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Mar 12,  · March 12, New York City, the heart of international law and commerce, is a fitting venue for the annual Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court year, the nation’s premier bankruptcy competition brought 59 teams from 46 law schools together from February 29 to March 2, to vie for top honors. FORSYTH COUNTY FORENSIC STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS. • A Financial Investigation Firm • () • Child Support Enforcement Agency Victoria L. Roemer Jennifer Tubbs Hall of Justice, N Main St , PO Box , Winston- Social Services Bldg, Highland Ave, Winston-Salem Salem () , FAX () . Phone Number Information; / Cristobal Colom - Capistrano Ave, Phoenix, AZ: / Maranda Karapetian - W 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ.

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There was no option to have ur telephone no. Buyer beware! It's free, can be completely customized and works on landlines as well as cellphones. I can't live without it and once you try it you'll be amazed. You can block by number or complete area code and even create your own greeting. Personally, I record SIT tones that disconnect automated robo calls and then removes my phone number from their dialer. The maximum number of calls I have ever received from each scam is 3. I don't use my phone much so now that I've taken care of all the scammers, it's silent most of the day.

I'm in no way affiliated with youmail, just a diehard fan. Try it - www. They had trouble answering my first question and when I balked, I got a hangup. Phone number: is located in Kissimmee, Florida. When I call back from a different number, I get hung up on. My number is a mobile, and in Canada. I have no idea why I would be getting calls from a MI number. When I do answer when they call,they won't say anything we keep on receiving rings with this no.

Call from Seattle, Washington.. I'm in FL. Called back this number is busy. When I try to call it back it just rings rings. No one over answers.? Not happy that I'm getting text spam. I live in PA and they are in IL. I'm certainly not looking for a bankruptcy lawyer and not sure how they got my number. Cell phone spam I suppose! I called the Citi's phone number found online I must say the girl helping me was no help. I told her the text said Citi wanted to verify recent transactions.

So that's what she did I then asked her about the text message and phone calls. She said there are many numbers I could have got a call from, but could not verify if Citi did in fact call me. She cut me off many times while I was attempting to ask questions. I do a similar job I would never ever not allow a customer to finish their question, I see it as part of my job to educate the person calling Not to say It seems that information about the origin of this number can be had, for a fee.

Just ring for more info. I were informed to ring the no. A check is enclosed with the letter. Getting these stupid people calling every week and harrasing me on some senior benefits Is there any way to sue these guys. Yesterday, receive a call from within two minutes of each other. The caller did not leave a message. Seriously, irritating! Caller ID reads "Seagate Connections" which appears to be a telemarketing company. They called here at pm! Where did these people get this.

A waste of our mobile minutes. Inquired at our local library abt. This number keeps calling -- it's a robocall and they ask if you want to be listed high in google searches. I received a call on april at pm to scam , request money and said they are going to kill your brother.

Pls take a note. Received this annoying call on my non-pub number and person speaks nothing but Spanish. Talking very fast like selling something. Received numerous calls from an individual clamining to be Dan Idell. Wanting to me to invest in his stock picks.

He claims to know me but has only pulled info from a call list. Calls about every two months for over a year now. Has promised to stop calling but hasn't. Caller ID says the Name is Worden. No message on my voice mail. I called back and they wouldn't give any information and I was asked to give my phone number.

I declined and they told me they couldn't help me. I just got a call from here. From "account services" with a due giddings. Would not tell me which company. When informed that I don't have a credit card and I'm in bankruptcy I got hung up on. This is the third call from these people. I know it's a scam, I wanna a nail them. I'm in Minnesota. Recorded call. This business appears to be a scam designed to prey upon desperate people who have foreclosure actions pending on their homes.

They are phishing for people through some kind of robo-calling system. The payment for my loan hadn't gone through and they were ringing me up to check about it. I didn't confirm my details with them since they called me. However I rang back the normal number waited and checked and yes it was really from the commonwealth bank. Must be the latest scammer or bottom feeder. I just received a call on my fax line from the number. Ignored since I did not recognize. Sick sick sick of phone solicitors.

Who would be stupid enough to give credit card info to someone and you have no way of verifying who they are? No voicemail, no nothing I actually did not hear the phone.

Asking for a family member who does not live here. I got a call from these bunch of pseudo trying to scam my wife but fortunately she called me!! Calling me, not leaving voicemail.

Just sincerely annoyed, I don't answer unknown callers who won't leave voicemail. Received call from James Cook to my wife and asked us to reach nearest western union to receive the grant from US Gov. Also asked to reach to get the confirmation to receive the grant. I ma not sure how and why do we receive such a money.

This number is for Wyndham Worldwide, at the Canadian office. There services include RCI, the timeshare company. Are you a memeber of the timeshare program? Or perhaps have you recently book at hotel reservation? I sent the following to the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau: At am today I received a phone call from the following number: It rang several times before I was able to pick up. When I picked up, no one spoke. I returned a call to this number and the man who answered said, BCR may I help you?

I told him it wasn't functioning properly and he was unconcerned. I Googled the number and found that there are numerous, identical complaints on this phone number all over the web. My number is on all no call lists. There is nothing wrong with my credit and I owe no one who would be attempting to collect.

I suspect this is a scam. If it is a 'legitimate' business, I am writing to complain of being called. An acceptable resolution would be a promise of no more calls to my number. Just to fun, until I decided to take action and find out who is the caller.

Finally I found him and I will take legal action against him. Person at other end calls himself Bob pretends to sell old classic cars, scamming innocent buyers by playing them against each other in pricing. Located in Bay Point, CA. Must have a baby 3 yrs or under. It never gave an age range. This is a scam and I will post it all over facebook and any other web site Home Area Codes Remove. Post by Anonymous.

Report the phone Post by Anonymous. I googled the area code, and it's in Oklahoma Post by Anonymous. Thanks Post by Anonymous. I'm in Minnesota Post by Anonymous. However I rang back the normal number waited and checked and yes it was really from the commonwealth bank Post by Anonymous. I just received a call on my fax line from the number Post by Anonymous. I actually did not hear the phone Post by Anonymous. Just sincerely annoyed, I don't answer unknown callers who won't leave voicemail Post by Anonymous.

I ma not sure how and why do we receive such a money Post by Anonymous.

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