Domain wall logic devices bankruptcy

domain wall logic devices bankruptcy

Jan 12,  · (a), Cartoon of the domain wall (DW) logic device, comprised of a magnetic wire with a DW and a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) to read out the DW position Missing: bankruptcy. demonstrate that a single device can perform buffer and inverter operations, one device can drive two subsequent devices and three devices in series act as a circuit of three inverters. These results provide a path for realizing spintronic circuits. Results Domain wall logic device structure. The prototype is shown schematically in Fig. 1a,b. e ect-driven domain wall motion devices that could be em-ployed as both non-volatile memory cell and in-memory logic unit. The proposed designs lead to unity of memory and logic. The device to architecture level simulation results show that, with 45% area increase, the proposed in-memory computing platform achieves the write energy ˘ fJ/bit.

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