Dead island chapter 17 bankruptcy

dead island chapter 17 bankruptcy

Sep 16,  · My playthrough of main quests only (Xian Mei). Uploading all side quests is too cumbersome. Rate, comment, sub if you like. Chapter 17 Main . Apr 29,  · To get to the bank, consider fast-traveling to the Henderson Ferry building and making a short walk to the bank. Once inside, kill the Thug in the back of the 1F for the vault key and then locate. The main quest is split into four Acts, each of which are subsequently branched further into Chapters. The quests are map-specific. If you're looking for.

They reach the area and unlock the gate with the Sinamoi's card and then head over to the tower. There is a Thug inside the building, and it is recommended to read helpful tips on how to defeat the strong but slow zombie in the corresponding article.

When in the building, the Hero may need to use the flashlight as is gets dark. They must take out all the zombies inside the tower, and the energy drinks and other boosters found there will come in handy. Once the ground floor is cleared of the zombie presence, the Hero uses the workbench in the garage and make their way up the nearby stairs to deal with all the zombies on the upper level and loot the area.

When done, they head into the control booth and radio to John Sinamoi telling him they have finished the mission. After the Hero makes their way down to the garage, Hank will give them a mission to look for car parts , and there are other people who need help. Mike wishes to talk to the Hero too, and then it's time to help Jack to get into the medical office and loot the room. Once it's done, they will get yet another quest from him. Four car parts are needed, and there are enough different vehicles an the area to finish the job rather quickly.

There is an ambulance at the end of the road that leads to the tower, and a few zombies that must be dealt with. Once all the car parts collected, the Hero head back to Hank and Jack to finish their missions. When done with that, it's time to take a car and drive to the Lighthouse. There are a lot of people to talk to in the area, particularly James Stein.

After they have spoken to James, they will need to help a couple of people around the lighthouse and make their way back to him and then to Darvin Bark , who will ask the Hero to find Marcus Davis and help him. When the Hero arrive at the location, they clear out the zombies, talk to Marcus and help him with his mission. After this the hero should go to the gas station near the Lighthouse. Inside here they will find Sathiss and Dan Mark. Dan tells the heroes they need to go and turn the switch on inside the warehouse and fill a gas canister with fuel.

The Hero then drive the car over to the hotel bungalows to get the Jeannine's necklace from the bungalow 6 where Jessica Nelson and her husband Roger are found. After they have spoken to Nelsons, they take Jessica to the lighthouse and talk to Darvin there to complete their main mission. After that, it's time for them to return back to the lifeguard tower.

Lighthouse Gas Station. After bringing some food cans to the lifeguard tower, the Hero travel to the nearby gas stations for some supplies. After leaving the tombs 1 she will show you a returning path to the both, far shorter than one you used before. First jump of the rocks 2 1 and bypass part of the road but once you get to the bottom be very careful because at that moment "a hell is unleashed" 2.

Try to stay close to Yerema. When you reach the cliff you'll notice that Mowen has left the boat and decided to go to the place where sacrifices are made 1. Do not wait any longer and go down to save your companion 3 2.

You'll face a Thug and a Floater and lots of Walkers. Once all enemies are dead, follow Mowen and Yerema to the boat 4. Return to the lab. After reaching a part of the island with the lab Yerema will show you the way, which is a little bit longer and does not follow a main road leading to the Geo Pharm building. Once you get to the first junction, you'll leave the main path 1 1. There are traps along your way - they are marked on the above map.

There will be more fights that on the main road 2. Once you get to the facility 2 open a door leading to the metal passage 1 , which you can use to get to the warehouse area 3.

It is close to the lab itself so go quickly to Dr West and show him Yerema. Now he can collect blood samples from her 2. Time is pressing, you can't wait any longer and you're rushed by the mysterious Voice.

Quickly leave the lab and go to the marina 1 to talk to Mowen. As you saved his life he will agree to take you to the prison.

Before it happens however you have to take some useful items from the city and the resort. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. But before you go there, you need to get a truck, so you can break through the blocked tunnel. The shortest way to the hotel's parking 1 leads through pools. But you might also use a car and take a longer route. Once you get to a destination place you'll run into two Thugs 1 next to the main door.

The fight with these two monsters can be though. If you have a Molotov, do not hesitate to use it. After you knock them down, search their corpses. One of them has a hotel access keycard 2. Use the keycard to get inside the hotel. Unfortunately you won't get access to any map of hotel here, but this location is not a maze, so you shouldn't get lost.

Stay in a corridor and head in accordance to the target on your mini-map. Both in offices and in smaller rooms in corridors too you'll run into Walkers. After getting to the bar 1 go to the only open door on the left.

You'll find yourself next to the elevator shaft 2 and on the other side you'll see Mike. The body guard will help you but first you have to find his friend, Ken. Jump down to the elevator 1 and you'll find yourself on a floor below. In a first corridor there is nothing to fear off, but unfortunately it will get worse and worse later. You have to go through the kitchen, full of Walkers and Thugs 2.

Go left the door on the right leads to the cold store but in a next room you'll run into even more zombies. So if you do not want to die and you can't cope with enemies, just run quickly to a next door and close it behind you.

Finally you'll get to a narrow passage 1 which leads to a pool. Kill al undead and go to the right where you'll find a door leading to a bath and a dressing room 2. Go ahead through a dressing room. You'll get to a stairs leading to an upper floor 1 , where you'll be welcomed by few Walkers. Go to the other side towards a locked door which has to be knocked 2.

Ken lies in a smaller room with water automate 1. He will ask you to bring him morphine from a doctor's room. Go through the first door then through another, double-door. Being in a corridor with a column in the middle 2 kill zombies and then turn right. In a doctor's room reception you'll run into a Thug. Kill him and enter another room. You'll find morphine on a bed 1.

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