Haggens bankruptcy auctions

haggens bankruptcy auctions

Albertsons was the winning bidder for 12 Washington stores that Bellingham-based Haggen auctioned off in bankruptcy court this week, according to court documents.. Six of those locations will be. The auction began on Monday, Nov. 9 and is scheduled to go through Wednesday, Nov. 11, according to court documents filed in relation to Haggen’s recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Many of the. In newly-released bankruptcy court documents, Southern California grocer Gelson’s has been named the stalking horse bidder for 8 closing Haggen stores, and growing warehouse grocer Smart & Final is the stalking horse bidder for 28 stores, most in Southern California, with . haggens bankruptcy auctions

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Haggen to close Ashland store \u0026 others amid bankruptcy

Albertsons was also the winning bidder for 11 stores in California, three in Arizona and three in Nevada. The prices fetched by each of the stores were not disclosed. In Washington, out of the 18 stores up for auction , five received no bids. Albertsons won the bidding for 12 Washington stores that bankrupt Haggen auctioned of this week.

Six will be operated as Albertsons stores, and the rest will be Safeways. Share story. About 40 bidders — including Albertsons itself — had pre-qualified to participate, and 14 submitted baseline bids. Haggen is requesting a December 4th hearing on its motion to sell its remaining stores, with a planned auction to be held on January 8th update: the auction has now been moved to March 18th. In a statement provided to Coupons in the News late Tuesday, Haggen suggested that the move to seek buyers for its core stores was not its preference.

Despite the filing, Haggen does not anticipate any changes to continuing operations at the Core Stores including regular payments to suppliers and partners. That could be to ensure a smooth transition to new owners, or it could be that Haggen might like to stay in business in some reduced form, if it can pay its creditors, emerge from bankruptcy and keep any unsold core stores. But with all of its stores now heading for the auction block, it may not have a choice.

If so, it looks like it could be an ignominious end, for a small regional grocery chain with high hopes of going big time. In the end, it appears that all Haggen may have succeeded in doing, is going bust. Alas you are all wrong the downfall of Haggens was greedy upper management from long ago.

I worked there for 28 years and watched as they changed there philosophy from buying power to keep prices low to raising prices to make more profit. Is it any wonder that when the economy caught up with them that the leaders all bailed with there millions and the faithfull employees were stuck holding a bag of crap and a pink slip. I never liked Haggens prices or store brands to begin with and look forward to a more affordable store. A store like Winco would be awesome!! Comvest is the investment firm that bought Haggen a few years back.

This was a real estate play from the word go, they never intended for this to work as they bought the Albertsons stores for pennies on the dollar. Comvest stands to make a killing in this auction. Haggen employees were just a pawn in the game for Comvest. Comvest could not care less about everybody who will be out of a job.

I agree….. Comvest should be ashamed of itself as it changed the mom and pop store into an overpriced anonymous market with often sub-standard goods. Yeah, no one should be surprised. I feel sorry for any former Albertsons or other Employee that got caught up in this — who now have to struggle to make ends meet and find new jobs in a hurry. An outside investment group purchased Haggen, and that group decided to go forward with the expansion.

So blame stupid rich people. I believe I did. Specifically people who are in charge of Haggens who over expanded and the results of their behavior threatens thousands of jobs. I agree, stupid rich people and greedy people who all think they are better then the next person who unfortunately work for those companies. Cant feel bad for Haggen they are getting what they deserve.

Nothing else compares. They have always been a step up from other stores. Mary Kay Letourneau, who married her former sixth-grade student after she was convicted for raping him, has died. The Bellingham, Wash. S Bankruptcy Court.

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