Government appointed trustee in bankruptcy

government appointed trustee in bankruptcy

The trustee is a quasi-judicial officer who oversees the bulk of the bankruptcy process, particularly when there are a lot of assets to be dealt with. Trustee Jobs in Bankruptcy. The history of bankruptcy trustees goes back to the s in our country when the federal government passed its first bankruptcy laws. Then, a trustee was a. Apr 20,  · Private trustees are not government employees. They do, however, work in concert with the United States Trustee to ensure the efficiency and integrity of the bankruptcy system. Chapter 7 trustees are often referred to as “panel trustees” because they are appointed by the United States Trustee to a panel in each judicial district. History of the Office of the Government Trustee (OGT) The OGT was established in , pursuant to section of the Insolvency Act The establishment of the OGT replaced the Office of the Trustee in Bankruptcy (OTB) which was previously established in pursuant to the now repealed Bankruptcy Act (last amended in ).

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