Gordon brinser solarworld bankruptcy

gordon brinser solarworld bankruptcy

The COO functions will be handled by Gordon Brinser, President SolarWorld Industries America for its manufacturing operations in Hillsboro, US while CEO Frank Asbeck will handle those functions. Oct 20,  · Gordon Brinser, of SolarWorld Industries America, flanked by Senators Jeff Merkley, right, and Ron Wyden, both of Oregon, announcing the filing of . SolarWorld AG is appealing two determinations from the U.S. Department of Commerce to the U.S. Court of International Trade, arguing that several Chinese solar producers should be labeled as being Author: Stewart Bishop. gordon brinser solarworld bankruptcy

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A coalition of seven companies led by SolarWorld Industries accused China of a long list of illegal subsidies and pricing practices to grab global market share. Some trade experts have warned that the Obama administration needs to tread carefully because the United States also has programs to support the sector. Last month, U. SolarWorld is the U. Last month, SolarWorld shut its Camarillo, Calif.

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Deutsche Bank is fined over Jeffrey Epstein lapses. Hot Property. Romney was once again flip-flopping, having criticized Mr. Obama in the past as protectionist for mounting a trade case against China on behalf of American tire producers.

A typical solar panel might have a capacity of watts. Any price increase in the technology — particularly an effective doubling of the price of Chinese imports through tariffs — is not likely to improve that ratio. Significantly, the other six companies that joined the case have withheld their names, as they are entitled to do under Commerce Department rules.

Many companies fear that the Chinese government is ready to retaliate against any business that challenges its policies. The American subsidiaries of foreign companies are allowed to file antidumping and antisubsidy cases if they produce goods in the United States.

Solyndra is not taking part because it does not manufacture the traditional kind of panels, so-called blue solar panels, covered by the case. Brinser added. But so far the administration has taken no action on solar power beyond alerting the World Trade Organization to Chinese subsidies. SolarWorld said it was representing a newly formed trade association, the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing. An existing trade group, Solar Energy Industries Association, is deeply split over trade actions against China, because it includes American subsidiaries of Chinese solar manufacturers and American companies that sell raw materials and factory equipment to Chinese makers of solar panels.

One of those American units, Suntech Power, which is owned by Suntech, a leading Chinese company in the field, said on Wednesday that it opposed the trade filing. That could be a big blow to the company, if successful. Suntech ships solar cells from China to the United States. The trade case contends that China has helped its solar panel industry by providing the equivalent of billions of dollars in subsidies in the form of deeply discounted loans, land, electricity, water and raw materials, as well as cash grants and tax breaks.

And Mr. But because few American companies export 95 percent of their production, they are less likely to run afoul of trade rules against export subsidies. Global Business U.

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