Falcon products bankruptcy

falcon products bankruptcy

Jul 20,  · This Court authorized the joint administration and procedural consolidation of the Debtors' Chapter 11 cases under the Falcon Products, Inc. case caption and number. 2. On October 18, , this Court confirmed the Debtors' Third Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization ("Plan") pursuant to which the Debtors' cases were substantively consolidated. Aug 22,  · Falcon Products Inc. reached an agreement with its unsecured creditors committee that will allow it to emerge from bankruptcy in the next few months, it said Thursday. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court . Nov 16,  · FALCON PRODUCTS, INC. EXIT BANKRUPTCY AS CFGROUP; COMPANY EMERGES A RELIABLE, STABLE BUSINESS PARTNER The company formerly known as Falcon Products, Inc. (Pink Sheets:, announced today.

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