Federal rules of bankruptcy procedure 9014

federal rules of bankruptcy procedure 9014

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure; Rule Compromise and Arbitration; Rule Compromise and Arbitration Primary tabs (a) Compromise. On motion by the trustee and after notice and a hearing, the court may approve a compromise or settlement. Notice shall be given to creditors, the United States trustee, the debtor, and indenture. Rules (d), (b)(1), (a), (d), and (a), which govern respectively dismissal or conversion of a case, objections to confirmation of a plan, relief from the automatic stay and the use of cash collateral, avoidance of a lien under §(f) of the Code, and the assumption or rejection of executory contracts or unexpired leases, specifically provide that litigation under those . Rule – Notices to Creditors, Equity Rule Process; Service of Summons, Complaint; Rule Contested Matters; Rule Relief from Automatic Stay; Prohibiting Rule Proof of Claim; Rule Filing Proof of Claim or Interest; Rule General Provisions Governing Discovery; Rule Computing and Extending Time.

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