Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test in tn

chapter 7 bankruptcy means test in tn

Mar 24,  · If a chapter 13 trustee files a motion to convert a chapter 13 to a chapter 7 does that person have to pass a means test in TN Due to the trustee learning about an asset that was not disclosed and non payment of the chapter 13 payment plan, a chapte 13 confirmed plan was converted into a chapter 7. Tennessee Bankruptcy Means Test When filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Tennessee you need to prove that you are qualified to do so. You can show that you are qualified for a Chapter 7 based onthe Means Test. If your current monthly income is below a certain threshold or income cutoffs, you will qualify for a Chapter 7. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test can determine if a Tennessee petitioner’s income level and expenses are eligible to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The formula is designed to prevent individuals from Chapter 7 bankruptcy if they make enough money to pay down unsecured debts.

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