Ioni California United States bankruptcy real estate

Ioni California United States bankruptcy real estate

ION Media is an independent, privately held media company and owner and operator of the nation’s largest broadcast station group. 1 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT. download Report. Comments. Transcription. 1 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT. I-ON Digital Corp. (“the Company”) was incorporated on July 5, , and is engaged in developing and supplying computerized system. The corporate headquarter is located at 15 Teheran-ro Ioni California United States bankruptcy real estate

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How satisfied are you with your insurance company? Not at all Somewhat Very Vote. Not at all. How much do you pay out of pocket per month? Specify the priority of the claim.

Secured Claim See instruction 6 on reverse side. Check the appropriate box if your claim is secured by a lien on property or a right of setoff and provide the requested information. Credits: The amount of all payments on this claim has been credited for the purpose of making this proof of claim.

Documents: Attach redacted copies of any documents that support the claim, such as promissory notes, purchase orders, invoices, itemized statements or running accounts, contracts, judgments, mortgages, and security agreements.

You may also attach a summary. Attach redacted copies of documents providing evidence of perfection of a security interest.

Contributions to an employee benefit plan — 11 U. Taxes or penalties owed to governmental units — 11 U. Other — Specify applicable paragraph of 11 U. If the documents are not available, please explain: Date: Signature: Sign and print name and title, if any, of the creditor or other person authorized to file this claim.

Attach copy of power of attorney, if any. In certain circumstances, such as bankruptcy cases not filed voluntarily by the debtor, there may be exceptions to these general rules. You should select the debtor against which you are asserting your claim. Please provide us with a valid email address.

A separate space is provided for the payment address if it differs from the notice address. The creditor has a continuing obligation to keep the court informed of its current address. Follow the instructions concerningwhether to complete items 2, 5 and 6.

Check the box if interest or other charges are included in the claim. Administrative Claims: If all or part of your claim is entitled to priority pursuant to 11 U.

If all or part of your claim us entitled to priority pursuant to 11 U. Basis for Claim: State the type of debt or how it was incurred. If the claim is based on the delivery of health care goods or services, limit the disclosure of the goods or services so as to avoid embarrassment or the disclosure of confidential health care information. You may be required to provide additional disclosure if the trustee or another party in interest files an objection to your claim.

A claim may be partly priority and partly non-priority. For example, in some of the categories, the law limits the amount entitled to priority. See Instruction 2 for claims entitled to priority under 11 U. Secured Claim: Check the appropriate box and provide the requested information if the claim is fully or partially secured. Skip this section if the claim is entirely unsecured. State the type and the value of property that secures the claim, attach copies of lien documentation, and state annual interest rate and the amount past due on the claim as of the date of the bankruptcy filing.

Credits: An authorized signature on this proof of claim serves as an acknowledgment that when calculating the amount of the claim, the creditor gave the debtor credit for any payments received toward the debt. Documents: Attach to this proof of claim form redacted copies documenting the existence of the debt and of any lien securing the debt.

You must also attach copies of documents that evidence perfection of any security interest. FRBP c and d. If the claim is based on the delivery of health care goods or services, see instruction 3.

Do not send original documents, as attachments may be destroyed after scanning. Date and Signature: The person filing this proof of claim must sign and date it. FRBP If the claim is filed electronically, FRBP a 2 , authorizes courts to establish local rules specifying what constitutes a signature.

Rankings are based on market cap as of July 10, Click ahead to find out. The stock is down almost 11 percent in the past 12 months to July Market analysts are still positive on the stock, with 26 out 46 polled calling for it to outperform; 14 recommend it as a buy, according to Reuters.

The company has announced a number of new initiatives recently in order to compete with tech giants Samsung Electronics and Micron. There have also been reports for the past few months that SK Hynix is considering buying operations of bankrupt Japanese chipmaker Elpida. The group was founded in as a holding company for 11 subsidiaries that include Shinhan Bank originally named Hanseong Bank — which is best known as the first bank in Korea — and Jeju Bank.

The group also has interests in asset management and life insurance. Last year, the firm experienced a major shakeup with the appointment of new chairman Hang Dong-woo, after a public embezzlement scandal dented its image and led to the resignations of three top leaders.

Market analysts expect the company to report an over 35 percent decline in net profit in the second quarter from a year earlier on the lack of gains from equity sales and an increase in administrative costs seen across South Korean banks. The stock has fallen The company is at the heart of a web of Samsung Group cross-shareholdings that have come into question as Lee defends three lawsuits from relatives on his holdings in the conglomerate.

About 17 analysts out of the 31 polled by Reuters think the stock will outperform, while 12 consider it a buy. In , the firm split from the Hyundai Group and became a part of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, which now has subsidiaries in engineering, heavy machinery, construction and green energy.

But 26 out of the 42 analysts polled by Reuters say the company will outperform; 14 consider it a buy. Founded in as Hyundai Precision Industry to produce containers, the company turned its focus to autos and launched the Galloper brand of vehicles in the s.

About 29 of the 46 analysts polled by Reuters think the stock will outperform; 15 consider it a buy. Founded in as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts, the company started making vehicles in During the Asian financial crisis, Kia declared bankruptcy, which led Hyundai Motor to acquire a percent stake in the firm.

Since then, the automaker has gone on to expand globally with manufacturing plants in the U. The company is planning to open its third factory in China this year to increase annual capacity by , units to , units by In Europe, Kia Slovakia recently reported a percent increase in production of , cars in first six months of the year.

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