi, Lemons. Red String of Fate by Erendyce reviews A chinese legend. A string that binds two people destined to be together, regardless of time or place. However, Kanda may not be ready to accept such a bond, and his refusal is slowly killing Allen.

Not AU. Angst and lemon. To hopefully win the heart of a certain pink haired maiden, Naruto pitches the insane idea to cross the line and his clothes. It just so happens he makes a beautiful girl, at least Sasuke thinks.

My Heart by Maze Puppet reviews Allen slowly discovers that, in spite of one problem seemingly? Will she be able to deal with them in time? Sequel to Nightmare. Kanda X female-Allen. A History of Color by buduica reviews A waitress keeps noticing unusual couples at her place of work. Nightmare by Maze Puppet reviews Allen awakens from a nightmare, crying out for a certain comrade Rated M due to Language and Graphic Content Sequel out.

My Master or my lover? Once Naruto reachs a certain age though things begin to change for him and his master Underneath The Scars by Kanemoshi reviews Trained to be an emotionless shinobi, Kakashi is not sure how to act when he finds himself in the unfamiliar and unexpected realm of love, but how can he trust his heart to someone who has dark secrets of his own?

Touchstone by Sunlight through Leaves reviews Kakairu 'And when we fall through their window in the dead of the night, bleeding all over their stuff, we need someone who will yell at us for being an idiot, but will still treat our wounds and keep us from dying in the middle of their living room. Neutral by Camunki reviews '"Let's do it" He said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Fighting Dreamers by KungFuu reviews Iruka would do anything for his adopted son.

He'd even resort to prostitution if it would allow him to pay for Naruto to become a ninja, his son's only dream. Iruka's night job brings Kakashi into his life, and everything changes. But what happened when his plan backfires?

It is now a game of chicken. Who chikens out first? Tolerant Intolerance by Hatochan reviews Kakashi has a sudden change in his perceptions of his involvement with Iruka.

Prankster by demonrubberducky reviews A rash of pranks has broken out in Konoha in the aftermath of the Chuunin Exams. Kakashi is determined to find the ninja responsible, but just who will be outwitting who?

Carpe Jugulum! Sasuke is awoken from a cursed year sleep in search of the one who could free him The Smile by tampoposensei reviews Kakairu. The relationship from two POV. Kakashi intellectually, all genius. Iruka intuitively, all heart. Follows a parallel track to the manga up to about ch Now finished. Silent Treatment by Apple Addiction reviews Sasuke is tired of Naruto's constant chattering so he demands Naruto to shut up.

And Naruto did just that. After the Rains by BitterEloquence reviews A night of lost keys and falling rain reveals far more then either Kakashi or Iruka ever expected. Neither were prepared to face the truth that stared them in the face and neither dared back away. Definitely Sasunaru! Epilogue up! Thanks to all who reviewed! JuOn by shi-chan reviews YAOI KakaIru When a grudge so big and so intense is born, you will never find peace until your sworn curse has been fullfilled.

How far are you willing to go to get a good night's sleep? Akihito just graduated and is having trouble finding a job. Out of desperation and impatient, he agrees to work for a modeling company when he got interview. Little did he know, after a few months of working, his company declared bankruptcy. Soon Akihito and his company faces difficulties and are at the mercy of Asami Ryuichi. Rated M for future chapters. Level UP! AU setting of Hero vs.

Demon King Game setting. Asami Ryuichi X Takaba Akihito. Hand in Hand reviews AU setting. Middle schooler Takaba Akihito is having trouble fitting in his new school. He tries to not let it bother him, but maybe he is fortunate or even unfortunate that a sudden meeting with a high schooler change his everything.

Akihito's currently in his heat cycle. Being a shifter has its up and down, but thankfully he has a mate to take care of him during those needy time. Mainly about Akihito's life as a shifter. Fluff and smex.

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