Deuda saldada chapter 19 bankruptcy

deuda saldada chapter 19 bankruptcy

Para llegar a determinar un proceso de renegociacin de deuda, sta debe de enmarcarse en un plan estratgico para el desarrollo de la economa nacional. No caigamos en el facilismo de encontrar solo alivios temporales, renegociaciones que slo postergan los altos pagos; como vulgarmente se conoce, patean la deuda. 19 HUGO LEZAMA COCA. hacia adelante. Differentiated case management Note of issue and certificate of readiness Calendars Special preferences Objections to applications for special preference Pretrial conference Defaults a Proof of . (Slovenské znenie) Otázka na písomné zodpovedanie E/ Komisii. Monika Flašíková Beňová (S&D) ( februára ) Vec: Dohovor o styku s dieťaťom z Vilniusu Dohovor o styku s dieťaťom bol prijatý vo Vilniuse 3. mája

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On the basis of the information provided by the Honourable Member, the Commission cannot identify any breach of Union legislation. Furthermore, predictions for the period from to made by the Central Statistical Office of Poland show that the number of people in the oldest age groups is set to grow. Experts say that the ageing of Polish society could result in further waves of emigration.

It is estimated that in a few years there will be 90 people above working age for every people of working age. What steps is the Commission currently taking to reduce the pace at which Europe and Poland's populations are ageing? Does the Commission intend to take steps to raise awareness of this issue among Europeans?

Another thing that is vital in addressing the problem of ageing societies is to make things easier for immigrants e. However, the UK Government is now forcing through measures to make things more difficult for immigrants, even those from other EU Member States. How does the Commission intend to counter similar actions taken by other Member States in the future? This comes to an expression during the European Semester and in the country specific recommendations covering among others policies in favour of families and children.

Despite the fact that Poland has moved up a few notches in most of the ratings, we still have too many barriers to entrepreneurship. The problems the report points to are the complex and inefficient tax system, excessive administration and too much red tape.

The report also draws attention to the authorisation process that must be followed in order to operate a business and invest freely, as well as the requirement to obtain investment permits.

It also takes too long to resolve commercial disputes, obtain permits and register property, and it is difficult to start up and close down businesses. All these issues also help increase the likelihood of corruption in the Polish administrative system. Is the Commission aware of the restrictions on entrepreneurship outlined in the aforementioned report?

Could the Commission provide the Polish Government with recommendations and opinions encouraging it to introduce measures to make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business? Does the Commission have its own analysis of the aforementioned problems in the Member States? If not, could it carry out such an analysis?

Is the Commission planning, in the near future, to draw up proposals for regulations and directives to make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business? The Commission would like to confirm that it is aware of the situation of Polish entrepreneurs.

The Commission closely follows the situation in all the Member States on issues affecting in particular small and medium enterprises SMEs and entrepreneurship. On an annual basis since , the SME Performance Review is one of the main tools the Commission uses to monitor and assess countries' progress in implementing the Small Business Act SBA , which include, inter alia , entrepreneurship, responsive administration and access to finance.

Also within the context of the European Semester, the Commission analyses the fiscal and structural reform policies of every Member State, provides recommendations, and monitors their implementation. Annual fact-finding missions bring together the Commission and the Member State authorities to discuss these issues. The mission to Poland was held in the beginning of February; its results and evaluation will feed into the European Semester process as described above and be published in the SME Performance Review report this autumn.

In het verslag wordt niet verwezen naar een exact cijfer van ambtenaren die niet kunnen werken, en het is evenmin mogelijk om precies te weten over welke sectoren het gaat. Welke criteria betreft het hier? Hoe weet resp. De verwijzing naar de ontvankelijkheidscriteria voor financiering heeft betrekking op de criteria die werden vastgelegd door het PEGASE-mechanisme, dat bepaalt wie in aanmerking komt als begunstigde.

The report does not quote a precise figure of civil servants prevented from working, nor is it possible to be known with precision what sectors are most affected. To what criteria is she referring? Concerning the eligibility criteria, this refers to the criteria established by the PEGASE mechanism which determines the eligible beneficiaries. In order to benefit from the PEGASE programme, civil servants need to comply with certain eligibility criteria including the following; the beneficiary must be on the payroll list of the Palestinian Authority for that particular month; only basic salaries and pensions are covered; managerial position and consultants are not eligible; security forces and civil police are ineligible; employees working in non-governmental organisations, trade unions, religious or political bodies or working in the Palestinian News Agency are also not eligible.

Betreft: Terugvorderen toeslagen in het buitenland. Voor de invordering van toeslagschuld in het buitenland is bijstand van het betreffende land noodzakelijk. De huurtoeslag valt echter niet onder de reikwijdte van deze verordening. Geldt dit alleen voor Nederland of valt de huurtoeslag van andere Europese lidstaten ook niet onder de reikwijdte van de verordening?

In order to recover allowances owed to the authorities by people abroad, it is necessary to seek the assistance of the country concerned. In order to recover childcare allowance, care allowance and the child-related budget, other Member States can be asked to assist. However, rental support does not fall within the scope of this regulation.

Does this only apply to the Netherlands, or does rental support from other EU Member States likewise not fall within the scope of the regulation?

If so, to which Member States does this apply? Povezivanje; 2. Izgradnja prosperiteta; 4. Kao jedan od primjera, Hrvatska je u tom kontekstu u rujnu Ta predanost postojala je i u razdoblju U pogledu priprema za razdoblje More globally, Croatia is also committed to delivering projects in line with the priorities of the Danube Strategy. Specific projects included improving water and wastewater infrastructure in Osijek and Vukovar, supporting river information services on the Sava, preparing the development of Vukovar, Osijek and Slavonski Brod ports, and establishing an Innovation Agency in Zagreb.

As regards the preparation of the period, the Commission does not yet have detailed information about the potential financial resources dedicated to the Danube Strategy. Nevertheless, both in its partnership agreement and in the relevant programmes, Croatia is asked to include the macro-regional perspective and consequently to ensure that projects financed through EU funds are in line with the included provisions.

Deze procedure heeft betrekking op andere vormen van bijzonder zware criminaliteit met een grensoverschrijdende dimensie die voortvloeit uit de aard of gevolgen van deze strafbare feiten, of uit een bijzondere noodzaak om deze op gemeenschappelijke basis te bestrijden. Does the procedure described in the abovementioned paragraph apply to the definition of serious crime as well, or just to individual offences which are exhaustively mentioned in this paragraph?

If so, which legislative procedure will be applicable, the special or the ordinary? Does the Commission plan to publish a proposal on the definition of serious crime?

This procedure covers other areas of particularly serious crime with a cross-border dimension resulting from the nature or impact of such offences or from a special need to combat them on a common basis.

The French Government is expected to declare a natural disaster following the floods in Brittany. Farming, just one of the sectors affected, expects to see heavy losses during the next harvest. Water-saturated soil, hundreds of hectares of fields flooded, crop yields this year are bound to be affected by the bad weather. What is more, bad weather events are becoming more frequent in a number of EU countries.

Will the Commission provide emergency aid for those economic sectors, including farming, affected by this bad weather? What measures have been introduced to protect local people, economic sectors and infrastructure from the disastrous effects of weeks of bad weather? What steps will the European Union take to provide financial assistance for farmers in need?

Brittany has borne the full brunt of the severe weather conditions of the last two months. On top of the problems faced by some farms as a result of their remoteness, they now have incessant storms to contend with, and there are concerns about the repercussions for crops and livestock. After two months of storms and flooding, which have caused serious damage to farm buildings, the land and fields, farmers in Brittany, and in the Morbihan region in particular, are in real trouble.

Both livestock farming and cereal and vegetable production have been affected, although the full economic impact will not be known until the spring, when the harvest takes place.

Will the Commission provide farmers in Brittany with emergency aid in order to compensate them for the losses suffered as a result of severe weather conditions? Is there a European support fund for livestock and arable farmers to cover weather-related losses? If not, how does the Commission intend to provide financial support to arable and livestock farmers when adverse weather conditions lead to losses of production and, hence, losses of income?

The EU Solidarity Fund EUSF could grant financial assistance only following an application from a Member State for dealing with the costs of certain types of emergency operations, including adverse climatic events.

Rural development policy provides support for investments to restore agricultural potential damaged by natural disasters. In , on the condition that competent authority of the MS concerned formally recognises the occurrence of a natural disaster, support could be granted through:. For applications to be made in , MS have the flexibility to decide on the payment of advances, without the need for a particular justification, but subject to the same control requirements as in Le violenze a danno dei giornalisti destano seria preoccupazione.

Oltre ai gruppi armati, che costituiscono la minaccia principale per i giornalisti pakistani, vi sono denunce di abusi commessi dai militari contro i giornalisti che criticano il loro operato. This incident demonstrates the intention of the Taliban group TTP, which has claimed responsibility for the attack, to undermine the freedom and independence of the press in that country.

Still more concerning is the fact that an employee of the same television network subsequently instigated informal negotiations with the Taliban group, offering increased coverage for their message in exchange for greater security. Reporters without Borders rate Pakistan as one of the most dangerous countries in the world in which to be a journalist.

Violence against journalists is a major concern. Although the biggest threat to Pakistani journalists is armed groups, there are also allegations of abuses committed by the military against journalists who report critically on their actions. The EU-Delegation in Islamabad has and will continue to raise concerns with the Pakistani authorities about freedom of expression in Pakistan. L'FMI e il governo dell'Ucraina hanno annunciato di aver raggiunto un'intesa da cui dovrebbe scaturire un accordo di stand-by di miliardi di dollari per contribuire a stabilizzare la situazione economica e finanziaria dell'Ucraina.

L'UE ha inoltre firmato i capitoli politici dell'accordo di associazione con l'Ucraina e applica preferenze commerciali autonome per consentire al paese di beneficiare prima possibile, e in misura sostanziale, della zona di libero scambio globale e approfondito. This aid could then be followed by more substantial support, but this would be dependent on Ukraine implementing structural reforms and on IMF conditionality. Does she intend to return to Ukraine, or to receive a delegation of Ukrainian demonstrators, in order to fully understand the reasons for their protests and to work with the Ukrainian authorities to respond to their demands?

Does she intend to announce fresh proposals for a political agreement linked to European financial aid for Ukraine? Will she consider imposing sanctions on Ukraine, as advocated by several representatives of the German Government? The EU is contributing to international efforts, and has committed to assist with the transition, encourage reforms and support inclusive development to benefit all Ukrainians.

The EU is pursuing restrictive measures against persons identified as responsible for misappropriation of Ukrainian State funds, as well as those responsible for undermining Ukraine's sovereignty, territory integrity and independence. Immediate priorities for Kyiv are to restore macroeconomic stability and address corruption. Oggetto: Tassazione sulle transazioni finanziarie. The fact that the Greeks recently assumed the rotating EU Presidency could give further impetus to negotiations on this issue, since Greece is one of the Member States in favour of continued cooperation on financial transaction tax, and several representatives of the Greek Government have expressed hope of adopting a common position with other participating Member States by June.

The revenue from this new tax could be used in various sectors, but as yet no agreement has been reached as to how it will be distributed. In light of the above, does the Council believe that it is realistic to expect a common position to have been adopted among participating Member States by June? Has an agreement been reached as to how revenue from this tax will be appropriated? However, eleven Member States expressed their willingness to proceed with this tax under enhanced cooperation.

A first technical read-through of the text was completed under the Lithuanian Presidency. Deliberations on the proposed Directive are ongoing and a position has not been reached within the Council on the questions raised by the Honourable Member. Oggetto: Aggiornamento — Crisi nel settore dell'acquavite di vino. Una copia della corrispondenza ufficiale, volta a informare gli operatori della normativa applicabile al fine di imporre la cessazione di tale pratica per la campagna successiva, era allegata alla risposta.

Sono attualmente in corso negoziati relativi alla rifusione. Il punto 8 della raccomandazione del Consiglio invita gli Stati membri a fornire aiuti adeguati alle esigenze specifiche dei discenti svantaggiati. The scoreboard focuses on five key action areas for governments, namely the dissemination of information and support for students, foreign language preparation, the level of grants and financial support, recognition of the value of learning abroad and targeted financial support for students from the lower income brackets.

The scoreboard has revealed two facts of particular interest: firstly, it has not been possible to formulate a comparison of the administrative systems and the obstacles they may pose to student mobility, and secondly, the economic position of the less well-off students emerged as the primary obstacle to their mobility.

In the light of these findings, can the Commission clarify whether it intends to promote action plans or publish guidelines targeting Member States with a view to a reduction in the incidence of these two obstacles to the mobility of European students wishing to follow educational courses outside their country of residence? The study and first scoreboard focus on the area of higher education, where mobility is most developed, and on national education policies. Point 4 of the Council Recommendation calls on Member States to resolve administrative issues that create difficulties in obtaining visas for third-country nationals and to reduce administrative burdens in order to promote their learning mobility.

Negotiations on this recast are on-going. Point 8 of the Council Recommendation invites Member States to provide targeted support for disadvantaged learners. Student support is the responsibility of national authorities and the first mobility scoreboard reveals a diversity of national approaches in this area. L'annuale manifestazione cinematografica Berlinale ha visto la partecipazione di circa 30 film prodotti grazie al ricorso ai finanziamenti europei circa 2,2 milioni EUR previsti dal programma MEDIA, parte di Europa Creativa.

Al festival partecipano infatti oltre trecentomila visitatori e ventimila professionisti del settore cinematografico provenienti da diversi paesi, oltre che quasi quattromila giornalisti. Il programma Europa creativa ha una dotazione di 1,46 miliardi di euro nel settennio Conformemente all'articolo 24 del regolamento UE n.

In the light of this huge success, has the Commission estimated how many projects could benefit from European funding through the MEDIA programme? In the European Commission plans to support approximately 80 training initiatives for audiovisual professionals as well as the development of an estimated audiovisual works and 80 slates packets of development projects.

It will also support the development of around 20 video games, approximately 50 TV programming projects and international co-production funds. In addition, market and business tools for audiovisual professionals and more than 1 projects for the distribution of European non-national films in cinema and online as well as one cinema network will be supported.

Oggetto: Rapporto sulle misure contro la corruzione in Europa e istituzioni europee. Secondo Emily O'Reilly, neoeletta Mediatore europeo, il recente rapporto sulla corruzione negli Stati membri dell'UE manca di un capitolo chiave, vale a dire quello relativo alle performance delle istituzioni europee. Alla luce di queste considerazioni, si chiede alla Commissione se intenda, nel prossimo rapporto, introdurre un capitolo dedicato alle istituzioni europee?

According to Emily O'Reilly, the newly elected European Mediator, the recent report on corruption in EU Member States lacks a key chapter on the performance of the European institutions. According to the Commission, this omission was deliberate and dictated by a risk of partiality. The European institutions in fact present a high-level performance, above the average for Member States, in terms of the fight against corruption.

It may therefore be advisable to monitor the situation to ensure that this performance does not deteriorate over time, especially in the light of fears surrounding the complex system of lobbying and the organisations revolving around the European institutions, although such concerns have already been reduced through the Transparency Register. In the light of the above observations, the Commission is asked whether it intends to introduce a chapter devoted to the European institutions in its next report?

In caso di approvazione, le misure previste varrebbero poi anche per i Paesi membri dell'Unione che non hanno sottoscritto il Fiscal Compact? Alcune disposizioni del TSCG potrebbero essere incorporate nel diritto dell'Unione mediante l'adozione di una normativa derivata. Qualsiasi modifica dei trattati UE dovrebbe essere ratificata da tutti gli Stati membri.

If so, why has a different approach been opted for, an irregular ruse, with a view to amending the substance of the Treaties, as I have on several occasions pointed out in previous questions and letters drawing attention to the important work of Professor Guarino on this subject?

In the event of their approval, would the proposed measures also apply to Member States which have not signed the Fiscal Compact? The Commission recalls that it is not a party to the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union TSCG and that it cannot provide an authoritative interpretation of its provisions.

The Commission is not in a position to anticipate what could be the nature of these provisions and to which Member States they would apply. Dezember abgelaufen sind bzw. April ablaufen werden.

Which Member States have specific laws governing the agricultural and forestry land market and hence the sale and leasing of agricultural and forestry land? Under what specific arrangements in the agricultural land law in force in Member States or parts thereof are restrictions imposed on non-farmers or non-residents as regards the purchase of land?

Under what legal conditions may agricultural and forestry land be purchased and leased, and under what conditions are such transactions prohibited? The Commission does not have comprehensive information on such legislation. More than three months after this deadline, many Member States appear not to have established the legislative mechanisms necessary to fully implement the directive.

Swift implementation is particularly important for patients with rare diseases such as primary immunodeficiency, where access to expert care abroad can be life-saving. What action has the Commission taken, or is it considering taking, to ensure that all Member States transpose this directive? With regard to those transposition measures which have been received, the Commission is currently carrying out a detailed assessment of whether these measures fully and adequately transpose the measures contained within the directive.

Where the Commission believes that the notified national measures do not adequately transpose the directive, it will, have recourse to the procedures laid down in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union with regard to failure to transpose EU legislation. These steps represent the full range of actions available to the European Commission where there is a failure to transpose a directive.

Does Commission have any information on the state of play as regards the ongoing EIA procedure, in particular the expected date of the final decision? The Commission is not in a position to say when the Romanian authorities will take their final decision. The schemes are often promoted as a way of trading in a timeshare or holiday club membership, but if people then change their mind they may be unable to cancel their contract.

According to the UK ECC this new product falls outside the scope of the Timeshare Directive and consumers therefore have none of the protections given by this legislation if they enter into contracts for this type of product. Can the Commission therefore inform us of what it is doing to address this rising problem of leisure credit schemes?

The directive provides for a number of safeguards for the consumers of such products, including the right to full information, the right of withdrawal, the requirement for consumer's payment to be divided in equal annual instalments and the right to terminate the contract when receiving invitation to pay each successive instalment.

However, the directive applies whenever the particular contract falls under the objective criteria set in the directive regardless of any such claims. The evaluation of the application of the directive is currently underway and the Commission will report to the European Parliament and the Council in due time. Can the Commission confirm that any new Member State will be obliged to adopt the euro and join the Schengen area as part of its accession to the EU?

The EU's enlargement policy is based on candidate countries meeting the requirements of membership set out in the Copenhagen criteria and the Treaty. The Treaty also defines a set of criteria which need to be met before a Member State can eventually adopt the euro. Until then, the new Member States participate in the Economic and Monetary Union as a Member State with a derogation from the use of the euro and shall treat their exchange rates as a matter of common concern.

What action is the Commission taking following the decision by the Swiss people to cap the number of EU citizens able to work in Switzerland? What will be the implications for future EU-Swiss relations? As a consequence of the referendum, the Swiss legislator now has three years to adopt the necessary implementing legislation for the intiative which aims to introduce annual quantitative limits to immigration. Compliance of the implementing legislation with the EU-Swiss Agreement on the free movement of persons as well as any possible initiatives will be analysed once the details of the draft legislation are known.

What action is the Commission taking to tackle the growing use of zero-hour contracts which exploit the low-paid, most often in caring professions, in which women are disproportionately represented? There are no rules at EU level specifically regulating the issue of zero-hour contracts. Zero-hour workers fall, in principle, within the scope of EU labour law and are entitled to paid annual leave in proportion to the time worked.

At present, the Commission has no plans to take action specifically to address the issue of zero-hour contracts. On the basis of the available data in the UK, the health sector appears to be one of areas where zero-hour contracts are most likely to be used, as the Honourable Member points out, alongside the hotels and restaurants sector and the education sector. The Commission is not aware of any other study on the specific effect of zero-hour employment on women. Specifically, do trees fall into this category?

Would the Commission agree with the argument that trees, as well as having an aesthetic value, also provide a natural defence against flooding, as their roots enable the rapid absorption of water?

The purpose of this GAEC is to maintain in suitable conditions the agricultural land and consequently to control the weed and the undesirable bushes or shrubs extension. For this purpose, Member States have some flexibility to specify the scope of GAEC taking into account the specific characteristics of the area concerned, including soil and climatic conditions. So in few Member States e. Baltic countries where risk of land abandonment is an issue, invasive trees can be included under the scope of this GAEC.

This study, which had been requested by the committee, raised a number of questions about the use of private finance for development. A key area of concern was that of leveraging, i. Evidence was cited suggesting that private investment apparently leveraged by public funds would in many cases have happened anyway, without any such public finance incentives. Furthermore, the study indicated that there are certain functions which only public finance can appropriately perform.

International public finance represents only a fraction of the resources available to meet the needs of developing countries. With public resources limited, the Commission sees the use of grants as a catalyst for private financing, such as support to local businesses. The Commission wants to exploit this possibility while carefully considering the added value of public money as well as potential risks, such as market distortion. The Commission agrees that public and private finance have different functions.

However, private investment is the key driver of growth and development and can as such contribute to public goals; given its sheer size, even small shifts in private investment priorities and modalities can bring significant public benefits.

Aware of the legitimacy of supporting our companies by means of a stable, clear and efficient legal framework, a majority in the European Parliament supported this text for two fundamental reasons, however:.

How does the Commission intend to take account of the position taken by the European Parliament during this vote in the next steps it takes towards alleviating the administrative burden on our companies? Attention is paid to possible regulatory burden related to how EU legislation is implemented. It does not call into question established policy objectives.

It also needs to demonstrate that action aligns with the objectives of the EU and is most effectively and efficiently taken at the EU level, rather than through actions at the national, regional or local levels. U tom smislu postavila bih dva pitanja:. Komisija je bila aktivna tijekom I am fully aware of the difficult social conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the dissatisfaction of unpaid workers and the frustrations of young people with no prospects at all.

However, in spite of all of this, we must bear in mind that the current disorder and vandalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the result of problems that are not all social or economic in nature. In this connection:. The influence of the State-level and Entity National Minority Councils over policy-making remains weak. Bosnian-Croat citizens in the country have a very high level of protection due to the status as one of the constituent peoples.

The Commission has been active during and early in order to help political leaders to find a solution to this issue including in several extended meetings in Brussels, Budapest, Prague and Sarajevo. Due to the persistent lack of agreement among the political leaders the Commission ended the facilitation efforts. It now remains up to the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take action in order to end the violations of its international obligations.

The process of enlargement and accession negotiations is clear and transparent and has been defined in numerous Council conclusions and negotiating frameworks. Atti terribili che consistono in favori sessuali in cambio di cibo e che vedono le bambine attirate da offerte di latte e biscotti o da un giro in automobile.

In diversi casi, donne e ragazze si sono ritrovate sole, con figli nati da stupri e con conseguenze sociali devastanti a causa del disonore subito. Grazie alle denunce presentate da importanti organizzazioni internazionali per la tutela dei diritti umani quali Amnesty International e Human Rights Watch HRW sono state avviate le prime indagini nel L'Onu ha avviato inchieste interne e a quanto pare tali fenomeni non hanno modo di cessare.

Le principali misure di prevenzione sono adottate nelle missioni sul campo, accompagnate da significative iniziative di formazione e di sensibilizzazione. Il sito cdu. UN peacekeepers are deployed on many peace missions around the world. Their task is to restore political and civil normality to populations in desperate conditions. In recent years, however, there have been increasing reports of episodes of sexual violence which some UN peacekeepers commit against women and young girls.

These terrible acts consist of sexual favours exchanged for food. Young girls are attracted by offers of milk and biscuits or car rides. In a number of cases, women and girls have ended up alone, with children born from rape. The social consequences are devastating, because of the dishonour suffered. Often, in fact, these women are repudiated by their tribes and families and have to prostitute themselves to maintain the children born of these acts of violence.

Prompted by reports presented by important international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch HRW , the first investigations were opened in Such horrible and unexpected violence has tarnished the image of the UN, whose mission is to help and defend people.

In these cases we encounter abuses of power affecting women who already live in precarious situations, due to the consequences of civil wars. The UN has launched internal inquiries, and apparently there is no way of stopping these incidents. Is the High Representative aware of the initiatives which the UN is taking to detect and try those responsible for sexual violence? Can the High Representative find out what results the UN is achieving from its inquiries, and how it plans to punish those responsible?

The UN has a zero tolerance policy with respect to sexual exploitation and abuse. Its strategy to address misconduct and sexual exploitation and abuse comprises measures of prevention of misconduct, enforcement of UN standards of conduct, and remedial action. Key prevention measures are taken in field missions, with training and awareness-raising playing a major part. Reporting and complaint mechanisms have also been established in missions and in collaboration with UN and NGO partners in communities to ensure that incidents can and will be reported.

When incidents occur, the UN takes steps to ensure that progress in addressing reported allegations is monitored and measured closely, that allegations are investigated as quickly as possible and, when warranted, that information is received on how individuals were held accountable by their own competent authorities.

The UN may repatriate the individuals concerned and ban them from future peacekeeping operations. The Secretary-General issues an annual report on special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse which presents data on allegations and provides information on actions taken to prevent and address sexual exploitation and abuse by UN personnel.

The Conduct and Discipline website cdu. With the large number of UN peacekeepers deployed around the world, such deplorable cases will likely never be entirely prevented, and no organisation is immune.

The EU and EU Member States have always worked with the UN on issues around conduct and discipline and supported the development and adoption of related policies since and remains fully committed to continuing this effort.

All'inizio di questa settimana, i ministri degli Affari esteri dei 28 Stati membri hanno dato il via libera al rilancio delle trattative tra Unione europea e Cuba per un accordo politico-economico.

Le relazioni tra UE e Cuba erano state interrotte dalla prima nel , quando il governo dell'isola caraibica aveva imprigionato 75 dissidenti cubani, fino al , quando lo scarceramento di questi ultimi aveva portato a riaprire i contatti con l'Havana. Gli Stati membri si sono spesso mostrati divisi riguardo all'intavolare negoziati per accordi bilaterali con Cuba, tanto che 15 Stati membri hanno deciso di percorrere questa strada individualmente.

Che genere di misure intende proporre per garantire il rispetto dei diritti umani? Si stanno organizzando i negoziati, che potrebbero iniziare prossimamente. I diritti umani rimarranno un elemento centrale delle relazioni tra l'UE e Cuba.

Ci si aspetta da Cuba che faccia la sua parte, specie per quanto riguarda la questione dei diritti umani. The opponents above all urge the Cuban Government to pay more attention to respect for human rights. What kind of measures does the Commission intend to propose to ensure respect for human rights?

Negotiations are being arranged and could start soon now. The agreement would cover the three usual pillars of EU international agreements: political dialogue, cooperation and trade. It will help to effectively promote EU interests and values in Cuba and ensure continuity in EU policies objectives including support for the ongoing reform and modernisation process, the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms as well as development cooperation.

We have consistently raised human rights concerns such as the temporary arrests and the limitations imposed on the freedom of expression and assembly. Human rights issues will remain at the core of this relationship. These questions are addressed within the framework of the EU-Cuba political dialogue, taking place regularly at different levels in Havana and in Europe.

And they will be among the basic principles — and the essential elements — of the bilateral Agreement. Cuba is expected to do what is necessary on its side, especially on the question of human rights. The pace of our negotiations will reflect this. Oggetto: Riconoscimento giuridico dei family caregivers. Alla luce di tale consapevolezza, l'UE ha inteso conferire riconoscimento giuridico ai caregivers, mediante misure specificamente dedicate.

La Commissione sostiene gli Stati membri nei loro sforzi e ha cofinanziato recentemente due progetti assieme all'OCSE in tema di assistenza di lungo periodo. Il Sistema di informazione reciproca sulla protezione sociale nell'UE MISSOC fornisce a sua volta informazioni comparabili e regolarmente aggiornate sui sistemi nazionali di protezione sociale.

Il pacchetto di investimenti sociali adottato nel febbraio comprende un documento di lavoro dei servizi della Commissione in tema di assistenza di lungo periodo. La Commissione sostiene il comitato per la protezione sociale nella preparazione di una relazione sull'assistenza di lungo periodo che dovrebbe essere adottata nel maggio Due to factors such as the increase in life expectancy primarily affecting western societies and the progressive spread of chronic and incapacitating illnesses, the role of the family caregiver, who provides on-going services otherwise difficult to source, has assumed a certain importance.

However, in some countries, including Italy, the abovementioned category has not been accorded legal recognition or status. This attitude exacerbates the precarious condition in which men and women providing care to a family member find themselves and takes away their employment and relationship opportunities. Long-term care provision is a responsibility of Member States. The report will also look into the situation of family carers.

Sono stati storicamente bersaglio di discriminazione e degli attacchi degli estremisti islamici in Egitto. Si sono verificati diversi episodi di aggressioni mortali, sequestri di bambini e case e negozi sono stati razziati.

A Delga, i copti sono stati costretti a lasciare le loro terre o a venderle per un prezzo irrisorio alle forze islamiche. In Assiut si sono registrati costanti attacchi alle chiese copte. Questi sono solo alcuni dei gravissimi episodi di intolleranza religiosa avvenuti a danno della minoranza cristiana negli ultimi anni in Egitto. They have historically been the target of discrimination and attacks from Islamic extremists in Egypt. Throughout the Egyptian revolution we have seen a growing number of fatal attacks on Copts.

The situation of the Coptic minority is tragic, as demonstrated by multiple news items which depict them as a target of attacks from Islamic extremists. There have been a number of fatal attacks, children have been kidnapped and shops and homes looted. In Delga, the Copts were forced to abandon their land or sell it to the Islamic forces at a derisory price.

In Assiut, constant attacks on Coptic churches have been recorded. These are but some examples of the episodes of severe religious intolerance perpetrated against the Christian minority in Egypt in recent years. The European Union, ever committed to the promotion and defence of human rights, including the rights of minorities, has an obligation to intervene in defence of persecuted populations to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Egypt.

In full consideration of the above, can the Commission answer the following questions:. What action does the Commission intend to take to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular by third countries with whom the Union has entered into trade or cooperation agreements? The EU is aware and concerned about the constraints that different religious minorities face in the world and condemns all forms of intolerance, discrimination and violence against persons because of their religion or belief, wherever it takes place and regardless of the religion.

The EU Delegation in Cairo is closely following cases of sectarian violence and emphasises the importance of avoiding discrimination on religious grounds in its contacts with Egyptian authorities.

Oggetto: Politica comune della pesca: programmi per gli operatori del settore nel Mar Tirreno ed Adriatico. La recente riforma della nuova politica comune della pesca dell'UE mira ad affrontare i diversi problemi che affliggono il settore ittico. Inoltre, la riforma prevede nuove norme relative alla commercializzazione, che consentiranno ai consumatori di essere maggiormente informati sulla zona di cattura e sul tipo di attrezzo utilizzato per la cattura del pesce acquistato.

Gli importi effettivi di cui potranno beneficiare gli operatori saranno fissati dalla Commissione mediante un atto di esecuzione dopo l'adozione formale del regolamento FEAMP. Per soddisfare la domanda del mercato l'Unione dipende in larga misura dalle importazioni.

The recent reform of the EU's new Common Fisheries Policy is designed to tackle the various problems afflicting the fishing sector. The allocation of funds to the fishing sector will hence be determinant for the future of that sector and the effective implementation of reform of the common fisheries policy, including the goals of eliminating overfishing and guaranteeing the replenishment of fish stocks.

The European Parliament has, as a matter of priority, requested an increase in public aid for the recovery of fish stocks, improvements in data acquisition, heightened controls and a proper application of regulations with a view to the creation of a system conducive to sustainable fishing. The reform also defines new standards on marketing, which will enable consumers to be better informed on catch zones and the type of fishing gear used to catch the fish they are buying.

What programmes and resources are effectively available to fishing operators, in particular in the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas? Can the Commission provide an overview of the impact of the new Common Fisheries Policy on commercial relations with third countries in the fishing sector? In terms of programmes, it will be up to each EU Member State to submit an operational programme designed to attain both the country's objectives and the general goals set at Union level by the new Common Fisheries Policy.

Since the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas are shared between various EU countries, the Commission will verify that the national programmes do not clash and are fit to tackle the problems of the fisheries sector in those areas. In terms of the actual amounts made available to operators, these will be set by the Commission through an implementing act after the formal adoption of the EMFF Regulation.

The EU is strongly dependant on imports to meet market demand. Our trade policy regulating imports should be consistent with the principles of the common fisheries policy, which seeks to ensure the sustainability of fisheries and the economic viability of the fishing and aquaculture industries. By the same token, our trade policy aims to strike a balance between consumer demand, adequate supply which includes competitive supply for the processing industry , and the interests of EU producers.

The Commission actively pursues, in the negotiation of preferential trade agreements, socially and environmentally sustainable behaviours. La repressione frodi che effettua le analisi ha sede a Treviri e fa riferimento a valori di una banca dati non meglio precisata.

Pertanto, non si riesce a capire come un identico prodotto venga valutato in modo diverso dallo Stato italiano e da quello tedesco. Comunque, spetta agli Stati membri effettuare controlli per verificare che il vino immesso sul mercato rispetta la normativa del settore vitivinicolo e in particolare le norme di produzione.

Tale banca dati contribuisce ad armonizzare l'interpretazione dei risultati ottenuti dai laboratori ufficiali degli Stati membri che utilizzano i propri dati. Some Italian wine cellars are encountering serious difficulty exporting wine to Germany. For a whole year, there have been successive objections to bulk wines imported into Germany. The specific region concerned is Rheinland-Pfalz Rhineland-Palatinate. The fraud office conducting the analysis is based in Trier and refers to figures from an unspecified database.

There is only one database for this evaluation. It is based in Stresa, and the data should be the same Europe-wide. Therefore it is unclear how an identical product can be differently assessed by the authorities in Italy and Germany. This has included the names of suspect companies, and has done considerable harm to the image of many Italian winegrowers.

Rzecznik komisarza ds. Russia is demanding that the European Union introduce an embargo on pork, but only on pork from Poland and the Baltic States.

They would, however, permit exports from other Member States. The correspondent also found out from unofficial sources that the Commission has been exerting pressure on Poland to establish a buffer zone within its own territory in order to halt its own exports of pork.

Why is the Commission giving in to Russia and refusing to fight for the interests of the European Union as a whole? Why is it refusing to provide Polish journalists with comments on an issue of such greatimportance for Poland? The Commission's position since the introduction of this unprecedented ban is that EU pork exports to the Russian Federation must resume from all the Member States with the only exception to those areas subjected to restrictions in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Union legislation.

The Commission maintains this position which is in line with the international trade rules and has repeatedly urged all Member States to preserve unity and refrain from bilateral arrangements with Russia.

Despite the media information the Honourable Member is referring to, no official proposal has been received by the Russian Federation for agreeing in maintaining the ban only on part of the Member States. The Commission is, in any case, not willing to sacrifice certain Member States by agreeing on restrictions to their exports for the benefit of the others in order to satisfy unjustified demands by third countries. The Commission acts in full transparency as regards its negotiations with Russia on the issue and is sharing all information with the Chief Veterinary Officers of all Member States on a daily basis.

Wielkiej Brytanii. Switzerland is set to hold a referendum on reducing immigration which may bring it into major conflict with the European Union. Switzerland has been open to immigrants for many years, and it currently has proportionately more foreign residents than any other country in Europe. By the time the response to this question is being written, the results of this referendum will already be known.

Even if the changes are introduced, the problem will remain. A victory for the SVP would be synonymous with the introduction of immigration quotas. Does the Commission appreciate the gravity of the situation? Switzerland may not negotiate new conditions for the free circulation of persons. Any concessions towards Switzerland would surely lead to a tidal wave of similar demands from other states, such as the United Kingdom.

Quotas would be determined on the basis of Swiss economic interest, and would have to grant preference to Swiss citizens. However, the new provisions require implementation by means of legislation. The Swiss association to Schengen will also continue being applied. The European Commission provides usually information on the benefits of the internal market and free movement for Switzerland through the European Union Delegation to Switzerland. During the campaign nonetheless, it refrained from interfering in the domestic debate preceding the referendum.

Se sim, em que ponto se encontra o processo? Ou, confirmando os incumprimentos, pretende bloquear o financiamento dos projetos? The complaints presented by Quercus, which we endorse, refer to two specific infringements:. Despite several warnings from Quercus, appeals from the Bloco de Esquerda-Azores and the presentation of alternative projects such as the construction of mechanical and biological treatment centres and organic waste processing plants which would be significantly more economical and environmentally-friendly which furthermore received a favourable opinion in an internal report by the regional government of the Azores, nothing seems to deter those seeking to implement the incinerator projects.

Is it aware of the complaints submitted by Quercus? If so, what stage has been reached in addressing them? Will it allow Community funds to be used to finance this project, which violates Portuguese national law and European directives? Will it block funding for the project if the infringements are confirmed to have taken place?

The Commission is currently assessing the allegations brought forward by the complainants. Should this assessment reveal the existence of indications of an infringement of EU environmental law, the Commission will launch an investigation to gather the relevant information from the Member State. In light of the results of such an investigation, the Commission will decide on the appropriate course of action for this complaint, which might include the opening of an infringement procedure.

Revised targets for increasing targets for recycling and eliminating landfills will be adopted in the coming weeks. The Commission will ensure that all the requirements under EU environmental legislation are met in this case. However, once compliance with those provisions has been verified, the ultimate decision to authorise the incineration plants in question remains with the Portuguese authorities.

In all cases, compliance with EU rules and policies is a condition for the co-financing of any project eligible for EU funding. However, people with impaired hearing experience difficulties in obtaining interpreting services outside the opening hours of first-line healthcare departments. What will the Commission do to ensure that interpreting services are available in first-line healthcare around the clock in all Member States?

Will the Commission take the availability of interpreting services into account in the forthcoming legislation on accessibility and in implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities? Through the European Disability Strategy the Commission supports the Member States in efforts to ensure equal access to healthcare for people with disabilities, by tackling discrimination and enhancing accessibility. The Commission does not intend to take action to ensure the availability of interpreting services in first-line healthcare.

The Commission continues to work on the European Accessibility Act EAA to facilitating the provision of accessible mainstream goods and services. In this way, it will also facilitate the participation and integration of persons with disabilities in society and their access to services.

Can the Commission confirm that the aforementioned special cell on human rights is to be established in Pakistan? Can the Commission state which directorate will oversee this project?

This is a capacity building project that will support federal and provincial government institutions, as well as independent human rights institutions, in fulfilling their respective mandates in promoting and protecting human rights. The project is currently being finalised and will contain a detailed logical framework with specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound indicators to measure progress on its objective. Sono presenti analoghe iniziative europee volte a sostenere tale tipo di progetti?

Conformemente al principio di gestione concorrente, la Commissione non finanzia direttamente progetti come quello menzionato dall'onorevole deputato. Inoltre, gli enti privati non sono ammissibili alle sovvenzioni.

The EU Disability Strategy seeks to help persons with a disability to take an active part in social and economic life and to enjoy their rights to the full. A key part of this is ensuring that facilities and services, including sports and cultural facilities, are accessible to persons with a disability.

More EU funding therefore needs to be made available for projects seeking to allow persons with a disability to use sports facilities, either by removing architectural barriers in existing facilities or constructing new, purpose-built facilities.

The project in question is for a multi-sports centre accessible to persons with a disability that a private body wishes to build on a vacant plot of land in Poggibonsi in the province of Siena. If funding can be found, partnership arrangements can subsequently be entered into with public bodies.

Accessibility for persons with disabilities shall be one of the criteria to be observed in defining operations co-financed by the Structural Funds and to be taken into account during the various stages of implementation. In line with the principle of shared management, the Commission does not directly fund projects like the one mentioned by the Honourable Member. Moreover, private bodies are not eligible for grants.

In each Member State there is a national managing authority in charge of such funding. Straz, Jr. Fecha y hora: viernes, 26 de julio, a las 7 p. Para mds informaci6n y compra de entradas visite la p. Agina Web www. STAR Exhibici6n de arte peruano En conmemoraci6n del aniversar-io dc la independen- cia de PerCi, el Consulado de ese herrnano pais en Tampa invita a la comunidad a la inauguraci6n de una exhibici6n de arte a realizarse hoy viernes, 26 de julio, a las p.

Hora: p. Por favor, haga sus reservaciones Ilamnando al A lugar el s6-bado, 27 de julio, de p. Asimismo, Tom Tiratto y su orquesta, acompafiados por Lisa Casalino, interprctardn pie- zas musicales de Sinatra y otros artistas de su 6poca.

Para reservaciones y m6Ls informaci6n, flae al o visite la p. Agina www. Traje de gala preferiblemente. Una porci6n de los fondos recaudados serdn destinados a beneficio de la Orquesta de la Florida y el Centro de Artes Escdnicas Straz. Aunque se desconocen los detalles de la propuesta se sabe que consider la opci6n de poder aspirar a obtener la ciudadania a los hijos de inmigrantes in- documentados, mds no a sus padres, bajo el argumento de que los menor-es de edad no son responsables por las dcci- siones de suis progenitor-es.

Sin embargo, los j6venes v nifios indocumentados han rechazado cuailquier tipo de beneficio que no incluva a sus padres. Los democratas, en earn- bio, expresaron su desacuerdo porque consider-an que una reforma migratoria debe ser integral: incluir la opci6n de la ciudadania para los mis de 11 millones de inmigr-antes indocu- mentados que residen en el pis.

El proyecto de ley conocido comno "Kids Act", esti patroci- nado por los legisladores republicanos Bob Goodlate, pre- sidente de la comisi6n, y Eric Cantor. Foto: Mitzi Macias De los apro ximadarnente I11 millones y medio de extranj er-os que viven en situacion irregu- lar en el pais, alrededor de 2 millones tienen 16 afios o menos. Jeff Denham, de California, sugiri6 durante la audiencia que Los nifios indocumentados sean obligados a ser-vir en el Ejdrcito paa obtener un estatus legal en Estados Unidos, mientras que Ted Poe de Texas Los llam6.

Por otra part, la primer-a dama de Estados Unidos, Mi- chelle Obama. Agreg6 que Estados Unidos gasta unos mil millones de d6lares en tratamientos relacionados con el cancer, la diabetes y otras enfermnedades cr6nicas. Prospective bidders are required to attend. Sealed bids are due by Thursday, August 22, at p. Hernnndez, Esq. Sin embargo, es posible evitar sus con secuencias al probar que los elementos legales de esas ofensas no existen, tal y coma requiere la ley.

El escrutinio en casos de este tipo es extenso, precisamente por las penalidades asociadas. Si aigo pudiera beneficiarlo es el siguiente principio bdsico: la ley en este pais se ocupa de of- 1 recer el beneficio de la duda cu- Cometer fraude o tergi ando las penalidades son altas sar informaci6n podriz y pueden no ser proporcionales resultar en la negaci6n a las ofensas. Tergiversar es una mani- El extranjero tiene en festaci6n que no estd acorde con ces el deber de probar los hechos por eso requiere tin no existi6 fraude o terg elemento de acci6n tomada por saci6n; que cualquier frai el extranjero en una entrevista, tergiversacibn no fue inter en una solicitud o fonmulario nal o con Ia intenci6n dt escrito o al soineter evidencia gahiar; qUe cuniZquier frinI que contenga infonmaci6n faisa.

Si estos corn. Es SU derec informa a su abogado y de la responsabilidiad asesor ley quc rige tales delitos. Y para otros, en ningtin prosista castellano table intelectual venezolano: el descomunal visionario, pleno de sui tiempo, sus cartas y sus "Nadie ha fracasado con tan de abnegaci6n y sacrificio, de discursos revelan el excepcio- trdgica grandeza como Puede drd. Directo, vivo, haciendo tanto si no hubiera gran procza: enfrentarse a un sensible, novedoso, lejos de la fracasado Escribi6 Bolivar: "Fungido el futuro para cada america- En n-edio de estas contro- el pueblo americano at triple no, consono con el progreso y versias y calainidades, Boli- Yugo de la ignorancia, de la ti- el verdadero bienestar de todo var se hace grande, liberta a rnia y el vicio de estos tiem- el continente.

Auin faltan cade- y legisla las scis regiones mils pos, no hemos podido adquirir nas por romper, econ6micas, extensas del continente hasta no saber, ni poder, ni virtud".

Ha de Ile- convertirse en el Bolivar de hoy, Su legado, fue la integracion de gar con la aurora, renovadas, mahuana y siempre. Bolivar de sus mares. Hijas del sol, ya sois ma el escritor venezolano Jorge artes, adimirador de Plutarco, libres coma hermosas, tennis Mier Hoffm-an. Mary Ann Licata Queirolo "Nani", falleci6 a los 74 afios. Le sobreviven familiares y ami- gos. Frank Pupello, falleci6 a los 86 ahios. Le sobreviven sti esposa Nancy, sti hijo Michael, sus hijas Fran y Michelle, ocho nietos, cuatro bisnietos, 5ti cu- flnda Peggy, adem.

As de nume- rosos sobrinos y sobrinas. Marion Piacente, falleci6 a los 87 aflos. Le sobreviven fa- miiares y amigos. Cindida Benitez, falci6 a los 98 aflos. Le sobreviven fa- miliares y amigos. Betty Bermfidez, falleci6 a los 82 ahoas. Le sobreviven fa- miliares 3, amigos. John Pagucci, fafleci6 a los 73 ahios. Le sobreviven su es- posa Walda, sus hijos John, Stephen y Tina, sti hijastro Bruce, tres nietos yvtin bisnie- to.

Jos6 Dominguez-Lorenzo, falleci6 a los 70 afias. Le sabre- viven familiares y amigos. Guillermo Labrado, falLeci6 a los 75 ahoas. Le sobreviven familiares y amigos. Kenneth Stagliano, falLeci6 a los 56 ahios. Le sobreviven su csposa Nancy, sus hijas Cara y Amy, sti hcrmana Donna y sti sobrina. Le sobreviven ademis sus queridos perros. Olga Rodriguez, faLlecio a los 81 aftos. Le sobreviven fa- miliarcs y amigos.

Jones, quien se presurnia es- taba realizando acthridades de trafico sexual con dos menores de 14 aftas. Segu:in indicaron Ins autori- dades del FBI, la sospechosa, de apenas 21 afios de edad. Adernds, les mandaba a tener relaciones sexuales en moteles del conda- do de Pinellas para su propio usufructo y el de otro c6mplice.

Horns despu s de recibir el comunicado de dicha drganiza- Keosha R. Jones se entreg6 a las autoridades de St. Pe- tersburg por trifico sexual cion. Datos sobre triflco humano - De acuerdo a la Organi- zaci6n Mundial del Trabajo, la cifra de victimas de trdfico humano a nivel mundial es de Trecios Razonables?

Armenia Ave. Si pos- dure, scivaggina, carni bi- Lungo ii litorale la cucina delle quali ha delle proprie una lungs storia di culture e SOno ammirare verdi colline o anche e rosse spesso prepa- Toscana offre anche un dis- caratteristiche ambientali, civiltit, che parte sin dall'eti le brulle Crete senesi, i monti rate avvalendosi del semplice creto ventaglio di ricette tra- culinarie e di tradizioni, fra del bronze e del ferro.

Numer- Anche la toscana, come riconoscibile dalla fascia at- gastronomica della Toscana. La disposte verso la costa. Pistoia, Prato, Siena. La Toscana com- influenzata dai venti caldi na, Pistoia, e tante altre. Tale prende anche le isole dell' provenienti dall'Africa, con ricchezza di storia, units a Arcipelago Toscano Isola conseguente aumento delle paesaggi assai diversi collin- d'Elba, Isola del Giglio, Isola by Linda Thistle temperature.

Tra questi, lo are, appenninico, marine ne di Capraia, Isola di Monte- Scirocco, vento caldo ed umi- fanno una delle mete prefer- cristo, Isola di Pianosa per do, i il piu' frequente. Tale colarmente miti rispetto ad d'Italia.

The 2 4 9 3 couple niatrric in The' blended fartiO became what Raymond calls a 'modm- 1 1 1 8 5 day Brady Bunch. They will celebrate their anniversary at the Restaurant for its continued 0 King Features Synd.

Columbia Restaurant, a family tradition. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances of my life You are with me. I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things and to confirm once again that I never want to be separated from You even and in spite of all material illusion, I wish to be with You in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine.

The person must say this J prayer for 3 consecutive days, after 3 days the favor requested will be granted even if it may appear difficult. Then trying to contain those same kids in a small hotel room in between excursions is the equivalent of trying to keep a bottle of soda from explod- ing after adding Alka Seltzer to it, storing it in a hot trunk and driving back and forth for an hour on any Ybor City road paved with bricks.

The threat of rain at all times added unbelievable stress to the entire stay. Nothing seemed worse than the thought of three kids who were excited for a day t the beach being stuck inside a small hotel room all day. Well, one thing seemed worse Amy is in the last trimes- ter of her pregnancy and the day before we left for vacation she was awake all night with contractions.

We could have sworn our family's newest ad- dition would be welcomed into the world while we were at the beach, The constant worry of having to race Amy and three kids into a car and driving 45 minutes to the hospital ate away at my' stomach like an ulcer Why would we plan a va- cation during the rainy sea- son and during Amy's last trimester?

Because we're stu- pid. Bed rest meant she could not help with the children, as that sort of strenuous activity could have sent her into labor My fa- ther tlew down from New Jer- sey to spend our vacation with us.

But there's only so much he could do. For starters, he could not assist with tasks such as get- ting the children bathed and dressed. Remember, the older two are not his blood grand- children. It is ok for me to aid in such matters because while they are not my blood children I have raised them for many years, but it didn't feel right asking my father for help. Secondly, for the same rea- son, my father couldn't be ex- pected to help with discipline, and boy did I need such as- sistance; the older two were at each other's throats the entire vacation.

I haven't seen two people get along worse since the Macho Man and Hulk Ho- gan tried to form a tag team. At least their animosity revolved around the beautiful Ms. Eliz- abeth. My older kids We were at the beach!!! Seashells were everywherel Whole sea- shells at that! What the hell is wrong with kids? Jackson, "Go the F to sleep" screams thundering from my mouth. Just writing about it is giv- ing me anxiety!

Serenity now! Then there is Ben's run- ning problem. The little dude is faster than Walt Flanagan's Dog! While my father wanted to try to help contain him, he is just not quick enough to handle him in open spaces on his own. Compounding such a problem is that there was a rip tide warning all weekend; the threat of Ben running into the ocean and getting swept into the gulf was real.

Finally, I couldn't just look after Ben and ask my father to tend to the other two children on his own. That's not fair to them. They deserved their fa- ther's time as well and I in turn wanted to spend time vacation with them.

The oldest want- ed me to help him build sand castles. The middle wanted me to play with her in the water. I couldn't let them down. So here was my vacation in a nutshell Yes, that magical restau- rant with uninspiring food, ddcor and service.

What made it magical? Because for some reason the kids were angels there. The oldest two never once fought and they ate their entire meals without complaining.

Ben never once ran wild through the restaurant. He actually sat still. This was not only the quietest moment of the vacation. To have three kids be- having during the same meal may be a parenting record. I know most parents, when asked about a vacation from hell, would reply that it was all worth it because 'of the memories their children will have of it for the rest of their lives. This vacation from hell was worth it, however, simply be- cause of that magical restau- rant.

For the first time since becoming a father over three years ago, I enjoyed a meal. Please buy my book. I'm The food was good, but nothing about which to write home.

The waitress was kind, but it was not the type of service that would inspire a giant tip. In fact, the John's Pass res- taurant I dined at last Satur- day night was so non-distinct that when I pepned this col- umn less than 24 hours after my meal I had already forgotten its name. However, until the day I die, I will swear that there was something magical about the place. The phrase "family vacation" is by far" the epitome or irony. For parents, family vacations are more work than a hour a week jack hammering job on the earth's equator during the summer.

If kids tire a handful at home, their bad behaviors can me multiplied by a billion when on vacation, The excite- ment of pending fun is like a Red Bull laced with crystal nmeth for their system.

She was the mother of Richard Muga, attorney and La Gaceta columnist. There is a lot of fear regarding Obamacare, but everything that has happened to our business as a result of the groundbreaking legislation has been positive to our company and its employees.

We just got a rebate check fromn our health insurer, UnitedHealth- care. Under Obamacare, insurers must spend at least 80 percent of premiums on health care for their insured clients. If not, they have to rebate the difference to their cus- tomers. The rule takes the profit out of denying legitimate coverage. UnitedHealthcare spent only Because of Obamacare, the insurance com- pany has to refund the 1.

This is our -sec- ond year to receive a rebate. Thank you, Obamacare! State Representative Janet Cruz will host her fourth annual job fair to help those unemployed and un- deremployed in her district. This is the largest one she has produced with 85 companies represented and each one guaranteed to have openings. The event is on Tuesday, July 30, from 10 to 2 p. Himes Ave. Her effort is bringing real, imme- diate help to people who are hurting in the district.

The writer seems to believe the Council was dumb, because 'no one would get eggs from their chickens without a rooster. The Trib added no note to explain what should be. Hens lay unfertilized eggs without the servicing of a rooster.

The Ritz is being remodeled and delays in construction would inter- fere with the popular event. Alex Sink and her children will be in Washington, D. Could they perhaps stop retrac- ing their own steps every week and move their efforts to Tampa's neighborhoods?

Every Saturday night, code en- forcement walks the same blocks of Ybor City with the goal to "find any type of code violations with special attention to the privately operated businesses in Ybor City.

Its report documented the important work it was doing in protecting this City's safety. On the and block of Eighth Avenue, the code enforce- ment team asked parking lot at- tendants to remove sign,, from the right-of-way that promoted the parking lots.

The team also noted that on the and block of Seventh Avenue, it found extra long queuing lines for the clubs, but after :investigating, there were no problems with the queuing lines.

Every week, the reports read close to the same,. The City feels Ybor needs this attention while trailer parks are built overnight in our neighbor- hoods.

The City doesn't need to spend more. It needs to ask its inspectors to focus on meaningful code enforcement. Governor Rick Scott recently made a good appointment to the Florida Transportation Commis- sion when he chose former State Senator Jim Sebesta, who has a long history of public service.

They have attended American schools and adopted this country. For this group to get tem- porary legal status under proposed legislation, they must have a clean record, be in school or have gradu- ated from high school or college or serve, in the military. Here is what Republican Con- gressman Steve King thinks of these "Dreamers": "They aren't all valedictorians, they weren't all brought in by their parents. For every one who's a valedictorian, there's another hundred out there That weighs pounds and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.

The congressman made his com- ments in regard to the immigration bill. Members of drug cartels -on the border aren't seeking U. Some drug hauler isn't going to go through a year-long process to become an American.. Of the hundreds of laws these people are breaking, the congressman really "believes that being here illegally worries them. The "Dreamers" he originally made the comments about aren't hanging out at the border in the desert. They are Leto and Jefferson grrduates-.

QThey are going to USF. Bauman is running against Missy Polo and Constance Daniels. Our condolences go out to Rich- ard Muga and his family on the passing of his mother, Piedad Muga, She died Tuesday, July 23, in Miami. The Ybor City Development Cor- poration has several members who are term limited from the board. It is seeking applicants to replace those departing. New members are selected by the current board. Call if you are interested or go to www. Applications are due by 5 p.

The law looks like it is going nowhere. The judge said it was in direct contradiction to a litany of U. Sup-reme Court cases. While we are on the subject of North Dakota, Jezebel. The fetuses were soft, squishy and lifelike. Too bad they, like their real counterparts, can't survive outside the mother's womb. The Tampa Hillsborough County Expressway Authority is celebrat- ing its 50th anniversary and its, staff is looking ahead, not behind.

The group wants to build new lanes on , or for bus use and cars that want to pay tolls to avoid the current rush hour backups.

These new lanes would be paid for by a combination of bus author- ity's transit grants and bonds sold by the Expressway Authority. The two organizations would then share toll revenues, which would help. The concept and a potential trial project is currently being studied. The Authority is also excited about autonomous vehicles or self- driving cars.

It thinks the day of having your car drive itself down the interstate is no more than 20 years away. With the decade-long time frame to finance, design and expand an interstate, the organiza- tion thinks we should start plan- ning for autonomous vehicle lanes, which would allow cars to drive at high speeds.

The oldest European fort in the 13 original colonies has been discovered and it isn't English, it's Spanish. Juan Pardo founded the fort and most likely a series of others between and This is a testament that Spain had an even greater role in the exploration and settlement of what is today the United States than what our Anglocentric history lessons would lead us to believe. Ask most Americans which Eu- ropean power was the first to try to settle the Carolinas and they would most likely answer England or France.

Sir Walter Raleigh's lost colony in North Carolina wasn't founded until , 20 years later. Augustine, which was founded in Florida is currently celebrating the th 'anniversary of its Euro- pean discovery by Ponce de Leon, but you can hardly tell.

It's too bad that our schools and history books don't do a better job of explaining that the Spanish led the exploration and settlement of a large portion of what is today the United States. Had Pio found gold in the Appalachian Mountains, the entire South could very well have been settled permanently by the Spanish.

As an effort to better identify with our long Latin heritage, Tampa should find a way to permanently memorialize the th anniversary of the discovery of Florida. Read about him in Silhouettes on page Manhattan Ave. Columbus Dr. Calls for a civil-rights re- dress trial actually a federal, pay-back, double-jeopardy work-around are not a pru- dent use of the energy of out- rage. Zimmerman was hardly the embodiment of racial ani- mus and stalking. That's the main reason Florida's own hate crime laws were never invoked against him.

Also not helpful: Rodney Kingesque "No justice, No peace" signs. This is a still a matter of law, not it forum for courting vio- lence. Fortunately, there's been little of the latter.

The Scott Factor So let's hear it for the youthful "Dream Defenders" who have been peacefully sitting in at the Tallahassee Capitol making the high- profile point that SYG needs repealing. The campaign, its we know, will be beyond formidable mid needs grass roots activism well beyond -Dream Defend- ers.

Rick Scott is al- ready on the record for saying that he believes that "Stand Your Ground' should stay in the books' and that it's not worth calling a special legis- lative session over.

This, of course, is no unexpected re- sponse given the 'no-changes" recommendation by that less- than-neutral SYG task force that was chaired. Jeninifer Carrolt- last year and the seemingly unwavering support by Re- publicans in the Legislature.

Even renegade GOP state Rep. Mike Fasano approves of SYG. Maybe the biggest hopes -given that common sense and public welfare appear nion-factors for at least a special session are a serious state threat of a boycott be- yond Stevie Wonder or some last-minute gubernatorial flip-flopping. We'e seen how Scott has pandered to teach- ers after having shafted them earlier. We'e seen him "ac- cept" federal Medicaid money" but not raise a finger to actu- ally lobby for it.

I If, ag an unpopular in- cumbent, Scott thinks he needs an ideology-challenged game-changer and he did blindside Won't Weatherford's House and his Tea Partying fan base on Medicaid expan- sion there's no telling what he might ultimately do to win re-election.

Then again, a special ses- sion is only a guarantee of melodramatics and posturing. As a con- sequence, it means easier and less expensive access for Tam- pa Bay travelers to major mar- kets across Latin America. It's a very big deal long term for a Tampa Bay region that increasingly wants to market itself as a natural Gateway to the Americas.

It also has se- rious short-term, bottom-line appeal. Also worth noting is the regional effort encompass- ing both parts of the bay re- quired to make the pitch arid close the deal. Peters- burg Chamber of Commerce. Key parts were played by Visit St.

Lopano brought him to the Trop for a Rays- Yankees game, and they sat behind the Rays' dugout. Montero's smiling visage ap- peared on the Trop's Jumbo- "Iron. He was in a major league market. Party On, Charlie? According to advance publicity, the book will "name names and offer a frank in- dictment of the failings of the Republican Party. He was responding to the recent murder of an inmate at the Pinellas Coun- ty Jail in Largo. Fair enough - except for this part.

We're talking about cellmates. The year-old killer was in for murder. The year-old vic- tim was in for trespassing. Normally, the jail tries to keep violent and non-violent inmates separate.

Off course they do. This time they didn't. Whatever the details this was appallingly negligent. Quoteworthy "We are really tired of these wars. Women and chil- dren are suffering in many ways in many parts of the world. The notion that what was hap- pening in Egypt was a trans- formative event that would turn the country over to the secular liberals powered by Facebook and Twitter was truly an American conceit. But they also understand the dis- tinction between consumption and investment.

By borrow- ing, they've made investments whose future benefits will far outweigh repayment costs. There's nothing foolhardy about that. Frank, economics 'professor at Cornell University. Not true. Snowden's 'hounding' stems from his deliberate de- cision to violate the criminal law. In the Uffited States he was free to express any politi- cal view certainly freer than he would be in countries like Russia, Venezuela and Ecua- dor. In Phila- delphia, where I am mayor, 75 per cent of our homicide victims are black men.

About 80 per cent of the people we arrest for homicide are black men. Black men across the country are killing one anoth- er, yet that epidemic is rarely part of any national conversa- tion. Attor- ney General Eric Holder. Rick Scott. We 'e the watch-thtis city. We're on a roll and we ain't stopping. Without it, arguably, Trayvon Martin would be alive and his name wouldn't be synonymous with tragic death and racial double standard.

This, however, is not to dismiss the role of profiling, which remains embedded in racially-skewed America. But the uncomfortable, contex- tual reality for this persis- tent, perverse phenomenon is one we typically shy away from except at times silch as this.

Thus, we're now hearing it from the polarizing, white- right rants of Pat Buchanan to the sobering acknowledge- ments of Michael Nutter, the moderate black mayor of Phil- adelphia. They are reminding us of ever-alarming, black-on- black crime rates and the dys- functional culture that often incubates and enables them. It's also a reminder of why profiling even happens.

Not all furtive glances are equal. Not fair to any in- dividual. Of course it isn't. But human nature, statisti- cal generalizations, knee-jerk over-reaction and drumbeat headlines can create its own biased dynamic. But while profiling was part of the Zimmerman trial back story, it wasn't causal. Put it this way: Were this not the Gunshine State, where an unnecessarily armed George Zimmerman could willfully insert himself into a context that could provoke confron- tation with immunity, there would doubtless not have been any tragedy.

Without a gun-emboldened Zimmer- man, Trayvon Martin doesn't get followed, doesn't get into a fight and doesn't get shot dead. Without that vigilante- motivating piece of leg- islation and a license-to- carry culture, Zimmerman may have become a literal "watch" captain and Martin Lin aniony- mous graduate of Dr.

Michael M. Krop High School. Recall that before Florida enacted SYG, people could not use deadly force to defend themselves if it were reason- ably possible to retreat.

So much for reason. In effect, an armed individual can go out of his way and home to exercise an extension of his "castle'-protecting rights. It's hardly happenstance that last year there were a record 66 justifiable homicides in Flor- ida.

The average from It's hardly coincidental that SYG has worked to free an inordinate number of gang bangers and violent attack- ers in the name Of specious self-defense claims. It's, well, criminal. What SYG does, according to U. Attorney General Eric Holder is "senselessly expand the concept of self-defense" and increase the possibility of deadly confrontations.

How is that evidence or anything, unless Zimmerman said, qI did that'? This guy's opinion doesn't amount to any- thing You can't give opinion as the truth and veracity of the witnesses We ended up picking a jury out of Or- lando Judge Fuente just did that case.

We get these high- profile cases periodically they just come and go. Overall, I think it does work. The jury is composed of citizens, just like you and me. They come in and they're herec I think, tot' the most part, they always listen Quality of lawyers also makes a differ- ence. It does in both crimina, civil, you name it.

It used to be I'd have a hearing and there would be a file brought to me, a paper file Now, we still have some paper files, but eventually, there will be no files.

It's all going to be electronic. I would have to look on my computer screen. For some of us old folks, we hadn't really done a lot of that," he laughed. He emphasized that security has been put in place to keep these files secure online and the biggest issue lawyers and judges have is getting used to the electronic age of "paper- work.

I think if we had a few more judges, we could provide better service and we could get their hearings done quickly As they say, 'Justice delayed is justice denied,' and I believe that to be the case. That's why we need them. He event tered the legal profession by tered the U. Army happenstance. In , he had where lie served throi just graduated from the Uni- In , lie began hi versity of Florida and was look- reer as a law clerk for ing towards the future.

Frank Hobson, Jr. I had a de- In , lie became ferment. Some of my friends tarit U. I said, 'Gee, what am I going to do now? Ive got a degree in political science During that time, Judge Menendez saw a variety of criminal, civil and family law cases pass through the court and wit- nessed changes in the system, along with the potential for positive chang- es in how courts work. In January , he will hang up his robe and re- tire, but not before "T[he courts are the bastion of t relaying his pride holds the democracy together.

Menendez was born to Man- During this time, he uel, Sr. His parents were of Jennifer and Christi Spanish and Cuban descent.

Manuel, Sr. Stetson Law School, As a student at the old membered. He received under her wing. I ets of his time as a jud got a job working for one hour in family court, youd a day in the guidance office.

She asked me, 'Have of people in family you applied for college yet? She invited me you. That was my introduction simple, but very con to college. She said, 'It's a pret- sues, is intellectually ty good school. Why don't you No matter what you' apply? ButI a smile. Zalupski would go on very rewarding, too,I to lead St. I enjoy the is legal Ca- work. I enjoy dealing with folks. Then we have to deal with the of the Sec- media! W lene dezJr. They'll be upset about something and they'll want me to fire the judge who did such a foolish thing.

They want me to take some action and de- mote them Judges don't work for me. I actually work for them! They're niy boss, in fact I have a title called chief judge. I rep- Ia. He also resent the Thirteenth Circuit privately. The rmotd to only power I have over judges. Just kidding I daughters, can't even do that; the court fne. They, administrator does that," he children in emphasized with a laugh.

I assign the judges unty Court to different divisions ad move ib raham. You can go back to O. They had that crimi- e in crimi- na trial over in Los Angeles and ve got lots people were just saying, 'How court get- could this be? They've case over in Orlando, with ion before Casey Anthonry L're doing, I think it's I think in sion you're ;people All of these talking heads on TV aren't there watching all the evidence. They really don't: know what happens. The jury knows. The judge has to mali-e calls on evidence.

I was watch- ing CNN last night. Pete, cut- ting adjunct faculty hours. Despite the House's something attempts at re- pealing it, the act is law up- held by the Supreme Court, It is not going to go away, and the problems that caused the need for it certainly aren't go- ing to go away. Just get over it, OK? But that isn't my point here. Instead, I want to talk about how academia is work- ing these days. True "adjuncts" never have had health insurance from the colleges where they teach, and they won't under Obamacare, either.

An adjunct is or is supposed to be -just what the word means: something ad- ditional, in conjunction with, an auxiliary. A true adjunct is someone like Public Defender Julie Holt, who teaches the occasional course in crimi- nal justice to give students a real-world perspective. She doesn't do it for the money, much less the insurance ben- efits, but instead to keep in touch with what is happening in both her academic 6eld and in the minds of young people.

What the headline really meant was "part-timers. Or even more. Notice I didn't say "earn" an income the worker has much more than earned her paycheck. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein.

You re my Mother. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me herein you are my Mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse In Thee 3 times. Holy Mother, I place this cause Into your hands 3 times.

Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads, so that I can attain M goal. You who gave me the divine girt to forgive and forget all evil against me and that In all instances in my life you are with me. I want In this short prayer to thank you for all the things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you In Eternal Glory.

Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine. The person must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor Is granted. Say this prayer for three consecutive days. You must publish Itt tenure track that, after de- cades of experience, will allow them to rise to the top rank of full professor.

That is, unless they give up on real teaching and move into administration, where their salaries will at least double.

Meanwhile, students are left with professors who are so busy running from class to class that they have little time or energy for thinking or read- ing or truly reaching out to the young minds they should be influencing, In contrast, back in my college days, I spent a good deal of time drinking cof- fee with professors in the stu- dent center, and some invited students to their homes for seminar-like meals.

I don't believe I had even one part-timer in any part of my education, from kinder- garten on through graduate school and in Minnesota, Ar- kansas, and Massachusetts. Unless you are very young, III -bet your experience was the same. Every educator was axiomatically a faculty mem- ber until the cutting mental- ity gripped the nation. But we haven't cut back on administration, either in numbers or in salaries far from itl Instead, even if your doc- torate is in chemistry or math or other fields in which we need inventive minds, the best way to increase your income is to give up your research and teaching to push paper instead.

The same is true of too many professions an excel- lent physician, for example, may find that she can't afford to continue to treat patients, much less teach students, because she can make vastly more as a vice president of an insurance company. My own nephew serves as an example. He earned a doctorate in psychology at an outstanding university, and at the time, intended to.

But while in graduate school, he began writing mental tests for the military and discovered that there was so much money to be made as a consulting in- dustrial psychologist that he could not afford to ignore it. Businesses and the military is a very bigbusiness will pay big money to someone who can motivate workers, and he understandably went in the direction that gave him an oceanfront California home. I don't resent or even envy that.

He and his family are outstandingpeople, full of love and caring. His consulting in- come means that his wife can volunteer full time for public radio, and their kids are ev- erything that I could ever wish in goodness.

He's had many contracts with companies on the issue of health care, and in his hearth knows that we Americans would be better off if we simply spent our money on that care, not on its paper- work. Another recent headline was Detroit's.

My husband kindly asked what I would do if I were in charge, and if I thought a town that so specialized in one product - vehicles ever could come ,back, especially now that cars cheaper. My first thought is that I would try to induce former Michigan governor Jenni- fer Granholm to come back from her California semi-re- tirement and serve as mayor of Detroit, She is one smart cookie, as well as a fun per- sonality. She did an excellent job as governor, and because she was born in Canada, she can't aim at the presidency.

No one would be better as mayor. Second thought, of course, is to diversify the economy. With Detroit's large African Arnerican population, I'd make it the mecca for black tout-ism.

There's not only Di- ana Ross and Motown magic, but also more serious tour- ism that could be developed. That's when I discovered that my extremely erudite hus- band did not know about Windsor, Ontario's place in history. Windsor is on the oppo- site bank of the Detroit River, and that's where many black Americans even free ones - fled after the Fugi- tive Slave Law.

Like so many pieces of legislation, that law was part of a broader com- promise. In simplified terms, the Compromise of al- lowed California to be ad- mitted to the Union as a free state, tippling the balance of Senate power to 17 senators from free states and 15 from slave states. In return, Southern con- gressmen and they were all men got a very serious fed- eral crackdown on escaped slaves.

The law criminalized any- 'one who helped slaves es- cape, and many whites be- came afraid to feed a hungry black person or otherwise ap- pear to be aiding a fugitive. Free people of color also be- came prime targets for boun- ty-hunting slave traders, and many of them Red for Canada via Detroit.

Both white and black women in Detroit defied the Fugitive Slave Law. Quaker Elizabeth Comstock led oth- ers in helping blacks escape to freedom, while a black woman, Fannie Richards, risked her own freedom in that work. Elizabeth Chan- dler founded an abolitionist society in Michigan already in , when ending slavery was still a radical notion, and Laura Haviland, a Canadian native, began a Detroit school for blacks in For sixty years, Haviland coordinated escape strate- gies with allies in southern Ohio.

The usual path was safe houses that were a day or night apart, going from the Ohio River with slave- state Kentucky on its south side north to Detroit and across the river to freedom in Windsor, Ontario.

This was dangerous, even for whites. In nearby Minnesota, for ex- ample, a mob destroyed the printing press of abolitionist newspaper editor Jane Swis- shelm. So you could create a good museum on just that one facet of Detroit history. To say nothing of car museums and Motown shows. And of the city's major, major role in World War 11, when work- ers including women built tanks and planes. Although it's hard to tell from my bank account, there is money in historical tour- ism, and cities are discover- ing that investing in it pays As it has for as long as one can remember, hunting sea- son in South Carolina is upon us once again.

We agree, with the present warm weather en- gulfing the South, most will think that it does not "feel" like hunting season. But on August 15, the earliest regu- lar gun season for white tail deer in the U. The process involves aligning the sights of the weapon with the trajec- tory and ultimately, the point of impact of the projectile at a given distance. Iron sights or telescopic instruments, both, must be properly tuned to in- sure clean shots. Since today most serious hunters utilize telescopic sights on their rifles, it is imperative to determine the accuracy of the combina- tion of scope and rifle before going afield.

The reason for seeking such precision is that the place in the target where one observes the crosshairs of the telescope to be, does not necessarily coincide with the place where the projectile will impact. The transportation, or installation of new optics, dic- tates the process of alignment as a necessity. In order to properly align telescope and rifle, the follow- ing must be considered and adjustments made accord- ingly.

First step is to assure the telescope and the mounts upon which it rests are se- curely attached to the rifle. Most gunsmiths will recom- mend a dab of Loctite to the threads of the screws securing mounts and scope. Next, with the use of a laser bore sighting tool, obtain an initial align- ment of the cross hairs of the scope with the dot of light pro- jected on a target by the laser tool.

That procedure will save lots of expensive ammunition. Next, a target is set at a dis- tance of 25 yards. While rest- ing the rifle on sand bags or in a secure rifle vise, 3 shots are fired at the center of the tar- get. Those three shots should create a group of holes on the target indicating where the aver13Lge of future impacts will occur at that distance. Using the adjustments for windage and elevation on the turrets of the telescope, adjustments are made to move the point of impact to center or, to a higher point on the target, according to the distance at which the shooter expects the targets to be.

If a hunter expects most shots will be within one hun- dred yards, the point of im- pact and the point of aim will be at the center of the target. If one expects to shoot at tar- gets further, then, the point of impact must be raised accord- ing to the distance.

Using ballistic charts for the caliber used cangive the shooter a good idea as to where the projectile will im- pact at different distances. To finish the process, shots are fired on a range of yards or more. Then, after the initial calibration at 25 yards, the shooter can make the neces- sary adjustment for distance and become r roficient making actual shots at the anticipat- ed distances where he expects game will appear during the hunt.

Fired projectiles are af- fected by gravity. Thus, they follow a parabolic curb from the time they exit the barrel. In most commonly used hunt- ing cartridges, the bullets cross the line of sight at 25 yards. After that they begin to rise and later cross the line of sight again at a distance e de- termined by the caliber, bul- let weight, powder charge and, other factors.

One may think that the larger the caliber, the more accurate the projectile will be. That is not necessarily true. Caliber or the diameter of the projectile at its widest point just indicates that the bullet is larger and it may shoot fur-.

Accuracy, no matter the caliber, must be established by the shooter by making ad- justments to the sights on the rifle.

No matter how much cali- bration and precision is ini- tially obtained, the bore of any weapon must be thoroughly cleaned after at the most, ten shots. Failure to do so cause the debris accumulated in the barrel to change the point of impact of the projectile signifi- cantly.

One of the most impor- tant'components of accurate shooting is practice. Becoming thoroughly acquainted with a weapon is best achieved by re- peated use. There, one can become accustomed to compensating for wind, various distances, shadows and temperatures. There are many bore sight- ing tools available on the market.

When placed in the barrel, the laser device proj- ects a light dot on the target. It is the responsibility of any hunter to know exactlywhere his bullets will strike. Any less than absolute certainty is not a choice.

Passed hors d'oeuvres will be provided by Bernini. There -,vill be a cash bar, valet parking Lind a cigar bar. Dress is black tic option- al. His hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.

Duran has been cutting hair for over 60 years. County Commissioner Ken Hagan will present ;a signed proclamation. National colors, the singing of the U. For more information, contact Walt Raysick at or wraysick? Dale Mabry Hwy. For more information, call. Lula Dovi at Throughout June, July and August, the organiza- tion must save more dogs, cats, puppies and kittens than they, did during the same three months in SPIN animals require ongoing medical care, special living requirements, older pets or longtime shelter residents.

All other pets are available for an adoption fee that covers all current vaccinations, exams, Pinellas Countv' licensing, microchip and registration, and 30 days of pet health insurance from 24 Pet Watch. For more information, visit ww-,w. This program is free and will be held at Hyde Park Village, located at S.

Village Cir. Seating is limited. To register for this program and more , visit www. Solicitation documents and detailed requirements will be available on the Tampa International Airport website at yww. In addition, Ryan Sloan was recently hired to the position of coinnercial relationship manager and vice president of healthcare banking.

Rich LeComte, vice president of healthcare banking, was promoted. Principal Sister Maria Babatunde said, "Text- Ryan Sloan books and educational tools are a staple in our society and this grant will allow students to fully prepare for a successful future. Nowak was appointed to the Wheels of Success Board of Directors. Nowvak joined the firm as an associate attor- ney in and practices primarily in general civil litigation. Wheels of Success is a non-profit organiza- tion dedicated to providing personal transpor- tation solutions in partnership with the Tampa Bay community.

Those recognized as Legal Elite include Paul D.

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