Doctors hospital of michigan and bankruptcy

doctors hospital of michigan and bankruptcy

Doctors Hospital of Michigan in Pontiac has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to a Crain's Detroit Business report.. The physician-owned hospital has been struggling. Michigan’s per capita hospital cost was $2,, compared to $2, in Indiana and $3, in Wisconsin. It concluded that the difference was due in part to Michigan’s CON oversight. The Michigan Health & Hospital Association opposes exempting critical access hospitals from CON oversight. Subject to certain regulatory filings, the approved plan will transfer ownership of Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan in Pontiac to Sant and other minority investors. Several other groups opposed the plan and proposed their own competing reorganization plans, which the bankruptcy court ultimately declined to approve in favor of Sant’s plan.

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The directors had also used their corporate American Express cards on lavish, non-company expenses, such as trips to the Virgin Islands , Japan , China , and Las Vegas ; meals at top-of-the-line restaurants; and various other luxury expenses. Additionally, Ultimed did not pay numerous claims, which led to as many as 1, complaints to the county.

The company no longer exists, and the building sits abandoned to this day. As of October , Brown still owns the building and is facing jail time for unpaid child support. Brown still owns the building; however, Brown does not pay the taxes on the building.

Instead, these taxes have been paid by Detroit landlord Dennis Kefallinos since The building has been completely hollowed out and sits plainly as a steel structure. According to the Detroit Free Press , Kefallinos had been looking to lease the building to a third party. Many urban exploration bloggers and YouTubers who have visited the structure claim that it still contained leftover items from the hospital's operations, including medical records , hospital equipment, and mechanical operations equipment.

A blogger from the site Pixable commented that the basement was completely frozen over due to flooding. The building has also been covered in bullet holes and various graffiti visible from nearby I, including a large tag that reads "Purge Suey". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Defunct hospital in Detroit.

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North Oakland medical Centers was an excellent place to work. The teamwork that occurred was exceptional. Patients received excellent care. Due to the size of the hospital it had a difficult time competing with the changing market and economic crisis. Cut throat. Really Bad place to work no advancement no raises poor management out dated equipment salaries not comparative very slow paced management has their favorites. Terrible place. Horrible management, dirty hallways and kitchen.

Roaches in the kitchen.. Patients were violent and hospital has no security. Relaxed great atmosphere. A bright place to work. A bright atmosphere great people to be around, loved to help guest find where their going. A great team to work with, everyone helps out. Management great.

Now I hear they are changing again, its always hard on employees. The company no longer exist. Poor work conditions, poor compensation, friendly and helpful staff. Push to fill beds without consideration for safety for staff. Love working with patients and families.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my years here. Very dedicated people stay on thru thick and thin. Sorry to see it struggling. It serves an important purpose in the city and I hope it can be revived. Love the dedicated people. Hospital is having financial difficulty but is rebounding. Can be tough on a daily basis due to micromanagement. But once you know and understand your role, autonomy becomes more of the norm. An environment which taught me many skills.

I enjoyed my job at Doctor's Hospital of Michigan. I enjoyed meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds. I also enjoyed helping the less fortunate by providing information that would help them with the difficulties that they were facing.

I definitely learned how to interact with people of all backgrounds. The hardest part about the job was when a person was in dire need of services, yet their lack of insurance along with the hospital's policies , required denial of the services. I loved every manager that I had, and learned a great deal from each of them.

Each of the managers that I worked under showed great compassion, leadership and knowledge. My coworkers were absolutely wonderful. After being in the environment so long, I became quite familiar with each of them. It felt like having family on the job. Loving coworkers, meeting new people, and learning new skills each day. The instability of the job within the last few years.

I have been given opportunities to ggain additional skills. My typical day consist of scheduling appointments, attend meetings and transcribe minutes. I have learned more of the operations of a hospital, particularly in management. Mainly I work alone and work well with others on special projects. The most enjoyable aspect of my position is helping other departments and the general public with requests. I have some flexibility in my hours. I have been noting a sight decrease in patients seeking healthcare services.

Hard working employees. Important position, ability to meet and support employees of all areas of the organization. Major changes, changed the way the organization was run by administration. Numerous CEO changes. Working with dedicated employees. Unable to use full talents. Claim this company page. Want to know more about working here?

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