Hamp loan modification and bankruptcy

hamp loan modification and bankruptcy

Sep 26,  · Pennsylvania bankruptcy lawyers at Young, Marr & Associates discuss the expiration of HAMP and how this affects mortgage loan modifications for homeowners. Young Marr remains dedicated to our clients during this COVID quarantine. Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and Bankruptcy Achieving a Loan Modification During Bankruptcy. Many homeowners are pursing loan modifications with their mortgage companies in order make their payment more affordable, obtain a fixed rate or attempt to reduce the total amount owed on the mortgage. As such, while it is advisable that you review your modification paperwork carefully to make sure there is no clause directed at bankrupt customers, a bankruptcy should not affect your HAMP modification. As for your choice of Chapter, neither Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 have any negative effect on a HAMP modification. hamp loan modification and bankruptcy

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