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The Colorado bankruptcy exemptions chart, see below, details the property you can exempt or protect from creditors when you file bankruptcy in Colorado. You may exempt any property that falls into one of the exemptions categories below, up to the dollar amount listed. You will be able to kept this exempted property after you file bankruptcy. How to File Bankruptcy in Colorado. Learn where to find the information you'll need to file for bankruptcy in Colorado, including exemption laws used to protect property, means testing figures used to qualify for Chapter 7, where to find the official bankruptcy forms and credit counseling providers, and your local Colorado bankruptcy court. United States Bankruptcy Court District of Colorado The Honorable Michael E. Romero, Chief Judge | Kenneth S. Gardner, Clerk of Court. Search form. Search this site. Text Size: First Meeting of Creditors. Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Chapter 13

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Tax debt is the most difficult type of debt to have absolved by a Colorado court. Talk to a Colorado bankruptcy lawyer about whether you have any legal options to help you get out from under the shadow of yours. Sign in.

Log into your account. Password recovery. Recover your password. Forgot your password? Get help. Home Bankruptcy Colorado Bankruptcy. Always Ready for a Challenge: Brian Zinn. Helping Families get through Bankruptcy: Ted Troutman. Over Bankruptcy Cases: Michael Siegel. The Notice of Amendment to Schedule L. Form Certificate of Service L. See Fed. Credit cards and personal checks are NOT accepted. Soon after a bankruptcy case is filed, a meeting is held so that creditors and the trustee can ask the debtor s a series of questions under oath.

This meeting is required by Bankruptcy Code section a and is presided over by the trustee, not the judge. A trustee is a private person appointed and supervised by the United States Trustee to administer the bankruptcy estate. They are not a government employee. Individuals must complete a course in credit counseling before filing a new bankruptcy case.

For a list of authorized providers, click here. Financial management is a post-filing instructional course that all individual debtors must take to receive a discharge.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the law that controls credit reporting companies. The law states that credit reporting companies may not report a bankruptcy case on a person's credit report after ten years from the date the bankruptcy case is filed or discharged. See 15 U. The Bankruptcy Court does not control credit reporting companies or report or transmit information to them. Bankruptcy records are public. Credit reporting companies may collect those records and report them.

You must directly contact the credit reporting company directly to discuss information on your credit report. Child support if recipient does not mix with other money or deposits into separate account for the benefit of the child. For more information on filing bankruptcy in Colorado explore Colorado Bankruptcy Law. This site is for informational purposes only. For legal advice please consult a legal professional. By using this site you signify your agreement to the Terms of Use.

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