Katie fehrenbacher solyndra bankruptcy

katie fehrenbacher solyndra bankruptcy

Solyndra’s Estimated Market Cap Up to $2B: Report1 by Katie Fehrenbacher, March 19, ’ According’to’Next’Up!,’Solyndra’s’revenue’ramp’went’from’generating$6’million’in’revenues’in Sep 22,  · It was not as though Solyndra's problems were a secret. On May 27, , in trade journal GigaOM, reporter Katie Fehrenbacher suggested that the Energy Department guarantee for Solyndra was a mistake. 16 Fehrenbacher, Katie. “ Solyndra’s Estimated Market Cap Up to $2B: Report.“ GigaOm. March 19, 17 Carmosky, Janet. “ Solyndra And The China Factor.” Forbes. September 21, 18 Ibid. 19 “ Solyndra.” The New York Times. October 10, 20 Woody, Todd. “ Solar-Panel Maker to Close a Factory and Delay Expansion.” The New. katie fehrenbacher solyndra bankruptcy

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Bankrupt Solyndra Owes Scotts Valley Company $1.9 Million

Archived from the original on October 17, Retrieved June 13, Greentech Media. June Archived from the original on September 10, Retrieved September 2, Project in SoCal".

Solyndra LLC. Retrieved June 8, Archived from the original on April 30, Retrieved April 20, July 27, Archived from the original on June 19, Retrieved June 14, Retrieved April 6, Retrieved June 11, October Retrieved May 6, The Guardian. Retrieved November 29, The money would flow from the same taxpayer-supported program that bet on bankrupt solar firm Solyndra.

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Retrieved November 6, The Washington Times. March 21, Looking to the past, the U. In , according to the Pew Charitable Trusts, China surpassed the United States and other members of the G for the first time as the leader in clean energy investment.

The U. There is still potential for the U. Americans have the intellectual capital and entrepreneurial ability to produce innovative technologies and ideas. August 31, 2 Lott, Melissa C. October 10, 6 Ibid. September 27, 8 Wang, Ucilia. October 7, 9 Lipton, Eric. August 31, 11 Solyndra, Inc. September 6, 12 Ibid. September 6, 14 Wang, Ucilia. October 7, 15 Carmosky, Janet. September 21, 16 Fehrenbacher, Katie. March 19, 17 Carmosky, Janet. September 21, 18 Ibid.

October 10, 20 Woody, Todd. November 3, 21 Woody, Todd. October 10, 23 Lipton, Eric. President Obama visited Solyndra in May, Solyndra's bankruptcy has been attributed to factors beyond its control, such as falling prices for polysilicon products, such as solar panels, and lower costs and pricing in China.

But documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in September , ahead of an initial public offering that was withdrawn in June , show that the company was fully aware of all the risks. Presumably the Energy Department was aware, also.

This is the essence of industrial policy: the government takes on risk because it wants to encourage indigenous production of a new product. Here is some of the back story: Solyndra was founded in May to produce a less expensive alternative to solar panels. It manufactured panels consisting of forty cylinders coated with solar cells. A competing technology consisted of flat solar panels, made of polysilicon.

Polysilicon was expensive, and, according to Solyndra, the panels were more costly to attach to the roof. But the loan was turned down in January , while the Bush administration still held office, on the grounds that "there is presently not an independent market study addressing long term prospects for this company" and "there is concern regarding the scale-up of production assumed in the plan for Fab 2," the second factory.

Lachlan Seward, director of the loan program at the Energy Department, wrote on January 13, that "after canvassing with the committee it was a unanimous decision not to engage with further discussions with Solyndra at this time. After President Obama took office days later, the tone changed. In a confidential email dated March 10, released by the Energy and Commerce Committee, a senior adviser to the Energy Secretary wrote, "The solar co board approved the terms of the loan guarantee last night, setting us up for the first loan guarantee conditional commitment for the president's visit to California on the 19th.

Another official, presumably from the Office of Management and Budget, replied, "DOE is trying to deliver the first loan guarantee within 60 days from inauguration the prior administration could not get it done in four years. This deal is NOT [sic] ready for prime time. Concerns were still apparent later that summer, on August 19, Under the assumption that a small amount of cash is tied up in working capital, the project will face a funding shortfall.

As of August 27, the loan was not approved. An Energy Department official wrote, "Can you confirm whether there are any issues regarding a closing on Sept.

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