Juiza do acre sobre telexfree bankruptcy

juiza do acre sobre telexfree bankruptcy

Sep 21,  · DEVOLUÇÃO TELEXFREE JUÍZA EM ENTREVISTA EXPLICA TUDO SOBRE O CASO #noticiastelexfree, #telexfree, #ressarcimentotelexfree Juíza do Acre, Ema. Thais Kallil, em entrevista, informa a. Os sócios da Telexfree terão de apresentar à Justiça do Acre documentos sobre a sede do negócio nos Estados Unidos. A decisão, divulgada nesta quarta-feira (15), coloca em evidência a relação da empresa americana, patrocinadora do Botafogo, com seu braço no Brasil, que teve as atividades bloqueadas em junho de por suspeita de ser uma pirâmide financeira. O Jornal De Todos os Brasis - O Jornalista Luís Nassif lidera equipe Do Jornal GGN. Com opiniões e conteúdo de qualidade o portal sempre traz as últimas noticias do cenário político nacional.

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Hearing maybe Friday or more likely early next week. Did you hear that Pinky? This time will be different, we simply cannot fail! Perhaps TF can produce a new document signed by GOD to prove in court that they are not an elaborate ponzie scheme.

This is false news! Hackers attacked the Court Justice website! Telexfree affiliates should feel insulted by Costa. This guy insults thier intelligence everytime he opens his mouth.

He obviously thinks their such blithering morons that they will believe this stuff. Well, there was the Best Western thing, and then the insurance, oh and then……. Sigh, Unbelievable. If Brazilian procedures are consistent with those used in the US, such a schedule would reflect the amount owed to creditors promoters etc. I found the same description in some of the translated sources.

It was mentioned in the court notice, as one of the reasons for why the bankruptcy protection was denied. The different law firms are only owed a more standard salary R20, — R60, Carlos Costa can be really generous.

Probably a law firm. They are owed 7. No doubt is an inflated number that will be challenged eventually. As it sits now they appear not to have been paid and the way things are going they will become an unsecured creditor in any dissolution. Can someone explain to me why Telexfree USA is still up and running and recruiting new victims?.

I have several friends who signed up and are convincing me of singing with Telexfree. Please HELP!!! Anyone can see that the hundreds of millions of dollars owed is progressively spiralling out of control in true Ponzi style. It seems pretty clear that a lot of money was due to and probably collected by the owners of the trademark Telexfree. Nothing that I have seen enjoins the trademark owners from selling, licensing or generally capitalizing on the trademark wherever they can.

Such licensing can certainly include geographic restrictions, consulting fees, commissions etc. The trademark is in some respect being franchised. Who operates the franchise in the US is unknown to me.

In the video, Costa confirms the breaking of the contract of service between Telexfree and Ympactus, but does not detail what it means for the company. Lol at severing ties with yourself, James Merril is listed as an owner of both lolol. These guys are class act clowns.

Paralyzed for three months on charges of running a financial pyramid, Ympactus Commercial, better known as Telexfree, informed the Court that has accumulated a debt of U. Most debts, U. Simon : Can someone explain to me why Telexfree USA is still up and running and recruiting new victims?. It will eventually be shut down by authorities or it will run out of investors.

The owners are defendants in the case in Brazil. A quick look at the headlines June 18th — current date will give you a quick overview for the situation in Brazil 14 lost appeals till date. If you want to update your friends about something something that potentially can affect them , then I can only offer you some vague information about an upcoming trial in Brazil.

We know there is an upcoming trial there in the beginning of October, but it can be delayed for 4 weeks. We know too little about the charge sheet there. Ympactus may hope to limit the scope of their exposure, admit to a few minor offenses, and pay a fine in hope of keeping the company afloat. Its noteworthy that the creditor list contains what appears to be an architectural development firm.

Add to that, the rumor that they are willing to cancel their affiliation with Telexfree and it may be speculated that they want to present a very cleaned up appearance to the Prosecutors Office without the Telexfree baggage as they attempt to bargain for a settlement that will save Ympactus as a going concern.

Present squeaky clean company to the PP, enter into a plea bargain, pay off whatever fines come your way with stolen Ponzi money… And then what? Good luck plea bargaining your way out of that…. All the papers Carlos Costa show in his videos were indeed presented to the judge. The original source is a link posted by one of the Brazilians, posted in the same section of a thread where the 87 page scanned initial complaint from Acre PP was posted. Original source link disabled , notice 13 from the top: diario.

Holy crap when did that happen!? Oz : … And then what? I doubt the prosecutor would agree to terms allowing for that. Maybe TelexFree could just hack the court website and bypass having to argue the prosecutor in court altogether. As I recall the actual amount frozen was considerably less. Oz : Maybe TelexFree could just hack the court website and bypass having to argue the prosecutor in court altogether.

Well if the National Security Agency of the United States is able and willing to hack into the diplomatic communications of the President of Brazil, I suppose it does not seem so far fetched to the more primitive divulgadore that secret government agents are hacking away at the Ympactus bankruptcy files. One of them, according to the agency, is that the suggestion lacks a complete list of investors in the scheme with the respective amounts invested.

Emilio Rubens :Bbom still blocked. IT was good, because now for the first time we can see some BBom affiliates really pissed at the company. Before they were only pissed at the Brazilian Justice…. In other words he want people to sell just like Avon or Mary Kay companies.

Robson : In other words he want people to sell just like Avon or Mary Kay companies. BTW, the audience here is assumed to be international all types of languages.

We will look at factual content rather than at grammar and spelling. This value was just the limit established by court order. Looks like new appeals are going to both the Superior and Federal Courts. TelexFree has previously had appeals filed in both courts rejected, on the grounds that they cannot intervene in a case currently being heard in a lower court until it is concluded.

They filed a motion requesting the shifting of burden of proof, meaning TelexFree would have to prove they are not a Ponzi scheme as opposed to the PP proving they were.

According to the magistrate, it is up to the institution to collect and present evidence proving the existence of a financial pyramid scheme in Telexfree. The magistrate explained that this does not translate into an advantage for Telexfree, because it is only an initial definition of rules to be followed in the coming legal process. The case is pretty much slamdunk with zero external revenue and affiliates simply paying eachother.

The only thing I can come up with is they might have been trying to speed up the process. Not that I understand the Brazilian court system,- chang. Except that they have already, no less than fifteen times; once at the injunction hearing and fourteen times in subsequent appeals.

All fourteen appeals were denied along with the initial Acre injunction being granted as a direct result of evidence presented by the PP in court. The normal rule is that the party presenting a claim has to prove it. The Public Prosecutor have probably not received all information requested from all the defendants, and are asking for reverse Burden of Proof. The Court denied that, the potentially missing information can be collected in other ways by using proper procedures.

New subpoenas will have to be sent out, collecting the potentially missing information. Missing information can be used as evidence in itself, e. The new subpoena will eliminate potential misunderstandings. Oz : The case is pretty much slamdunk with zero external revenue and affiliates simply paying eachother.

It makes some sense in the explanation I gave. That logical method will often be close to correct in its conclusion, but not in all the details. It will fail if you add too much from your own imagination rather than from actual knowledge.

One or more of the defendants have probably failed to produce the requested evidence, e. The PP have delivered inconclusive evidence because of the missing information from the defendants, and are asking for that to be accepted as valid evidence. The August 12th hearing backed it up with a charge sheet, making the injunction become permanent until further order. One failed attempt to collect evidence from a party can be related to misunderstandings.

Two failed attempts will show that the party is unwilling or unable to produce the requested evidence. Ironicaly, Telexfree escaped the Burden of Proof because the court considered that they were too far from having a true consuption relation with their affiliates, although they should have one. TelexFree promoter recognized as employee by a court in Rio Grande do Norte. Translated source. Original source link disabled to avoid moderation queue : conjur. That kind of puts the whole Carlos Costa celebratory video in a new light.

American Color Graphics Achaogen, Inc. Moss Clothing Company Ltd. Creditors' Committee Charter Communications, Inc. DDMG , et al. Deb Shops, Inc. Creditors' Committee Filip Technologies, Inc. Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc. Creditors' Committee Hawker Beechcraft, Inc. Liquidation, Inc.

Ideal Electric Co. Harder Key Plastics Finance Corp. Creditors' Committee Nortel Networks Inc. Creditors' Committee Plover Appetizer Co. Creditors' Committee Radnor Holdings Corporation, et al. SemGroup, L. Creditors' Committee Tintri, Inc. Kerr-McGee Corp. Tronox, Inc. In re Tronox Inc.

Case Filed Date From. Case Filed Date To. My counsel and I are in the process of preparing a Plan of Liquidation for filing with the Bankruptcy Court which, if confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court, will allow me to distribute the available funds to TelexFree participants who have allowed claims in the Bankruptcy Cases.

There may be additional distributions in amounts to be determined as funds become available. As part of the process of obtaining approval of the Plan of Liquidation by the Bankruptcy Court, you will be supplied with information, including a ballot for you to vote on the Plan, that you will need to complete and return in order to vote on the Plan and to receive your distribution.

I will provide further updates on this web site as developments occur. Thank you, Stephen B. Gracias, Stephen B. Obrigada, Stephen B. Status Report 1. Second Affidavit of Claim Allowance and Disallowance. Conditionally Allowed and Disallowed Claims as of March 31, Please reference the claim number in your email. Please provide the following information: 1. Your claim number; 2. The mailing address included on your claim when filed; 3. The new mailing address; and 4. If you do not provide this information we will assume that you are updating both the payment and notice address.

Please include both the claim number and email address as included on your claim when filed along with the new email address. Flagler Drive. Disclosure Statement Hearing. Confirmation Hearing. Petition Date. Deadline to File Proofs of Claim. Please complete the following form to receive calendar updates via email. For multiple recipients, separate each using ;.

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