Hub technologies bankruptcy middleboro mass

hub technologies bankruptcy middleboro mass

21st Century Restorations & Sales, Inc. Guy-Curtis Henderson: Route Dingmans Ferry, Pa. Fax: Restorations, repairs, and maintenance of Model "A" Fords, anything from frame off restorations to routine maintenance. A comprehensive list of HUB Massachusetts office locations can be found here. Covanta offers comprehensive waste management and consulting services tailored to your company’s specific needs. Whether you require field and onsite services, assured destruction, recycling and de-packaging solutions, liquid waste management and treatment – just about anything you can think of – we have you covered with customized solutions.

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New Hampshire, with NO gambling, that recently appointed a Blue Ribbon Commission to examine issues surrounding gambling, reports a rate of 6. Utah, with no gambling, has an unemployment rate of 6. Rhode Island with 2 slot parlors has an unemployment rate of Nevada, gambling capital of the world until recently, has an unemployment rate of Michigan has an unemployment rate of This is NOT the auto industry, folks! Massachusetts reported an unemployment rate of 9.

Hawaii, with no gambling, has an unemployment rate of 7. Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary provides some thorough information that seems to disprove the infallibility of casinos as job creators.

Before we embrace the theory of gambling as job creator, maybe we need to follow New Hampshire's lead and appoint a Blue Ribbon Commission. Now, Timmy, Dear, Let me point out that you're the first politician honest enough to tell folks that the future plan is to expand those race tracks to full fledged casinos. You need to pretend that a few slot machines, like, oh! And then, when you find out that the gambling revenues don't cover the costs, you beg for more slots on the same pretext -- more revenue, more jobs, blah!

You simply can't tell people that those few measley slot machines placed in numerous locations are going to become casinos everywhere! And Timmy, maybe it was just an oversight, and I really hate to mention it, but you seemed to have forgotten Plainridge on your list.

Now, Plainridge was losing money when it was sold and only purchased with the promise of Casino Gold in the future. How could you forget? You did good just commenting about "declining revenues" and not mentioning that Foxwoods is imploding or those other bankruptcies.

Now, Timmy, I really hate to mention this also, but here's what the story said:. You may be cute, but you need to stop inserting your foot in your mouth when you speak! You can't privatize the lottery!

Facing "Issue 3" in Ohio He says the casino would promote its own retail and restaurants, keeping customers inside, instead of exploring the Arena District, and he is worried the casino could discount food prices by making up for it with gambling profits. Bob Tennenbaum, spokesperson for the Ohio Jobs and Growth Committee, clearly hasn't done his homework or read about the experiences of other small businesses around the country.

Astleford [CEO and President of Experience Columbus, the tourism and marketing office promoting central Ohio] also cautioned against the impact the casino could have on discretionary spending. Job Creation: Minimum Wage Jobs? Before falling prey to a predatory industry that will suck discretionary dollars from the local economy, destory local businesses, increase crime, child abuse, gambling addiction, there's some solid information available USS-Mass.

Middleboro Remembers. Wednesday, September 30, Pot to Kettle? Big Tobacco protest lawsuit. Their defense? Labels: gambling addiction , government sponsored addiction , predatory gambling. Issue 3 is on the November ballot for Ohio voters to vote again on predatory gambling Declining Las Vegas Revenues.

Labels: declining revenue , Las Vegas , predatory gambling , Wynn. One of the protesters:. Kudos to Philadelphia's residents for taking such an impressive stand to oppose predatory gambling!

And thanks, Les for posting this! Sunday, September 27, Just Another Victim. Just another victim with a judge who told it like it is -- [Bernetta Hineroa Norton-Taylor, 41] who defrauded two small clubs to feed her gambling habit was the victim of a government sanctioned industry that encouraged people to gamble, a judge has said. Dear Mr.

Joseph J. Foxwoods is imploding. Predatory Gambling revenues are declining. Indian casinos are defaulting on their loan payments. Discretionary income is declining. Personal income is stagnant. Unemployment is rising. Where is this magical source of money supposed to come from? Manna from Heaven? This seems like an acknowledgment that gambling will divert dollars and interest As Mr. Turek organized his impressive rally of 15 people, some of whom seemed to be children and family members, here's what he said I'm willing to excuse any lack of information on your part that maybe you were out of any communication or some reason fully unknown to me.

It is known that predatory gambling is wildly profitable and the industry can afford well paid lobbyists who drowned out other voices. Most in the media readily regurgitate the information. Those expensive PR firms keep them on message - Jobs, blah, blah, blah, revenue for children, seniors, local aid, blah, blah, blah. The CT Casinos pay no state sales tax, no motel taxes, no corporate tax and so on.

They don't have to abide by the rules that you and I do. Both CT casinos are currently exempt from the liability created by allowing drunk drivers to take to the roads. Think Not! Your proposed business partner allows drunk drivers to get behind the wheel, kill and maim people and has taken no corrective action to address the issue.

When Middleboro and surrounding communities first realized a Mega Casino was about to be forced on us with no public discussion or consideration of the impacts, we knew little about predatory gambling, but worked to educate ourselves and share information with each other.

The Federal Reserve has no position on Predatory Gambling. My fellow bloggers, listed to the right of this screen have done a great job addressing the many issue surrounding predatory gambling. Recently, former Attorney General Scott Harshbarger moderated a forum in Waltham that allowed both sides of the discussion to be debated respectfully.

Last week, Rep. Tom Conroy conducted a forum in Sudbury. Maybe you didn't know about those, but we hope to see you at future forums, that is, if you truly want to understand the issue. The State of New Jersey employs state employees dedicated solely to gambling. What will that cost us, Massachusetts taxpayers? In fairness, let's include training, office costs, new state vehicles and gas and maintenance, pension and health care.

Maybe it was this - AG Coakley got it right! Last time the issue was voted on, Rep. Conroy prepared a report that was conservative and failed to consider many of the costs, but was persuasive.

The realistic projected revenues generated by gambling will equal the reductions in state lottery revenues. Isn't this Net Zero? That seems to mean that what we are going through is temporary and will end. Predatory Gambling won't. If you truly want answers, attend a forum, ask questions. But please, stop condemning those who have done their homework, examined the experience of many others, read numerous books and refused to accept "inevitable" for an answer.

Posted by Middleboro Review at PM 1 comment:. Labels: cost benefit analysis , CT slot parlors , Jospeh J. Gambling Addiction. This about says it all -- Despite their losses, senior citizens keep going to the casinos.

Am I addicted? You come into the casino in the middle of the day and see them with their "wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, the whole megillah. Ralph and Jan Labels: gambling addiction , predatory gambling. Another Foxwoods Deal Gone.

The Pauma Tribe in California is suing the state over terms of a agreement after Foxwoods cancelled the deal. Labels: declining revenue , Foxwoods , Pauma Tribe. Data on the decline come as states continue to examine casinos, video-lottery terminals and other gambling operations as potential sources of new revenue — with more than 25 states considering such proposals in the past year.

Authors of the study — For the First Time, a Smaller Jackpot: Trends in State Revenues From Gambling — said new gambling activities often provide a quick boost to state revenues, but generally do not keep pace with traditional tax revenues and government expenditures over time.

Thus, new gambling operations that are intended to pay for normal increases in general state spending may add to, rather than ease, long-term budget imbalances. The few states that reported increases — including Pennsylvania and North Carolina — have recently authorized the opening of new gambling operations. According to the report, states generate tax revenues from four major types of gambling operations: state lotteries, casinos, racinos and pari-mutuel betting.

By far the largest source of state gambling revenues is lottery income — which experienced an overall decline of 2. The second-largest source is casinos. During the same period, those revenues declined 8. The third-largest source for gambling revenues is the newer racinos, or race track-based casinos.

Revenues from those operations increased by 6. Preliminary figures contained in the new report indicate those revenues fell off by The new report also examined the extent to which states rely on gambling revenues. Overall, gambling revenues make up about 2. Labels: declining revenue , predatory gambling , Stop Predatory Gambling. Friday, September 25, Don't Buy the Champagne. Before drawing any conclusion or celebrating Senator Dorgan's legislation considered the " Carcieri Fix " by some, there's some information offered here And several other significant legal matters like that congressional vote that is opposed by 29 states.

Labels: Mashpee Wampanoag , Middleboro Casino , predatory gambling , slots. For years, both casinos have failed to accept their own social responsibility and ensure that patrons leaving their wildly profitable sovereign territory were sober. Were either slot parlor a commercial entity, their liquor licenses would have been revoked years ago and the judicial system would have compelled compliance. MADD has focused on changing the laws and reducing the numbers of intoxicated drivers on Massachusetts roads with which I'm familiar.

It appears that Connecticut's Attorney General may have some impact on changing the business behavior of the slot parlors Too bad the blogger isn't worried about these folks and the others killed after feeding the slots Tuesday, September 22, American Casino.

We were all pretty outraged by predatory lending practices that caused the housing meltdown. Jonathan Kim reviews the film about the casino gambling of the banking industry.

This doesn't seem much different from promoting predatory gambling in the Commonwealth that deliberately targets those least able to afford the costs, constructed on a foundation of addiction. A cost benefit analysis seems appropriate. Labels: casino gambling , predatory gambling , predatory lending.

Gambling Tax Revenues Overestimated. Standard industry practice is to overstate revenue projections, as Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling explained Labels: casino opposition , gambling revenue , New Hampshire , predatory gambling.

Nate Silver had an interesting article in Esquire worth reading in its entirety -- Gaming revenues received by local casinos [in Las Vegas] were down 12 percent in as compared with a year earlier.

This figure and all others in this article are reported on an inflation-adjusted basis. And will be even worse: So far, revenues are off almost 15 percent from 's already depressed figures.

The recession, then, appears set to cost Las Vegas more than a quarter of its business. Gambling revenues peaked in in Illinois, in in Mississippi, and in in Detroit, which had only begun to permit gambling ten years earlier.

What we've witnessed, indeed, is something of a race to the bottom. The sort of customers these lower-end casinos attract, moreover, may be exactly the sort who shouldn't be spending their money on gambling. Brian Dempsey 4 Rep. Brian Wallace 2 Rep. Carl Sciortino 2 Rep. Carolyn Dykema 3 Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Riveram Rep. Angelo Puppolo 1 Rep. Christine Canvan 1 Rep. Conroy 2 Rep. Dan Webster 1 Rep. Dan Winslow 9 Rep. Daniel Webster 1 Rep. Denise Provost 2 Rep. Jay Barrows 1 Rep. John Binienda 1 Rep.

John H. Rogers 1 Rep. Joseph Wagner 12 Rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein 12 Rep. Keiko Orrall 15 Rep. Kimberly Ferguson 1 Rep. Koczera 14 Rep. Koczera [D-New Bedford] 4 Rep. Martha Walz 1 Rep. Marty Walsh 1 Rep. Matthew Beaton 1 Rep. Matthew Patrick 2 Rep.

Patricia Haddad 3 Rep. Paul Frost 1 Rep. Paul Kujawski 1 Rep. Randy Hunt 1 Rep. Richard Ross 1 Rep. Ruth Balser 3 Rep. Sean Curran 1 Rep. Steve Canessa 7 Rep. Steve D'Amico 1 Rep. Steve Vaillancourt 1 Rep. Steven Howitt [R-Seekonk] 1 Rep. Steven Levy 1 Rep. Todd Rokita [R-Ind] 1 Rep. Todd Smola 2 Rep. Tom Calter 7 Rep. Tom Conroy 1 Rep. Charlie Urick 1 Rev. Bruce Tarr [R-Gloucester] 1 Sen.

Lindsey Graham R-S. Tom McGee 1 Sen. Sites to Behold! Joe Soto and the Chicago Casino 1 year ago. Casino Free Millbury. Casino Watch Focus.

Casino-Free Philadelphia. Casinos No! Charlestown Citizens Alliance. Citizens For A Stronger Massachusetts. Forget the election - Benghazi and Petraeus scandals are a big deal 7 years ago. We also operate a number of material processing facilities and transfer stations that support Covanta's core Energy-from-Waste business, while helping customers reach their sustainability goals. Customer Support Reach out to us, and take the first step toward a more sustainable future.

Request a service. Ask a question. Send a comment. We're here to help your company find an environmental solution for its waste and material management needs.

A neighborly agreement Read More. About Covanta We believe that the materials discarded every day should be utilized to their fullest potential to preserve valuable resources and generate clean energy for our client communities and the world we live in.

hub technologies bankruptcy middleboro mass

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