Dinesh kumar mmodal bankruptcy

dinesh kumar mmodal bankruptcy

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Seth: SCO , Level-III, Sector A,Chandigarh,Chandigarh, dinesh2seth[at]gmail[dot]com: This is the Official Website of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India designed and developed by IBBI & hosted by National Informatics Centre (NIC). M*Modal, a provider of clinical documentation and speech understanding solutions, has announced the expansion of its operations. The company has set up a new medical transcription centre in karacto.xyzg: bankruptcy. MModal common stock trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol “MODL.” Defendant Roger L. Davenport (“Davenport”) has been the Company’s Chairman and CEO since July Defendant V. Raman Kumar (“Kumar”) has been the Company’s Vice Chairman since February From February to October , Kumar was also the Company.

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MModal: Collaborative Intelligence for Healthcare

So Im going back to school and starting something else, since I am too young to totally retire. They get free insurance for themselves AND their families until the age of 80? Check it out, you'll be shocked. Hope you chosen few bombard the town meeting with questions about why India employees get treated so much better than we do. Why can't MModal care about it's employees in the United States? It's shameful, they should be ashamed of themselves. But then again, anything to make a buck, right?

Not that they pas Nov 06, Everybody leave Medquist And see how well India does all the transcription -- they can't do it -- we do the hard work and they get the cream. We are sitting her dying with their bad machines and bad dictators. Let them have it -- they will corode.

Double Pay Cut May 31, It seems to me that when you pay "weighted lines" which equal about two thirds of lines actually produced, and then pay less for those weighted lines, it is a double cut in pay. They would already be paying less because of the "weighted lines", and then to pay less per line seems criminal. Twice as productive should equate to twice as much pay I'm about to go under Mar 27, nm Double Standard Mar 29, Time and time again it is reiterated the importance for us to remain professional, as we are a reflection of MQ.

For example, never say "poor dictator" because this may be insulting to the holy than thou doctor, PA or RN. What about the annoying PA that constantly insults me by saying in middle of her dictation, "note to my typist. Double Words Mar 26, Has anyone noticed that double words are not coming up on spell check any longer?

I can't find it anywhere to make it stop again at double words -- does anyone know how to do that? Mar 11, Is it mucous secretions and mucus production or mucous production? CT Angio--double Surge? Aug 06, This is an ESL and it sounds like he is saying "performed in the double-surge CT scanner," but I can't verify this anywhere.

Is this correct? I wonder if my spellcheck is even turned on because the double words are not being caught. I have even wondered if the software is putting words in.

I've been transcribing for many years but only started SR. Otherwise, being with MQ has been fine. Double Check Or Doublecheck? Jul 13, It is always one way or the other? Or is it like followup? Nov 30, In ASR, it will highlight the word you double click and also it will put the audio back to that point.

In straight transcription, it will highlight the word and take the audio all the way back to the beginning. And they won't fix it! I find mousing quicker to follow ASR. I've tried cursor tracking, but it rarely ends up exactly where I want and I either end up having to use the keyboard or mouse depending upon Aug 23, I am new to SR and not doing any better line count wise then I do straight typing? Am I doing something wrong I heard that your line count should double The dr.

I think this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as medical malpractice goes, and I don't think her settlement was near enough!!

I do not see any change on the policy. Anyone else? The doctor is clearly saying Onlay Optima stent. Is there an Onlay Optima stent? Already in shock at the high insurance rates, wondering how anyone could afford them with the high deductibles and co-pays, and got an e-mail that my zip code is out of their area and so my rates would be DOUBLE!!!

For the same stinking high deductible and high co-pay plan??? My entire pay would not cover the insurance!! Anyone else get such an e-mail, and what the heck are you going to do?? I am not in a "rural" area and am within 30 minutes of major medical ce I haven't typed since Sept of last year and I hope it comes back to me quickly.. Experience With Double-monitor Computer Setups? Apr 16, Have any of you worked on a computer set up with double monitors?

Would you recommend it as a personal investment for a remote coder? How did your screen sharing function work; what do you keep on each screen? Thanks for letting me pick your brains a little bit.

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dinesh kumar mmodal bankruptcy

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